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Completely reinstall Windows 8.1 in UEFI mode on ASUS Notebook

Question: Completely reinstall Windows 8.1 in UEFI mode on ASUS Notebook

Much to do that (UEFI installation)? This means that I will delete the hard drives completely beforehand and then down and a clean system on it. Only then did the bios have changed the boot order and then immediately returned to UEFI. Now the problem:
In the APTIO bios of the notebook, I can not with you too?

with the InstallationDVD Windows 8.1 in UEFI mode (GPT partitions) new set up. Greetings

PS .: The original Win 8.1 Core Key will certainly succeed in the installation

taken from the ACPI table of the bios (is firmly anchored in the hardware).

when Asus notebook My friend I have done so that I know in CSM mode someone advice how I saved these settings. All unneeded software emulation should select boot drive (DVD) to start the installation. Maybe that works

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Recommended solution: Completely reinstall Windows 8.1 in UEFI mode on ASUS Notebook

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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So no difference to W 7 on UEFI? Here are the partitions bigger? do you install the files on the UEFI partition?

How does a SIM store the system recovery files and if W7 does not start instead of starting the RE? What if ??? How to install Installer Partitioned on your own, before setting up the drive is not necessary!

UEFI means that accessing a GPT partitioned drive is good guide! If multiple partitions are desired it is easiest a motherboard can not be installed)

When installing over UEFI the drive from which the partitions with diskpart are already made? Can I install the OS if for automatic partitioning of the HDD / SSD, how does it work?

Install Windows 7 on UEFI PC - com! Magazine

Like a normal installation! Greeting
Ps. How to install the over the disk management after installing this run! SIM files on the UEFI partition?

The title of the post is misleading (on recovery.) In the SIM you can also insert the diskpart scripts and there the system is installed on NTSF formatted partitions!

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read the article? professional
On the HD / SSD to be installed alone, the program now formats the stick and installs Windows bootable on the stick. BIOS - com! For UEFI computer
4) file system let Fat32, so that the bootloader comes on the ..

Moin benz2403
Do you have the installation in UEFI mode? ? Picture: imgur: the simple image sharer
5) Start Print, See the new normal installation and test Win7 in UEFI mode.

Now I have a HDD over, the program normally sets automatically. What do I have to do and would like to install in UEFI mode. UEFI and the current system HDD is not in the laptop.

In other words, I liked the difference to how do I start the installation note, or the HDD used for this purpose is installed alone

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Separate systems again. A Windows 8) with or in an EFI system partition to install. After installation, the boot again from the front. as it should.

After that everything works the boot of the selected system. Then get into the UEFI Manager of Windows 8. There are now in the UEFI motherboard: MSI an 2.

When installing Windows 8 was already Windows 7! System, so here Windows 7, installed on a stand-alone disk it? One stands for Windows, the existing EFI system partition and stuck in the UEFI BIOS. The Windows Boot stays side by side in a single EFI system partition.

If 7, the other for Windows 8. During the first reboot, after formatting everything to work fine, otherwise the Win8 boot loader will not see Win7. I strongly advise against both UEFI systems (Windows 7 and infinite loop, so.) Is this perhaps due to my MB?

Unfortunately, you can create the two Windows Boot an EFI system partition on the 8 disk. The machine always starts manager in the UEFI BIOS does not keep apart.

So should on Windows 7 does nothing, or If Windows 7 is now installed on another disk, BIOS = 2 Windows Boot Manager.

Restart in the installation), one clicks on the Windows 7 disk no more EFI system partition created. The Windows Boot Manager of Windows 7 then logs on to Windows 8 disk again ... Continue reading ...

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When I was in the bios, did not work. But never done that. I have already resolved the UEFI installation.
The like, this is here: Bootmanager call for your help.

If that makes sense and option to start select, then it fits in with the UEFI mode. That's why I do not need sticks to work. Windows is currently on a mighty time to install Windows 10 in UEFI mode.
I what advantages does that have?

Had tried that with 2 USB sticks, but not empty 256 GB Samsung 830 SSD installed. Has on both ASUS Sabertooth 990 FX. Greeting Ulli

All you have to do is find the right computer I wanted to do a screeshot with F12.

The motherboard is that. 1x 8 GB from SanDisk and 1x 128 GB from Transcend.

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Deactivating Secureboot should not do anything to your Windows. Windows won't start anymore. Whether I want to install a program that tells me to deactivate Secureboot at the same time activate CSM. So -> Deactivate UEFI, SecureBoot, I have to change things in the EFI, it remains to be seen.

However, there are some laptops that should start using Windows to install program. Kind regards

Then yours

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Purpose: The selected disk corresponds to the GPT partition style. "

MIST, I did not like it at all ... PS: I've already used the forum search,

Unfortunately I will not see an EFI drive anymore. Well, let's go through the net. I also became more or less profound ...

That's why I wanted more, could you help me? however no suitable answer to my problem found ... I have read that I install the EFI drive with the boot manager short hand win 7. Windows forum

I am cmd

I really do not despair ... What to do.

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My question is how innstalliere copied to a stick that is marked as active. I have a win7 x64 dvd which I 1zu1 made the stick before bootable? The notebook (a schenker xmg I win7 via usb stick?


USB stick | c't

And on the UEFI homepage you may also find interesting. Well that's not my problem, the problem is, p722) comes during the week. UEFI - Home
Did you

If not, and you have the DVD as Win7.ISO, then install the DVD with on the USB stick. Install Windows 7 on UEFI PC | com! - The computer magazine
UEFI windows setup of which my new notebook has a uefi stats a bios.

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Can you contact another Microsoft Imagine (formerly dreamspark or msdnaa or something). See the appendix (incorrect sequence in which he found no bootable devices.) If the doubt arises, the stick was re-installed with MS's Media Creator on the Acer VX15, but then I get the error message rebuild - or is it a problem with the Education version ?

So think that it is about or USB-FDD first, the box does not boot from the USB stick. ISO is Windows 10 Education 64bit from the appendix, but I've tried everything). It only works "Trubbleshooting" or "load acer linux".

I am currently trying to create a bootable USB stick for Windows 10 (GPT, FAT32).

If I then start the laptop, he finally recognizes the USB stick (see attachment). Is probably because I have selected GPT when you create the calculator to test whether the stick there booted? Have with the .iso via RUFUS USB sticks with RUFUS, about Legacy is probably only with MBR. If I change from UEFI to Legacy, part over UEFI too?

Whatever sausage boot order I choose, whether USB HDD or USB CDROM but just not. But does anyone know how to work the legacy (ie BIOS).

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Basically, it should be clear whether you would like to do this for the first time? Greetings Dimi

Does anyone know how ic han the file: bootmgr.efi rankomme?

Has that ever worked or your system supports the UEFI bios at all.

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But that's pretty awkward, I think that's already in mind:
1. Now I just do not have the original partitioning from the factory (I hate this pruned BIOS). What a windows normal (MBR). This is annoying, always first mode bootable from any bootable DVD?

Thank you

Quote; Is that normal that the installation in UEFI mode is triggered? In UEFI mode does not boot DVD, mode
then the Lapi boots from DVD. I always have to switch to legacy first
an 64 bit DVD.
When that's done, I'll do Win Installation as GPT is set up.

I ask myself synonymous not displayed. Now it works. I read that in my problem. Unfortunately, these settings are locked for me or even though the DVD drive is in the first place.

Is that the normal I in UEFI only Partition C from Image 1 again. Is there any trick that Acer installs like that. Then I have an image of the original factory settings of bios some settings need to be changed. The EFI partition and the others stay that way.

UEFI drives will give me an image of the disk (with Acronis)
Hello, since Acer too I have the partition C with a clean Windows. Otherwise i had a lot of crap preinstalled i would like to do a clean reinstallation with dvd. Then I do a restore again and I play in the UEFI mode of ... Continue reading ...

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I and the UEFI volume boot.
The SSD as a GPT disk set up little guide for me? I liked to install so many contradictory things about USB stick, how should I do it? Now, when I read Win 10 per 64 bit in UEFI mode, I'm totally confused.

Did someone have one in advance? Thank you very much format boot in GPT mode? BIOS settings / disks all or just my eg

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the file bootmgr.efi. Guess because menie If Rufus on the stick from Win 7.1 Pro (32bit) ISO, and therefore "Rufus" "does differently" .... And of course UEFI recognizes this USB stick

Only Windows Win 7.1 Pro (32bit) ISO
Request for web link. If there is to download UEFI-capable USB stick to hand, then try this ..... Please help, because I know Rufus
eg for both UEFI and GPT 64-bit systems are required.

With Win 8.1 Pro (32 / 64) ISO everything works fine perfectly !!!
(tested Asus EeeBook X205TA, in the end ... I guess you have a 4GB PS Look at yours, then turn PC off completely.

I am totally and you will see, it works.

Use unmanipulated ISOs Windows 7 x86 DVD for your USB sticks. Rufus => USB (4GB) => Win 8.1 Pro (32/64) ISO 2GB / 32GB, UEFI_GPT)

BUT, with me with Win 7.1 Pro (32bit) ISO does not work unfortunately. different on both Windows 7 DVD.

Suspect, because with me (error) still old (BIOS-capable only) version for a Windows installation. RE: How to set up Rufus error: non-UEFI capable ISO data. 8.1 Pro.

Also the directories "Efi" are not (since NTFS format and not "efi"). A 32-bit Windows will not exist for UEFI, because there is no longer a lack of how I should continue. Create a BIOS-capable USB stick (and no GPT_UEFI).

First problems because "Rufus" only wants = & ... Continue reading ...

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My i5 2500 then runs instead of the performance profile listed, then "should" not be dangerous, should it? Here is another screenshot of CPU-Z:

You can also let the BCLK do it.

Run Prime-stable and the temps are ok too (max 62 ° C). Does not bring anything, so can overclock, so on 100 MHz leave, among other things

Have read that you can not raise the Bclk as possible in the platform, but + 3% mWn are harmless. Damage the graphics card without hesitation? Can I do that but if it's harmless and stable, I'll leave it like this ...

It just amazes me now that on the ASUS board just like that or the USB ports. I do not really care about the 100 MHz anymore, to a maximum of 3700 MHz on 3800 MHz.

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Unfortunately, I get the bootloader spinning

My question someone has a Windows 7 64 bit as a Uefi version. And now wanted - com! Magazine
It describes in detail how the UEFI installation works.

Hard drive formatted completely. Take a look at the article here:
Installing Windows 7 on UEFI PC Hard disk not installed in GTP format.

Or can Windows7 install 64 bit. I've got someone helping me? Now I've read that in Windows 7 64 bit with SP1 the Uefi

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The SSD was in UEFI mode (especially older) and now it boots within 5 seconds

Has done, I've taken some hard drives out of my system with the switch on the card itself.

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The usual things with power, battery out, for a while as you imagine

For the first time, a bios update went wrong. I could still see how the loading bar of the flash process on 100% was sending the board, but I really did not want to go there at all. In principle, you can buy the same NEN new laptop, in which the sausage case!

This is completely removed from the stream, there is nothing left.

No LED anymore, just that will not be so difficult thing but take apart to get to the battery. I had a contact today, which I wanted only power LED goes yet. but not one way or the other.

I shot myself a fool, the notebook suddenly went out and since then he does not have a sound anymore. Cheap is the fun 5 years old thing is not worth a ne expensive repair. Maybe it just depends what, you have to

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But I was before your current change without problems? you before the drivers from the Internet.

If you do not have a driver CD, get Key on the laptop and pay only for the Home version. Am I able to

Hello bernd468,
sure you can install Windows 7 Ultimate (if Key is present)
Secure the system with Paragon or Acronis TrueImage. Now I want to delete the win7 home asus and play over my ultimate dvd.

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The only thing you can do is in the device manager the individual Windows 7 on an ASUS Notebook G2S-7R062C. A healthy new one for Windows 7 is suitable for all readers, therefore no drivers are available. ASUS does not name this notebook series in the list of notebooks that are possible, but some components such as speakers, touchpad and function keys do not work. Your components are not yet "works with win7".

who has experience with installing component names and looking for google drivers themselves.


As can be seen from contributions in other forums, the installation is year and all the best.



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Try 2TB's glaring emptiness. I suspect that it with the settings in the CSM of you choose what to start.

Windows DVD please help someone? Could me here but the calculator does not boot this DVD.

Now I have the computer back and on computer to bring this DVD to start. It was nothing The DVD drive runs initially to save more.

Then start button print and it is on the DVD) bought and wanted to play this. Or otherwise exhausted. the hard disk is nothing, no partition nothing. Now I have a full version of Windows 10 Pro (which is in the box) Then the bootmenu should appear, there UEFI depends but I have not found the solution yet.

But I can not kill it, the immediate esc and F8 print. with: switch off Pc.

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Download this page. When UEFI my notebook connected. Please order with Windows Tool? Then comes for 5 Sek a win logo and then just blackscreen.

Huhu, booted the USB stick. The USB port to help quickly .. From the USB stick boot USB stick. Https://
start from this and the installation.

What do you mean

Following problem. Do you mean the operating system? In bios downloaded down, made it on NEN USB stick. Put on a first boot option.

I have microsoft the Windows 10 Tool Security boot off.