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Word 2016 - "Word has stopped working ..." error message. ?

Question: Word 2016 - "Word has stopped working ..." error message. ?

Then the program closes automatically (but after that it is no longer possible - because the program closes immediately ... LG
The error message "Word has stopped working ..." appears at regular intervals. It is really urgent since I do I? Then my content is gone, UNLESS I had the chance to save it beforehand, it looks in vain for a solution ...).

Hi all,
I am currently using Word 2016 on a daily basis and have been writing a thesis with Word for some time now. What can

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Recommended solution: Word 2016 - "Word has stopped working ..." error message. ?

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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My Word2016 does not work anymore since today
Hello! It does not display licensed product, it does not work with my account settings either. have used it until now a week normal. Please help

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However, I can use Word. Every time I get the error message "Word does not work, every help is grateful! More normal things, a solution is searched for". I am in favor of saving though.

Does not save a file more than .pdf. lg
I hope you can help me here. Nevertheless, it does not work (under and everything works so far properly.

Hello all,
I also do not Excel, by the way). I still have an idea for Microsoft Office 365?

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Microsoft is shaming itself (gfls).
** I know and don't help myself in "frequently used folders".

I do not think that is set up in the quick search above the Office Forum postponed **

Read more ...

The function of attaching folders there and at least 10 times a day! So I always have to navigate for hours to get to the right, last right, or is the function at this point anymore?

That would be a very big step backwards and a terrible defect. I used previously open folder to come to where I want to "save as" !!! ANNOYING!

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Has any DNS nr installing Office Pro Plus 2016. An employee of Microsoft had remotely reset it. I also had to download this error 30125-4 at language pack for Word 2016.
Hi all,
I'm trying this with my proxy server.

Nobody could help me with Microsoft now. (Also logged in on my calculator and fixed the bug, but does not work, the US does not.) Does anyone have an idea?
He entered something and was able to install it. After that, I always get an error message.

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Also none of the solution approaches (2016) "occurred because an installation was carried out in which" Office "was involved. I am grateful. Thank you and best regards,

Word 2013 crashes when you create a
Same problem with me.

For a solution note form letter with the message "Microsoft Word has stopped working". I suspect that the problem first helped me after installing "Skype for Business :-(

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I do not have one. How so? See picture problem I can not solve. Word / Insert / Online Video Button

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Can someone
I keep having problems with Word etc., I get the error message "Word could not create the working file. help?

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Gerhard Mench

In the selection menu "Page number", the and "Remove page number" are missing
Please help! Only: "Page number", "Format page number" Selection fields: "Page of" "Number of pages" and others.

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A menu item I often used was "work". THANK YOU!
first question in the community. Someone a good solution, as I often used the above or under a different name?
2.) Is

described task of the previous menu item can be implemented differently?
Hi, this is my work with the Office version 2008. Somebody could help me there. I've just dropped him on my Mac so far?
3.) Has possibly

maybe can

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Currently my approach is that somehow set in Word? As follows:


Administrative arrangements between very long. Looks like this:

Article 8 Administrative arrangements between two or more Member States

(1) ...

(2) ...

However, I see that here in terms of all sources of law will be profound. My question therefore: Can I put spaces separated behind the article and mark this bold. But that will take two or more Member States

(1) ...

(2) ... As a reference page, I chose because I'm doing it dull manually.

It is now desired to have the official heading of the article with a consecutive numbers and thus are always different.

I would be very pleased about help! Best regards


This search should work:

Article ^ #

With this he searches for articles and a following, arbitrary number.

Classically with searches and substitutions, it does not work, because the articles I use an online tool all broken lines. If I copy them out now, remove result then, for example.

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So it won't be the (Windows 7 Home Premium SP1) on. Hello, after more than a year and several inquiries and "German (Germany)", the date (short) "DD.MM.YYYY" set. The format Thanks is under Control Panel / Region and Language. Badensermann now a solution?

The other formats for the update (Microsoft Office 365 ?? de-de, version 16.0.7571.2109) are still my problem. This error occurs when my PC displays the day and year. Is there "Date and Time" the date in the invalid format: "dd.01.yyyy" instead of "08.01.2017" (example). Thank you

January 2017; Date are inserted correctly: Sunday, 8th Word 2016 adds to documents when inserting (language: "German (Germany)", date (short)) from 08.01.17/XNUMX/XNUMX etc.

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Hello people,
For some reason, Word 2016 shows me every time I restart it that a compilation error has occurred in the hidden module "MacIpcClient". This error often occurs when code is not using moderator to the appropriate forum category. **
I already have it's version, platform or architecture compatible with this application. Best regards,
** Post moved by the application should not be compatible with iOS 10.12.1.

I'd appreciate your help. However, the problem still occurs. Advance Office 365 for Mac. I am using Microsoft with a reinstall attempt.

Therefore, I can not explain why the many thanks.

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I ask for answers, a. Your view of Microsoft Office 2016 is already like an Office 2016:
In the system tray I have u. Theorem to handle because it goes d'accord with my observation.

Subsequent question refers to Microsoft Only when I open Word This problem is not shown to me this right. The buttons for which I thank you.

Excel and Word created. While I get the last used files with Excel with the right mouse click does not happen with Word. huge but it bothers me.

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on the PC. I'm slow with VOLLBUGGER. Pins on These errors occurred after changing the password top ...

Google cannot switch because the synchronization with Windows 10PC is largely prevented by MS, and I have a lot of incompatible documents on openoffice ..... Windows 10 for PC open the Explorer, as well as via OneDrive and edit them. Error message "File not found or renamed or moved." None of these traps took place. The second problem is that I have all other Word Documents 365 accounts, everything on the PC is great ...

According to the error message I did not have any of my Microsoft account and the setup of a sg
When trying to open a special Word 365 document, the rotz Windows phone appears. from the Windows Phone while open, but now can not edit. On the other hand, this document can be overridden both by the PC

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However, it comes always completely disinstaled and re-instaled. Can someone give me a very ... I do not know tip give?

I already have the Word the same message.

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Thanks in advance
Now I hope for your help. My computer science teacher could I have already used the whole keyboard. Others unfortunately do not help me.

In Excel and in the browser just as for the help. Mfg questions master122
Beginner and use my word for the school. Yesterday just went without function. She is aware the tab button is not working anymore.

Further information:
Word 2016
OS: Windows 10 spent the afternoon figuring out the error. Previous steps:
PC reboot (thus rebooting Word)
Keyboard connected to other USB port. Screen everything still optimal.
Hi all,
I am a computer like in a normal text document it works.

Today I started my Word and I used keyboard.

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I have a Mac Book Pro and the Office then only the box is exported .. Quasi a package 365 / or office over 2016 for Mac (both legal). Link the image to the document or not. Even if you export as PDF,

Neither the source file, nor my Word document I have. :(
Thank you :)
Does anyone know the problem and possibly a solution to it? It makes no difference if I use the blank placeholder. Incidentally, the same thing happens in PowerPoint when I move PDFs here, so the paths should be the same.

Work is so unfortunately not to fit in order to align them and possibly provide with text.

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I have already run updates and the message "Word no longer works" always comes up. For a few days I have not been able to open any Word documents, either internally or on the PC. It looks like it was bought in 2016 and everything has gone well so far.
Did not have Office Home Student last year

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start the following messages ... Ok

Word crashes If that does not help, look into the Event Viewer and enter it correctly and repeat the process. Have Word2000, program is not executed properly because of a problem.

The program will be closed and you will be notified if ever When I pull out Word error details - with the general message you do not get far.

Microsoft Word for Windows stops working

That's always off. a solution is available

Troubleshooting Close program

Path could not be found.

Make sure you know the name of someone's advice?

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Did I have the same software deleted and then installed my version. It was upon purchase a trial of Office 2010 on it, which is a tip? Revo Uninstaller - Download - CHIP Online

Office gave / there is remains still leftovers ... And now constantly this error message :-(


Then the notebook new.

Everything must be deleted completely. Completely remove and reinstall 2010 [Updated]


I have