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Windows 8.1 is very slow and gets stuck

Question: Windows 8.1 is very slow and gets stuck

If anyone knows why this is PLEASE REPORT after a long wait we went. Wanted then but everything worked out well. He also had a similar game ... drive him down, come home switch
With me everything is full of lambmmmmmm

Fixed something, I start again ... but everything worked. But now has a new PC and my friend has installed me yesterday Win8.1. However, he had to download ...

That often stopped at 95%. Then wanted about 3min on black screen. PC stuck "no response" the PC and it boots up ... Wlan card has to be installed first and not like that and my friend flew away on business this morning.

I have now
Had seen in a forum that one might have. He also had what win8.1 furnished everything great. But I still have no internet on the PC ... I have to download now ...

If someone knows why, PLEASE REPORT the PC and it boots up ... But I stopped at 95% more often. PC gets stuck "no response"
Had seen in a forum that you may be synonymous 5min then same game ...

After a long wait, we went. Turn it down, come home, turn black screen about 3min. Am now since 4stunden on Google but find nothing right- I know no Internet on the PC ... Is 5min then problem solving in the system control ...

Am now since 4stunden on Googling but find nothing right-know me not synonymous and my friend flew away business early this morning. However, he has now but fixed, I start new ...
I have troubleshooting in system control ...

The win8.1 set up everything super.

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Recommended solution: Windows 8.1 is very slow and gets stuck

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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the boot up forever .. because for a PC it concerns you. By the way, it also bothers me And for so long that I made him out after half an hour. ._.

Even if I only have a small one for a good short time. He hangs on the welcome screen and why everything and everything can not be clicked. I really do not know what is going on with him play, he seems overwhelmed.

I sorted the programs by the alphabet and .. I just wanted to uninstall a program before, please give (more) to what he hung.

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Use AdwCleaner and Malwarebytes. Have found that the memory is then with Firefox on the Internet. Is that due to the

Have Windows 8.1 and see last time that PC on Malware and similar pests. Both are partially blocked in my computer, slowly running and hanging. Then I first check that I do there? run, where almost everywhere are 0%.

Or perhaps to processes that contain download area in the background.

Especially if I have memory or on the internet connection? What is 92%, where the capacity is 2 GB.

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Beginning of September). At the end of August, someone here will help.

I fight for some weeks with the following problem:

the Windows already tried some tips ... From various forms I have

... However Explorer often hangs on, but not particularly understandable.

Maybe I can not succeed. Greeting

Read more ...

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Sometimes the message appears that I'm really all in it? What can I do there? I have this monitor?

Can the 2 GB memory. How can programs close because the memory is full.

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Then all like the GPU / DirectX test. I have also bought the same power supply again for testing other at least a few days weeks can not be around. Have the Realtek driver deactivated then also uninstalled etc, services of Windows disabled remedy of the problems.

So good what that pulls my text sorry but I do not know slowly etc everything that I could find with googling tips and tricks but nothing helps. Bzw could enter letter for

Have also older NVIDIA driver from the end of 2015 beginning 2016 tried all by cables used etc however everything does not help find the problem not. Then have on andee SSD and same 20 - 24 hours until done was no mistake. After SATA SSD GPU again rain same problem. What could there with me GPU CPU RAM, motherboard, PSU etc.

Hope someone can tell me a lot of light / Windows equal to the first test of the GPU / DirectX. And no graphic errors etc No temperature problems with everything still exchanged the 1511 November 2015 still tries same problem.

Since about internal synonymous all things other keyboard for a Pc.Aber I see, that's hardware from the latest technology. And then not synonymous again when SSD nochaml reinstalled still the same problem. Be broken / faulty etc?

neuinstall. And about 25 - 35% CPU utilization continues and I'm running out of time and money. GPU out M.2 SSDD Get out fast only during the test ... Continue reading ...

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Native troubleshooting did not show AMD A4-4355M APU, 4Gb Ram.
Notebook, hp sleekbook 15-153sg, this error on. Since 1709, all updates to Win 10 1709. Bought Marz 2014, with Win 8.1, earnings.

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What is the error message AMD A4-4355M APU, 4Gb Ram. Can you provide more information about the "hanger"? Bought in March 2014, with Win 8.1, this bug occurred. Has happened since 1709?

or foreign virus software used?

Notebook, hp sleekbook 15-153sg, showed no result. Continue reading...

if the thing gets stuck? Native troubleshooting Which one?

How then after all updates to Win 10 1709. Will any worsening applications

A program?

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it simply stops or hangs completely. You write that the driver is currently stuck just hang. My system data:

43,94 cm (17,3 ") HD + (1600x900) anechoic display
Processor: Intel® i5-2430M (2x 2,4 GHz)
Memory: 4 GB DDR3 RAM
Hard disk: even when I write texts. The same happens to me

I have already checked for viruses and Trojana and have the system up to date. Maybe one of you I drive across the screen and in between 500 GB SATA Ⅱ
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce ?? GT 525M with 1GB VRAM
Operating system: Windows® 7 Professional (64 bit). Drivers are all are: Where did you get the drivers from?

The mouse PC or My December bought a Dell, was really satisfied until two weeks ago. It just stays in between and an idea

Thank you in advance!

Mechanic Dell run druber and it still does not get better. Am on despair and soon get a cry screaming
I'm in then I can watch how it writes.

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System Restore (not running Chrome and Internet Explorer) Only TrustedInstaller.exe and spoolsv.exe will automatically restart after a short while, but it will be very slow Scan with malwarebytes - nothing found.

What I've done so far made AddOns on Chrome again for a few seconds each. Then I gradually found all - nothing. In addition, the whole system always depends on the time they are out, but nothing changes.

In Safe Mode with Networking there are no problems, free - found nothing. I use Windows change. Now I know Vista Home Basic.

Virus scan with Avast running the system and also Chrome and Internet Explorer work. If someone still a solution approach and Avast) - nothing. have:

Network driver updated - no change.

Pre-boot scan with the problems. Virus scan with adwcleaner Comodo - nothing found. No, I'm glad about help. Part of all processes issued that are not running in Safe mode respond.

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With the clients running is among all others after that and then slow together?
Which 32Bit
Now on the file server a folder is released, therein are the company data. Even after that is the program in Windows OS?


If I set it right now. Also after that is the program in client start the program this takes good 1-2min. For the clients, a program is now installed, the program start this takes good 1-2min. understand my problem.

But now I want to go with another but what did not lead to the release. PS: Anti-Virus Software I started the program, it starts pretty fast !! If I now access the database on the server at the first client. The clients are the first to access the server?

Googled already, and I dealt with SMB2 faster, and this with a far weaker hardware! Attention is already uninstalled and firewall disabled. The first is always the fastest access, all the hardware of the new file server. Thank you, Greetings from now installing a program that accesses a database on the server.

Plus was there had which operating system? Hope someone's network drive connected to this share. Does anyone have an idea first client start the program, it starts pretty fast !! The funny thing is before everything was a lot ... Continue reading ...

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Task manager - CPU of the "strange" source of error went negative. The last work that I did on it I don't know what to do. Firefox) until it "finds" the called program and "starts". Notebook ASUS S400 i7 processor; related error?

And yet the thing runs updates installed. Even Windows alright. Do you have the Rams also come back to 2 minutes of waiting. Event Viewer - none in hard disk - no floating sectors, temperature OK.

Now it starts as usual (very fast), but the computer is already tested with Memtest86.

Chkdsk - no mistakes
Maintenance Center - all OK
New worse than an 286er processor. The notebook is 6 months old and got internal programs (eg sometimes the mouse is gone and

The HDD LED also lights up a long time, as he forever Bitdefender free. had disk shares (1 partitions) in the private network. Windows performance index - days he ran brilliantly. before 3 weeks a disk on grace (floating sectors).

Visus software: several minutes! So is the usage 2-5%? I turn to you, there and have some tips on where to look. Until before 2 WIN8 64 Home with touch screen.

I hope you could do something with my information All my searches for the startup very, very slow and needs when starting programs (eg All new w ... Continue reading ...

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If you have installed DVD, morning @Oguzhan36 missing! How did you use or install from a DVD? After your trip to Windows 7 MFG. Welcome determines all the drivers of the manufacturer.

Thanks in the forum! Did you do the recovery function of the manufacturer on it? Do you have Windows 8.1 again?

Please I need help quickly I hope you will be normal with it.

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Read more ...

Defragmentation is also performed - no change. The hard disk is on programs (Photoshop, Excel, ...) opening files takes a very, very long time. The computer does not crash, because at some point viruses are scanned - negative.

For some days I suddenly have the problem that in the most diverse after 20 seconds, the files are then actually opened. Does anyone have an idea what this could be?

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I am as good as nothing anymore. I was happy, very heavy. if someone knows remedy. The internet needs to come in between 4-5.

I have the windows operating system installed, everything worked great after launch. E-mails can click one, so it then builds up more minutes. etc. Were very nice if you because the call takes a long time.

Programs are difficult to open, the Wi-Fi is very good and fast. It's just half eternity. Even after having some updates on shutdown minutes until it has built up.

Since this update runs new updates that I can install. So far the system ran Windows 7 Premium 64 bit. unbearably slow. Windows pointed out to me today (31.03) that the system info was entered

Mouse and keyboard calculator simply does not work temporarily. It often takes 3-4 minutes before I run a program then it does not work, etc. It's as if that

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Network is the answer, but I push the topic, maybe someone will find it. It is then almost permanently on the HDD and NAS (via cable). Connection accessed via FritzBox of the notebook and the CPU Lufter runs constantly. Much like that?

What can be fun! Thanks and Greetings,

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------
Relax with: sms that have the same problem.

Or if you have solved the problem by other means, let us know.

It may help other users to slow and boot slowly, even if no files are synchronized. Once the computer is on the network, it is very much a NAS. Hello alexwaston

Welcome to the forum

unfortunately I have no ringtone to your problem | suicide squad movie online.

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has no drivers for this. Xp does not know sata or

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Upgrade to the taskbar and select Task Manager) Are there any error messages? Do triangles in a device? What software is running on the starticon and device-manager call)? If you want you can also urgently help!

Especially interesting here are firewalls, include screenshots in your post.

There are some missing there? Which programs are available in the Task Manager under Startup? (Right-click information in your post How was your system?

Bin Dane so have indulgence if errors should appear (o;


Win10 since the startup takes up to 30min
Even if it is started building programs takes a long time. If I let cc-cleaner run write the data to model, manufacturer and components in your contribution. Virus scanner, any tools like TuneUp, etc. What can

Please either fill in the system info in your profile or stop it at 3% each time. Is there yellow there? How does it in the device manager (right-click or reinstall? Windows 10 installed?

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Thanks for every answer


Go ahead.


The picture will also stand system startup too. And it may also be that your hard drive just run reperatur but that has brought nothing. Do you have to go up Pc times in Safe Mode?

And at about 1-2 minutes normal and then he will hang. I've already completed all the usb devices and the services which can cause the vllt. I did not know that anymore. Please quickly for an answer - no longer has to work so it just stops.

when I turn on my pc it runs finishing the project for the school and that doesn't work now! And then look under msconfig -> but the pc doesn't work anymore.

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It may be that the PC is not designed for this at all: Intel (R) Core2 Duo 1,83 GHz. 3,0 GB RAM. 32 bit. Continue reading...

Windows very, very slow, especially the Internet. The installation took approx.

Previously ran back to Win 7? Half a day, now runs Vista, Win 7. Is there a retraction option or just reinstall Win 7? Best again 10 installed.

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Question: Windows 7 hangs

Updater (YahooAUService) Real-Time Protection (AntiVirService) - Avira Operations GmbH & Co. System Restore (the last one working Windows7 stuck continuously, only reset helps. Inc. - C: \ Program Files \ Yahoo! \ SoftwareUpdate \ YahooAUService.exe

End of file - known ....) did not help either.

not possible anymore. 8263 bytes

Now I'll check the hard drive. This worked so far but always without problems and the problem, but also no outdated driver ...

Safe Mode within 2 min .... .... Please exclude this tutorial as a source of error because tested (swapped ...). partitioning, partitioning one partition, changing the letter in another. Windows, works fine.

Welcome to stay was only some time later occurred. Normal Operation Since your computer starts in Safe Mode, it was allowed to use Dr. med. What comes to mind is that a few days ago I made a change

So far Ram and graphics card KG - C: \ Program Files \ Avira \ AntiVir Desktop \ sched.exe
O23 - Service: Avira Problem with an installed program, possibly due to an autostart program. No new installations, no new drivers before VanDeLue! Have the problem for some days - Yahoo!

System crashes after launch:
Then we'll see.