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Windwos 10 Media Player path change

Question: Windwos 10 Media Player path change

For all manually advance the letter

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Thank you very much to change. Maybe there will be a command written in front of quite a few entries. It is after reinstallation, the drive letter of the destination path has changed.

Hi all,
I made a playlist and now, and so the player says, replace E: \ with I: \? In the playlist it says

Now everything is on I: \

Is there a way to change the playlist accordingly, so I now search for I: \?

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Recommended solution: Windwos 10 Media Player path change

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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There you can then adjust what in the system control on hardware and sound, then on automatic playback. Have already turned off in the automatic playback everything but it still stops the player.

Hi I'm pretty much on title to play and ask me what he should do! I'm really desperate WHO CAN PLEASE HELP



you go the pointer that every time I eg.

Insert a DVD of Media Player 12 stops the current But the current when inserting any medium should happen. Frodo2


want to take off just take the chop out. And if I'm just a long Mix anhore not come to the same place, but only to choose DVD play, - play last list, etc.

If you like the automatic playback whole title !!!

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Best regards

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This is really heavy on so many movies

Is there no other possibility ...?

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Since installing Windows 10 This Is The Life - 01 - Mr. Rock 'n' Roll.mp3
Many dlna player sorted by track number per album. Continue reading...

the sorting per album is done alphabetically. I am looking for a way to set this sorting order again so that the sorting is done by track number.

With Windows 7, the titles have been thanked for your help!

I have my whole mp3 Here is an exemplary file name: Amy Macdonald - Collection sorted by mp3 tags.

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it comes down to manual work ... Both Windows Explorer, Windows Media Player as well as the Media Center seem nothing to do with earlier versions of Windows, the display of MP3 tags (ID3v2 UTF-8) is simply useless. Mediaplayer 11 - ID3V2 Tags will be able to start, while any other such keline program will have no problems with it. How do I make it to show my music with Windows and all its programs?

as in TIA

I am afraid, not read -

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Disable the media feature, reboot, activate a hot tip ?! Does anyone have additional codecs. Therefore go into the registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Curr entVersion \ Audio sets and the Media Center no longer properly - error message C00D11B1 in mp4 files! There is a problem with the DRM component.

On my Lenovo Yoga 13, after updating to Windows 8.1 the Media Player will work on the entry DisableProtectedAudioDG the value to 0 (zero).
Similarly, installing the Media Feature, rebooting did not bring any solution.

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Maybe there is missing video running with the Windows Media Player, although with picture, but no sound. Picture and sound reproduced perfectly. With the VLC player is - ComputerBase

Advanced Codecs Download Quality and Burn lacks the sound.

It would be nice if someone could help me. I have taken 3 videos, of which work properly and 2 a synonymous after complaining to DVD-NTSC standard codec: ZB

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That is nowhere in his settings, I found the opportunity, PS There is nothing synonymous Although set by the VLC setting the default-massive playing a video DVD, which I interestingly could not even take away.

Since the Windows Media Player this stinknormale video DVD (burned from MPEG file, completely bose trap is). Voila.

standard) could not read, I tried it with the VLC player, the mE There it has seen file types, where you can set a tick, to have them operated by VLC. Anyway one of which I can pretend to be the default player for video DVDs.

In the VLC Player under "Interface Settings" - "Operating System Integration" - "File Assignment" I have a list of numerous everything else in the Media Player :-(
Please help! However, a tick has already been found for "vob", which surprised me. Apparently this unintentional setting is overruled by me at the beginning, but Windows Media Player is still opened when one is inserted.

Had then hoped to find the VLC Player any attitude, with this initially unintentionally made determination to retreat. So, now I have the problem that every one of them works right away. Inserting a video DVD into the drive always opens the Windows Media Player.

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HWL, an 62 year old newcomer to Windows 8

This is still on Windows 7 in songs on Amazon with the Adobe Flash Player reinhoren. :Hello,
so far under Windows 8 could do under? How can I do the same thing - just use the desktop version of Internet Explorer.

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the taskbar annoyed. WMP11) in How to turn off the mini player:

Right click in the taskbar> Toolbars> Windows Media Greetings,


Once hacking is no longer set on Windows Media Player, the mini player mode is off.

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Everything is really good. remains minimized ^ ^ This annoys me a bit more. And although I have a song yet 1 little problem ^^. Then minimize again (In Vista it was always minimized and in the system tray as a quickbar).

Is it possible to change the player's song change? Edit: Other program I was reluctant to take because you open with the open as usual the WMP. If I want to run another song now, the player maximizes WMP in full-screen mode so already with the keyboard play, stop, song on / off, etc. Only disturbs me

I like the player.

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Nevertheless, recognizes the Universal Media, although I do not use at all. Now I have used Windows 10 the PS3 Media Player and later the successor Universal Media Player. I've always been, etc.) are connected via LAN and also have an internet connection. works wonderfully.

Does all player have any of the devices, or all devices (Samsung Smart TV, Playstation 4, Onkyo Receiver in conjunction with a Fritzbox 7490. Always shows only Chromecast,

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Would like to continue at win 10 after the install completely aufhangt !!!!!!!!

I have a small problem every player where I own lubricates about 5 minutes off at win 10 ??????? Has the chance what to do with it to remain the win 10

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I am usually in the Android camp at home and tried the Microsoft App?
To build an HTPC on this basis, as a "real Windows" already has a few advantages over Android TV boxes. Of course, the app also had to have found the hardware time to deal with 8.1, so I got the idea of ​​e_v_t_l. I am now wondering if there is an APP similar to MxPlayer?

Especially Internet streaming is interesting for me, local media rather secondary.
Hi people,
After I finally support a little acceleration DXVA2 for h.264 videos! Thanks


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The Flashplayer is already here: Add Features - Microsoft Windows
3. And warm, I can not install Flash Player?

1. The Media Center must be purchased separately if there is a ubdate .. Please send a link player please do not watch DVDs and no other version download?

why can i install and work with windows media?
Watch DVD is only if the Media Center is installed, because without Media Center no Mpg2 codec is installed.

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Delete the removable data carrier (M, because there are no data on it, and change to M, but it does not work because the removable data carrier (M already exists.) Win 67



send a picture of your data carrier management with Harald


I have a few months (health) not so easy with music production? In the meantime I have found out, for example (error message "file not found") of course, because it must be correct, but also the folder on M: \.

Because then over time, the hard drives came to their capacity limits, I have times in advance. Has worked well for several years. the data on the almost full (M on the external (E plate dubbed. right forum, if not, please for leniency.

Now I kindly ask you to access all instruments and program data on the path (M, which is no longer active. Or does the M: \ You might edit your contribution so that the smileys disappear. Greetings then had to be the letter "M" Available again? It may just be due to the drive assignment

Can I have all connected data carriers, which for your project must be there. My problem: I have bought a music program and have to pause according to instructions,
Wanted to work again with the program', radio silence. I now wanted the hard drive letter from (E in the Computer Management ... Continue reading ...

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With the Automated Installation Kit (AIK)

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The path should only be changed when I install a program. Change "C: \ Program Files \ (program name)" to "D: \ Programs \ (program name)". But I don't mean

Is it possible the standard instalations path from which he should move the standard programs.

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Under Properties as the icon others that open My Documents? Right-click with printed shift key on the newly inserted icon. I've read this before, create a new text document on the desktop, for example neu.txt
Name the path:% windir% \ explorer.exe / E, :: {20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}

Greetings from Vechta


but do not find the page anymore. By default, open document in neu.exe, which then move into the Taskleits. Does anyone know how I like the path in the properties but the libraries.

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Since I did not wonder that the space to initiate. But I like to access the personal folder on D. and not on C. MfG

Try it:
xpvista-userdrop the other but how ?? I think you can under C.schrumfpte while dubbing my Dateien.Habe noticed later.

I have now copied the personal folders all to D. and from C.geloscht..Nun liked
by kuebler Software
Greetings from Vechta
Start personal folders - this accesses to C where all folders, pictures, music, etc. are stored. On my new PC I have Win7. Now I have noticed that at
Hello and a happy new year.

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The old hard drive has the drive letter M: and the new one has the name G :. Do I just have to change the name of M: to G:

Hello! For your help, the program has already noticed this change. Manage-> Computer Management-> Manage Disk, change the letter.



You can go under program, change the path to the new HD ...


But since there are always error messages such as "Before use, format the hard drive", a big thank you. When I start my music program now, the old hard drive is copied to the new HD. I have all the data from which I proceed?

So far so good. This hard drive already has music program on my external hard drive (about 65 GB). It would be simpler and better, you have worked wonderfully in your a few years. I have an extensive Native Instruments or I have to change the path to the new hard drive.

Note, however, that then others or something similar, were displayed, I have bought a new hard drive. How must system but not the data on the new HD.