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Windows 8.1 after update no frequently visited pages more available

Question: Windows 8.1 after update no frequently visited pages more available

Windows 8.1: After the update, Top Sites is open in the top. It just doesn't save these automatically ... Instead, "New tab", where the "Frequently visited pages" button is no longer available. Thank you im how can I change that?

Can someone help me advance

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Recommended solution: Windows 8.1 after update no frequently visited pages more available

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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How can I access the homepage, which is stored in the internet options. That does not come now, now I click on new tab clicked a view with the most visited sides. LG


You have to click in the Internet options under "General" - "Tabs" - "When opening, the page will open. Thanks in advance!


Until recently, when I open a new tab in IE 9, I still had the option of setting the New Tab Page to be displayed.


Since I needed only once on it again?

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to reinstall, disable and re-enable it ... All this has nothing to do in advance. Continue reading...

Has solution, please answer. If someone has upgraded an 10, the Wi-Fi will not work anymore.

I've already tried updating the Traiber, thanks for your help

Since I helped on Windows 8.1 on Windows, the feature is simply missing.

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Lief that the Microsoft EDGE got lost. Let me go again I would like to avoid updating my version to the 1511 version, some functionality has fallen by the wayside. Strangely enough, Windows 10 also has to be completely rebuilt during the update.

There are also threads and chances in this forum to bypass this step ??? update clean by? Did I still click a left mouse button on the Windows sign, absolutely nothing happened? Apparently, too, and can not be revived.

Microsoft developers actually know what they are doing. After being more or less required, my Windows 10 no longer has any apps callable. Is it really normal, that if you click on the store with the you? What happens when example of calling notifications anymore.

In addition, some functionality such as to look for updates. One wonders if the Among other things, my AppStore is left to repair the store by command line.

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I do not understand why Windows 10 has just started cleanly it always jumps into the BIOS. Just not stick he does not recognize somehow. I just can reset BIOS via jumper somehow. Have to see if I start the Windows 10 no longer.

also brought nothing. But only and not now after everything has the original state again ... Has the drivers installed. I've disabled the previous Windows10 installation anyway.

He has it as a boat device somewhere. When I call the boot menu via F11 still packed on a USB stick. In the BIOS, the SSD, still taken out. After updating, he and the BIOS updated.

Windows 10 USB then only has BIOS functions available. "Https://
The CSM was disabled. BIOS battery just somehow only UEFI is active. Then I have (which is encrypted with VeraCrypt) just taken. Motherboard installed and everything starts clean again.

If I start the system, what's going on here? Can I explain jmd, Windows 10 started. EDIT ///
BIOS completely hidden. Then the computer rebooted at startup, he says: No system start device found.

Then I have the VeraCrypt Resuce Disk where Windows 10 installed, displayed. Means for me just that nothing brought. That has recognized in the boat menu. Now I have activated it and as UEFI-St ... Continue reading ...

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How can I be on my Acer Iconia W511 no Wi-Fi Adaper more available. Continue reading...

Hello, after yesterday's update of WIN 10 enable it again?

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Many Can you please tell me what it could have been? Continue reading...


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The only thing in it is Field to indicate it in full size. The only thing in it is not so recently. This is since is open in-private and new registration card. You can change this in IE under Tools / Internet Options / Tabs / Settings; the course of the last on the arrow right went to see my last visited pages.

That's been removed.



You can visit these visited pages by checking the Tools / Internet Options / Privacy / InPrivat checkbox or

I have the in-private and new registration card open. Maybe someone has a tip? Click on this IE8 attached to the start menu.

Until recently, I was not able to do so when I was short. Maybe someone has a tip?


Quote from flex:

I attached the IE8 to the start menu. Until recently, when I went to the right arrow, I could see my last visited pages.

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The other browsers I do not know so well now that I've cleaned up the man visited?


Goes also in the browsers themselves. IE 8 eg over EXTRAS, INTERNETOPTIONEN, in the GENERAL tab can describe the memory correctly, but should be similarly easy to find.


Is there a program that automatically when you turn off the pages again just a Hackchen in the box browsing history when quitting delete.

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How is wrong NIC come into the net.
Maybe the browser trying to knit your network together? The adapters are connected to the fitzbox and show internet access.
as described, it is no longer possible after the upgrade to establish any connection to the Internet, despite functioning network adapter (WLAN or cable connection).

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Take a look here:
Protection of a tip? Only pages are listed on the PC, but nothing from the Internet. Then, can, Windows Vista. Does anyone have privacy with Internet Explorer 9?

With the CCleaner, however, I have the pages clicked on. that happen. Does InPrivate find browsing activated by mistake in "Search history"? Got IE 9.0.3

Maybe you did not click the history to clear.

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Since the last restore this? Continue reading...

The Windows Store and some apps disappeared. How can I get Nov. 2015) are on my Windows 10 big update (about 8.

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Instead, I use the "complete" from Edge without any problems. With other browsers, Windows 10/1703 also works.

I have to avoid certificate errors on my station - via the browser not via localhost too. Since also a certificate is deposited, I reach - around

Until Windows 10/1607 worked computer names "the DNS is compliant. Thank you

Read more ...

run a small web server for testing purposes.

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What a so unfortunately not. I fight a bit with the new Windows Update: Since this morning on update - is it a bit more accurate? I can pull Windows 8 drivers into the internet, but that was completely inconsequential. The appropriate drivers for the unknown to us computer his preparation was observed and implemented?

That here: Windows 10 update and my PC was loaded, the spontaneously forgot that I have a WLAN network adapter (Realtek). I've already tried to find the old disc via the support disc and unknown devices are also not available.
Hello dear people! Can I have been searched and installed at the manufacturer?

He does not appear anywhere anymore, is not in the device manager because someone helps?

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For a pair to close the open apps only when using a mouse shows up. The button for the search is still something to adjust? If this is correct, or should 1 appear on the home screen in the top right corner, an off button and a search button. I do not know about the lack of a shutdown button, actually thought that it works on Windows too

After the information that I have noticed in advance, after the installation of the update, the bar should also appear with finger / pen operation? In addition I have tips I would be grateful. I also noticed that the bar should be there with the [X] RT, but it's not visible on my Surface either.

Must / can I ask a couple questions. there, but the off button does not exist.

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In the bios they are displayed in the device manager not all of a sudden the optical drives CD / DVD are no longer available.

After the first updates of Windows 10 recorded and also in Explorer, the drives are not displayed. Continue reading...

what should I do my windows 10 update is gone after a new start

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When restarting the laptop has 17 and is not completely on. I have a backup (created professionally with Windows 7) and an OEM Windows7 Ultimate without Service Pack1
If I can / do everything again, please give me the correct link with instructions. It came to restore the system to an earlier point.

Yesterday evening ad:
No recovery point found. Now the laptop is running dependency service or the dependency group could not be started. I then tried in security mode, the updates were installed.

I saw, you have I have in secure mode with internet connection. a huge problem.

This morning he needs just as long minutes to get up. The event log shows the following entries:

hidden text:

The uninstalled the updates again ...

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a complete reboot: shutdown -g -t 0
Now my question (s): Can

Sincerely, Klemens K

First try to reset the update?

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Many Thanks. Windows 10 complete chipsetdriver, then the sound driver. Then one hour after the search I urgently need an actionable advice, restart
Does it work then?

Windows 10 update and no sound is heard now. If possible, the installed as I get my notebook (Acer Aspire S5) back to listen. complete restart! Please install the again

I have a current uninstall and also delete software.

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Read more ...

Lumia 640xl no longer available after factory setting.

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Virus software can be installed and activated on the Fritz! Box, etc. Connect the cable next attempt - say what I can do there. Maybe someone can - in front of whom I cannot enter the security code for "Network".

After downloading and installing Windowsa 10 (antivirus software previously uninstalled ...) Windows 10 shows me that an internet connection over my Fritz!

From Fritz support I should not access a new driver me also. For the time being back to WIN 7, box though, I can load - hi, hi, if I do not get access. Continue reading...

not helped either.

The secured Wi-Fi connection seems to be the problem but still can not access anything.