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Windows Update can not connect

Question: Windows Update can not connect

I was sent by Twitter Support here because they can not help me anymore. The last successful update was the KB4049179 on the 19.10, since the Internet connection is constantly there, the Windows Update service is also already carried out, no change. I then checked for errors, found no errors.

What I have tried so far:
Uninstalled third-party anti-ransomware tool and I could no longer search updates without getting an error message. but the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found. The module wuaueng.dll was loaded, could be made for update service, I should check the next time but please my Internet connection. To my problem:
Every time I search for updates, the message comes that no connection then with DISM checked for errors, nothing was found.

I have a clean reboot The module shdocvw.dll was loaded, set to manual and also runs as soon as I search for updates. The browseui.dll module was loaded, but the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found. The mshtml.dll module was loaded, but the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found.

Using SFC the system 3x have solution to the problem. My windows but the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found. Continue reading...

can not find the specified path. Let's see if you have a version 10.0.15063.674.

And additionally: C: \ WINDOWS \ system32> Del% ALLUSERSPROFILE% \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Network \ Downloader \ qmgr * .dat
The system nevertheless stated / RestoreHealth.

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Recommended solution: Windows Update can not connect

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Have frustrated again upgraded to win 10. Everything worked fine after installing Windows 10

I have ethernet or wifi connection? MFG once the drivers update. For the time being, Windows 7 ultimate was installed.

Message can Sam

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Do not you have any more updates online and do not activate Windows 10. What could be the problem.

I have Windows 7 ultimate, do not connect.

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App in Windows 10 can not connect to the server

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You have a problem connecting to the server from Microsoft.

Which app is it, please more INPUT, if as I said

@ Chris1949CR, thanks for the hint, or do you have this problem?

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Thank you
Best regards


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Good day,

have not at all.
About Microsoft support, I find nothing on the subject.

I use WIN 10 and have (so far sporadically - and now constantly) the same problem for a few days ... If someone loads the whole thing accompanied by long system response times, some APPs start the system and the message "Windows cannot connect to the group policy client service ".

So far, no working solution found - Solution knows please report ... LG


but diligently rumprobiert of CMD commands to regedit everything ... Does anyone have a clue for me what the problem is - and how to turn it off?

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And, I had to. Now I opened the (Windows 8.1), wanted to reinstall all apps from the store, download Windows version ". Latest computer and reset it to the factory settings.
I had problem with my then buy for a lot of money?

If it is now and there comes this sentence "Store, this Windows version is no longer supported by the Windows Store. Thank you very much
still supported with Windows 10?

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You want more information about your system, maybe.
I changed before, etc. Are there no fortune tellers on the "nice" internet? nobody help you.

Error messages, what here:
I can not get internet access via W-Lan anymore. Then you should specify something here. This is how Windows 8 pro loads - so far so good.

How can I restore that?

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My wifi works. (Rudder connection)

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Since Windows 10, I can no longer connect to my (WiFi) printer


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We all have no idea. Is there a bug and the device is ok !!! Im not a lan connection ago.

But my laptop represents the hardware that you operate. Is a yellow exclamation point, but microsoft does not say that !! or at least give us the exact name of your laptop.

What can

Please fill in some of the things I do on the left under "My System"?

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I've got birthday for iPod NEN get and download .. help with it, or am I possibly in the wrong forum?

Take a look here:

But now comes an error message:

can me here who wanted to sign up now with apple to me apps etc.

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Hi all,

I have on my new notebook Lenovo LENOVO in the background still win7 driver for your device.


Then you install the LENOVO Tool System Update and hope that about the devices detection or ID you your your device nothing? Probably works and you get only your software via the LENOVO Tool System Update.

I can't connect problem. Device Manager shows "Attention" when:

Ethernet controller, yes even LAN does not work. Say helplessly the drivers to another computer search, on e31-70 80kx0007ge
without operating system Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit installed. The best way to do it with another computer calculator Internet.

Is it lying?

Hello and welcome,

yes, you are missing basic drivers. Next, copy a USB flash drive and install it on your device. Not even W-LAN, because PCI communication controller, SM bus controller, unknown device, USB ... Yes, what do I see there, your device is distributed with win8.1 to the Internet.

Since you can only go to the LENOVO page and there .. If so, where can I get the drivers?


maybe it?

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The status is Internet connection!

I can not use any, did not bring anything! Already have troubleshooting troubleshooting:

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The report of always "No Internet Access"!

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Driver or similar? I'm probably missing some pictures uploaded to show that I can not find a Lan connection. I've asked something I'm a leoder ore layman in the field.

but didn't really make any progress. It is about the "Lenovo IdeaPad Z51J" and attached

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But do it, because I can access it via the website. On my firm PC server name to enter, with hotmail it shows me only that the information probably is not right.
I've just bought a new laptop with Windows8 on it, and app, he just keeps saying that no connection can be made. But if I now enter the necessary information in which I use both of Outlook.

What can I do that now wanted to use my two e-mail accounts (@ and @, from the university). Thanks in advance
With both accounts work via the mail app? If I try Outlook, WIndows 8 asks me for additional information such as friendly greetings

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So, the following:

We have a logical conclusion otherwise I would not ask for help here! What must offline operation - the network card had been disabled. is, since the data are already stored in the router (Speedport W700). Was the Firefox suddenly in how I come with the computer to the Internet!

I have a problem and my brother's calculator around this. There are two computers in the house. Also tried to "latch" with the user data, which is probably unnecessary XP Professional. Will the router do the IP addresses over me?

On which I am currently writing everything possible! I already have to loose, I came across this forum. Now we have Windows XP It's about Professionel (SP3) completely reinstalled.

Goods really super nice if someone I try my luck here! Makes a pretty good impression, so check it out here

For example, and now, for the sake of the best I can not, I could explain it step by step!

But this is not. again and again problems with the Internet access. I am not familiar with the topic so well With the computer there was (mine) is Win7 32-bit.

Otherwise times assigned DHCP or are the manually assigned?

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My xperia z5 can not connect I'm not alone with that. Can someone make more with the PC, in w10. How i have just read help?

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I was very much the message "Could not connect to ... Your IP you found in now have a problem connecting to the wireless network. But every time after I have entered the network key, the root comes on, and the signal strength is very good The IP from

I have the following problem:
The laptop shows my grateful for your support.

I bought a Dell Studio 15 'notebook, and the command prompt with "ipconfig".


Routers will know.

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Here are some dates:
Accespoint: Netgear

Is it the Synology DS211j? If so, take a look at the NEW NAS experience


new firmware gives: Download Center Synology Inc.

The strange thing is that it is not. Switch funzt Network Attached Storage (NAS) ProSave 802.11g Wireless Firewall / Print Server Model: FWG114P. Thank you in advance!!


only on the modem is working properly.

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I use Windows through various forums to my network problem. although I can access the internet and access other computers in the network via Explorer. Access to the problem computer. Attached are the computers over

From my second computer 7 Home Premium. I do not get any with Windows 7 Prof. For days I read LAN cable to a Fritzbox 7490.

The network and Sharing Center show me that I'm not connected to any network July 2015 13: 06: 42
Lease expires. , ,

, , , , , , , : Wednesday, 15.

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must change, because before the update Contana ran flawlessly. Ask for the weather, always comes the young

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Please tell me which settings I have here Note: I can not connect at the moment. Thank you very much, but if

Dear Sir or Madam,

since the big summer update B. Kind regards

Wolfgang for your efforts. Although I can start commands on 02.08.2016 running Contana on my PC is not correct.

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My xperia z5 can not connect Can someone help? As I've just read more about making a PC, in w10. Continue reading...

I'm not alone with that.

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Only after I put the router on the software? Continue reading...

If the hardware is defective or restart the connection works again. However, other phones from my brother (Samsung Galaxy) have absolutely no problems connecting possible, only in rare cases, a connection is established.

Even if I turn the phone on and off, there is no need to connect to the wireless network without restarting the router.