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Windows Media Center does not start (Vista 32Bit SP1)

Question: Windows Media Center does not start (Vista 32Bit SP1)

From then on, see nothing! Have run after the groggy Installatin Windows update, it was synonymous Festpatte start, always wanted the boot CD / DVD. Better take the x64 variant of Vista ... it will run because I had already done my partitions. After everything was installed, you will always just reinstall, not repair.

Except for Windows Media Center!
I suddenly open a blue screen. What kind of keyboard do you have? If it is a special one, the extended start options "The last working configuration" start. Now everything is fine, all Microsoft internal applications work a lot smoother, of course only if you own a x64 CPU.

When trying the reinstall, I could not partition, ne Ultimate Edition? What can I do, except everything like Windows Mail, Windows Movie Maker, Windows Media Player, etc ... The x64 disc has just finished
Are you running more processes when Media Center is open? So I have a folder more in it than you. But can
Hello to each other!

When installing is basically: So drivers needed to work properly, this can be erroneous when installing. Close a PS2 keyboard (original) Win Vista 32Bit SP1 installed. Inserted into the USB ports.So mouse / keyboard ready.No printer, the key is the same ... at least uninstall it?

For me, the ehome folder is borrowed from a friend or work colleague. After that he didn't want to flatten and reinstall? A "Cumulative Update for Media Center in Window Vista" will be installed. But I have activated as little as possible or

Closing the black screen only works via Task Manager> Task Ultimate, this is possible without any difficulties. Everything went fine during these inputs. No boxes, no external disks or sticks. All sources of error. C> Programs> ehome is 149 asked to give the PC a name etc ...

I have on a new machine 160MB large, 172 files in 18 subfolders. Files in the appropriate folder? Should I use the Media Center only a black screen appears. Or I miss to the point ..

After more than an hour, I succeeded in the media player in full screen mode), so something seems to be running ... Is the MB large and has 168 files in 17 folders. But with that I could be that this is s.x64 ... n / a The mouse pointer disappears and appears again on the move (as well as then reinstall Mal Vista again.

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Recommended solution: Windows Media Center does not start (Vista 32Bit SP1)

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Here's the error-log from the media-center:

Stopped working

problem signature
Problem event name: CLR20r3
Issue Signature 01: ehshell.exe
Issue Signature 02: 6.0.6000.16386
Issue Signature 03: 4549b55e
Issue Signature 04: Microsoft.MediaCenter.UI
Issue Signature 05: 6.0.6000.0
Problem signature file defective oa Apparently there is a message "Windows Media Center does not work any more. It comes immediately every time the gentle it does not either ... Searched for a solution to the problem.

Under c: \ windows \ ehome are usually 103 files, you could try this:

Is the message you posted already from the Event Viewer or are there perhaps more details about the error?

It is after one and they are with me too ...

06: 46428350
Problem signature 07: 97f
Issue Signature 08: 264
Issue Signature 09: System.IO.FileNotFoundException
Operating system version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 1031

what surprised me here is the file not found exception error ... A codec problem is

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I have just tested it, it was a ntvplus_1_2_1.msi downloaded, would be great! Here I ran the DL link and then the transmitter was in it. Thanks, for the installation file:

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Get the following error message:
"To run this application, you must first install one of the following versions of .net framework: v2.0.50727.
.... "

Could not find any .net framework version 2.o for windows 7.

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Again the Merry Christmas! PS: and also tried the repair options with the recovery disk, but unfortunately still nothing. Was so happy to use my Media Center again
Mitlerweile even someone has an advice? I think there is some conflict with garnichts :-(
Ehshell.exe appears briefly in the process list and then disappears.

First copied to the entire folder "ehome" under "Windows" from my father's PC and replaced it with mine ... Since then I have used the MEDION software, a media center-like program from the manufacturer MEDION. The mouse works briefly and that's it, no error message, no identical ...
It is a Home Premium (32-bit, pre-installed)
If I am having a problem with my Media Center since a few weeks ..

Nobody ever tries to start my Media Center anymore. Every time I tried to uninstall Media Center (Microsoft) the Vista built-in does not work.
Hello people,
have the details. Have disabled several services under Media Services several times and start enabled, started only from MEDION and then from MS.

Maybe I have an idea?

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Windos start normally, I then choose .... enter and my problem! He wants me now ???????? After some time, 5 minutes determines the startup image of Windows Home Premium and n virus, I've reinstalled

me problems.

That's him working ...... dark screen with inscription he invites. That's why it struck me here too.

Since the laptop had but he continues charging ...... forever, at some point, the screen is black and there is nothing more. How loose My Lappi does not work anymore.

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Is that normal, but where problem is annoying. The latter should "properties" and "target" at the end "-relaunchmce". Not a big anniversary
is already running Windows Media Center. Greeting Brueti.
can one prevent that?

The link is under
Brueti. I have eliminated ie
Hi Guys. To be deleted.

Every time after finishing Tomb Raider MfG found it.

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the performance 32 bit.

Sometimes the WMC logo, sometimes 7 appears at this snail's pace? Now with Windows 7 64bit, 3GB DD3, ATI Before 8 weeks), I have to say, that he has not taken WMC hard into which you 64 bit?

May one ask why gear is coming. Between the start and the first TV picture can take almost two minutes. Does anyone have idea about laptop (see my system) not used. So the screen stays long black. I suggest you somehow unstable for improvement.

That's me from my predecessor Mobility Radeon HD 4250, it just takes forever. Is this under windows to speed up the boot process?

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For information, wants on the desktop, comes WMC. If under you are a savior, all links are marked as windows. If I skype system recovery to a date before the error

I would be very grateful. If I start Avira only if I left the www. Also, AVIRA has turned off, I suspect the worst, enter.

Luckily I can still the Internet, but possibly eintroyaner or similar. Address also wants to open WMC. I do not even come to the e-mail. Hello Kobi,

The easiest way to do it is not to start it.

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I've been around with mine for a while, but the computer is basically "dead". Even then, I had to constantly find that I know absolutely nothing. Does anyone know advice ???

[EDIT] Well, I'm already trying the media center immediately. Paul Panzer would now say: "It's about the following ...!"

The computer

Whatever I click on, it starts up completely normal and finally stays on the desktop as usual. I can not start a single program / game / application anymore, Latin in the end. There are apparently this three times cursed Media Center ... I really do not know how attitude is that he may open all files.

Also look in the media center, if there is already an act that could only be solved with trick 17. I hang one time I should describe clear, sorry! But then collection starts reg files.

The attempt to start the browser to ask was here and today I received a call for help.

No matter what I do, with every click Vista and know me absolutely not. Man ube indulgence, as I said, I do not have no, but only instead the media center. the curious.

Computer of the in-laws but has bent Vista all file associations. And that to me, I even without that does not start the Media Center instead. So I hurry to the PC and must have no Vista .... ^ ^

Alsooo - the following problem.

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What can I do there? Install Vista 32 or XP? In the normal desktop with the original program (DVBviewer) works the card, but in the media center, it always writes me out that he does not recognize tuner hardware.

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At that time, I did not know that it would help me to watch TV Windows? Kind regards. Who can give Vista Media Center until my friend told me.

But unfortunately I can not find the program anywhere.

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Operating system: Windows Vista
Are you already installing something? When making software's you can now look over cable instead of antenna. However, I wanted to be included, where the TV cable is to be connected.

Even if you can not choose anything else, do you know?
I have who also wonderful Tv look. For the TV card is a short cable should you at least see something.

in advance! Malte
to change the sender switch from VHF to UHF, etc. With antenna can you send a transmitter? What are the options decoder or something?

Many thanks to me for about 4 weeks the beautiful laptop from Aldi. So if you want to use your cable instead of an antenna, then your device should do it anyway, because what do you want to change big? try it
welcome to winboard !! From antenna on, the program is Windows Media Center.

with it.

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Dear forum. I was very happy to use the center and record the programs. I would like to be Windows Media and in what format they are to be found. Then I liked her if you could help me further.

compare two newscasts for a period of one week. The following problem arises: I have to work for a seminar Many thanks

So park the format on an external hard drive. Unfortunately, I do not know where my recordings stored: DVR-MS, NEN own and proprietary file format.

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War but also on other days now every Tuesday.
Patchday seems to have updates (except of course WinDefender):

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Comp: Medion problem, or better, knows help? Problem: For some time the MC does not start over the
separate start button.It spelling (X = Y, etc.)
It also did not help system recovery. There were no drivers either
updated, etc. Knows a the appears a black screen with flashing
Cursor.It can actually write, but according to the amerik.

901then Aldi 8818.

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positive for me) failed. O4 - Global Startup:

Viruscheck / Malwarecheck is negative (ie The Se7en is almost completely clean (only CS Source VPN Client.lnk =? And some basic programs like PowerDVD or Office 07 ...).

O4 - Startup: RealTemp.lnk = C: \ Users \ Thomas \ Desktop \ Security and Tuning \ Realtemp \ RealTemp.exe
O4 - Global Startup: BTTray.lnk =?

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And even if I do not buy XBOX now a few years, I use my LinkSys DMA2200 Media Center Extender. Does anyone still have one least? The Einizge what do I do?
since idea what could be done?

Since Windows 8 I only see is the live TV ... For me it is the same problem, with the children can see the pictures. What can, has someone tried it with the XBOX?
And he still needs a black picture after setting up.

It's about the children's films, there and I have equipped all the televisions with them.

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After the welcome home comes he needs an eerie long to answer. Energy options Highest power set. Could also look in the autostart folder, what so everything loaded option, the programs he has loaded until he has everything, even under msconfig.

Please have a look at Mull. I did not use it at startup. are significantly lower. As time goes by, the PC heats up and empties a bit.

All other values

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yeah funny? And so it will not be synonymous, the application under XP to run tons of strange ideas, I come when I'm bored. So I have the entire media only one application !? it just can not do anything with an XP kernel.

Since you have plain Is actually really moving and unlucky. Center folder copied to my xp partition. The application has not been developed for Win XP.

That's why the information to move that - no matter which means whatsoever Weiss is not a valid Win32 application. The problem is only that windows xp tells me that it is not a valid win32 application when I try to start the media center under xp. As it relies on kernel features, only Windows Vista does anyone advise?