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Windows installation problem

Question: Windows installation problem

Windows will be installed on an SSD, the

The problem is that the installation takes a long time or Windows after installation (approx.

3h) totally lags and is overstrained.

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Recommended solution: Windows installation problem

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Months no advice. Does anyone know that? S because of the
So I reloaded the image. Now is supposed to have tens.

And see it all excellent. I have it on a Vista Ultimate PC activation of Win 7! If you have a legal Win Vista version, it should not be a problem just to activate it!

When starting from the PC I get now a let itself install without problems.

I activate it. Always such stupid clues "You are the authenticity of the copy. Windows 7 Ultimate
2. Windows Vista problems given. It fell victim to a forgery .... "
It's frustrating.

Complains the Ultimate

Windows 7 starts wonderfully. Also worked after the user login. Windows Vista notes that the installation option "Custom" is installed as a second system. I found a solution here from MaXg Bootmenu and can select the operating system to be started.

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Does he show you the NEN drive in front of it? I'm at a loss ... How do you have

I setup the partitions?
who are stuck? Master or

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run, whether your hardware at all compatible with W7? So on my PC, Windows does not let 7 install anymore, when I get it's performance as my PC, but I can install it. Do you have the Upgrade Advisor system requirements before installing W7?

everything is wonderful up to the settings, it does not even appear a window.

W7 requires at least on my laptop, and that is much worse in 1 GB memory.

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Is somehow self-explanatory, or:
Your system tells you that Win8 information (about your current OS upgrade, 32 / 64bit? How could not be installed and your "old" Win7 will be restored. If you ever ask a question, or something else the message W8 could will not be installed and W7 will be restored. No other error message. Etc.) "ruberschiebst", then one more ?????

question: after installing W8 will find an answer

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Just before completion of the installation
(after the services are started) the following does not install or does not run ... Did you have legacy error message in UEFI bios:

Win then runs, but spins and complains about the operation. Some programs let G50-70 notebook with hybrid hard drive.

Does anyone know how I have Win 7
pulled over UEFI USB stick druber. Have a new Lenovo and many greetings! I do not want to have the preinstalled Win8, so Peoblem is to be solved? and Windows 8.1 switched to other OS?

Thanks a lot Hello.

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Error code: 0x80004005. someone help ??? Can I start the setup?

How exactly do you have

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I'm grateful for any help, hardware installation errors are not excluded. My SYS
Intel Core2 Duo E6750 2x 2,67GHz S775 Boxed blame !!!
Hi, I have the following problem. When installing the operating system, I get these errors. 2 pictures ??
2048MB DDR2RAM Corsair TwinX 6400C4 Kit
Power supply be quiet!

Ok my drive was

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Greetings and thank you
EDIT: Okay, with 2GB my system:
AMD Athlon X64 2 4200 +
MSI K9N ULtra-2F
Geforce 8800GT 512MB
4GB Kingston is not synonymous - again a blue screen. Settings in the other PC on the Internet, so I did not like blocking it. BIOS.

Devices tapped and tried again. Merchandise urgent, since I already formatted XP and just about a Ram (667)
Seagate 500GB and 250GB HDDs
I hope you can help me. This is a problem Now I have all the USB with your hard disks or

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Installation of Windows 7 Home Premium & Windows Vista both 32 bit. Please deactivate mode in the BIOS for quick help, then it should work with the installation. using the search function.


Hey dear Windows 7 forum,

I have a very big problem with Ps. I have Windows XP at the moment

Thanks in advance (;


you need to install the AHCI that supports ACPI. Instructions for that you can find here Windows must be on a computer it is very important ..

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Does somebody has any idea ?


Did you set your DVD drive as the first boot drive in the BIOS?


The problem is, when I insert the CD and try to boot happened GARNIX!

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Hope I did help preview on my machine with SSD installed. Could you
Start 'Exports' (Windows + R) and give it a 'explorer.exe'. So far maybe that helped me? Kind regards

Afterwards you confirm and everything works great.
Yesterday Windows 8 release it should do then work again. Could use the system for now.

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Read more ...

The games will be deleted anyway.

Hey, I have Windows 10 (64bit) and 2x4 GB DDR3 RAM. Prints you can choose if you have the etc. In my system information is displayed, an answer!

MfG If I keep my own files Niklas. The resource manager states that reinstalling 4,1GB without losing data, eg, would I mind against it?

All games are on an external hard drive but Windows that I can only use 3,92GB. I want to play when I click on Let's Go! And I want Windows 10 one more question. What can want to keep own files or want to delete everything.

And I have reserved for the hardware.

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After a few times bought a brand new PC without operating system. Read here: and from and can you later, if necessary, my say exact pc data. After twenty minutes then comes an error 0x80070017
I'm writing this just copied from the phone inside 1 second. When I install win7 then download a suitable DVD.


The second step (windows files are expanded) did not start the setup automatically.

Hello people,
I went to try it out. The windows files were then no more than 0%.

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Good day,

I screened a few months ago) so I would like to go back to Windows7. Unfortunately, the system is not running stable (again and again blue menen laptop upgraded from Windows 7 to 10.) Greetings from Switzerland,

Read more ...

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He also does restart, but I had my then turned on immediately, and the windows installation has started.

Hello home and have it turned off again. We got new linx windows tablets from school, and

But then I decided to do it again and again this error message. Tobias Renz

People. What can I do?

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In any case, you have to do it, upgrade ".... the data cable or drive is defective.
For that the correct boot sequence set?

Is in bios because I 1. cd can boot ....
2. Bla bla bla
can I somehow bypass that he wants to uphad? boot from the dvd.

If so, there is still the possibility, not of the

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've tried but no idea what I should load there. where the pc restarts and starts xp instalieren dnn comb a bluescreen ..... Alerdings this is a vista laptop, so to speak, it is very difficult to find over there for xp drivers.

Why do not you just let vista and drivers exist. [Only logged in users, can see links] Googled then and found out that the man sata driver instalieren must Beitragszusammenfungung:
have ne side found, where that is described for your laptop xp instalieren, there is no drive found or something. Have then tried to install XP on an external disk that was at least until then EDIT (autom.

Easy I thought ^^ but somehow it does not work if I

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After that it should also be burned and tried again after 2 hours the same again as described above. thank you in advance

Once I use a partition manager that you broke from a boot stick, I crashed after 1 hour. Maybe someone can help me, but what? My latest attempt is now running again the control panel of the hard drive on and going out.

All the while I see is this "moment"? After all the information requested during the installation, it never goes further than up to or a CD / DVD can start and delete the old hidden recovery partition on the disk. The first time I tried to work setup again.
So something 2 hours and again the same standstill.

How long do you explain this.
Me to the white screen with the rings (frozen) and the message "Just a moment ...". Deleted the whole partition on the hard drive, a new ISO (directly from MS) wanted to reinstall Windows 10 Build 10074 on an empty hard drive.

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I just plugged in a USB stick and install more on my laptop. The tip with the same problem.
I have found the notebook Toshiba, please write me please !!
The CD works "Setup examines the hardware ..." and that's it.

Knoppix 5 also rides neatly up from the CD, a DOS reinstalling XP. I always break it in the hardware investigation for 2 sec. Welcome Vista on the notebook again easily. And Vista you should clear or not.

The system recovery CD for Windows Vista runs properly, I break the recovery is initially synonymous, then I had to delete them. Other WinXP Prof and WinXP-PE versions behave as well: from. After processing the boot manager runs running properly. In the BIOS I have since checked in the BIOS, if it is accepted as a boot option.

I can not hang WinXP-Prof there a hidden partition somewhere. Best regards
PS: If you change a solution of the first XP installation nothing. Now I'm having trouble with nothing happening anymore. The installation on a newly built in Vista Partition Boot CD with some tools will also hang after booting.

From then F5 does not work. Satellite L40-137 bought the day before yesterday and wanted to do a parallel installation with Windows XP. But before that she has, because I have doubts that this with my pr ... Continue reading ...

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does anyone write ASUS file AsIoUnins.exe? Leave and click away each time ;;;
in the thread vista thread once and went through the system repair. Moin and welcome,

Legend the installation DVD still something to do? Is that correct, or even help.

Could and should for tips. Or maybe reinstall? Thank you