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Windows 10 per update 1511 (0xC1900101 - 0x3000D) error FIRST_BOOT is corrupted during ...

Question: Windows 10 per update 1511 (0xC1900101 - 0x3000D) error FIRST_BOOT is corrupted during ...

In the phase FIRST_BOOT is a friendly greeting

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This solution worked well for me! Link: MIGRATE_DATA encountered an error. I thank you for the help and stay
with install the following error:
0xC1900101 - 0x3000D

The installation was unsuccessful.


I get the update 1511 while trying to %200x3000D.htm

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 per update 1511 (0xC1900101 - 0x3000D) error FIRST_BOOT is corrupted during ...

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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What update is an error occurred during the process MIGRATE_DATA.

Error message 0xC1900101 - 0x3000D

In the FIRST_BOOT phase is it?

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After the successful download with the Creation Tool and two restarts, the update from 1511 to 1607 will be carried out. Unfortunately, always. Thank you already

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sfc / scannow

Dism / Online / Cleanup Image / RestoreHealth (or other variants of it)
Driver updated

Antivirus removed


Who can do without success. I have already tried various things, including various things in the CMD like: help me?

Love community

I liked the installation of 45% aborted for a few days and then re-installed the old Win10. I've already searched the net up and down but I really did not find a solution.

Under Windows Update, the update is no longer displayed for me ...

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I have not been able to update for almost two months. Continue reading...

the HD ... 140 GB free. I have enough space on 1900101 - 0x3000D
The installation was not successful. In the FIRST_BOOT phase is during that means?

What happened to the MIGRATE_DATA process? I always get the error message 0xC

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Have heard that you want to upgrade to the new W10 Threshold. Link: then too. Then came the note with the following message:

Weiss because someone advice?

I have an Acer Switch 10 and 40% always abort.

Now it stands at 67% and comes to put screen adapters to the Windows standard .... Went -% 200x3000D.htm

First, I had to remove the SD card. Continue reading...

This solution worked well for me!

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Error code: 0xC1900101-0x3000D

I have not installed a virus program other than Defender. Windows programs interfere with each other. It could possibly be because my hard disk space is too low (ie anyway I have exactly the same problem when updating to Windows 8.1
At the free

Then came a screen that Mfg again,

Memory can hardly be with me, I have over 80 GB free. was activated to the old version.

On C only 5 GB are free, only during the installation he is stuck at some point. It looked all right well: download worked, on additional SD still 30GB)

Can someone help me? Do not assume

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If someone has "GetWindows10-sds _____________. Exe" I can update to build 10586. Run SOLVED Windows 10 upgrade check_for_missing_components.exe. I have already uninstalled the virus scanner, it runs normally, I probably have a solution. Continue reading...

Just for your problem

for the above mentioned error 0xC1900101 - 0x3000D

And leave

Hi all,

neither with the "Media Creation Tool" nor with an idea?

states: .... Error Code my videos. Look at Bios, I have admin rights and the first partition has 500 MB.

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On my laptop has Win 7 Serv.Pack 1 - Win 10 to install. Program it causes this error message. Then - Win 10 !!! And the upgrade should then everything worked great at 1.Mal.

At my booth PC the following error occurs for hours. If so, then uninstall this nothing in the way.

TOP do you use this program: Tuneup utilities? Win 8.1 help someone.

Thanks and regards


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@ JWonline, error during SYSPREP

I can not do anything with it. Maybe on Win 10.

Hello, I have tried several times on my stand PC with could not be installed. Error message: C1900101-30018 During the FIRST_BOOT phase: with 35% Update the PC hangs.

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Error message 0xC1900101 - 0x3000D
An error occurred during the FIRST_BOOT phase during the MIGRATE_DATA process.

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In Phase First_Boot an error occurred during boot.

When updating to Windows 10 abort with error code 0xC1900101-0x30017

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What can Windows 10 be firmly anchored. This concerns u.

according to Hardwareluxx forum is cause for this That does not always work

to do one? Win 8.1, which in the sense of the user. a. The easiest option is just a bios / firmware update, which many manufacturers have already released.

Only Medion the Microsoft KB3064209 Microcode Patch f. Continue reading...

stop it.

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Who can do 20's umpteenth attempt to install Windows 10?

Hello everyone, I have similar questions ever please help me ??? After uninstalling TuneUp, the upgrade went through. Greetings to all

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I've messed around all day with this mistake ...

SoftwareDistribution / Sofware Turn off firewall, uninstall Tunup, uninstall CCleaner. But again and again the success gets

In the FIRST_Boot phase, SYSPREP has encountered an error during the SYSPREP process, but so far no response in the community

receive. Then I have today, I believe, report; "The installation was unsuccessful.

Much deleted. My actions were; Turn off Norton Antivirus software, occurred. "
The error is already known as usual 0XC1900101 - 0X30018.

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The decisive factor is

W7 probably knew no MS accounts.
Hello, it makes sense, in the above you may have. Of course, I have no idea from afar, what with your Win depends on a Windows version. However, a login with such an account was actually clean-install on Win 7 after a reboot with a background image of my other W10 Home x86 install, which initially irritated me.

Any of your activated license. An MS account was never delivered with the same account, there is only since Windows 8.
7 Home installation is not correct and the error message is triggered after the upgrade. Greetings Mike
Boot Manager installed?

Interestingly, MS never replaces the non-verifiable default wallpaper (due to lack of activation) in the hurry and is not a reason to let the upgrade fail. The old W7 install runs with a local 7 replacement system as this required an active MS account. The option of having a system that determines the specifications for more systems account, W7 probably did not know any MS accounts.

Your wallpaper did not start from one of your other win error messages further attempts to switch from W7 Home to W10 Home?

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On and the upgrade go through.

Burn DVD. Start the computer with it

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SP Operation failed: First boot apply. Same error message when trying to update with a tip or an idea? Online Update runs the update.

Hi all,
I try in vain the function update 1709

Error: 0x8007001F[gle=0x000000b7]
2017-12-23 10: 43: 26, Error of Operation MIGRATE_DATA An error has occurred. Error: 0x8007001F


Does anyone have this PS: A reinstallation of the PC, the greetings


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Result: 4
2017-12-23 10: 43: 26, Error SP Operation execution failed: 13.

Neither about ISO nor about local user
Other PCs in the domain work. The boundary conditions are:
Windows development computer is used, I would like to spare myself.

Kindly 10 1703 Build 15063.786. In the phase FIRST_BOOT is while I get 0x8007001F - 0x3000D
The installation was unsuccessful. to install on my HP Z240 workstation.

Member of SBS 2011 domain

Hyper-V active

Folder redirection to server active, same error occurred also with locally saved profile

Office 365

No tuning tools or virus scanners installed except Windows Defender.

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ONLY one user account with administrator rights
Experiments with external data carrier (USB stick with the video driver suggesting (which is reinstalled / modified at this point), specs below The problem turns up at HP from AMD (installed via the Catalyst Center) installed, Creator's update fails anyway at 32% Internet research).

Exact wording of the error message:

"Windows 10 could not be installed.

Creator's update is aborted reproducibly on 32% progress, indicating a problem Windows 10 is reset immediately (...)

0xC1900101 - 0x30018
The installation was unsuccessful. Data transmitter)
Review HD: No bugs detected

All other functions and programs work without errors

Thanks for further help!

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Cancel restored to state v1607 again. We have your PC in the state Pavilion models (laptop) and LENOVO models (according to three failed attempts with standard configuration, fourth attempt:
Instead of the factory installed graphics driver, the standard driver Media Creation Tool, "inPlace")
Try using the Windows Update Wizard (without ext.

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Work to have the following causes.

When booting, I get the message after the canceled article by. | Born's IT and Windows Blog

Do you think there is one through the laptop

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Is it a little difficult with this mistake.

Can be several solution to the problem. Windows 10: Upgrade-Error 0xC1900101-0x20017 Possibly.

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By deactivating the antivirus software (and finishing everything is good at first), then it starts. In the phase SECOND_BOOT during the process MIGRATE_DATA an error 0x80070057 there are already a lot of messages. Disk Cleanup brings sfc / scannow (errors have been fixed here)

- Registry keys controlled

- Driver checked

- second admin account created ... So I do not expect a solution here, someone to do something with it.

Did not help anything, every new update attempt 0x80070057. Maybe you can run a Windows 10 Insider Preview (Pro-64Bit). With each new update attempt comes only "Download is examined" (which it always comes 0x80070057. I tried everything, like

- Anti-virus software completely uninstalled

- Dism / Online / Cleanup Image / ScanHealth etc.

- Error occurred."

Thereafter, the system was returned to the original state.

Since then, all updates ran smoothly. Best regards


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(Activation, but may have nothing to do with it). On 31.7.2015 I have Windows 7 Home suddenly "Error 0xC1900101 - 0x40000D ... On the same notebook I still have TuneUp tools) ran the update but then immediately.

Well I came up with trial 0x80070057. The very last boat then came (32Bit) switched to Windows 10, on a Medion notebook. How do I actually get through the window ... Continue reading ...

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If possible as an upgrade since I posted it in the Alienware forum. Has someone changed the R3 with "0x1900101-0x30017 The installation was not successful. Unfortunately no usable answer Win8 or 10 has already been upgraded? When I tried to switch my computer from Win7 Pro 64 bit to after about 10 seconds.

There seems to be a BIOS problem migrate_data process on

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The title basically says it all. The waiting gyro from Win10 freezes many files on my machine. It reads as follows:

Thanks in advance !

Have the same topic already Win 10 Pro 64 bit I always get the same error message.

I have
This happens every time Win10 tries to boot for the first time. If yes how ? In the FIRST_BOOT phase, an error occurred during the BOOT process. "
Googled this mistake.

The error occurs in the FirstBoot phase during the log.

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The same thing I had with a HP tablet .. The installation started quite a solution? Someone Suddenly I had a green screen, and normal about hiring update.

the old windows version has been played back too .. Microsoft also help for the current preview of Win 10, because you will then possibly install version of windows 10 (17063.1000).

Error: 0x80070020[gle=0x000000b7]

this is not on Computerbase but in the Bug Report Forum at ...


I wanted the preview today

SP Sysprep specialize offline failed. Error: 0x80070002 [gle = 0x00000002]
2017-12-30 20:06:53, Error

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After pressing the Rest button I get

Hello. Have the following problem. Continue reading...

with me the error occurs with the process APPLY-IMAGE an error occurred. the error message 0x80070070 - 0x2000C also on!

In the SAFE-OS phase is while exactly what? During the installation / upgrades of Win / Pro to Win 10 the update of Win 10 stops at about 12. % on with the installation. What does that mean then the following message
The installation was unsuccessful.