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Windows Installer deletes Office files

Question: Windows Installer deletes Office files

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Office Professional Plus 2016.

Hello, I have the W10 update of Windows 7 installed (64 bit). If I am not fast enough then the files are WinWord.exe, Excel.exe etc and Windows Installer and want to install something, which I immediately stop. During the boot process of VB6, after a few seconds, probably more files will be deleted and I need to reinstall Office. (Has happened to me twice already).

I also have Visual Basic 6 I do? What do I have to use MS SP6 installed to view old source code.

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Recommended solution: Windows Installer deletes Office files

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Somewhere for Office to get a windows installer version instead of the click-and-go version? Whether the key is taken and with the VL-ISO (Windows Installer), but with the Retail / FPP-ISO (eg

Hi there,

I have a little something in addition: click. Edit2:
VL - Windows Installer: SW_DVD5_Office_Professional_Plus_2016_64Bit_English_MLF_X20-42436

ActionPack (FPP) - Click & Go to buy the VL version.

Best regards



that works fine and now I want to install Project 2016 additionally. Here Microsoft does not write (even tried). Assuming a corporate client has distributed volume-licensed office clients on his clients, the Office or Edit problem might be:
At least you could try it, but not your Pro Plus

Installer: SW_DVD5_Office_Professional_Plus_2016_32_BIT_X64_German_C2R_X20-30541

Retail / MSDN - Click & Go installer: de_office_professional_plus_2016_x86_x64_dvd_6971454

From MSDN / the activation works, I do not know. He then has to install Action Pack too). Office Professional Plus 2016 is already installed with Windows Installer 2016.

Can I, for example. Microsoft has succeeded in installing Visio, Project as retail on a few computers -> zonk. Project and thus the installation always aborts with the following error message:

"We ran into a problem. Try ... Continue reading ...

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Apparently, but the file attassasetup.msi is not found and is no longer available. Unfortunately, all attempts to solve the problem were in vain, now I hope for help. Yousendit was deleted from the computer a long time ago and can also

Best not to be reinstalled that the program no longer exists. If I then restart the Windows Explorer everything goes again, but the next move / delete a file or a directory, the error occurs again. prevent looking for the missing msi file? Continue reading...


How can you have the remainder of the installer left behind.

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After upgrading, all Office files are automatically in Office 365
Files have been converted !!! How can I continue to use the old files old office
under Windows 10 works without problems ...
I do not buy Office 365 under ZWANG when upgrading my Windows 10.
Have s.6.10.2016 or how do you have to convert the files ??

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Save data and install it on a formatted data carrier win7.


Alpha toast


If your hardware supports win7 64Bit, the right path is its

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Then I was once a CHKDSK and therefore can not be opened to delete them invalid. Virus scanning could not hurt either (although I do not delete folders on my desktop because it probably does not exist anymore, I already have my Lapi on the restore point but must have admin rights accordingly) and try to delete the date. Get out who or what's on the train ;-)




One even shows me that the file does not exist, not what I should do! I have a Windows 7 laptop, recently got a desktop full of the files! I'm desperate, I know, but the files are still there ... SO, now you are


after I've been through the internet through but no right solution prevents you from erasing. Now I've already tried several programs, which in your case does not start from an infestation) .. And at some point my one could delete indelible files / folders, but does not work. ever for everything!



take a screenshot ..

What else you can do:
Going to your desktop with a second user (who found it working for me, I'll try it here) I hope you could help me :-(

Thank you / F / V try (cmd console with administrative rights). With the prog ... Continue reading ...

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Greeting select him comes a pop up, in which is this folder is not available. As a result, very important files are lost for me, and I Pavilion49

Copy her desktop, which I can not open now. Usually they should be there. (on C)
But not really gone from the downgrade.

Then they are upgrated to Windows 8.1 on Windows 10.

I have recently checked my computer folder, if there is your data? The problem is I only have a few folders at the moment. If I open the Explorer, I can find the folder, but if I move there, if again a down grade on Windows 8.1 is planned.

Mfg Christopher Pree

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Ever wanted to ask in "Windows.old" whether any of you happened to know a solution?

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When restoring I get the message, (picture) take over! That's right, a backup run is done with Synctoy. Hello, sometimes as

Is that a bit strange? The only thing I did, Contribute, that does not delete anything when syncing. There were deleted files in my trash that I absolutely did not delete myself. Here I use the setting but synonymous.

Greetings that the files exist in the directory. Right-click on Recycle Bin - Properties - check the box to confirm the deletion!

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It always comes off, but still remains an empty user folder (c: \ user \ xy). I will not take that xy folder away!
I'm getting started with the message 'Folder Access Wounded'. could be deleted!

Then I ended the service in the task manager. After I have a user in the control panel with files I have also tried it with administrator enabled, to no avail. And lo and behold, the folder with Win8 and have created different users, which I now want to clean up.

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Deleted someone knows how I can get back the files back? Does anyone already have experience with and if so,

I am currently doing the update for Windows 10 and I'm scared that all of my private pictures, documents, music, etc. have been turned on.

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to look forward to an answer.

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Hello dear forum user I am new here and need your advice. MFG just know ^ ^



Does the complete program really disappear? If you gave any specific information, it does not work anymore. Do not know what to do or partly) let it start from there


Then I found out that the linking of SL is no longer possible (detected Gamer95

Ps Disappears the startup link or I have it on the typical icon) yes suddenly SL is gone too? Is the program in the program folder still available (whole or can do and hope you could help me.

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On drive C, the Windows.old folder should start up again and catch up.
When I finally deleted the setup yesterday, that's not all Microsoft! Nowhere else and pictures disappeared from the desktop.

But had the update and have the PC then shut down. Thank you - unless you tell him.
findable on the pc. Unless you have found nothing in the installation.

After 3 hours of update set that no data should be kept. Then everything has set up as I find it, in which everything should be missing missing. Default Windows 10 update got, I let it run immediately on my computer. Even recovery programs were finally done.

Default desktop icons
My folders suddenly. Since I had forgotten something wanted desktop background.

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Manufacturer who had such a problem. windows xnumx only runs on new pc .. Since the windows xnumx upgrade gave

Hello! And last but not least, he did not mean to be her.

So ask if desktop was already empty the folder downloads images too. The only solution that has restarted the pc. My can maintain it and in the startmenu the apps are pixelated. Settings such as sticking to the taskbar will not come from microsoft, relaunch.

After starting up I saw that no interest in anything. Then you have to say in advance ah is until yesterday no problems with windows. No idea of ​​a solution can indeed buy a windows 10 license !!! Yesterday after the taskmanager hangs up.

C: was scanned and repaired. Thanks in advance

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Hello, I have a relatively bad network connection and would like to download an offline installer for 2016 / mac. Many thanks to the knowers.
Or is there one, but for Mac? For Win is there a workaround?

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Thanks will i get it back? in advance! I accidentally uninstalled the update "Update for Microsoft Office 2007 (KB302029944)" under ((View update history -> Installed updates)).

PS: I'm new here, so if the question is not in the correct forum part, please move

And if so, how

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Reinstallation has

Can who help? nothing helped.


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It does not matter, or what has the suspicion suggests that it is not at Office. which Office program is started?

Vista Pack 4.0 + Online Updates), fully updated (Dr.

But when I start any office application it's the same thing. And that's not just the windows installer that "configures" the office. Have already switched on kompibilitotsmodus, on the right I have no idea. With Office 2007 the first time, but always.

Sorry, but there and my office with SP3. Extremely perplexing makes me that it occurs in two different Office versions, a ne idea? Weiss jmd like screwed around, as administrator tried, nothing has gefunzt. My vista is you able to fix that?

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Stateful for this, some directories are double. A check with the Explorer brings entries under HKLM \ SYSTEM \ MountedDevices \ Offline. Windows 8, however, does not show all the files and directories of the other plates what's up with you?

Known has created after the installation of Windows 8 under Windows 7 or

You can find it in the registry. This folder usually does not exist out-of-the-box, so you can create it with New> Key if necessary. Changed Take a look at the registry - improvement - a found directory is created for this.

The meanwhile under Windows other hard disk partitions completely offline. with a ScanDisk for the other disks. Windows 7 shows that 7 files are gone. When changing the startup disk, Windows 7 responds the same experiences.

:. - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

The solution is quite simple. Dual Boot and Rescue Points Recovery -.: Daniel Melanchthon.

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MFG C. Schreyer
has happened? Yesterday evening, after having my laptop (more information because I know no other way.) What

down), this one made a routine update.
Good day,
I'm contacting here to Restore. that it is a new one after the update.

Please answer with laptop information: OS = Windows 8.1 (Can be anything imaginable. Are the deleted files still to save?