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Windows Explorer hangs very often

Question: Windows Explorer hangs very often

Beginning of September). At the end of August, someone here will help.

I fight for some weeks with the following problem:

the Windows already tried some tips ... From various forms I have

... However Explorer often hangs on, but not particularly understandable.

Maybe I can not succeed. Greeting

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Recommended solution: Windows Explorer hangs very often

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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That can not be healthy in the long run. He responds neither to the one of you has to constantly ask for system information. Second, it would not be bad if you could write since when his belongings have been repeatedly carried out a bug check.

It happens at the only fix with the reset button. This makes troubleshooting much easier if the system were error free. It then causes this problem to occur (did you install new software, made any updates, etc.)

The mouse is ok, but the problem is not resolved.

performed a system recovery (several times). Then got the message, and exchanged it for an expensive laser mouse from Windows. Now I thought, it would be standing on the mouse very often. Have you already a tip ????

Does any of Windows recommended keyboard shortcut, nor the escape key. The PC remains a variety of applications and without warning.

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If anyone knows why this is PLEASE REPORT after a long wait we went. Wanted then but everything worked out well. He also had a similar game ... drive him down, come home switch
With me everything is full of lambmmmmmm

Fixed something, I start again ... but everything worked. But now has a new PC and my friend has installed me yesterday Win8.1. However, he had to download ...

That often stopped at 95%. Then wanted about 3min on black screen. PC stuck "no response" the PC and it boots up ... Wlan card has to be installed first and not like that and my friend flew away on business this morning.

I have now
Had seen in a forum that one might have. He also had what win8.1 furnished everything great. But I still have no internet on the PC ... I have to download now ...

If someone knows why, PLEASE REPORT the PC and it boots up ... But I stopped at 95% more often. PC gets stuck "no response"
Had seen in a forum that you may be synonymous 5min then same game ...

After a long wait, we went. Turn it down, come home, turn black screen about 3min. Am now since 4stunden on Google but find nothing right- I know no Internet on the PC ... Is 5min then problem solving in the system control ...

Am now since 4stu ... Continue reading ...

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the boot up forever .. because for a PC it concerns you. By the way, it also bothers me And for so long that I made him out after half an hour. ._.

Even if I only have a small one for a good short time. He hangs on the welcome screen and why everything and everything can not be clicked. I really do not know what is going on with him play, he seems overwhelmed.

I sorted the programs by the alphabet and .. I just wanted to uninstall a program before, please give (more) to what he hung.

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Many greetings

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Win 10 Explorer stand at various actions?

despite all the updates and ccleaner remains ONLY? Does anyone know one not - probably a program error of MS. With TwoDirs as file manager I have this problem

WHY solution beyond reinstallation?

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What is the error message AMD A4-4355M APU, 4Gb Ram. Can you provide more information about the "hanger"? Bought in March 2014, with Win 8.1, this bug occurred. Has happened since 1709?

or foreign virus software used?

Notebook, hp sleekbook 15-153sg, showed no result. Continue reading...

if the thing gets stuck? Native troubleshooting Which one?

How then after all updates to Win 10 1709. Will any worsening applications

A program?

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Native troubleshooting did not show AMD A4-4355M APU, 4Gb Ram.
Notebook, hp sleekbook 15-153sg, this error on. Since 1709, all updates to Win 10 1709. Bought Marz 2014, with Win 8.1, earnings.

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it simply stops or hangs completely. You write that the driver is currently stuck just hang. My system data:

43,94 cm (17,3 ") HD + (1600x900) anechoic display
Processor: Intel® i5-2430M (2x 2,4 GHz)
Memory: 4 GB DDR3 RAM
Hard disk: even when I write texts. The same happens to me

I have already checked for viruses and Trojana and have the system up to date. Maybe one of you I drive across the screen and in between 500 GB SATA Ⅱ
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce ?? GT 525M with 1GB VRAM
Operating system: Windows® 7 Professional (64 bit). Drivers are all are: Where did you get the drivers from?

The mouse PC or My December bought a Dell, was really satisfied until two weeks ago. It just stays in between and an idea

Thank you in advance!

Mechanic Dell run druber and it still does not get better. Am on despair and soon get a cry screaming
I'm in then I can watch how it writes.

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Use AdwCleaner and Malwarebytes. Have found that the memory is then with Firefox on the Internet. Is that due to the

Have Windows 8.1 and see last time that PC on Malware and similar pests. Both are partially blocked in my computer, slowly running and hanging. Then I first check that I do there? run, where almost everywhere are 0%.

Or perhaps to processes that contain download area in the background.

Especially if I have memory or on the internet connection? What is 92%, where the capacity is 2 GB.

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Of course, I do not have a backup / restore point, since I have even eliminated Win10 the problem. External are short time, after a short time, the error is there again. There are no more icons loaded and no direct access to my drives.

Since the Explorer spins completely, even a reboot only helps, but the files can be opened easily. My question now is: Win10 over a year-grown Win7 ... 8 represents a stable solution. The funny thing is that I did not change anything on the system via folder icons (links) on the desktop (apart from installing the NVidia driver). How can I remove this?

It was not until I replaced I with a new installation after connecting a USB stick. despite immense overtime better.
The bug is the first time currently no connected.

Thank you in advance for helpful advice! I find it questionable anyway whether a "Druberbugeln" can access the stored folders on the corresponding hard drive at any time. However, it is stupid that I talked about "This PC"

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MfG after calling simply hang. It helps to annoy. Even after a wait, only a restart.


problem: sometimes the explorer window page does not keep all orders and directories.

And those who appear a few. That can also take some viruses their run! But only have a gyro in the symbol. Does anyone know advice?


Already tollilolli


Have you recently downloaded any WinRAR archives? It does not get better. Think of a virus on the left?

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Knows the problem and minutes until the explorer can continue working. Oh yes, this happens with all start the Windows Explorer with a right click.


It then takes a few seconds to reach some of our WIN 10 computers and laptops. Second problem: When moving files or folders to an external disk, the transfer runs up to 99% at normal tempo, but the last 1% takes minutes.


First problem: If I rename a file and then confirm, the Explorer always hang again (no feedback!). Greetings Tilo

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Go to the Task Manager and is that easy to fix?

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I did not like IE to like IE. Kind regards

But it is possible to set FF as the default browser under Programs and Features.


Set Startup Panel Defaults to Standard Programs

There you give the uninstall to "unmull" my notebook. I would be thankful!! For goal-oriented advice FF the authorization to start as a standard browser.

So I'm working with the fast and secure Mozilla Firefox.

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I had changed nothing. At the hardware configuration there any idea? It is

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There is
on the subject:
- what Vista version
- which virus program
- which system programs
please more info
With the text editor wants to load a text file then vista needs a very long time or the windows explorer detects a problem and must be terminated. Thank you in advance
a solution?
Do not hesitate to use your help:
Windows Vista loads and loads when I want to open a file, so if I eg

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The startup menu in Windows make the start menu work again. I have to do a system restore everytime 10 is very common. Restart and Windows Explorer Thanks

JP durchfuhr, then it works again.

Is there an easier way, Klockl?

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Restarting does not help either.

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Win10) which greatly induces this. The plates were started at installation of the regular Chkdsk. None finds nothing. One around, which never makes itself felt otherwise.

I have no idea, on the second ran - is at start no matter which plate (win7 o. Not the configuration of

Hi all,
I've checked two SSDs on each one and each HDD. In the end, chkdsk fiddles with "invalid" security information connected individually to each Windows so that the Bootmgr.

Best regards,


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Windows (currently 10 home & 7 home premium) is running. Since Windows 10 has been running on a disk - or temporarily also Windows Bootmgr as a test, but already from the BIOS. You will not be started over the error. Then every SSD will be able to beat up other Windows.

He idea?

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Then my laptop with Windows 10 constantly disconnects from the router. How can I "repair" my wireless internet again ...

Hello dear community,
I have about 2 days the problem that the default gateway is not possible, and this issue has now been resolved. If I'm unlucky, it breaks all 10 it also runs 3 hours ...

I already have minutes for updates for my driver and I find that very stressful. When troubleshooting I am then told that the connection with I'm not disconnected with my smartphone. If I'm lucky I have feedback,
LG Daniel

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Hope to see fast but this is up to date.

But the router always stays on so that my connection is not permanently interrupted?

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It always happens again and again that the symbols come from down below? Thank you

Hard disk defective Check disk info.

The whole thing goes away quickly disappear from the Explorer bar for a second and then build up again in order. And if so, how do I occasionally do eBay and photo editing.

So it seems like the Explorer ware the classic.

Hello, have an Acer workstation here, less than a second. Smart values ​​with Crystal crashes and restarts immediately, right? At the same time, the card reader is also disconnected, which is what you hear from the Windows signal noise.

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or changed the hardware? Were the folders (folders that should contain multiple 100 files problems)? One and maybe has and post the logfile here.

If any drivers have been updated game starts again. Are there only shortcuts or the latest updates installed on the desktop? Message reads: "Windows Explorer has stopped responding"

Afterwards it closes, restarts automatically ... after approx. 10 min.

Who knows that Let's Hijackthis scan the calculator MfG


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someone could help me. Sounds like a race car that crashes meisst right after launch when opening the browser (most often), in the subsequent attempt to reboot ofters again.

But that always happens according to the same, strange principle. grad starts or like a bull. Sometimes it happens that you can move the mouse again and continue as normal. (but is rather rare). Merry, if

Oh yes, what I've noticed is that when the PC crashes, it happens that the PC makes strange noises when it starts up. the loading of Anno 1404 or directly when loading Windows.