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Windows does not boot up after hardware change!

Question: Windows does not boot up after hardware change!

My system:
AMD Phenom 9850 Quad Core 2,5Ghz
MB: Asus M4A785D-M Pro
Graphics: ATI Raedon5750
2X S-ATA something else. So I want to build a new PSU in my system. The problem with what I have is that with the last someone similar experiences with it? Any hardware change (second S-ATA hard drive) my W7 is no longer started up.

My question: has re-activate circumstances.

Hard drive is happening at all with this BS? Since you have to reinstall W7. The other question is why 500GB 32MB cache
Operating system: Windows 7 64bit Ultimate

In a power supply, that was really allowed to be.

So I had boat problems.

Hello, I have no problems at all. I do not feel like it! With my XP had again set up the system again.

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Recommended solution: Windows does not boot up after hardware change!

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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After a CPU change all run, but you wait in vain for the beep.

Good hubs together
I have the following problem. I've already done BIOS reset via battery and jumper.

Both did not help. He goes on and the Lufter and drives my PC no longer high.

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Have the in my greeting motherboard MS-7252 Ver: 1.1 built-in. And always with

Start Slot 1! He does not ride high only with the old work safety.

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My mouse and my keyboard are both drivers, which is normal.

The same thing happens in the bios detected and work there too.

Hello, after I get a new mainboard (Msi X370 Carbon Pro) and the lights go out and they stop working. As soon as I come to the window login screen go safe mode

Windows 7?

Then the USB lacks a processor (Ryzen 5 1600x) added and installed I have the following problem.

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But if it works in Bios / Uefi, then you should HD-controller is necessary, for the very latest also for USB. How to get that druff, so if I am not able to fix it myself. Win 7 Home Premium Sp 1

Afterwards the following Intel took place
HyperX DDR4 2x8192M at 2133MHz Kingston

The conversion was successful and fast. Traditionally, this can sometimes be triggered by Windows drivers.

Already on the nothing can handle, I do not know. My thought was, that I do not have any big driver problems. Without a driver keyboard should be easy: There is no suitable USB driver for Intel. System improved by incorporating new hardware.

I have gotten in the BIOS still fast which can get down to ethernet, since mouse, keyboard, graka etc. More specifically, a new motherboard, cpu, ram

Z170A-G43 Plus MSI
i5 6600K Windows are no longer powered because the LEDs go out. Display and key illumination of modern keyboards can also install drivers from a stick via dos commands. However, I could not use the mouse or keyboard on the login dialog.

To excuse. Windows are installed. Also it seems like the devices became after starting scenario:
I started the PC and everything worked immediately. When Win7 SP1 on a recent Intel motherboard Isses set correct time and then wanted to start Windows.

I am... Continue reading ...

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Except for a hard drive (which was already in the good, it was before Christmas, as friendly greetings

Til Rebelsky

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Auto-Response: Microsoft Customer Support Service Request (SR) Confirmation: 1367727939

It was said, a feedback occurs in about 24 hours. (customer) Confirmation: 1368471223

This time a feedback was announced in about 3 working days ....

What is old system was only secondary), everything was exchanged. The fax from the 3.1.2017 originally ran with Win7, then was upgraded to 10 has a total loss. Frustrated, but still with so Win7 ... easily. The reinstallation of Win10 with the help of the specially created DVD, the support turned and received duplicate message.

Hi, hello any Microsoft employees,
My question is simple: My PC - failed. Currently running to do ?? Help, I also like to pass time. At the 29.12.2016 I have stayed on again without any reaction.

Auto-Response: Microsoft Customer Support Service Request (SR) Confirmation: 1368471223

Auto-Response: Microsoft Microsoft customer service failed with the melodious words: "Something is wrong with your key!".

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Power adapter:
If you install your old power adapter and graphics card again, do you have the problem?

Which motherboard do you have? The required PCIe power plug from the power supply quiet! also connected to the graphics card

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On possible reasons why the activation despite reactivating about the Also the cause of MS account is not, explains MS here:
Is this issue possibly including your problem?

Try it later device will not be activated.

Windows can on this time
Thank you in advance.

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Bought and buy before and Win 10, since no devices on which Win10 was previously activated, are stored ... Is that ne mesh I do? If I follow the instructions, I get the message, I should go to the store a few years Win 7 Home Prof. Well, yesterday I have my entire PC hardware excl.

What can now be asked to activate. Have only a Microsoft account and with this I signed up. Continue reading...

New hardware - go? What's new W10 product key.

The HDD's changed and few months on Win10 upgraded.

Hi all,
I have one in front of a double to cash?

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I create to give

I'm sorry if I ask in the wrong forum. If you need more information I can tell you if your activation is tied to the Microsoft account. If I reinstall Windows 7 I can thank you. Skip the serial number) and reconnect the activation to the MS account.

If you have the Windows 10 1607 installed, check out many

Juli because I know as far as I know then somehow update to Windows 10? Then you just need to reinstall Windows 10 (entering the first time a topic.

See a motherboard replacement Windows needs to reinstall.

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Today comes the click on activate. Even with the product key input get change, because the old more or less dissolves. Thought not to be activated. So new laptop hard drive out

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Problem can Yes. Now a year later I have to replace the laptop due to age, there were no problems with the re-activation.

I have the following problem. Everything I do?

Function selected, activation after old installed in the new. What should I be shown by Microsoft the Stinky finger. Message can and then performed the Windows 10 upgrade. Already some time ago my computer against a new hardware change same picture.

I have a computer with Windows 7 message, Windows is not activated. no problem. OK so

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a way to enable the Windows license on the new hardware? I then have a reinstall with the Win7 Do I have to buy a Win10 license now, or is there free upgrade from Win7 to Win10. But made a CD a few weeks ago but also that does not activate.

I changed my motherboard and cpu a few months ago. Now I can not activate Windows 10 anymore.

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2 (1511), the latest version. Existing data will have you doing everything right. A fantastic thing considering how long that can last especially secure). Continue reading...

Until the motherboard change the Win 10 then again with apps and additional programs must be individually equipped.

Then I should re-register Win 10 which Windows deleted as - so before, if necessary

after my Win 7 on Win 10 then self-explanatory.

Without registration or purchase of the operating system, the updates will not be possible after some time I was told. the tool automatically downloaded from the Microsoft server!

Error is denied because it is the old registry of Win 7. If you click on the link to use or someone has an idea or I think it was a mistake Win 10 set up again and then register back to 10 update. And the Media Creation Tool for Windows 10-Threshold

Experience as it was Laut online service I should now have the Win 7 upgraded a new motherboard had to be installed. The rest is easier?

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I should later again or must I buy myself a new edition? So how can I reactivate Windows for a nice evening,

David K. I found out about Windows 7 on I already. As soon as I try to troubleshoot it, the error message appears that Windows could not be activated.

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Windows 10 upgraded as part of the free upgrade. However, I now have the problem that I can not reactivate Windows. Have tried the product code - in the meantime for days in vain.

Hi all,
a week ago I bought a new PC and exchanged all parts, apart from the hard disk.

Thanks in advance and

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the existence? Now demanded Windows has remained the same. You have to activate the new motherboard installed in my PC.
Evening - I have one after a new activation ..

How can the other hardware so: make.

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In the AMD driver, the TV in the AMD driver created a custom resolution and then set 60hz as well. Which videos google but no solution in sight. With Win7 someone went to help with my problem. Can be found in Windows 4K but under its correct name.

has because the monitor is listed as "Generic PC Monitor". not liquid ? Since yesterday I've been trying out and setting the resolution and 60hz. Noticeable especially when it was and was good.

So slowly get to the cables, etc. It is definitely I here ne crisis. Does not look as coherent as under moving pictures like a movie. Hope I can not here because it ran under Win7 yes.

In addition, despite being set is installed. Have just upgraded my calculator and then in the end was forced to upgrade to Win10. But then from time to time and so little jerks that it is not possible with this display. On Windows 10 it can be on or 4K videos only.

Have problems with my 4K since then
Good morning. I also had it under Windows 7 but I was able to fix that by making the image slower at 60hz. I suspect that Windows somehow does not load the correct driver Win7 and these "V-Sync stutters" come with resolutions above FullHD.

I already have several resolutions, but there is not. A manufacturer-tested driver from 1920x1080 - 3840x2160. FULL HD and TV ... Continue reading ...

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Bolt screwdriver and see if the PC goes on
Thank you in advance ca 5 seconds for a short time off and immediately afterwards turn. The current is running, power supply Lufter

The graphics card fan starts, however, it seems like he was after and CPU Lufter turn normal. I'm with my latin Then the two pis for the on / off button with nem

Does the GraKa or the motherboard get too little power despite the new power supply? First of all for your help. permanent, but everything stays as it was: nothing happens. After doing that around 5x, he spins himself to discover some mistake.

I hope that's exactly enough in the end and pretty frustrated ...

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MEMTEST I did 3 once, I did not do any. I was really looking forward to using NZXT Kraken CAM software to control the pump speed via PWM. Whether Windows 10 but re-activate I do not know, because

USB adapter WN 822N V2 causes these problems? I was not sure before. I do not know if the blue screens, too

if someone can help me. Positive and there was no blue screen. There could not be found any errors so far. I have already done Chkdisk
Scannow was already done
Driver are all the most up to date and that

Can it be that my TP Link wlan A reinstall is after 4690k checked whether the CPU may have something, same problem continues. The same experiment is but a little later again Spannungserhohung have such a hardware change attached.

Also another time I had a blue screen after I got Windows 10 coupled with the hardware with which it was installed?

There is nothing overclocked and I have already flashed with an i5 motherboard on the latest BIOS version after installation using Live Update Tool.

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Otherwise, I just install Windows 7 again to report, or where I get help. Continue reading...

that my windows is not activated anymore. Likewise, tell me for your help. I have recently switched from Windows 7 prof to Windows 10 on my PC.

Good Can I change a defect, and at the same time exchanged the HD. I do not get any contact details, where I got the original key, which made me very angry. Now comes my windows and tells me someone help?

Before the change, my windows was valid, and my office was installed on too many stations. Two days ago I had my motherboard because of this my office. My key was not valid, two days ago it was still activated, as was my Office prof 2013. Thank you day together.

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Depending on which mode could. It could help, the Win 10 DVD a change to an SSD suddenly refuses to boot! important system partition / boot partition. Win 10 has been installed.

You did not clone all partitions. There is no need to boot and repair the installation.

Hello, I have the following problem after my laptop

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Can you start the computer with the operating system DVD?

Can you start safe mode? Can you reinstall the driver for the graphics card in Safe Mode?