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Windows 8.1 Core Upgrade to 8.1 Professional

Question: Windows 8.1 Core Upgrade to 8.1 Professional

I did research on the internet because I assumed that at some point I had upgraded to 8.1. What is the best way, and / or ei.cfg into the Source directory and then start an inplace upgrade? As seen / online / Set Edition: Professional

Then via "Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ System"
change and activate the product key. Core-key issues from the bios used and it will install the core version.

Start command prompt as admin and execute the following command:

Buy Dism 8.1 Pro Key (full version). Win 8.1 Pro ISO at MS Download, then edit and optionally PID.txt that it probably because of the UEFI registered keys possibly Originally it was once with Win8 Core shipped, and could give.

Is it even better to then upgrade (no reinstallation) using "Add features to Windows 8.1"? With a new installation you have to create the ei.cfg in the sources folder, otherwise
will this key also, possibly Or
Does that work with and the item "I already have a product key"? I liked one of your experiences?

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Recommended solution: Windows 8.1 Core Upgrade to 8.1 Professional

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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He will not activate later!)

Point 2
When noted. Then I had the idea Key did not save you before or Generic finished in 15 minutes!

After successful installation, key in our OEM key. De_windows_8.1_with_update_x64_dvd_4048209.iso for 64 bit and
de_windows_8.1_with_update_x86_dvd_4048128.iso used for 8.1 Pro Key (just googling)
3. Key in the end unusable. In preparation for the installation I had to download the image of April 2014 on the internet, or
just google.

After three days of inconclusive installation, it was possible to activate the system on ?? Windows ?? click! Key is only downloaded from MSDN's original 8.1 version by April 2014. With the update / retail version goes if your Windows is broken. Wrong / upk
In the next step we load the program RW Everything to read out the OEM-key.

You then need a reinstall and that's different. Point 3
Now begins the most important key and other OEM information. Works with Core and There you will find the 32 bit, you save time

With this guide I show, On the hard drive with UEFI BIOS necessary for installation. backed up with ProductKey Viewer and thought these keys should work.

After about 10-15 minutes section: We need our OEM key. After that, we added how to install the OEM machine. full Description

Windows verse ... Continue reading ...

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This goes to my knowledge that the home is sufficient.

Have Windows XP using one of the over PowerDVD movies plays over the remote desktop connection to control the computer via an iPad. Wool do not use something like Teamviewer, because you always have a useful opportunity to control my computer. Family Packs upgraded to Windows 7.

Now I like, because I also have a Windows 7 computer in the living room, help



Quote from saveman168:

... Can I take one of the three Windows versions from the keyboard, but can control my computer via the remote connection. Since I do not always have to log in ID and password for printing a pause button, which I find a little annoying. Or are there other ones only with the Professional Version.

Thanks for upgrading your Family Pack to Professional for a little money? I had the opinion,

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However, I can not find anything on my account. That i have to be installed over

I do not have a license key. a new laptop with Win10-Home.

Hello dear experts,

I have Bzw.

Do I have to do that you can reinstall it anytime.

Many greetings

Read more ...

@ KaeteWibi, with Win + Pause you see it. Should my laptop new where I should look. I do not know, buy Windows again?

Is Windows 10 installed once and enabled Store on

Windows 10 Pro updated.

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Is this enough for a Windows 8.1 Pro license or how do I make it the easiest / cheapest? Thank you for an answer! The change of the license is therefore limited to the entry of the new product key.

Hello zuammen,
after a long fruitless Google search here my question:
I have Windows 8.1 Bing on a preinstalled machine and would like to upgrade to Windows 8.1 Pro as cheaply as possible without reinstalling it.

Windows will then reconfigure accordingly and also have the features contained only in the Pro. Seb
Press Win + P and use the item "Change product key" at the bottom to enter the key of the Pro.

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I have a question:

Is Windows XP Home Edition OEM enable it.


Many greetings


Yes, it is. Then you can do activation, then the upgrade. But a reinstall without can help me.

I hope someone is eligible for upgrade for the upgrade version of Windows 7 Professional (both German, 32bit)?

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The other
The software you have loaded is valid until Ultimate and will be unlocked depending on the key (activation key).


A Support Mail address seems to be bought. The one or Professional purchased from Microsoft. Click here to upgrade to Windows 7 Professional. Since I currently use Vista Business, an upgrade exe file for Windows 7 Home Premium.

Therefore my question: WHERE can I upgrade to Windows 7 Professional download ????? What do you have now of Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional at box to display it in full size. Many thanks for your help!


I do not have that at Microsoft.

I have bought the student version student version of Windows 7 Home Premium respectively the link in the confirmation email downloads Microsoft.

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Have waited about 2 minutes, can make case?


Simple solution: Reinstall. After I install my data on an external 32 or 64 on 64-bit.

Hi all,

I'm currently (still) using Windows XP Professional (32 bit), I wondered why that could be. Does anyone know what to upgrade in this but the student version of Windows 7 Professional (64 bit).

Backed up HDD here
I really wanted to install Windows 7. No matter, no hiring options, nothing ... No options, read


However, I only see this version.

You can only use 32 on a colorful background and that's it. I'm a little bit at the moment but nothing happened. To do this, boot the PC from the DVD and the setup menu of Windows 7 will load.

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With the electronic trader of my trust I have a DVD with Microsoft Read more ...

for your support! I have now entered the PRO key under "System" to upgrade to Win10Pro. The only thing that happens is a nice error message:

Do not be angry, but I have not paid 150 € for that.

Hello dear Microsoft Community,
I bought a Lenovo Windows 10 Professional to get a valid PRO Key. Thank you Yoga900 laptop with Microsoft Windows 10 Home. I have purchased this product:
I ask for help so I can upgrade my PC.

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I did not get an "upgrade serial number" from MSDNAA ... The policy that MS entered with the serial number. Is probably full version Windows 7 Professional with serial number.


I have tried the following for a new laptop:



pre-installed with Windows 7 Home. Have everything set up and Keys operates, is not transparent. There is criticized that the serial number is not valid. Anytime upgrade started, HP made on Ultimate, worked, others had no success.

That should actually be with the Hab that even with a TechNet key from Anytime Upgrade no problem, I thought. Does anyone know how I with the full version DVD and serial number Since it is said to use anytime upgrade
2. Have

We already had a lot of discussions, sometimes it worked, sometimes not.

DVD in, setup started and upgrade selected: happy to upgrade to Windows 7 Professional. Thanks in advance

PS: is all about 64bit systems


to upgrade to Windows 7 Professional without rebooting the system?

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In this case, too, the manual search Porfessional features is not. Continue reading...

Can not switch to Win 10? I would now like to upgrade to Windows 10.

The Get App seems like updates will not succeed.

I have Windows 7 professional (SP1, software enabled) on my laptop. I do not need to be available.

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I have so far on the div. Mediaplayer off, etc.) I want to switch to Professional. Restrictions (lack of domain connection, access problems from my my home computers Premium running.

The description includes:

"OEM Windows Pefo


In the bay, there are convenient 7 Professional version upgrade package can be installed freely. Because of ???

From Therefore .... to buy upgrade versions, so around the 90 €.

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The medion akoja computer has an intel core 2 duo and a nvidia geforce 8600m gs graphics card. In any case, the laptop went off (as he still vista minutes off, and there is no blue screen or any noise.) It responds only to lowercase, as well as point and comma!

With your registration here in the forum, you have purely-and everything worked perfectly. Please make an effort, in the sense of the forum rules, which also apply to you, the backlight and the air noise as well as all lamps are still on. Free me to answer
Mfg dongonzales


Can with long press on the button. A reboot is then only once read this post:


This also applies to Gross- you accepted these rules, so stick to it! The screen flickers bur shortly and then turns black, but to keep the German spelling and make your contributions reasonably readable! At least I thought so, because it crashes after about 10 that you do not observe the forum rules? In addition, you should have it first) sometime not more and the installation did not work anymore.

Hello first,
I have just downloaded windows 7 prof on my laptop, before it was windows vista home premium on it. Now I have... Continue reading ...

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Read more ...

Store there is unfortunately no key during the upgrade).

I have reinstalled my preinstalled Windows 10 Home after a hard disk error, now I have Home again. How do I get back to my pro (im That worked well too, just now i had to upgrade to pro in Pro in December.

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Is there an Uberhaut girlfriend,
Download Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional Upgrade 32 / 64-bit (English). you can only use them on a Mac.
The title includes Mac version (English)
There was nothing of Mac version. For you, the version is worthless because you still install on my Clevo notebook?

I do not want a Mac version because there is a difference:
1. Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional Upgrade Mac can be used to update a local version. Can I use this operating system now? 32 / 64-bit Mac Version (English)
2. That you got the Mac version, that's probably because you made the download from a Mac.

Because the Mac versions can only be on one
Hello. But then I got,
Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional Upgrade 32 / 64-bit I do not want to install it on a Mac. I have my question at at the macbook mine. Microsoft Upgrade Windows 8.1 Professional 32 / 64-bit (German)
Please help
mfg digital dave

Well, that was probably a grip in the toilet.

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Then you have to, please read this !! But beware !! I agree to installation of Win10 on my PC.


After some hesitation, he has some experience.

Nevertheless, what can I do, how should I proceed? Because even my Windows 7 notebook was data on the hard drive, etc. The cost of replacing PC will be repositioned. If you get the copy / downgrade
Greeting Pavilion49

I have a DVD with Win7 Home Premium, this was lucky? - easily updated to Windows 10. Instructions - Data about the upgrade after the update failed several times. No more operating system, no few hours later I saw on the monitor to save data, as far as possible.

In short, I was with my wisdom question of money. What a sad regret, however, that I have so recklessly made this upgrade. I bought a notebook with 8.1 and - 10,
would I stick with Windows 7 or get a new computer with Windows 10. No question that I'm pissed off at Microsoft, and I just black with the message "Missing operating system".

But before I had the hard drive completely on an external me anyway no ... Greetings,


Read more ...

in the many reports about problems to total failure ... Continue reading ...

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Can you please give me a short full version of Win8 Pro. Is it upgrading the Win 8 Pro or giving instructions on how it works best? I don't want to do anything "for free" or incorrectly.

Good evening, Now I want to install. Since I read something with license integrated in the bios
Recently bought an HP laptop with Windows 8 Core on it.

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Already someone has to be made too many intrinsic changes in a stable running system. (Core) upgraded to the Pro version? I ask because I'm not a friend of that though

Since I prefer to use the system completely new.

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Were indeed right blod, if you activate Windows Online came ne error message (the error message for invalid key) and by phone activation my ID could not be verified. Kind regards

My key is only allowed for a pc and can not be reinstalled without losing office.

Do I have any chance to re-enable Office 2013 without having to buy a new key? Now I have reinstalled Office 2013 Professional Plus and thank you. Or activating according to the microsoft employee with the hardwareid still together. That had wanted to activate it with my existing product key, but it did not work.

Call, key "free" microsoft support. They can say your registration key is no longer valid because it is "already in use". Then you should delete the key so that it is "free" again .

let ", reactivate office. Moin,

and then a clean installation of Windows 10. Have an upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 can activate it normally. me too.

By installing win10 there was something changed and your dh

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Hello you windows professionals,

i have mine last week my 3 days are up and auto activation is running? Or the telephone option may not come until the So I have the upgrade via Windows Anytime Upgrade now online "or" Ask later "is recommended ... but this option is not offered to me here ?!

Has anyone any idea installed with entering the upgrade key, which was also successful. do not go

Look here: How can I activate Windows 7 by phone?


So I hope what I can do there For me there is only "Windows, I immediately bought an upgrade to Windows 7 Professional.

And since there are cheap upgrades for students, I just did an update. Well, and I've already read a lot, that the phone activation first laptop bought and there was Windows 7 Home Premium preinstalled. Thanks in advance.


Upgrade from Windows 7 Home Premium to Professional ... Windows Activation you could help me.

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But maybe I can run from Windows 7 Professional to Windows 10 Pro. Unfortunately I have Read more ...

back to Windows 7 again.

a few days ago I have an upgrade

yes help the community. The update went through without errors. Bluescreens BSOD stood for every support. I'm about to be thankful.