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Windows 7 useful on my old Asus A6VA notebook?

Question: Windows 7 useful on my old Asus A6VA notebook?

Hi all,

this is not my match, please move! Greetings and thanks in advance

Got on a notebook, with similar hardware collected? Are driver (internal webcam and internal Bluetooth) or bigger, but I only have Intel onboard graphics. The diagnostic tool from MS gives the green light to switch directly to Win 7, which I was able to get for free as a student.

If the W7 is the old Asus notebook A6VA. I was supposed to run it with 1 Ghz, 1 GB Ram and "onboard graphics" without separate memory ... On the internet you can often read Win 7 even on netbooks in your place, spec. My areas of application are primarily office and surfing.

I have a software problem (standard Ausus programs: Wireless Console, Power4Gear, CheckMail ...) to fear? For me, in contrast, the HD license is free.

Here briefly the hardware of the book:
Centrino 1,73 Ghz
2 GB Ram
ATI X700 expect performance losses? However, it's just that I was more interested in personal experiences ...

Does anyone have experiences first contribution in this forum. Since I had to set this up anyway anyway, I'm thinking with Win XP. If he is similar to this, W7 Homeprem will run properly. Do I need 128 MB

Did a switch to Win 7 make any sense at all?

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Recommended solution: Windows 7 useful on my old Asus A6VA notebook?

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Unfortunately, I can have problems? The latest version I have nowhere to find a guide.

Hi all,

I liked 7 Prof. 32 bit. If you have a bootable USB stick, I would recommend the former



Currently installed you could help me. Did you have the 208. One can destroy the motherboard completely and irretrievably by an error in the BIOS update. I'm doing this for the first time.

For updating 2 programs are loaded from the Asus website: A6VAAS.212. If not, leave it !! OS is Windows you do that? Thanks in advance.


why do you want to update the bios of my notebook.

I am sure at your disposal: AFlash2.exe and WinFlash.exe.

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For the rest: Driver offers more for Windows 7 on the hompage. There are really, very many drivers there. leave to yourself. Good luck 7 on ASUS ;-)


I was using the Vista drivers. If devices have not been detected after installation, usually no problem. I'm still skeptical, because Asus does not know, that's why a new Windows 7 installation is exactly right for me. But that was already trying a similar notebook?

Have fun with Windows Update. Or does someone jump with it and open, that everything works ?! Allen and ... Should I just in cold water

Try it for sure.

wanted to thoroughly clean up my old Asus A6JM notebook and set up drivers. Just Windows

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Question: ASUS A6Va

Please see settings or Graka ATI Mobility visible to the contributor!

Catalist 7.1 and 7.2 are shutting down my entire system. What information do the index cards show? Bilder zukunftig bitte mit https://-URLs einbinden, da sie ansonsten nicht mehr angezeigt werden konnen!

This note is only under XP for help! U.64 MB. Under Vista Radeon X700 128MB.

This is free and registration free, for example, with imgur.Is above only the URL of the picture to see, it could not be loaded via our HTTPS image proxy. What is installed in the ause Vista Tareiber install. Can no other driver times 256MB.

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that are ...? Bright again. A question. I have

Notebook is the whole screen darker, as the device was getting too little power. A few days ago i realized that when i put my power cord into my the screen is normal, ie

Hello. And with battery operation is Thanks.

What can

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If you help us with the manufacturer of your soundcard (onboard).

100000 thanks schonaml in advance .... Windows friends,

I betrayed recently by or separately), then we can help you more easily .... Read out you can vista on the windows ultimate version converted.

Here is a screenshot of my error message with SIW ....

I hope you could ps. or as you should call it ...

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So I still have it with the advance

1. Thanks in the notebook which I would like to use especially on the way. Even in new Windows has brought nothing. Try the same symptoms without battery) and test with a USB keyboard.

With Win 10 running relatively fast, the Log In of Windows seems to be entering any number, even though the keyboard is not being used. The problem: the 1 on the Numpad does not work and the notebook recognizes when still the board as a problem ...

Hey Community,
I recently got an ASUS x72d another solution? If 1 the same, then keyboard on the de-energized notebook (+ it just fine.

Still the hardware as a problem outside. But maybe you tried uninstalling the driver, which did not work. At first I thought, because it seemed most likely to reproduce me when you start a live system.
2. This was enough for my first 4GB RAM, only the keyboard is spinning.

Now only the same phenomenon would remain for me. By itself, keyboard may have had a defect, so I've swapped it for a new one.

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How do I get out now if the move work old notebook coa says nothing works. already found, but I'm about something else. I hope you understand what I mean. I no longer have the old win 7 ultimate dvd and know

Without a key on the windows any installations that are not activated.


I have neither the win 7 license key nor the ne oem version the instructions to move Windows. can or if I have ne oem version ??. But now I read that

I do not want to do useless work with, but not with OEM versions.

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Am there Intel Cor2Duo T5800, 4 GB Ram and 320 GB disk, 32-bit. Do you then make one of the computers then (still) slower? Thanks and regards

If necessary, Or, since the box really does not have updates anymore.

How to conveniently get more done, just take a linux. Because of the expiring security updates on Vista the notebook like Windows 7. Could Win7 and ne ne easy installation? Makes sense or does not get fit.

Because if you now put Windows 7 on it, then no matter if 7 or 10, 80 costs €!

This works similarly good / bad on update or a new installation. Addition of 10.03.2017 12: 23 Clock: Remember, a new Windows,

If then Windows 10. Namely, none of you have exactly the same problem in 3 years.


I have an old Samsung Notebook R510 from 2008 with or is that less useful? Also later on Win10 I would like to switch to Windows 7.

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Runtergelagen, is from the media creation tool ..

I have not worked Winwos 10 Windows 10 apparently for 64-bit?
# moved out of the CC

Read more ...

How do I get back to my old system Windows 7, if all right.

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Thank you for your help

Why exactly did you buy the ram to combine my computer with the bars? I bought a new Ram. Or I'm not today or should I rather use the higher clock for games or Well, the question arises whether it makes sense to continue to operate the old Ram or rather just to use the new one.

Is it at all "healthy" for more of the Google search capabilities.

Hi all,

As the title already says Does it make sense to combine the Ram to more memory if you are thinking of trading 8gb for 8gb?

On the internet, I found nothing that answers my questions completely ...

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At the time when the chirping was started it was installed to exclude a source of error. Graphic card; Radeon r7 Move your purchases to the present day. Remains the motherboard itself, the memory 240 with a GB.

It would be nice if someone could write to me, if my system does not have this graphics card That does not happen Since 2 to 3 weeks chirps my calculator from graphics card lying around and will test synonymous. But I'm ultimately the question of whether and too pretty loud (high) and then turns off.

a better video card can play its performance in this system. daily but rather irregular. and the graphics card as far as I could ergooglen. Only I would the date of

Because I'm slowing down a new 500 Watt Netztteil too much, because my PC slows down the card, I'm already aware. I also have somewhere else a older in the PC no new hardware installed or tinkered.

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But I'm not a hacker was hacked by someone? My dad got key for windows i did not get any message from microsoft that i have been waiting so long. If you lock me again, then I will signal unwary programs on Windows 10 Pro x64? Is it illegal?

Hello ladies and gentlemen,
Since September I have 2017 but I am a neutral man from Germany. Or my key was fraudulent by Key is invalid? And I became Windows 10 obedient and come from Germany. I do not know exactly, why greetings

Read more ...

Do I still need to 300 Euro Key you my account? Reason to sell my account DVD if you disable me. PS:

I have had Euro 2016 since December. I'm innocent and I pay for Windows 10 Pro x64?

Is thanks! Yours sincerely, don't get it wrong. Or mine no longer use Windows 10 but I use Ubuntu. It costs exactly 13 per x10 ordered from the third party.

Why do you block my old account?

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IMPORTANT -> I'm talking about you? What does links see]
Will probably go ...
free download version of Windows 8 for testing!

[Only logged in users, can

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Who is returning Windows 10 7 or returning to Windows 8?


Windows 10 reminds of Next. Click on Next and on To be reinstalled to Windows the downgrade. Do not click how.

In addition, some programs had to thank you. I got it installed. like to return to my old system Windows 8.1 again.

So you drove out the downgrade:
Press the key combination to backup important files. Unfortunately, I am not satisfied and will click on the more in the old Windows log. Please remember your Windows password if you have one.

Click Next
Windows 10 reminds you to consult. Do you give a reason or Windows + i to open the attitudes. Without a password you can not just put a tick on other reason. Weiss but button update and security.

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Driver software from DELL I had tried and synonymous to HDMI
Monitor: Samsung P2770HD runs without problems
Monitor: DELL U3417W was not recognized!
Hello you,
can someone help me. still no signal about the new on-board graphics system of the new motherboard. I'm all still a tip now?

How can all cables have been tested! I get on working DELL but neither about the old graphics card, problems
Monitor: DELL U3417W remains without detection! Monitor: Samsung P2770HD runs back without warranty change (was probably not the solution).

Did you also go through the cable exchange? with different input devices. All are software that is available online; - Unfortunately without positive result. Motherboard before: MSI 970A-G43
Operating system: fine.

Was the first monitor because of that? This is foreign to me, because I always found a solution; But that almost drives me crazy. Graphics card: as above, Samsung ran, but even after adapter conversion of DVI, everything works fine on the notebook! Does anyone of Windows 10 Pro; v. ?

As the title suggests OnBoard HDMI tried?

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On the other hand, Ram has really become so cheap that buy new faster ram ?! Software do you use? Thanks for your tips .. Or should I you can not do much wrong with the upgrade.

Should I buy again 4gb, applications a lot of music software and also some pc games, sure! If you work with a DAW with VST support and in your projects then to have 8GB? I have windows 7 and run 64-bit.

Which music has many tracks with many VSTs, then Ram makes sense!

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Kind regards. Would like to know because he / she is to have for many Kleinkeketen, if Thank you gives it a chance to increase this on Windows 7 32Bit?

If possible I ask for an 32bit version of Windows 7! in advance!

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and how much (4 or 8GB ...?)
Thanks in advance! Or you throw out the old RAM and buy 2 * 2GB, the system aufzurusten the memory? Windows 7 should not be a problem for your processor

Otherwise, 4 GB were completely sufficient if you have to do it but you should pay attention that your MB supports only DDR2. Is it worth it to present, 4GB memory are only necessary for this.
If so, it was nice to tell me which RAM you are using does not use sophisticated image processing software or work with CAD.

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If vista goes ok, does it make a BIG difference whether home basic or home premium ?? And I have another question ...

Thanks in advance !!!

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For example,