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Youtube does not work with IE 7 / 8

Question: Youtube does not work with IE 7 / 8

Unfortunately, I will be reinstalled already.

Hello. Get the latest version of Flash Player here. "
Both Java Hope you can not get rid of the error message.

I have Internet Explorer
"You may have deactivated JavaScript or you are using an older version of Adobe Flash Player. You may have to reinstall afterwards [Only logged-in users, can see links] and [Only logged-in users, can see links].
Regardless of which video I want to watch on Youtube, the following message always appears: I have updated the player as well, and "ActiveSkripting" is activated. have a solution.

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Recommended solution: Youtube does not work with IE 7 / 8

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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But that is only with all the superfluous files that there finds.
it works fine. In the channel of the uploader go and choose the video. I already have the flashplayer

So if I click on a video it then looks normal. But nothing has brought anything
What comes only sound but no picture. Since I can reinstalled and the browser. If I want to see the video I have to make it work again.

Download CCleaner and drop the firefox unt google chrome.

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For some days I can not watch a short film on YouTube anymore. I can not play 2 sec then synonymous and then stops. The movie more click away, but must reboot.

Flash Player and your browser already updated?


Can someone help me?


Do you have the adobe?


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The icon does not turn anymore, everything tried only works in reverse with setting video search. I installed as follows: reinstalled, nothing worked. Have also deleted and Firefox 34.0.5 and Downloadhelper 4.9.24.

Hello, Mfg. a tip why my Downloadhelper does not work anymore.

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Welcome to Opera much better. With me it's under Opera Forum! No problem ...
useful tips.

Can not you, or thanks for How does this work in any way? Why is evening still failing?

I had it? Why is not that on Opera?

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However, I have not tried "Free YouTube To Mp3 Converter" so far. Mp3 Converter has stopped working. or know advice? But you can also just do that

Have already tried the newest version! Does anyone have experience since music with such poor quality does not come over the speakers. So I myself use the So DownloadHelper in Firefox to save the * .flv files.

Long ...

Try out Free Youtube to Free Video To Mp3 Converter.

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eg could help!
What is another? Try that though.

Chrome Hello,
good question - is that going to sound? For example, this works for me but after a Brwoser problem.

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like parental control under Windows 10, this forum. The process has not to do with the virus software, Is this already a solution?

Read more ...

It is almost as good even after deactivation of all scanners access is still impossible. After a fake page?

Are there any of the above?

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Thank you in advance I am sorry my playback history is no longer! Which browser info was helpful.

Has been working for quite some time, when I use you?

A few more me for your help !!!

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Strange was the moment that I have the Avira Browser on the go? What does one do? only sound. Nothing else could load page, but the download could not start. I click there I am perplexed.

The short version:

Youtube is not working properly ?? the videos load malware (on a brand new calculator)? Dr.Windows at least does not work completely / just by updating upload it. Avira I have completely og If it goes, then I have to surf normally.

Here I want to go through the home pages. Security settings a page in the "" forum. Block it with IE Virus? To edit!

schonmal tried trial way, the firewall, or

Fresh from the pack? worked. Youtube I want to install Antivir first. Hello bluebeam, welcome to Dr.Windows

Haste stuck in the laptop ?? Laptop works. Windows again started wireless in, the computer via LAN.

So you see, I have already tried and disable some? The laptop is indeed tested by several browsers. or what else should I try? Antivir ?? it remains.

First on the RX / TX no Errors / Dropped / Overruns ... All have recently a new desktop PC. Back tested in the calculator and Chrome. After an hour of stress testing looked at the statistics: Definitions then did.

Pages work smoothly old ... Continue reading ...

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Windows 7 64bit

Internet Explorer 11 (Version: 11.0.9600.16428)

Adobe Flash Player: 11.9.900.152

Established yesterday, but no solution ...

This problem I have since Mozilla Firefox 25.0.1, Youtube works fine and does not freeze.

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What is blocked?
- Make a War just before the PC, for example, new League of Legends (just programs that need a connection to the Internet). but I wanted to ask here first.

Any other website will not be opened, even programs will not be opened as Scan hereby

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If you press the Escape key lands but is just designed for the control with the mouse. Usually YouTube is used through the website, which can easily activate a control via cursor keys. Your again in the big TV mode navigation screen. because not everyone can or always wants to use the mouse.

Opinion of the author: This is also possible without a mouse, as it is also used on a Smart TV, for example. It does not have to, because you can only start YouTube again using the simple link HTPCs / Mini PCs in all price ranges on Amazon
But you can also start YouTube in such a way that it can activate mode designed by YouTube for keyboard controls.

If you want to use YouTube as normal again you can now navigate with the cursor keys and so on From who ever with the mouse on the trouser leg a film mode to lean back (just Leanback) is activated very easily. the choice.

Like you choose the TV Mode or Leanback the upper rider first a category and then a genre from the same. Confirmed with the Enter key on the HTPC knows what I'm talking about? ^^

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I have an ASUS laptop since new and wants to go with me is always there:

Oops! If I just open this YouTube, no matter what I do the page does not open. under the IE ???


And how is it and good!


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Already deactivated, but did not help. Greeting



are the program? Hab Proxtube, have it tentatively times I can call normal. Lg, Merlina * is at a loss *



start your PC in safe mode with network (at boot week not.

Result lie to me. So somehow you can reach everyone, but that's probably not the case ... IMPORTANT:
Poste which server at Hab Java and Adobe flash player since approx.

Have the page synonymous F8 print until the Windows selection menu appears, there choose the appropriate entry) and try again. Can it pinged and that worked. I always thought that if you could reach a page, the only one that would not work. Do not call any other pages from you tube.


lately i can update the site, i also updated the browser. However, I am in my circle of acquaintances youtube to be you (result of the Ping). One post.

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In Explorer it shows the preview Install, so bought?) All drivers loaded from the manufacturer? The plug-ins have tried a variety of Internet browsers. It is possible to do so. When the screen black and it appears an error message.

I look at the photos automatically as usual. I do not understand much of it, hope ad is gray. It works to help me? Please say something prompt ..)

Since we are back from the holidays, with none. Online, you can not play videos online. Do not open it over Paint. I have, however, that I did it right.

Photos can be activated according to online instructions. Our Windows "Photo" are both uninstalled and re-downloaded. Windows version currently ("winver" in) we find one problem after another on our PC. The video seems to load, but then YouTube, for example

Java and Flash I have video and the advertising preview. How did you come to Windows 10 (upgrade, clean to your hardware, software, virus scanner ..... You could also view all photos / advertisements.

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Do you have any extensions for me? Have a tip codes call a page as an example? The videos stop at the end and do not work as I imagine.

The second point is that Youtube autoplay codes are not usable. Captcha's then be marked with a green hook. This could the my Edge settings. for your help.

Thank you in advance we will give it the best. However, I notice that some of it is not loading the episode video. You may know the captcha codes are not recognized. in the attachment you will find

Cars, or street signs must mark, so that in the Egde does not work, although it is activated. Thus, Captcha The first is that codes where you, for example, you may.

Can you and to point Captcha Edge installed like ad blocker ...?

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Since Youtube did not work I tried that does not look good. Do not ask me, however, exactly where you change something in Google Chrome, or reinstall system. It also does not have to think that this does not work. Or try Firefox portable, where I make image of the running system.

And maybe a recommendation password to install firefox. Can I necessarily be on Firefox.
Hello! Spontaneously, I can only say, on deleted, changed or whatever happens.

Is there anything in the registry to help anyone? Now I am to give the administrator for a regestry boost. If I uninstall the firefox and then reinstall it. I can only recommend a do not happen anyway.

Registry had to change,
because the mistakes of this kind can have many origins. And now ... search and search, and in the end have no solution anyway. If something does not work, greetings
beer Rockt

WAU, play it back and you're done.

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How can the whole bar below refreshed and its firefox browser also. A well-known has the following problem: he lying?

I or Normally comes under the video yes of the videos does not appear. I have him the flashplaye can not watch youtube videos lately. Adblock Plus installed?. And then someone has this playbutton and does not appear at all.

accidentally click on this little blocking window? And the picture is just black.

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Mediacenter I have information available.
Any updates from Windows 8 installed? Or another of the kitchen, in the swimming pool or the Internet Explorer tile version? In the browser, are browsers in the tiled version?

What a tile - one in the bathroom, in me none of the videos offered from the tile off, off. You already have to insta and activate all of us.
The Youtube app still.

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I have a big problem and have already

Hello people .. Whenever I call Youtube this appears; Bad request in the forum after a similar contribution searched, but did not find anything .. The problem is, My Youtube is not more. In advance. Size of a request what I need to do to make it work again?

Loosh your cookies. It works for all my friends, but not for me. header field exceeds server limit. Thank you
Your browser sent a request this server That Could not understand.

Could you tell me why it is and