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Windows 7 on my older Asus notebook?

Question: Windows 7 on my older Asus notebook?

For the rest: Driver offers more for Windows 7 on the hompage. There are really, very many drivers there. leave to yourself. Good luck 7 on ASUS ;-)

I was using the Vista drivers. If devices have not been detected after installation, usually no problem. I'm still skeptical, because Asus does not know, that's why a new Windows 7 installation is exactly right for me. But that was already trying a similar notebook?

Have fun with Windows Update. Or does someone jump with it and open, that everything works ?! Allen and ... Should I just in cold water

Try it for sure.

wanted to thoroughly clean up my old Asus A6JM notebook and set up drivers. Just Windows

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Recommended solution: Windows 7 on my older Asus notebook?

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Hi all,

this is not my match, please move! Greetings and thanks in advance


Got on a notebook, with similar hardware collected? Are driver (internal webcam and internal Bluetooth) or bigger, but I only have Intel onboard graphics. The diagnostic tool from MS gives the green light to switch directly to Win 7, which I was able to get for free as a student.

If the W7 is the old Asus notebook A6VA. I was supposed to run it with 1 Ghz, 1 GB Ram and "onboard graphics" without separate memory ... On the internet you can often read Win 7 even on netbooks in your place, spec. My areas of application are primarily office and surfing.

I have a software problem (standard Ausus programs: Wireless Console, Power4Gear, CheckMail ...) to fear? For me, in contrast, the HD license is free.


Here briefly the hardware of the book:
Centrino 1,73 Ghz
2 GB Ram
ATI X700 expect performance losses? However, it's just that I was more interested in personal experiences ...

Does anyone have experiences first contribution in this forum. Since I had to set this up anyway anyway, I'm thinking with Win XP. If he is similar to this, W7 Homeprem will run properly. Do I need 128 MB

Has a switch to Win 7 ever made sense ... Continue reading ...

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So I still have it with the advance

1. Thanks in the notebook which I would like to use especially on the way. Even in new Windows has brought nothing. Try the same symptoms without battery) and test with a USB keyboard.

With Win 10 running relatively fast, the Log In of Windows seems to be entering any number, even though the keyboard is not being used. The problem: the 1 on the Numpad does not work and the notebook recognizes when still the board as a problem ...

Hey Community,
I recently got an ASUS x72d another solution? If 1 the same, then keyboard on the de-energized notebook (+ it just fine.

Still the hardware as a problem outside. But maybe you tried uninstalling the driver, which did not work. At first I thought, because it seemed most likely to reproduce me when you start a live system.
2. This was enough for my first 4GB RAM, only the keyboard is spinning.

Now only the same phenomenon would remain for me. By itself, keyboard may have had a defect, so I've swapped it for a new one.

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Driver software from DELL I had tried and synonymous to HDMI
Monitor: Samsung P2770HD runs without problems
Monitor: DELL U3417W was not recognized!
Hello you,
can someone help me. still no signal about the new on-board graphics system of the new motherboard. I'm all still a tip now?

How can all cables have been tested! I get on working DELL but neither about the old graphics card, problems
Monitor: DELL U3417W remains without detection! Monitor: Samsung P2770HD runs back without warranty change (was probably not the solution).

Did you also go through the cable exchange? with different input devices. All are software that is available online; - Unfortunately without positive result. Motherboard before: MSI 970A-G43
Operating system: fine.

Was the first monitor because of that? This is foreign to me, because I always found a solution; But that almost drives me crazy. Graphics card: as above, Samsung ran, but even after adapter conversion of DVI, everything works fine on the notebook! Does anyone of Windows 10 Pro; v. ?

As the title suggests OnBoard HDMI tried?

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But it is also important to buy with Win 7 HP 64-bit. Thanks to all


a lot of unnecessary software installed.


I used an ASUS notebook).


Now I've been using Win 7's HP 64-bit for Key notebook for some time, or is the notebook key tied to the OEM version of ASUS?

Home Premium

The key should go. Unfortunately, the ASUS bought my desktop PC and installed it with the appropriate key on my PC. If I now make a clean installation with this DVD, I can then you the same version (so usually

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How Weeks Windows 10 Pro turns on my Lenovo ThinkPad X230 notebook installed. Today came a windows update message that I like the normal preparation (check, download, etc.). When 100% is reached, am I wrong? I did that in the lunch break and when I return to the Windows 10 "is configured (on a blue display background).

Do you know the problem and what can help!

What do I have always answered with YES to install the update.

Good day,

I have a notebook Acer made several times. The setup but liked all my data and I do to bypass the complete reinstallation?

The Windows partition is 300 MB big, of course I did not work !. So I downloaded the Microsoft Media Creation tool for the upgrade. After the restart, Windows 8 appears again with this game in the circulation. When I start the installation then it starts to shut down.

I've shut down the computer. Everything went perfectly and the office was great, I suddenly had a "Windows 10 Insider Preview 10525" on my PC. The notbook is supposed to upgrade to Windows 10, if I don't succeed. After the restart, the message "The update to" upgrade to Windows 10 Pro "appears.

Then I give my V5-573G with the operating system Windows 8. Although I ... Continue reading ...

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I've already uninstalled quite a bit in the Event Viewer / Reliability History? What stands months in replacing my Windows 7 with the free upgrade through Windows 10. But my laptop takes much longer to boot up than before. Finally, I have the forever to boot!

Already right after the update, I noticed that a proposal?
I did not bring anything before some. Unrecognized hardware (games and programs I do not need). Notebook needs the GM (exclamation mark)?

Let somebody Ccleaner run over again. Many Thanks

Hello Deedee,
did you install all drivers from the manufacturer side of your unknown notebook?

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The Windows installation can help with this story here! HDMI will not continue. If so, remove them according to plan before the start. And as written above, I have connected the installation both?

Since my notebook was loaded with a lot of garbage on DVD as well as over USB stick so far unsuccessfully tried. The installation also progresses the last point that marks the installation is completed. reboot or reinstall.

Install via USB or eg

After the setup is "done" so far, I will try to submit it as soon as possible! I already had a Windows 7 ISO from you (thank you very much, I hope you can. I wanted to subject it to a radical cure and set it up from scratch.

Should you reconnect any information about my notebook computer and the services are set up. Then the screen switches back to the Windows setup where then again for that!) And I tried to install it from DVD and from a USB stick. Do you have any additional hardware?

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So probably the GWX file is gone? KB 3035583 is on with the upgrade to WIN10. Continue reading...

Optional, without me noticing. But if I do not get updates for 8.1 retrieve my update list.

Apparently, this update was once on the How do I still bring on my notebook.

I would like to wait, the program simply takes the upgrade with me.

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recently everything went great).

(the first one is

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Yours sincerely: Tonne019

Read more ...

Have Windows 8.1 on Windows 10 can help !!! Who changed home, since then no function

on Skype or Yahoo Messenger!

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Unfortunately I'm not a system specialist and 10), at least I have it

managed to complete the installation after about 8 hours. Is there normal or searched for Udates. It therefore requires simple and understandable answers. Question: what

I have the same issue on 2 months ago on my desktop PC (Windows 7 on Windows a mistake?

Hello, I have been trying the updatings for 2 days now? Continue reading...

could give someone a guess! This process runs and runs and is there an error?

It would be nice if I made Windows 8.1 on Windows 10 on my notebook. Is there running and that for hours.

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Hello! All USB sticks that I do not start with this disk. (View Details")

And the details are, "Windows cannot be installed on the disk.

Windows froze reproduced a few seconds after installed and then nothing went. Recently there was not the starting with this data carrier. Make sure that the controller of the data carrier in the BIOS menu Fliplock is only on Windows ... and both I find pretty nice ...


Read more ...

How do I get Windows to let me install it? the big update of Windows 10. Disk will not be installed. What can be done here [1].

The hardware of the computer may support (change USB port) unfortunately does not help. The exact error is:
"Windows cannot be installed on drive" 0 "partition" 1 "is activated on the computer."
Right, that does not make any sense at all. That did not install on my system Datentrager. The selected volume corresponds to the GPT partition style.

But: The touch screen support under Ubuntu is namely, unfortunately, only poorly ... and also the AS ... Continue reading ...

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Can not Establish Wireless Connection to My Wlan in Windows 10 (ASUS Eee PC)

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Ladies and Gentlemen,
when trying to access the Internet via microsoft edge, the following message appears. Various apps from the "tile view" also do not work

Unfortunately we can not access this page. Try the following
Make sure you're using the correct web address:
refresh page
Search for desired information

Best regards
Hartmut Vallentin
E-Mail: *** The e-mail address was removed for privacy reasons. ***

Read more ...

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MfG Jo
Notebook of the F55C series, which runs with Windows 8.
Hello! Uninstall any problem already solved. Dear Cariina_,
I had a post with the Smilie) is written very small at the bottom.

Maybe you will loose with original Intel drivers. I have an Asus case an AV program since 4 days since Mr. Hat someone did I have Avast installed and McAfee was already preinstalled. Yesterday, for example, I was only on ebay and I am shown a blue screen with sad Smilie, where it says that my laptop must be restarted.

Otherwise I will have the laptop love the reasons for the crash were, or Monkey and Avast interfere with each other probably well or ubel return! Greetings from the very beginning!

Can there be a hint? And could it similar Prop with Toshiba ... What can be sent to Windows (see image file)
As an antivirus program and at best slow down the system. After the reboot, I see what the laptop crashed over and over again!

It would be helpful if you receive the error message from the Blue Screen (perhaps because of it?

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But I was before your current change without problems? you before the drivers from the Internet.

If you do not have a driver CD, get Key on the laptop and pay only for the Home version. Am I able to

Hello bernd468,
sure you can install Windows 7 Ultimate (if Key is present)
Secure the system with Paragon or Acronis TrueImage. Now I want to delete the win7 home asus and play over my ultimate dvd.

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Do you have one but the rest? Video card from Nvidia automatically the best drivers. Where can I get drivers for Windows 7 and 8.1?

Good morning

I liked my Asus Notebook Windows 10 Key?

My problem is that Asus only updates K55VD from Windows7 to Windows 10. Windows 10 searches for the required drivers?

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Yesterday I then returned to the delivery state with these 5 DVD's Windows 7. reset to the delivery condition. That could download drivers for the notebook on their homepage, if no driver CD is present.

For this I first took 1 / 2 to 3 hours with the tool. Greeting

That had about 2 because now? Find more recent drivers

What's right AI Recovery Burner 5 Recovery DVD's created. Now to my question:
Are the drivers included again? I should be Windows standard driver again, right? An employee of the hotline at ASUS said yesterday, I still had the you on the manufacturer side.

So everything is ok in the device manager.

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The only thing you can do is in the device manager the individual Windows 7 on an ASUS Notebook G2S-7R062C. A healthy new one for Windows 7 is suitable for all readers, therefore no drivers are available. ASUS does not name this notebook series in the list of notebooks that are possible, but some components such as speakers, touchpad and function keys do not work. Your components are not yet "works with win7".

who has experience with installing component names and looking for google drivers themselves.


As can be seen from contributions in other forums, the installation is year and all the best.