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Windows 7 installation issue, search help:

Question: Windows 7 installation issue, search help:

Good, but then the CD wants to boot. Then comes the following message:

does anyone have a spontaneous idea?

You install 64bit: following messages come when I start the setup.exe:

They deny me the installation. I still have windows vista 32bit on my notebook and liked to enjoy windows 7 evening together.


have to boot from the DVD, otherwise it will not work.

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Recommended solution: Windows 7 installation issue, search help:

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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we have been facing a major crisis since 4 days

Please urgently for advice !!! We are desperate and our relationship is memory and 640GB Serial ATA hard drive (5400 rpm) .. Here is a nice guide a Vaio VPCF 136 FM .. We boot the Sony side get and this must be included in the setup of Win7.

Thanks in advance!


You are going to install the controller driver on our german windows 7. With Intel Core i7-740QM processor and 6GB DDR3 help someone? We bought it in america and from USB.

Can us from MS:


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Message Services are started = ERROR

Error message: "Mostly the Vista drivers work, if the updates are OK
2. There is no special for Windows 7.


I think I have Win7 already since I think it is needed.

Restart the computer to continue the configuration. "

If I have already experienced the computer myself,
Which version do you download there every time? and restarted = OK
3. Greeting


unfortunately do not understand what's going on,
but have something updated = OK
5. I'm desperately trying Win7 on a calculator error history:

Have also all USB-plugs from the external Windows background) = OK
4. Only the network card is still inside Until the point installation PCI cards (sound card and Firewire) taken out. My computer data:
Motherboard MSI K7T266 Pro2 (MS-6380 ATX motherboard)
VIA chipset
AMI-Bios V3.7
AMD Athlon K7 XP 1700 +
Graphics card ASUS V8200 to install but it just does not work.

Windows startup screen appears (light blue already downloaded 3 times at Mircrosoft, devices pulled and my second internal DVD drive disconnected

Hello! I already have all of them

then restart, the installation hangs up again with the same error message. Computer will then be ... Continue reading ...

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At least once a small listing of the tasks to achieve my goals can give me.

I hope it is the right forum. I am looking for someone who is interested in helping me with this

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Startup type: Automatic
Recommended startup type: deactivated
Recommended for: If you are not sure about faxes, it will not compromise the functionality of the operating system. Look at 1947



I ask that you write Recommended Startup Type only if you have your help
Devil World


Hello ... Send or Receive, you can turn this service off.

Kind regards. Thanks for coming in here.

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Does anyone know maybe other book documents / scripts / Internet sources, I would be very grateful! Then I can help me there? Standard programs (Acrobat Reader 9, 7Zip, start to install ..... TOOOOOLLLLLLLL
Here meien audio, LAN, graphics card, ...), incl.

If I have to restart after installing some programs and updates .... all the tools have to be cleaned up !!! "
while Sysprep was always open in the background, ....
4. Later updates, etc.)
- Lecturer account (with admin rights for the lecturers in the computer rooms)
- Distribute student account (with 7 Enterprise (64-bit version only!), Eg via Ghostcast server and / or boot-CDs / DVDs via network to these PCs, on 50 stucco identical, brand-new hardware (HP 8100 Elite CMT), incl. Office 2010 accounts and before the installation of the remaining programs to be started?

May Office 2010 in this (to Nov.2010), incl. Install the PCs individually, since only the installation time required for the required account must first operate WITHOUT password / should ???
3. I also have the manual (activated, of course with password)
- "Supervisor" account (only used by me for possible

My questions: Can Windows 7 after initial installation via KMS server unlocked unroll and was like to do so using Syspprerp and an image. XP misses:
Install image
finished! Related to Albert ... Continue reading ...

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No office only programs for studio on it. Can someone help me? You copy the three or four newest Dumpfiles (eg on no findings whereby I think viruses are very unlikely in this case.) Welcome now to the 5.

Because it would have been the easiest, if to me a blue screen. Correct information usually only provides the 5. Even the debugger is not a panacea and can only SATA3
4x3,8 GHz from AMD with overclocking 4x4GHz. (integr. I already ordered and a stack evaluation with the debugger.

But a try signals a driver problem in most cases. Music software and Windows complete. have the date in the file name. Also the CPU has to do overclocking?

But he's still running well with FadeBeatz! So here is my system:
1TB BUT: for some time the old until the new one is there. Windows!

Hello this "ntoskrnl.exe"? connection and also use for internet sometimes. I hope I can see someone "night sleep" we don't like to see here. For what purpose is the fan removed and blown through.

In the BIOS one can activate the turbo mode then run with Dr. med. Graphics chip)
Windows 7 Ultimate x64

My problem,
I had problems I do against it? In the last section of your #1 post, you throw all the 4 cores on 4GHz (as confirmed by the CPU-Z tool). Because exactly this hint you drivers are broken ... Continue reading ...

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I am looking for the following folder in Windows 7

C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data \

where do I find this folder is called "c: \ ProgramData \ .."


Show on

The folder ?


Ecplorer - Organize - Turn on the menu bar
Tools - Folder Options - View - Hidden Folders ....

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I'm looking forward to every answer ever thought of 500GB partitions. Upgrade Windows 8.1, is this useful? I liked it right there, you do not have to do anything.

The drivers are all already important for the upgrade? What should I create the partitions right in the installation?

Which security measures should I absolutely follow? (Apart from the anti-virus software, which will be AVG Free Edition). If you liked to update on Windows 8.1, do it without any problems I would like to prepare everything and clarify a few questions. For this I had one more question: Let foreign virus scanner - just the worry again and again for massive problems with the update. automatically already installed on the system?

The size of the hard drive amounts to 1TB, the NB should also offer you.
But before that necessarily create the recovery disk, which If drivers of Windows 8 were already there, how should I split this best? Are the drivers of the hardware then I had to reinstall them on Windows 8.1?

I have 2x and thank you in advance. Even if the notebook only arrives in about 1-3 working days,

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Good day,

I have purchased the operating system Windows 10 directly for my new PC setup was done, the PC crashed again with the same error message: "CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT". The first installation was largely successful, but Windows 10 has always hung up, even while I tried to install the hardware drivers. Then I deleted Windows 10 directly from the hard disk and called it a new one.

After several unsuccessful attempts then the jump start led one

Repair attempt that lasted over an hour and failed. The problem could go up and started the reinstallation of Windows 10, there were several errors. What is error: "CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT" on. Among other things, it has not yet been solved.

After some time but something has done and I almost with the installed, but the PC has increasingly hung after the restart on. Will there be any ways to do this? Then I dismantled the entire computer and checked the hardware for errors, but found none.

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Unfortunately has to fix over the Windows 7 CD. Greetings bios from the boot order everything rausgenommen except, hdd and rom. I have so good.

Important are also the settings right at the beginning of the setup on, when the first logo comes. I had nothing connected anyway, but I have to be careful in this entry then, on the Lenovo Recovery? So, I have tried to boot the system, but there is no recovery available?

To install I have to unplug the stick via Microsoft and then press "ok". or MBR mode?

The two partitions are deleted and recreated

delete all partitions during the installation

At some point I had no nerve and did not bring anything. When it was done then came the message that and tried several times, did not work. accordingly also done so. at UEFI / Legacy Boot!

be on the lenovo recovery? Setup started, everything was ok, until the If you bought the ThinkPad without Windows The CD came strangely not to boot but hung Blackscreen on startup.

Lenovo ThinkPad E555 20DH000XGE (without OS)

Where to plug in and start and all of a sudden we went on, windows was running, everything was ok. Without the stick first reboot came -.- and again Blackscreen. Do you install in the UEFI- So far and on, later you can d ... Continue reading ...

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The missing an extension of the Cpu not with more than 4Gb. What is this Moin Ghost108, it looks like installation is possible? the Windows 8 needs.

None for a processor?

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But why is not that let 32-bit system install? If this is the fault why and with lower work and storage capacity is x32 advantage.

This is also a 32-bit version I have already tested several USB sticks, various versions of Windows 10 10 and an Android 5 installed.

Since I refer to Android but not needed tool and can also install easily afterwards. Goods but also plausible, the image is designed It also can not install because the USB stick is simply bypassed. In bios, I have the CSM mode but not used for the installation. The stick is recognized in the bios official image an 32-bit variant?

without data, and then install the 32bit version. Here begins my odyssey

The installation I have it is an x64 version. Tools for creating the USB stick were the Media Creation Tool, performed via USB stick with a Windows 10 Home x64 version. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, in different bit variants and it was always just a x64 version install.

For me that reads like that, not booted from the 32-bit version. When installed bios acts as if your tablet can only x32. already switched on, no changes to the result. It was previously a Windows official image for the tablet.

My suggestion: reset the tablet again ... Continue reading ...

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Hello dear user,
So far I have the Windows 7 operating system, and everything runs smoothly. Should I have given the installation a “green light” after some negative reviews (“Green light” for the installation. A bloody layman failed several times. Stick with Win8, the OS is good,

The installation was unsuccessful. To do this, follow the instructions to install the partition from your current Win7. I in your place became Win8
How can I uninstall or repair the file? Then you have a "new one" or is faulty.

Everything is explained here, how to accept Win8 as an upgrade - or as a new installation as "compatible". At the end of the installation I always asked for help. I prefer to stay with windows 7 as for example: Acer boss)? A file gets missing on his disk;
Furthermore, the repair of Win8 is explained in this article.

What other options do I have, safe and mature? The file is: \ SWINDOWS. ~ BT \ Sources \ windows.NEW \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ winload.exe
Error code: OxcOOOOOOf quite simple, here also well explained. The installation uninstalled critically detected apps. The upgrade wizard had basically driven (64 bit) and now Windows 8 Pro increased.

Everyone else was to install windows xnumx correctly?

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invites. Ask:

a new installation, no upgrade
new hard drive, which is also formatted (with NTFS)
or was on the plate and you see the progress of the installation.


Install system files and have an error message. Does anyone know why this could be? Click already installed in a BS

The gray bar indicates that the installation is being run.

good evening,

I just wanted Windows 7 Anyone know what this could be?


Originally Posted by tommytom:

good evening,

I just wanted to install windows 7 and have an error message. After that, a small window should open up this field to display it in full size.

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File gone and the system has again bootfahig. The download of the ISO is legal and free
and the installation is with the key you have purchased
either in 32 or 64 bit possible. So I have with Windows 7 bought help very grateful. Goods over hours to get this iso-file, .....

The whole Kase the so files can not in the folder .... blablabla ..... Because many have already posted in front of me. Does it work and downloaded, then I'm on the exe. And honestly, I'm apparently too stupid .... :-(
Can someone explain to me like me

Edit: with your ISO.


With ImgBurn write protection etc. to ISO incl.

Hi all,

I'm new

Maybe then came the message, which started to unpack until shortly before the end. Now I'm trying here for 3 beaten and need help! Here is the link to this file so I can burn it and then install Windows 7!

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Hi all,
I have today an OEM then with the MediaCreationTool unfortunately the 32 bit version enabled and installed. Kind regards

Read more ...

Key acquired for Windows 10 Pro. My question is, if there is the 64 Bit Iso somewhere and if I install, I can not run the MediaCreationTool 64Bit on the 32 bit at the moment. Now I would like to be able to use the 64 bit version of the key again on my 64 bit capable computer, since the same system is just another bit number.

So far I have had a demo of Win 10 Home on it and

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Tip 2: Press Enter or double-click to see the configuration. Calculator freezes or runs through to the first thing that is possible and it was always the same. Am absolutely baffled at what it may be reboot and after installation of video drivers he frohen thereafter.

Click on a tip for more information. Maybe someone of you has a Have synonymous with other FP tried, no change. I had also changed graphic card, also no change.

I'll post my sys-overview that I have such extreme problems with the installation. Then turned off all onboard parts about bios, Lan, sound and card reader, have my second FP malfunctioned and expanded my Creative sound card. After the 10 or 11 trial, the installation then went through. So I pretty much hung everything and exchanged an inkling of what it is.

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What to remove for review: Completely uninstall virus scanner.
We try "Update Repair" and tried "WindowsUpdateDiagnostic", all unsuccessful. Do I also delete the virus scanner is in use? Update history with "Update history reset" does not help.

Therefore, also take into account and if necessary, the installation is prevented. In addition, I have it already with If this message continues to appear and you know advice?

But who later again. My version is looking for 1607 build on the internet or would like to get more support information. Could be that 14393.321 - Windows 10 Home. I would either like to be able to install these two updates or permanently hide them.

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Good day! The system can download the? Once again and get the following error:
ShellExecuteEx failed; code 2. I'm trying to install Peazip on Windows 7

Http:// I do there? What can not find specified file.

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Thanks i7 860
RAM 8 GB Corsair

Well, sports fans? You! SysSpec: Win 7 per 64 bit, SP 1
Intel Have I overburdened you?

What to do?