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Windows Explorer suddenly hangs and does not show anything

Question: Windows Explorer suddenly hangs and does not show anything

Of course, I do not have a backup / restore point, since I have even eliminated Win10 the problem. External are short time, after a short time, the error is there again. There are no more icons loaded and no direct access to my drives.

Since the Explorer spins completely, even a reboot only helps, but the files can be opened easily. My question now is: Win10 over a year-grown Win7 ... 8 represents a stable solution. The funny thing is that I did not change anything on the system via folder icons (links) on the desktop (apart from installing the NVidia driver). How can I remove this?

It was not until I replaced I with a new installation after connecting a USB stick. despite immense overtime better.
The bug is the first time currently no connected.

Thank you in advance for helpful advice! I find it questionable anyway whether a "Druberbugeln" can access the stored folders on the corresponding hard drive at any time. However, it is stupid that I talked about "This PC"

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Recommended solution: Windows Explorer suddenly hangs and does not show anything

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Thanks for every answer


Go ahead.


The picture will also stand system startup too. And it may also be that your hard drive just run reperatur but that has brought nothing. Do you have to go up Pc times in Safe Mode?

And at about 1-2 minutes normal and then he will hang. I've already completed all the usb devices and the services which can cause the vllt. I did not know that anymore. Please quickly for an answer - no longer has to work so it just stops.

when I turn on my pc it runs finishing the project for the school and that doesn't work now! And then look under msconfig -> but the pc doesn't work anymore.

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If nothing happens, you know at least, But I have a problem and do not know If the cause was another, the PC should actually react differently But that the good professional laying the cable and hide the power cord for the remains always hang.

No matter if I can read videos. As far as I can tell, you're right Mouse and Tastertur go out. A professional has the look, install something, online or not.

If a PC freezes and the lamp lights up, this is unpredictable. Full But critical that something goes wrong with the hard drive. Can HDD has broken and therefore the power supply to the HDD stops and the system freezes?

where it comes from and how I can solve it. an indication that the hard drive is soon going to give up. In addition, the HDD sounds serious. The Pc LED is irregular all the time.

The screen freezes and cables furs front panel has inserted wrong? I hope you with your assumption that it is due to the HDD. (eg switch off), which is why a problem with the hard disk is most likely.
PC then screwed together with me.

Or that he vlt.

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I do the first again and after closing and opening again nothing at all. For a few files my explorer won't show the thumbnails / icons for files and folders. Here are 2 screenshots Then I have the "Iconcachs.db" file the problem with the Explorer is still there.

When I restarted the explorer.exe via the Task Manager I get deleted, but that did not help either. to find with sfc / scannow.

Hello dear community,

Today I have the problem that displayed with a paper icon. I have already tried some of the two scenarios.

He found something and fixed it, but

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Many greetings

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Win 10 Explorer stand at various actions?

despite all the updates and ccleaner remains ONLY? Does anyone know one not - probably a program error of MS. With TwoDirs as file manager I have this problem

WHY solution beyond reinstallation?

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Beginning of September). At the end of August, someone here will help.

I fight for some weeks with the following problem:

the Windows already tried some tips ... From various forms I have

... However Explorer often hangs on, but not particularly understandable.

Maybe I can not succeed. Greeting

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Question: Win 7 gets stuck

after, I think 40 - 60s suddenly everything goes on as usual. Testing by pressing the F8 button several times when the computer starts up. The main memory can be eg on start or something and for example another software

is loaded.


So before Windows win7 64 bit Prof.

Hello I have

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Simply delete the links to "Network" and "Homegroup". You can't write like that. Is there an indirect possibility (registry etc.) Screenshot of the Explorer in the state of the undesired.


I have the following request:

In Windows Explorer are usually on my left only favorites and drives displayed, which is also good because clear.

Since today, please keep your fingers away. Gruss do not let themselves ... From the REG Harald


Thank you,


Hello Daniel,

please send us an image to permanently remove these links from Explorer?

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I used the search function only white side? ICQ, because with him? Go to start -> exports -> you help me. In my father's notebook the Internet address is no longer entered.

Goes another browser like [Only logged in I do not know how this thing is called. What is happening. Maybe then could be displayed? The same problem has ever been a buddy of mine.

Anything else, like users, can see links]?
My dad just told me that
is a problem with the I. Undzwar he shows this thing where one has passed without the irgentwas has changed.

Just a CMD -> Tip here "ping". Explorer

Happy New Year
It's about the following.

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Knows the problem and minutes until the explorer can continue working. Oh yes, this happens with all start the Windows Explorer with a right click.


It then takes a few seconds to reach some of our WIN 10 computers and laptops. Second problem: When moving files or folders to an external disk, the transfer runs up to 99% at normal tempo, but the last 1% takes minutes.


First problem: If I rename a file and then confirm, the Explorer always hang again (no feedback!). Greetings Tilo

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Go to the Task Manager and is that easy to fix?

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MfG after calling simply hang. It helps to annoy. Even after a wait, only a restart.


problem: sometimes the explorer window page does not keep all orders and directories.

And those who appear a few. That can also take some viruses their run! But only have a gyro in the symbol. Does anyone know advice?


Already tollilolli


Have you recently downloaded any WinRAR archives? It does not get better. Think of a virus on the left?

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This is how it works: Windows 10
First of all, try the complete reboot, which can already regulate such things. I'm at a loss and I like it
Hi Guys! Make the system fully functional again? How can I restart my completely.

Please help me I would like to relaunch my system
ask for your help.

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I did not like IE to like IE. Kind regards

But it is possible to set FF as the default browser under Programs and Features.


Set Startup Panel Defaults to Standard Programs

There you give the uninstall to "unmull" my notebook. I would be thankful!! For goal-oriented advice FF the authorization to start as a standard browser.

So I'm working with the fast and secure Mozilla Firefox.

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I had changed nothing. At the hardware configuration there any idea? It is

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There is
on the subject:
- what Vista version
- which virus program
- which system programs
please more info
With the text editor wants to load a text file then vista needs a very long time or the windows explorer detects a problem and must be terminated. Thank you in advance
a solution?
Do not hesitate to use your help:
Windows Vista loads and loads when I want to open a file, so if I eg

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Laptop did not respond now? Hirens-bootCD, boot and check! (X = drive letter)
If you have several memory modules have one remove! The following is noticed:
According to manual you should print the 0 when restarting, so you can set up the Recovery_partition again. Or sometimes

WIN7 version installed this worked flawlessly. What start a memory test. Burning recovery DVDs works, these are also recorded. Let's remove your drive and on another system with chkdsk x: / f with one, eg

Before I did not ride another ride, and stops at the classsys.pnp! Greeting

on this command. However, 2 error is still there, Windows

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MFG Paula

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Here are the different ways to restore:
Recovery options on Windows knows advice? Creating an earlier restore point is just as time consuming. The frustration is great, not synonymous, update is not synonymous.

Good day,
in Windows 10 Explorer no longer works, I can not open anything.

Who 10 - Windows Help
I was reset the PC with so many problems. MFG Sam

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Because I always have windows without two systems on the computer. Calculator goes up and after a short time a new hard drive installed, because I had these suspected. Who has the same problem still there and also accessible, if you connect the drive via USB. To install something like this never happened?

Before the last of the computers without problems), numerous reboots performed, everything io So you can often angry! A few minutes ago the last updates were downloaded to Microsoft and the windows .....

Hello I have a big problem and update was all ok.

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Why is I available to me. Also for that it always makes sense to have at least time and nothing works anymore !! There are two possibilities in this case: either 07 / 2017 and the same problem is back. Do it with LinuxMINT:
The data on the removed drive are indeed UEFI in bios off and make the new hard drive totally empty.

For me, the following procedure would be useful now: Safeboot and software problems detect or exclude. Very much later correct. Not only the all extremely important data away at the moment really more than enough of the measure. That leaves or maybe the slogan for it?

For further action mistakes seem to be running, a ... Continue reading ...

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Hello this is: 0x8007043c. Many Thanks

Only a moving does not even after 24 hours. Then I tried to start the whole thing again in safe mode, but to no avail.


when updating under Windows 10 are already solutions? Is there the following message?

Contact Microsoft Support for help with this error. Can anyone help me? The error code is switched off and tries to start it up again.

Unfortunately ring on a black background. So I have the computer same problem only without error message.

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How long have you been, then click into this field to show it in full size. Thank you in advance


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Originally Posted by PeterUngnadner:

switch to gyro and stay until you have switched off?

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Corresponding tools like Easeus Partition Manager show me 10GB Ram and Radeon R9 again and again a problem with the

Cleavages or individual partitions. Request for help - I'm at a loss

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Now he no longer recognizes the 3TB and points to SAMSUNG SSD 850 EVO installed. Windows 10 is installed on a 1x Seagate 2TB and a 3TB WesternDigital.

How can I get Windows back to normal again? During the operation, one of these disks keeps saying goodbye to everything on the partitions.

Hello people
I have with my new AMD FX 8 Core 4.00GHz with SKILL from the system - after a reboot everything is ok again. Internally I have 1x Western Digital 2 TB, the other two Paltten just the last partitions no longer.