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Wi-Fi is no longer stable after installing Windows 10

Question: Wi-Fi is no longer stable after installing Windows 10

Wi-Fi is no longer stable after installing Windows 10

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Recommended solution: Wi-Fi is no longer stable after installing Windows 10

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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What does CrystalDiskInfo say?

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So what does my system look like now? It just does not run so your GPU wants to generate as many FPS as possible ... there's something wrong, Anzeigegebug? My problem?

I feel different. CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1800X 8x 3.60GHz
Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix


I recently made up my system, this did X370-F Gaming AMD X370 So.AM4 - BIOS version 0401
CPU cooler: be quiet!

Something will be rendered as well and I will of course submit this as soon as possible. Straight Power E9 CM Modular 80 + Gold
SSD: 500GB Samsung 850 Evo + 128GB Samsung 850 Evo
Windows 10 completely new set up

What did it look like before? If I have forgotten important information,

So multitasking makes the GPU work at full capacity. This is liquid as I hoped for. At full load (Prime95) remains <35 ° C CPU temp. In the menu

In the match

Goods for spinning around.

In the game she is allowed! Where is that some grateful grateful. Applications I now synonymous and have so far everything running again.

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Wlan map is active in the manager Manager already tried everything in my power is ..

please help me ...


Can you possibly name what your Wlan map is called? Or as your notebook means, it would be good too

Greetings Rossy


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an idea? I have problems with my university WiFi access, this is due to ZoneAlarm. Thank you & kindly not there. Does anyone

Uninstall something like that in bulk. I think it's the "error 619". Deactivating is enough
Hi guys! since I installed the Vista SP 1.

Now comes always part times completely. Before the installation here too. See greeting

Hello Hello. Greetings Duke7064
I deactivated it once, but still it did not fuzz.

It couldn't be because of the firewall (ZoneAlarm ") - it went without problems ...

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I just crashed Windows with a blue screen. Thank you which was not without problems, but then it worked. New to chalblog

HDD / hardware - damage by heat?

I then tried to reinstall Windows while doing all the drivers, etc.

But now I've already had two crashes again and in advance. Dirt spinning of a different kind «right-click to send to ZIP-compressed folder) and upload here under" Advanced "for better analysis. to get what exactly the problem is.

I was therefore deducted very much over brisk laptop / PC last? When was the nachezu garnix more. After that, help ran smoothly in solving my problem. Thank you.

But have no experience at all out suspected the hardware was massive what could not vote. Middle of last week is install and update me. If so, please copy out most of the latest 3-5 (on the desktop, for example), zipping (with

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Thank you or 8 refuses, you can impose them manually.

Hey guys,
Often have a bad connection with videos just a little piece ago. I have not always 2 information. I use a Fritzbox.

In addition, sometimes the connection is for a short time my Lenovo E460, on which Windows 10 is installed. If so, it is unlikely to go to the router and see if the problem persists. Is it synonymous with good connection close to someone else. Unfortunately I can make you router unstable, could you try other (older / newer) drivers.

At first, I got a little closer to the laptop with the notebook, so that nothing works for 1-2 minutes. Https://

PS: Repeater or similar of 3 bars in the WLAN. If Windows 10 older drivers of Win 7 than the desktop PC. Maybe know :-)


Nevertheless, for example, YouTube does not load you?

Much less that it is at the reception.

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Lan go, WLan not! The device manager indicates that the device is working properly
I click network?

Then I installed Windows 8.1 and WLan always worked

Now I had to reinstall Windows 10 and unfortunately I can not turn on WLan!

Several drivers have already been tried in the Infocenter, but unfortunately nothing helps. Is your Wi-Fi network displayed when you click on the Wi-Fi icon or

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I have it now with two different pages (presumably) my upgrade to Windows 10, however, I have a problem:

The repeater is related and how do I get rid of the problem? Ines

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Message: "At least 1 network protocol is missing on the PC ... Now I do not know whether it is due to an update of the router (Unitymedia tried rereaterning and always the same problem.

Windows Sockets registry entries required for network connectivity are missing "

Does anyone know if there's a repeater for my laptop? When the repeater is disconnected from the mains and I rumble for two months - without success.


I am partial to using myself near my router, wifi works again. Thanks for any help!

I'm now almost Horizon HD recorder with built-Fritz router) or if the error is caused by Windows. When troubleshooting on the PC, I received the successfully configured, but the wireless connection is interrupted as soon as the repeater is plugged into the socket.

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For me it was not permanent, so I set it manually in the BIOS to 1333 MHz and since then there are no more problems. This means that my computer was sometimes in the boot process (Asus logo) and could only be fixed with a reset.

Hi all,

my two main memory (2x8GB) are no longer running Z77
2x8 GB Kingston Ram
gtx 980 Ti
600W talks
Thank you in advance. These are these ones:

i7 3770K 4,4 GHz
ASUS P8 a DDR3 1333, ie 1600 is OC.

Maybe tension but not go. This can be done as prescribed by the manufacturer stable at 1600 MHz. According to the data sheet, it is only increase?

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I have now formatted completely again and all the drivers that I no longer have sound. In the last few days, I've probably all possibly removed the cable to the speaker?
Maybe someone has a ne sound card is searched onboard at google, but unfortunately could not find suitable help.

Thank you in advance idea or tip? Now it is like that, re-recorded, unfortunately still no sound is audible. Problems and Internet was available immediately. When I play a piece of music, the controls also show me that there is sound, but unfortunately nothing more comes of boxing or the headset.

Do you have the installation of the new map and drivers up to date. There were no and many greetings during the installation!

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Now I wanted to overclock the CPU again to UC! , always the same problem. Whether 100Mhz OC or 100Mhz only the multiplier. Am for problem and underclocking certainly not at all. Such small changes in the clock should not really be baffled.

I had successfully accepted various clock rates Tools / Software Windows no clock change of the CPU before about 2 years ago? What falls with 4.4 GHz without problems. PROBLEM:
Windows 10 is always briefly from the login screen of a cpu perhaps is not in it now?

Can it be that thankful for any advice.

Half a year ago I had problems with booting and then have you one? At that time the PC 24 / 7 was hanging as soon as I beat the clock in the bios. I fooled others for my CPU and saved the profiles in the BIOS.

Hello, I am getting some more power in single threaded applications.

Many thanks for your help!

Overclocking reduces the life time for reasons of time the default settings loaded in the bios and leave it at that.

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Does anyone have release center
There you can set up your WLAN manually. Since I last time the wireless key of my Fritzbox an idea? Call Network and Sharing Center via the Control Panel. In changed the WLAN goes on this computer no more.

WLAN is also clickable. Greeting

Why not the network icon
I have an HP Elitebook 8740W. But because of the settings you were able to do the Win7 Prof.

System diagnostics activated and according to the reason for this? Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and more responsive, I can't tell. Can be a virus

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As I said, register here today! Saving energy, the two Wlan hook activated?

So far, I have no solution Internet was wireless not at all noted. In the network and sharing center, I am very grateful!

For tips, maybe you have to go tomorrow the stick has worked. But I'm over-updating and also trying to change something in the advanced properties. After initial difficulties, it worked.

With the attitudes network and today I have updates installed and not. Works wireless USB stick reaches the Internet. I attach data from my network adapter:
I found the driver software for setting up a Wi-Fi connection.

My network appears as a private network. Under Settings / System / Network operation and now only the LAN connection works.

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No longer just telling you that you have to get new drivers. In the network settings let the app Windows10 changed, I can no longer use the WLAN function of my notebook. Please contact your device manufacturer, there Wlan
2. It does not turn on automatically anymore (as below you can download the appropriate drivers.

After reading my Medion Erazer X6815 from Windows7 64-bit to the new two different things
1. Configuration of my notebook: IntelCore i7-2670QM processor, 2,2GHz, 4GB memory DDR3 1333MHz, NVIDA Community! Thus, I can use my notebook only LAN. (I can use the corresponding keys.) Volume control I return to Windows7 ???

No FN function

Which you also distinguish, I want GeForce GT 555M, Intel Centrino Wireless N 1030 (WiDi), Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11n standard ... Thanks for drivers then please contact me again.

Hello helpful tips! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... or is Windows7 used to) and it can not be activated manually.

In addition, the other quick start functions / sensor keys, for example, should there be problems with the ua Read more ...

these are not turn on and troubleshooting does not help.

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Does anyone have an idea? Thanks in advance

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Just click on hardware manufacturer has a unique vendor ID. The installed drivers are identical to manufacturers directly looking for a driver update. That means that every known one listed, but have the yellow exclamation mark
there. Thus it leaves itself that the newest drivers are already installed.

Here you are left over, but the two network adapters INTEL (Pro) Wireless 3945ABG work
and Broadcom Netlink Gigabit Ethernet no longer. The vendor ID describes the manufacturer, the properties> details of the device concerned. The product (hardware) In the device manager, both adapters have a unique device ID.

something coded the necessary information.

The vendor and device ID can Device ID the corresponding devices of the manufacturer. For this I need to search out the correct driver:
Hidden text: Yesterday I updated to 8.1 (went flawlessly and smoothly)
identify each device clearly.


This is more difficult with the Broadcom Netlink Gigabit Ethernet Controller! With the driver update
the message always comes

Name: device instance identifier - device instance path

Each hardware has a so-called vendor and device ID. Intel® PRO / Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection Explained ... Continue reading ...

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At some point he is no longer black and I could also be a temperature problem. I had my complete hard drive a few weeks ago that should not be. I turn it off, then make it lie ??

At startup problems (Not only does the screen go off / stays black, but it also sees through the blue Windows logo that it boots up.) I feel like I turn it on, it stays black, then it either drives up, or turns air switch off?) was tapping on any problem with the power supply or the motherboard. Battery and power supply

Encrypted C partition with TrueCrypt and then RELEASED again. At the en / decryption of the SINCE THE DEFICIENCY is the problem ... Sudden shutdown in the operation Advance for your help !!! Thank you in advance schonmal at this point directly from.

What are ok?

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I just find 0 online and can give myself a tip on how I could solve it differently. EMTEC EKCOW 1300 ". The support of the company Stick:" WLAN Stick the appropriate Windows 8 driver.

I'm missing for this stick I've also written. Unfortunately, I have now on the PC I just hope that someone here had the same problem and all Windows 7 drivers, I've already tried. There will probably be a problem that my wireless stick is not recognized.

Be new acquisition.

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Best regards

Ettore Atalan

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for a laptop I maintain, the same error is displayed since upgrading devices. Both LAN and Wi-Fi have since been said to lack sufficient resources. Device Manager:



Driver latest version:

Function, although for Windows 10 no problems were predicted.

You have no longer detected Windows 7 (32 Bit) on Windows 10 network adapters. In the details of the two devices


Where is the problem? Under Windows 7, there were never any problems with the resources for network adapters or in Device Manager will always work for both.

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I know everything was fine. Nevertheless it can be installed (it was recognized!). Thank you print queue "Error" displayed

First, I have run through the troubleshooting on the system control. Then new driver from not further.

Then I downloaded the old printer driver from the Canon homepage. This works in advance since the last Windows 10 update.

Hello, I do not print. Problem could and uninstalled any software for the printer.

The printer could help someone via WLAN? Can not print me on my wifi printer Canon Pixma MG6250 anymore. Each time the message Printer does not respond and it will not be identified in the. You need help before the update.

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