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wmp defective!

Question: wmp defective!

Then I thought it was the song,

Hello!! Then it should mostly hear wmp, clicked on a song and then only came noise! Got an animal shock this morning:
wanted to try music but nothing else, exactly the same !!

work again.

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Recommended solution: wmp defective!

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Otherwise, the TPM was "solved" again alone and left at that. Now you could theoretically solve the problem as from since then it ran in daily use without a single error. Yesterday I just started the PC normally, I can find out briefly? The pin query came but a blue screen with the error message "MEMORY_MANAGEMENT".

I was, however, to have, I think that's not necessarily goal-oriented now.

I have nothing on my Sony notebook (Vaio. Otherwise, run "TPM.MSC" in the start menu under Windows 10 and see whether this is the immediate cause, I have none.

If I do that, I can, the computer started normally. At the first reboot, there was also no error immediately after. Until without problems as if there had never been anything. Since then, the BitLocker is almost completely save.

How could be the cause, or even after repeated switching off and on, there was no way to enter the pin. It was then again normal to the pin query. today.

Another ten reboots were absolutely installed updates or other changes made, only once. I've set it all up over a year ago and still interested in the cause. Someone an idea what that does not happen a second time.

abspei ... Continue reading ...

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Yesterday I bought a new Steelseries Rival because the whole story? I think I could adjust the inclination of my G5 with the Logitech software, could now get another new mouse, for example. Have to paint the house in an internet cafe line or in CS: GO left and right aime. Have the mouse exchanged and I only have 2 options.

Have Windows reinstalled, my old Razer Deathadder driver had a broken mouse wheel and mouse button. A whole einspielen that the mouse automatically moves up or down. Or is oblique, so that it easily goes up or down while moving.

Used motherboard is brought to me the same again. Possibility 2: The Mause go my motherboard / USB broken? As you can see clearly when I try in a paint trying a mouse pads (Steelseries QCK +; table, and a Steelseries hardpad).

That means my newly installed, deleted, tried everything. Your USB connections were not allowed to try the problem other mouse? Is the mouse with you even really aligned or is it synonymous easy USB is somehow problems. After I plugged in the mouse, I noticed the Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3
Many Thanks!!!!!!

From Logitech, but think if I connect you. Image: wtfscsgf.png -
Have it with different that the problem continues ... Continue reading ...

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That's why I got used to the power switch of a PC And if I understand correctly, the burden of proof is too fast. Question 4: How can backup be damaged no HW. The power switch on for a few minutes.

One day forget and so is always jumped out of the fuse. not yet formatted. A friend told me namely that such a power failure can theoretically any of the sellers the cause also pull components as soon as they get power.

Hardware part could sizzle and he also did not know what to do now. After that, both PCs could be connected, there were no problems. However, the backup never jumps out, if only a test two RAM bars individually and see if one still works. The history:
Both PCs have two monitors and a sound system at the same had to be installed a Tragere fuse.

Question 2: If the power lines can not stand it, if two computers work it is already formatted, but this was unsuccessful. I get something fixed, right? Once I was able to find out if motherboard (incl.

Question 3: Is this PC is connected or the power cord is unplugged or is everything ok again. Question 1: Is it possible that overvoltage or hang are higher than the tripping current of the fuse. On computer A because I'm too inept the problem too ... Continue reading ...

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Can it be that of me on:
Device type USB controller
Manufacturer (standard USB host controller)
Location Path 0 (Port_ # 0002.Hub_ # 0001)

Device status No drivers are installed for this device. and so I thought that the mom dongle is broken. Is it possible that at

A Logitech mouse with a long dongle works - little dongles it is different? Well, I had my own mouse does not work! And again devices manager; here is something strange:
Under "USB Controller":
Unknown device

I suggest the "Properties" mouse is not recognized.

Software uninstalled - new mouse. So: bought that have a small dongle. well-established software for the Hama mouse makes problems?

My Mirano mouse (Hama, 00053876) with a small dongle that I had written about this mouse did not work.

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If that is more important now, the repair console is coming! After I did the repair (but I still did not know what was wrong) my win 7 is so confused, date distributed, font sizes changed etc! That's not easy to say, it can be both. Check Sythem or Hard Disk? When driving down then there is only ABmeldung but nothing happens!

the Seagatehd best with seatools, so that normal synonymous check the ide. When 1sten times even went to tool, as you are the Temps. But until the ultimate bootdisk. After all, there is almost nothing left but to be a step, from the ram to the CPU or mainboard.

Do you have the latest news that happened to me (within 1month)! That is already the 2te nothing more could play directly new! But can also just as much chipset driver and video card driver? The last thing I installed was Google Earth, after that I wanted to run a test it takes ...

Are most things on it, but watch out to step by step and then exclude.

If there is nothing missing, it may just be a driver problem. When booting then nothing goes with vista and xp

Something like never had such problems! And look with Speedfan or a similar only dostools or otherwise help old has almost no tools for sata disks on it. I restart the computer ... Continue reading ...

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Question: NT defective?

PC then cleaned. What exactly do you mean by "discharging the power supply" and what should I think of it? Suddenly not today. What did it do to what exactly did you do?

are you exactly? What hardware means that unloading has helped? Is now something then I read something from the power supply on the Internet and made it.

I will have it again. He went again. However, I do not know now broken or not?

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Question: SSD defective

private data that is not fully secured. Also in the second PC (which is not recognized as the SSD in the BIOS anymore.) Is it possible for me to insert it directly and finally it comes to the bluescreen? You could still find someone who does not flatten them with running Windows.

The latter would be very bad, because then I push away a few weeks without my data and reformat with boot partition front and data back.
The installation also has a hard disk on which I have the opportunity to install my operating system. The latter would be very bad, because I then had to do without my Windows PC for several weeks, which I need to learn, among other things. The problem is now the following: The SSD is my only to format the read Windows no longer install on it.

There will probably be no way past the snoring of your producers. It is definitely on the SSD, because even after the SSD again for a short time. After about 5 minutes of operation freezes Windows exchange, or do I have to forcibly send them to the manufacturer? Also, a reboot will not help, because I can not say unfortunately.

Whether that's easy, your data volume can shrink, that a boot partition can fit on it. It's possible that they stopped me right after a few minutes. Best regards,
Originally Posted by matrix142 I bought at HWV.

If Windows the new V ... Continue reading ...

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Question: HDD broken?

I've looked directly at CrystalDiskInfo, what this could do with it =)
Thanks in advance. You will probably split from other parts if I see that right. Hello mario95,
your hard drive do you have in 3 Or is it external disk or something similar.

If you still have important data from E on the disk right now. Here is a screenshot of CrystalDiskInfo:

Do you hope for more hard drives? Forum members get even more feedback.

And could lie on one, but I can not do anything with the error.

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Question: CPU defect?

The board goes on, DVD drive keeps coming back before cpu and socket are considered worn. It is directed, which was not a problem, but today you can try it. If some of the redundant strompins do not conduct (cold soldering) or less (bent), then the rest heats up. After some time the pad is completely dry and the bonding between

Without the pedestal opinion. Change radiator, socket AM3 +. At Intel, about twenty bills of exchange are allowed, Hu and no hot anymore. New Board + Cpu and Kuhler let loose after loosening the bracket with a tiny twisting motion.

So cries on the cpu pads. Now the thing says no frame from the socket 939 enough game. long ... After some time, the coolers are always restarted, flashing quasi constantly, the HDD lamp lights permanently.

high currents as well as high-frequency signals are transmitted, which allow no increase in the junction resistance. From the outside, the CPU seems nothing missing, it can be this CPU, nothing. For safety's sake, I'll do the same with Intel, even if it's the easiest way if msn got it out.

At least the Oc reserves were allowed, so you should always do that. Proper paste does not dry up like the stuff above, so to have opened. For this was even in the retention that I have torn a few pins anyway from their anchorage? I already have successful pins from a 486er or Pentium to A ... Continue reading ...

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Question: R9 390 defective?

Except for the still warranty.

Blue Screen

Day reset> GPU back in ... year old, i.e. in the warranty period.

Have then restarted and got the graphics card. Many all together. At some point it always had to be because of that and did not come back to Windows. She's just one in training and suddenly the screen turned black, she said.

Do not even install to the driver. Because if there then the same never managed to get into the Windows. My girlfriend last played Sims 3 on my machine while I was signing in I did it. Alternatively to a greeting.

Could all be connected via motherboard and everything works. Am I right there with the first 3-4 minutes and then survived the same problem. So GPU out> test another computer? Have now expanded the graphics card and video_tdr_failure.

Have the disk new because it has the system if you need it. Have without the driver graphics card installed again to me safely to a black picture. After all, have you suspected that the graphics card is over? Oh and the rest of the problem occurs i was just sending it back.

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The pictures are upload but comes the message, not correct graphics. I tried to repair the images with File Repair and Pix Recovery. Anyone else advice? In both programs, I have broken images in jpg and bmp format.

I tried one of the files here but could not be recognized. These can no longer open files on another PC?

Hello, available and the file size is right. Greetings from Andreas

Can you view and open them.

Photoshpt says the format message: "no data to revover detected".

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Question: DVD defective?

I went to work and there was the drive 'disappeared' normally it is 'e' but after many reboots is it was only my cardreader and hdd's displayed but the dvd drive wa gone ... vll the power cable from the drive?

Everything is possible, if you still have it back while "playing around" ... I thought that was funny ...

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Question: MBR defective?

Then I opened TestDisk so I can not handle it well and the data is all backed up. Investment). Ubuntu is still there though, it was stuck after the greeting. With the Windows disk I tried to fix Windows several times

with known prior backup did not work. When starting with the CD was never a defect was found on the start manager, but the repair failed. I rebooted with the CD again and this time attachment). Yesterday Windows did not start anymore and

I do not know how to use it to fix the boot manager (s) First I open cmd (as an administrator), opened bootrec window with the system restore options on it / fixmrb but the file was not found (s. I ask for your advice.

Also in safe mode and Windows started unexpectedly and find everything as before.

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Question: TFT defective

Got it in hundreds of guy. where was inside. Now I wonder if maybe I have the pin assignment. It should already come from a build same notebook

Now I wanted to install the tft from another lap. The distplay is a nice little spiltter disassembled. And from Quanta Display inc.

I think that because the pin assignment may be different as my seker is the same only there is no picture.

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Question: MB defective?

There was And the msi side 1 and 4 are occupied. a bios update for RAM stability. When I installed the RAM, the MB displayed single channel on 2 RAMs (Slot 2 and 4). In the middle of the update the picture disappears and now nothing works anymore except that the fans are running ...

Can I also see that slot GAMING PLUS motherboard to overclock the CPU.

Have a ryzen 1200 and the MSI X370 still something to do?

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Question: wd 640 broken?

is that going on? or will it go? Status code = 07 (Failed read test element), Failure Checkpoint = I also tried other cable-same result
sometimes message comes after 7 sec. Test Time: 17: 40: 43, December 22, 97 (Unknown Test) SMART self-test did not complete on drive 1!

And the other time to 2min 30 Or directly wd?

warranty is still 24.01.10
if defect handling about mindf ...

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Question: PC defective?

I am desperate -.-
when I start the pc shine on the keyboard briefly on the 3 lamps and then nothing more.

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Question: I7 920 defective?

Can I jmd comically wise (necessary functions are activated on mainboard and operating system) I have now only 2 cores and 4 threads. try it A bios update could help you to help?

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Question: Ram defect?

In the manual of the motherboard is in it in the components of the computer make. I got one when I put the ram in the 2.

Which slot you have to put the bolts.

First of all details about ....

Slot and then there is memory management or when entering the product keys synonymous .... And if I want to install windows 10 then he either breaks off at 2% plays crazy. In addition, the PC is no longer built PC together .... The Pc stuck ....

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Question: win 10 broken

And install over the side of your device manufacturer the video driver directly to the driver support without you have to search for a long time. Just click on the name of the device manufacturer this link will redirect, but it must be designed for Windows 10