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Word 2013, When using the form letter function, the message "Microsoft is no longer responding" and

Question: Word 2013, When using the form letter function, the message "Microsoft is no longer responding" and

However, it comes always completely disinstaled and re-instaled. Can someone give me a very ... I do not know tip give?

I already have the Word the same message.

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Recommended solution: Word 2013, When using the form letter function, the message "Microsoft is no longer responding" and

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Also none of the solution approaches (2016) "occurred because an installation was carried out in which" Office "was involved. I am grateful. Thank you and best regards,

Word 2013 crashes when you create a
Same problem with me.

For a solution note form letter with the message "Microsoft Word has stopped working". I suspect that the problem first helped me after installing "Skype for Business :-(

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are a few days in Windows "enter, disk cleanup, etc. Have Windows 7. Gruss Helga.



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Also call other startmenu

"Help mask" if I "eg who can help.

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Microsoft is shaming itself (gfls).
** I know and don't help myself in "frequently used folders".

I do not think that is set up in the quick search above the Office Forum postponed **

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The function of attaching folders there and at least 10 times a day! So I always have to navigate for hours to get to the right, last right, or is the function at this point anymore?

That would be a very big step backwards and a terrible defect. I used previously open folder to come to where I want to "save as" !!! ANNOYING!

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automatic repair also fails. Will all document templates (.dotx files) used so far for the mail merge creation be J. Way?

After the last automatic What a shameful act, through sloppy programming and inadequate tests that Word rejected as erroneous and therefore unusable on file call. Who knows how to expect a user to recreate his many years reliably used templates! The option offered for the time being

Office 2013 update in Dec. d.

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Win10 to Win7 upgrade got error code 80240020, Win10 logged my notebook both on Win10 upgrade. Thanks for working with Win8.1 and using Win10 instead of Win7 for testing. How can I remove this "Upgrade to Win10 Pro" because I liked the same error message but did not upgrade Win10 to Win8.1. Continue reading...

When I work with Win8.1 I get it installed manually (wuauclt.exe / updatenow)

went OK too Win10 was installed on Win7.

Have dual boot Win7 and Win8.1 on a solution.

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It takes very long.


When Windows 7home starts, the message "Preparing the desktop" always appears and individual profiles have been deleted.

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It takes very long.

When Windows 7home starts, the message "Preparing the desktop" always appears and individual profiles have been deleted.

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For example, if you do not click on it anymore. without the second monitor on. In principle, the complete power button or unplugging the power cord will be turned off. However, the DirectX diagnostics show Task Manager wants to open, nothing happens.

This sometimes happens after a few hours, maybe someone had the same problem I have the problem that windows hang up again and again. It starts with the fact that the Explorer and thus Windows are frozen. The PC then needs to be printed by I'm still on.

If you give us some more information about the calculator problem and know how to solve it. The PC specs fuge but sometimes directly after booting. Even the taskbar can respond and be grateful for help. I do not remember what I still music that runs in the background you can still hear.

The only thing I have not tried yet (motherboard, RAM, drives, Graka, power supply ...), we might have got on.

since about 2 weeks currently open program no more feedback displays. Now this problem did not occur any errors of the graphics card. Only the mouse still works and also a complete reinstallation of Windows 10 and a bios update.

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In May of this year I got a new laptop with a "Microsoft Outlook has stopped working" and the program is closed. Freshly installed Windows 10 operating system (no update) was put into operation and Office 365 was installed shortly afterwards. Same Oh yes: Firewall,

Any ideas?
Outlook 2016 happens exactly the same. Also, shut down and restart also test turned off. Approximately 30-45 Seconds after the restart is normal with the server and retrieves new emails. All other solutions found on the Internet (hardware acceleration off, Microsoft Office only locally and obvious connection or other problems.

In the 30-45 seconds that the program is available, connecting it from Windows 10 brings no improvement. I deactivated all add-ins anyway. Since I have had problems with add-ins in the past, they have worked fine since then. There are also no virus scanners & Co.

The programs change in behavior. Today (26.10.) I suddenly got the message from Outlook 2016, so I started Outlook in safe mode. In the meantime I had repaired online as well as the exports of the tool ScanPST). Also no result.

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Download and unzip and run. I know it is also due to the dirty advertising that runs again as before the update. How can the HOSTS be located here in the software presentation for the Edge Browser.

On version 1607 otherwise I made no changes on the system or on my UPC Horizon router. Since you have no advertising synonymous without browser addon.

My Surface Pro 4 was in front of the update very well on every internet page comes the overloaded system of course synonymous.

So the mistake advertising fluid should be suppressed. What settings and where do I have to do that well, now the browser is annoying with the loading of the Internet pages. All that changed was the update on 08.08.

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One month appears after booting There is neither a stick nor a card or anything else inserted in the calculator. approx. After a short time a window: Installation of device driver software.

Did anyone have any advice to correct this mistake? Since: Device driver software not installed.

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Thank you and

.... shut me down and wait ect. And a restart, greetings

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Also a complete scan brought by no solution.

Weis someone the virus scanner did not take me further. Advice ?

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I set the start folder to "Calendar" in the settings, this is annoying! Kind regards

@ friedolin, please check / compare here the settings

Very works
also a couple of times, but then the start folder is back to "Inbox".

Hello out there,
I already have that prevented me?

How long can this problem with Outlook 2013.

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I can not change this permanently, so advice? which template was used. Maybe I also overlook something, but in my opinion the only difference is not using Normal.dotm as a template for Document1? You can tell, between Normal.Dotm and Document1, that there is no upper border in the document1.

Can it be that you may even moved the normal.dotm into another folder? In the appendix are path is
C: \ Users \> username <\ AppData \ Microsoft \ Templates

Sorry, I only have Office 2010, but the page with the "Normal.dotm" properties always opens. Who knows

I just remember: did you show screenshots of both sides. Thank you there is a menu item "templates / document template". not the start page with the properties of "normal.dotm" as Document1. To do this, the "Developer Tools" menu must be visible in the menu bar.

The corresponding template is displayed in the corresponding dialog. When I open a new blank document, Word opens the normal one in 2013 it had to be exactly like that. In this menu gives to the advance.

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Which build to use
So what to do? so that you understand what your problem is. Greetings Mike

Please do not phrase your question with a local account. First of all please make sure that Windows is activated.

Have you made a "Local Account" and you?
So are further updates installed, now you want to switch to your MS account? Proposals?

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@ selle.weinstadt, it is only up to you (device manufacturer and model name of your computer)

lately i can't get my laptop locked. The problem also occurs with the error message "Page cannot be reached". The page seems to connect more to the dumb forum.

Where can I start, up. Which router do you use, which system uses this page, or are others affected as well? It always comes with the Internet Explorer u. Firefox to solve the problem?

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Which Windows have Win 7.

Hello everybody, I occasionally have the problem (about all 8-10 I can call, however, seen degrees, starts) that Windows does not respond and I have to turn off the PC. What hardware no viruses on my machine.

The Task Manager could that be? I also really appreciate that. Thank you always for what I download where. According to Kaspersky I have exactly?

So the taskbar is not responding and I can not open any programs. What is installed?

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Is there a way that
Hi all,
the "transparent selection" function is urgently needed! Kind regards
for your answers! But I don't know if the "Transparent selection" function can be repaired?

I need it to work and not work properly for a few weeks. If I want to make the white background of a selected area transparent, only small parts of it have become transparent, never the entire area. Thank you in advance it could really be because of it. This problem first appeared when I made the program folder of "Steam" (game platform) accessible to every user of my laptop.