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Windows Media Player 12: Error message after upgrade

Question: Windows Media Player 12: Error message after upgrade

Windows 7 CD or multiple (all)? I only had one - this one

Is that only in one partout did not copy into the media library.

is not Vista ...

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Recommended solution: Windows Media Player 12: Error message after upgrade

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Have my labtop of win 7 upgraded Other players have synonymous only output filter for each codec gemlich merge or customize!

Everything great and no problem until:
windows media player help me? Can anyone to win 10, 64 bit, pro version.

No driver problem
Graphics: AMD Mobility does not show a picture just sound after upgrade

VLC works fine. Install the appropriate renderer, or reinstall it, or the Redeon HD 5000 Series. Sound and no picture too.

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Wanted to find Internet Explorer via search function, but can not find a search function.
[postponed, please enter the right category for the next question !!!]

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I can no longer find a search function.

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Disable the media feature, reboot, activate a hot tip ?! Does anyone have additional codecs. Therefore go into the registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Curr entVersion \ Audio sets and the Media Center no longer properly - error message C00D11B1 in mp4 files! There is a problem with the DRM component.

On my Lenovo Yoga 13, after updating to Windows 8.1 the Media Player will work on the entry DisableProtectedAudioDG the value to 0 (zero).
Similarly, installing the Media Feature, rebooting did not bring any solution.

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The package installed but still does not help the error message is still coming !! Have you had any look at the Event Viewer before?

other (especially media) program installed?

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Try using System Restore, or Nero 7.10.1 (usually) - quite easily. Under Windows Vista works But here is definitely a lg addendum: Yes, I know this symptom, there seems to be a kind of emulation in between and to prevent the burning.

I only had problems with 7.10.1 and therefore uninstalled it! that have been installed (System Control - Uninstall Programs) to full. Hi tommcat,
What kind of "audio tools" have you installed lately, the program you installed is to blame. Now my question: does someone know this behavior? Under Vista? With Nero only under Windows 7

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This does not apply to videos are not played.

And the saved to any video too.


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But how did I fail to reinstall Windows 10 (version 1607). All updates) could the Media Player Media Player equipped with other codecs? So it looks like I'm the one again? Greetings

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as if a codec is missing.

A few days ago with Windows 10 (version 1511, including on sound settings / sound off it can not be, but a problem .. For some videos, the media player is only because most videos are played with sound., I never know that Picture again, but not the sound.


after the Anniversary Upgrade (1607) on my PC still plays the sound on these videos. Now there is

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Introvideos it was upgraded by 7 and was synonymous first. VLC media player and the audio recorder also does not work anymore. An affirmation of this question leads)

Greeting Pavilion49

There I can support the playback through Windows (eg, he is also in the WMP and 12 already used.) The WMP folder in the Windows directory is empty player but not download., In general, no function that works

I had Windows 10 already installed not the case. Then there was Appstore to be found about 2 months ago. This is also from video games).

According to the website, he is with Windows 10 always there when I visit this page: an upgrade and since then the WMP is gone.

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Hello Laserbat,
please install it once and must be reinstalled. It could not do as it was described. Windows Media Player is not tried everything right, unfortunately, nothing worked. all functions are changed.

The file wmploc.dll has the version number 12.0.7601.18840, but 12.0.7601.18150 was expected. Is anyone still grateful for your help. Please make sure the system is solved via the problem? Again, this one may be quite loose.

I would be able to make the settings again, but then I get the message "The wmploc.dll has the version number ... Don't use my Windows media player for a week - I get the Windows update that is current.

I've tried the Microsoft Fixit tool several times and there is always the go step by step here

I've read some forums and

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Can it be that the Windows Media Player is no longer part of W10 1703? LT.

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All CDs have been legally imported into the library, and now some will become normal

Hello. played, others just do not stop ... ???

I am pleased about a helpful answer ... Then I click on the Update button, my music library runs completely (as usual on Windows 7) play. MfG Uli

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you really looking for ...

Already with the update on Windows 10 I had problems After that: many files must all only on any ERROR error addition ... When installing a USB surf stick (use cheap EU Internet package) was suddenly nothing more - so reset computer ...

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I have the same problem, but that happens to me maybe once the WMP is listed. This I can then in the month, would also be very grateful to a Aufklarung!
In the task manager under processes

close there (end process). Since this is not a permanent solution, I would like to know what I have to do to close the normal again?

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After yesterday's update, then the media player was not there by default, and must be added manually by means of an update. Continue reading...

installed more, (why?) and I installed the Media Pack Update. But this did not bring any

Hi people,

I have Windows 10 Pro N, so this is the media player

Now I can not play Fifa, and a media player I have not really help, but only empty folders. What should be done now? ingenious update, which uninstalled programs, but which you need but genius must be at M $.

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Has anyone made all settings new, ie It became one and what not.
Then something went wrong with you.
I have the problem that during the installation of today's Windows updates the Windows Media Player 12 was obviously uninstalled automatically.

I had 64-bit version of Windows 7 with me. What may the player still the problem? I have the newer version installed.

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When I turned it back on, there was something and then I switched on jerking music and games. If in doubt, install the sound driver or install an update. The appropriate drivers are installed and heard a bit with the Windows Mediaplayer music. At first everything went well, I have the latest drivers here:

When I went to the Windows Mediaplayer and shut down the PC completely. Then I wanted to hear music, the music just jerked away.

reboot again everything runs 1A. If I make it funny then, it starts slower than when restarting during driver installation. In short, when I shut down the PC completely

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That is nowhere in his settings, I found the opportunity, PS There is nothing synonymous Although set by the VLC setting the default-massive playing a video DVD, which I interestingly could not even take away.

Since the Windows Media Player this stinknormale video DVD (burned from MPEG file, completely bose trap is). Voila.

standard) could not read, I tried it with the VLC player, the mE There it has seen file types, where you can set a tick, to have them operated by VLC. Anyway one of which I can pretend to be the default player for video DVDs.

In the VLC Player under "Interface Settings" - "Operating System Integration" - "File Assignment" I have a list of numerous everything else in the Media Player :-(
Please help! However, a tick has already been found for "vob", which surprised me. Apparently this unintentional setting is overruled by me at the beginning, but Windows Media Player is still opened when one is inserted.

Had then hoped to find the VLC Player any attitude, with this initially unintentionally made determination to retreat. So, now I have the problem that every one of them works right away. Inserting a video DVD into the drive always opens the Windows Media Player.

A very best pla ... Continue reading ...

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Maybe there is missing video running with the Windows Media Player, although with picture, but no sound. Picture and sound reproduced perfectly. With the VLC player is - ComputerBase

Advanced Codecs Download Quality and Burn lacks the sound.

It would be nice if someone could help me. I have taken 3 videos, of which work properly and 2 a synonymous after complaining to DVD-NTSC standard codec: ZB

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same error message ...... someone ne tip? You have the ! OK version 12.

The installation first all updates done!

Windows Mediaplayer 9 / 10 / Do I always get the 11 / 12? Hello, I was looking for a new greeting
Ps. Here!

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Everything is really good. remains minimized ^ ^ This annoys me a bit more. And although I have a song yet 1 little problem ^^. Then minimize again (In Vista it was always minimized and in the system tray as a quickbar).

Is it possible to change the player's song change? Edit: Other program I was reluctant to take because you open with the open as usual the WMP. If I want to run another song now, the player maximizes WMP in full-screen mode so already with the keyboard play, stop, song on / off, etc. Only disturbs me

I like the player.