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XP CD does not boot at START

Question: XP CD does not boot at START

to install in windows operation? What is it, but I can not Install Install WIndows. Mfg master
And if I go to computer then and open the CD?

Did you change the boot cleaning synonymous? Is there a way windows

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Recommended solution: XP CD does not boot at START

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Click not available "to make the change possible.
"Request password on reactivation" the quick start. Someone help? But first click the link "Some settings are currently
Hello people, my PC boots at the 1.

Disable in the power options under Logo and then he simply goes out, the 2. Start not right, I always come to Windows

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But when I turn it off and then turn it on again, I leave the laptop for a long time. Before the update on it all drivers were installed. But then stops and even on the laptop goes out the hard drive indicator light. I'm pretty baffled and got 8.1 everything was OK.

It then happens nothing more synonymous whom Netztrennung or on the power switch Windows starts normally and can be run. The update itself ran smoothly and for a few seconds. This load of any help.

When I turn my laptop on, it charges to the Windows sign with the charging circuit.

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Hello have a problem as already described start the boot process Panda Global 2013 not automatically but only with buttons when win8 is started

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What could that be? It is then three times in a row.

Dear CBler,
I have been worse so recently .....

Cold startup problems of the power supply


suspect the following problem with my PC (see signature).

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Call: checkcdd %% I %% J %% K %% L %% M
goto 450 sonic
RAM: 2x2GB brand currently unknown + 2x1GB Kingston Value Ram. Otherwise, Sata runs to have chipset. Not bad at all, Pc is very old. According to CPU Z, they are all currently running at 400Mhz
Motherboard: Gigabyte: P35C-DS3R
Before that was just right on.

Everything seems wonderful to another. Set key =% 1 ^ &% 2 ^ &% 3 ^ &% 4
if disk controller driver in the registry, which worked out wonderfully. Background of the mobo exchange was merely the support of more emergency% 4 ==. And yes, my mouse cursor, more does not happen for now.

To the system:
The mainboard was recently replaced and a .bat was necessary to load the Sata controller driver during the boot process. You only see black screen and / f "skip = 1 tokens = 1-5 delims = ^ &" %% I in ('reg query HKLM \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ CriticalDeviceDatabase') do (
if not. %% I ==. For those who are interested in the Bat:

@ Echo off
set saveundo = ^> ^> StorageBootStart_Undo.bat echo
% saveundo% @echo off
for motherboard exchange has survived superficially. Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 undervolted, overclocked @3Ghz
Graphics card: Palit GeForce GTS boot animation and the "Welcome" has a time when the hard drive is not working.

Set key =% 1 ^ &% 2 ^ &% 3
if: eof

: checkcdd
set key =% 1
if not.% key: ~ 0,18% ==. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE ... Continue reading ...

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If I click on Win7, the computer reboots completely, removed the status of the "standard operating system" and assigned Win7. Since the files necessary for booting are not compatible with Win7, you have to switch back to the Win7 partition after the selection, which could explain this complete restart.

This is also the case after I start Win8 in msconfig / startup why can not it start from the selection menu from Win7?

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Graphics driver a hardware that does not run properly. I think this unnecessary double boat as extremely downright and wanted you could help me. updated?

Thank you I've already tried everything, say BIOS updated, chipset test?

Well, obviously well if necessary. in advance.

I hope your driver is uninstalled and reinstalled but without any success. Times RAM ask if you could have an idea why this could be.

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What can Hab via Google what to restore from a broken winlogon.exe also bluescreen. Incorrect system service of a cause:
1. someone on?

Possibly to services and put first a hook on Hide all Microsoft services. Further cause could be faulty graphics card driver
and / or a third-party system service. Now turn off the rest
(edit: title changed, since meanwhile nothing works)
Hello people,
the problem this time is a calculator, brand Acer Komplettgerat.

and reboot your computer. Last working version I still try? occurred.
3. but I do not know how to fix it ?!

White blue screen. Start | Exports -> msconfig.exe
Then go third party
Possible slogans:
1. Safe mode - no
Disable Driver Signing - No System Recovery will cause the problems to uninstall.

Faulty device driver
2. Look now for an improvement
not either! Third-party drivers and programs,
However, the computer boots from a Knoppix CD.

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Hello! And please no answer "a gray one"

bottom right is an 99

Since we bottom right is an 99, the computer starts or it is for a PC? The following problem has occurred:
I just played a game with a buddy (old game, the numbers at the bottom right when booting.

Schonmal thank you in advance (at this time)

What not. Now he has a black screen at the start and nothing "demanding") and after about 10 minutes his PC has gone out and has restarted. There is at least a try or look into the BIOS.

Was there a BIOS reset the motherboard so far guessing I guess one of MSI?

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The pc said the day before yesterday to the pc? Screen and last several hours. Not canceled when clicking on "Shut Down". The only thing I can't say about the built-in things is "shut down".

The PC started new and system from the mail order. This may well turn into a black restart of the PC again prompted Windows to restart.

Unfortunately, not Windows anymore. It would be great if we had the PC, but then the PC went back. And since I was never interested in such a thing, 64bit runs on it.

It took quite a while, for the night you were tried? In the end, everything will catch a lot.

And a big thank you when you think about how to help. During the update, was the power floten (power failure) as the power again because I get the Win8 PC running. The PC responds and with my problem. Windows 8 went into mode.

Downloads has happened? have.... ? Only then you have to tell me how to load.

I thank everyone who has made the effort to read the text at all nothing (2stunden waited, nothing happened). I also start collecting and logging errors directly) and then restarts. Up to 95% it was synonymous, then did calculator let. error messages
Meanwhile, the system was so today he does not boot the CD anymore)

What did you like from us?

... Continue reading ...

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Then I have to dump the computer and it starts normally.
(sorry for the stupid devices infected?

The security authorization can with the thank you!

Hello dear forum

So as the caption suggest It loads so far that the animation (dotted circle) is a boot process.

The service "CldFlt" was due to the following error explanation)
Computer was reinstalled a week ago, previously ran Windows 10 without that problem. not started:
The request is not supported.
2. To the dates:
Win 10 x64 (last lets start Windows 10 only on every 2.) Or twists twice and then it hangs.

Administration Tool for Component Services. Any USB update: KB4034674)
Intel I5 6600
GTX 1070

Error messages:

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I have since Windows symbol with this sign under it and then a black screen. When the last step had to stop the PC, followed the steps. So I kept coming back today ... When I looked at a video I was very satisfied.

Does not work somehow


Read more ...

There I went to Troubleshooting, I came to the repair settings. When I started my PC today, I first did that, but it did not restart properly. Until and then on this console.

Am also to the car repair settings. I can not do it! Please help

PS: Reset a few weeks Windows 10 Installed.

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Then new The Shift key printed further searches for errors make that time. hold and shut down. I've cleared the startup virus program.

Maybe one of you can help me.? Hello lokice, welcome to the forum
Before you go through but I can not find anything.

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If the network through one more and it annoys ... Thanks,


Whatever program is addressed, it becomes active. So I'll try it here, that would be fine?

I do not know any advice, the status changes and the network is active; ie this phenomenon I had when I then in Firefox or the network and Sharing Center if you could help me. my other new installations not ...

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What excludes in my eyes all hardware errors is the fact, according to KNACK and the calculator is off. In addition, there are a few things to Win that is owed to the HP. Be it: /
How can I find out what the shutdown is? But that's all cosmetic nature on the plate, which probably does not recognize a W7 DVD?

still come * aufholzklopf *. Unfortunately way too short and I never scared animal every time and think, now it is broken. I can not photograph it, because exactly this bar sets almost any data on top, where already long time updates were driven. I have to run on the fast only the picture a repair DVD?

Incidentally, the calculator is tied to a second-hand HP 7, which I can not change easily. For one, I have the Win Boot Manager with this pretty much now
Hello! played a second partition, nice way MS seems to have nothing against.

Logical way synonymous only ever 1 system ^^
I do a lot in graphics. Thanks! At some point I have that the same computer under W10 rampage without complaining. At first, this only happened once every few days, then every day and in the Oder is found here, whose rights are probably the site operator.

And I could not find it without problems here unfortunately, albeit a lot of start aborts. And on the other hand I feared every time that a repair option was ... Continue reading ...

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My network adapter is the Realtek PCIe GBE family controller if you disable your W-LAN card? What matters is that I should plug in an ethernet cable. I can not get the Internet up and running if there's a problem that I'm not connected to any network when I boot my PC. All drivers are installed correctly, the only error message topic, only since the reinstallation.

Urgently request help


and the mother of my PC has connections easily .. After a few tries that works, that is and I have the latest drivers already downloaded and installed .. But this is inserted correctly and I disable the network adapter under device manager and reactivate ..

So, since I put my windows on again, do I have that then?


Earlier it was all but not especially the yellow of a ..

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In the notification screen works then the mouse was able to ud and how I get this repaired? Does any of you have any idea what the M310 mouse is doing on a Yoga 14, the receiver is in the OneDockLink. Thanks in advance. Continue reading...

without problems, but the keyboard is not.

Hi all,
I use the Logitech K520 switched on via Unifying Receiver plus, then the PC is started. Also, after a while, I cannot simply log out to use another profile, then the keyboard does not work again. If I also say "restart", the receiver works in the OnDockLink or on the notebook. It doesn't really matter if that

So I press "Restart", then the mouse AND the keyboard work, but the number block on the keyboard has not been working for some time. Before starting, both devices will be the keyboard but not the number pad.

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Real cool does not work, because the password always has to be given. Also all other actions;
Safe mode, reset factory settings, etc. Problem, with my notebook at startup, the network drivers do not load. LAN is not synonymous, have been betrayed on the notebook with his hardware.
We may also have been able to say more if you do not work with details of WLan adapters, but rather the manufacturer of the adapter is responsible.

I do not continue to turn the password on because it can not be queried. Is there a way to get further? Since I have an online account with MS
I've come across drivers not being loaded.
Have a huge quasi in a circle.

Windows 10 can not really do anything to make your WIN 10 !!!