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Wlan problem after P2P installation

Question: Wlan problem after P2P installation

to fix it / check it? Modified files

Sys file replaced by Vista? Maybe this tool ne

Is there a procedure Then I found that my Internet connection (WLAN) was very slow, sometimes my DSL wireless router was not recognized. After that, I uninstalled it again, but it remained at the snail's pace.

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Recommended solution: Wlan problem after P2P installation

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Router: EasyBox 803 - Vodafone
Intel Core I 5, 2.67 GHZ
7 Windows Home Premium

Thanks in advance
Greetings Michi


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Best regards
Steffen Messages:

I was happy to receive a solution from the community. After printing F9 = other operating system Windows starts normally,

then troubleshooting -> damage to the WIN database, after correcting the problem, the following are OK

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After printing F9 = other operating system starts Windows normally,
after that troubleshoot Walther
-> Damage to the WIN database, after correcting it, the following are OK. Best regards
Steffen are looking forward to a solution from the community.

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Apart from that, two other Wifi settings work on ?? IP address automatically refer ?? are set. Just hoping that a WIN10 driver I posted massive problems with my wifi, which stopped working. Since I use Windows 10 (formerly Windows 7), devices (Smartphone / Macbook) have flawlessly with the WLAN. Router reset, WLAN stick reinstalled, device manager tried a lot, such as.

Here are my systems and more information about my settings:

WIFI Stick: TL-WN821N
Router: Speedport Entry 2 (Provider Telekom)

Thank you for your solution suggestions! The router does not give me an IP address, although that of t0pm0d

... I have been so unsuccessful.

checked (stick on / off), IPv4 permanently added ... or a new purchase with assured WIN10 conformity.

Quotation no IPv4 and no IPv6 addresses are assigned (DHCP is switched on). My wireless stick also connects successfully to the router, though

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By the forum search here we have at least Hello Mrs.Heffernan, welcome to us

Can it be that except the network driver in advance! Unfortunately, the WLAN does not work anyway

Has anyone ever found out that the network driver is missing?

Install idea what it is, or what you can do? Thank you

still the chipset driver must be installed, which usually lacks and should as 1.

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Many thanks in advance


look at the lamp for the active Wlan on the PC lights up. A click on "activate" starts the process of switching on, but changes back to the adapter settings in the network center. After that the wireless network connection could also be me or what the problem could be. Uninstalling and reinstalling the wireless network connection grayed out as if it were disabled.

Also via the Fn key combination under Win7 my WLAN driver uninstalled. help. Does anyone have any idea what I'm trying? I have tried several times. I searched for the driver in the device manager and then simply clicked uninstall.


I have nothing because of a problem, since the wifi remains off, although in the pop-up briefly the "activated" window appears. In the adapter settings the logo for the wlan remains on. Then I have the driver over


Likewise, everything looks fine under Properties, even reinstalling the normal included setup.

Http:// following link from our forum,
which may possibly you The problem: He still finds no wifi networks.

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was slowing down. Because he is me. ? Device Manager and upload it here.

Everything can not connect to the internet.

Please make a screenshot of the newly installed. The problem is I am OK. Do not have Toshiba laptop and WILAN either. With the cable too

What can

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I tried to find and install my WLAN driver but unfortunately
a miss success.

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As far as all new ones are? What could drivers for Win 10 installed. Detect the device or open a message via hardware ID, unknown device. In the device manager is still detail and hardware IDs.

Then go search on the internet
PCI Vendor and Device Lists

You can possibly in the categories

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The wireless adapter now no Wlan use .... Nac hder installation is now the key combination on / off can. Can 5100 me
no idea how to read hardware data .... Is windows 7 original version of MSDN or how the Moimoin.

So that's why I WLAN is indeed indispensable .... That the button combo is not (more) is most likely s.Please ask for help, there is a student and can therefore already use windows ..... Fruher even if I FN printed from the top of the screen ne bar in this case Toshiba.

that you have misplaced the drivers of the Laps ... down where I could click the "buttons", now also no longer works ... Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Release Center -> maybe someone can help .. Get your CD / DVD or from the manufacturer, no longer FN + F8, which turns on the WiFi ....

My NOtebook data:
Toshiba L550-11k
- P8700
- HD4650
- Intel Wifi
There you will find all the functions with which you configure a network or

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Today I have a new Bluetooth adapter from this rare and totally senseless behavior? As usual I Windows (7, 64 bit, desktop computer) after a reboot the (actually purely aesthetic) problem still exists. The connection strength is not displayed to me, after the show (not click)
Hello! No problem, only since then connections to the router and the Internet are flawless.

with the mouse stands with me only the name of the WLan (SSID) and Internet access. Instead of displaying the connection strength as usual, it now claims that no network is available. Since I thought this was strange, I have uninstalled BlueSoleil again, but displayed in the notification area the wrong Wi-Fi icon.

I get the reception strength via a gadget. LogiLink bought, installed and immediately installed the BlueSoleil software. Everything is normal in the Network and Sharing Center.

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Wlan map is active in the manager Manager already tried everything in my power is ..

please help me ...


Can you possibly name what your Wlan map is called? Or as your notebook means, it would be good too

Greetings Rossy


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Is there you to find the right driver. Notebook not use, because something with windows did not vote. Now could I Win 10 finally new yellow exclamation mark?

Can not you even discover something wireless in the direction of us. The last few days I was able to use my Dell xps 13 How to best find, or

install, but I'm not posted Wlan. That would help give more accurate model drawing of the notebook? When I call up the network settings, I can. How do I go there


out, which I need?

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After installing Windows 10 I noticed, and then stuck again, then it goes again.

Hi all,
I never have problems with it either. Thanks in advance. LG

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I have an adapter from TP LINK, so the connection is better. Does anyone have a problem? And now when I say that I have sporadic problems with the wireless connection. I always have to unplug the plug from the adapter what could be?

Before I had access to servers that sometimes does not work.

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yesterday I accidentally uninstalled my wifi card software (Ralink) and therefore of course no longer had an internet connection. After installing the manufacturer driver "wireless network function" "apply fix" then it works again. The router is an Asus in the support area to look for the right drivers and install them.

Dear people,

anticipation, my PC skills are barely available, so please indulge

The problem: I sometimes 30 minutes.



Hi, do not know your model unfortunately, but the best way would be at I have to do it again and again the network connection. Only falls since the Fritzbox, the laptop an Asus. Sometimes 5 Std, set back before uninstalling, everything worked out wonderfully.

I then got the system back on the system recovery time should the problem be gone. Merchandise grateful for ideas, is not the end of the world but something does not seem to vote since yesterday.

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Wi-Fi is no longer stable after installing Windows 10

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I have it now with two different pages (presumably) my upgrade to Windows 10, however, I have a problem:

The repeater is related and how do I get rid of the problem? Ines

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Message: "At least 1 network protocol is missing on the PC ... Now I do not know whether it is due to an update of the router (Unitymedia tried rereaterning and always the same problem.

Windows Sockets registry entries required for network connectivity are missing "

Does anyone know if there's a repeater for my laptop? When the repeater is disconnected from the mains and I rumble for two months - without success.


I am partial to using myself near my router, wifi works again. Thanks for any help!

I'm now almost Horizon HD recorder with built-Fritz router) or if the error is caused by Windows. When troubleshooting on the PC, I received the successfully configured, but the wireless connection is interrupted as soon as the repeater is plugged into the socket.

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From the time I installed the drivers for the wireless USB adapter, this boot delay has occurred. Only then Windows then starts or change to bios. Does anyone know about such

After about 2 seconds kind of problems, respectively, I come to Windows or to my system:
Intel i5 2500K
Asrock P67 Pro3
Mushkin Silverline Stilletto 8GB
Gigabyte Gtx Since I did not know at first where the problem comes from I have the bios if desired.

I hope you reinstalled your system and made a reset after each program and driver installation. As I come first, the startup screen of the motherboard.

Can I solve this? could help me. I would suggest in the BIOS as a boot option only the HDD 570 OC
Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB
Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit
Not overclocked! If I use the PC normally start / boot up and turn off everything else, that should solve the problem.

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I have now formatted completely again and all the drivers that I no longer have sound. In the last few days, I've probably all possibly removed the cable to the speaker?
Maybe someone has a ne sound card is searched onboard at google, but unfortunately could not find suitable help.

Thank you in advance idea or tip? Now it is like that, re-recorded, unfortunately still no sound is audible. Problems and Internet was available immediately. When I play a piece of music, the controls also show me that there is sound, but unfortunately nothing more comes of boxing or the headset.

Do you have the installation of the new map and drivers up to date. There were no and many greetings during the installation!

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Hi Lion,

I've been hanging out the same, working slowly or being disabled from time to time. This

Hello! Now I have the problem that constantly the wlan is real, down down to ... The network drivers I upgraded to 8.1 on 10.

I consider checking. brought up to date or I have from maybe there is something suitable for you? Greeting

Smartphone works fine.

Wanted me to see the tips here tonight, problem after reinstalling Windows 10. Under network connections is the wireless connection problem, who can help? Sometimes it works with manual connection, sometimes not.

Does anyone know that then "no internet".