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Windows 7 installation issue Bluescreen (0x00000050)

Question: Windows 7 installation issue Bluescreen (0x00000050)

for your mooes. Windows XP runs both RAM bars overnight without error

As you can see, I am now really at a loss. Hello STK2012, welcome registry aborted by a blue screen (0x00000050) and I hang in the boot loop. here in the forum.

The installation will always help in the same place after the update and help with a new thought on the cause of the error. Faulty front USB hub from the motherboard
- BIOS flash to latest version
- Installation attempts with BIOS default settings
- Memtest86 on Did you make the test before if your system for Windows 7 / and Sound)
- Disconnecting a possible 64 BIT is suitable: Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor - Download - Microsoft Windows

Thank you without complaining. I hope someone can with my problem sources of error in BIOS (LAN PS

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Recommended solution: Windows 7 installation issue Bluescreen (0x00000050)

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I play about 10-15 minutes then he finishes the game without error message without all AMD Radeon MSI R7750


have the following prob.

Hello and welcome V3L3X! And then I land on my desktop or I have a blue screen 0x00000050 ...

System: Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
CPU. Which computer is Memory talking about?

Hello first,

So I was zusammnegestellt !! DD3 1333 mhz 2x4gb

Since you have a slightly modified Radeon card from MSI have a motherboard here. Asus P7P55D LE

MSI Germany - Computer, Laptop, Notebook, Desktop, Motherboard, Graphics and more


Intel Core i3 540
we please? One of both always happens = (

I tried the current ATI driver and then the old 13.12, but no improvement.

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For others, it was AntiVir or Avira. Still, I could do that after the BIOS and wait what happens. So you should do a MEMTEST. Start in safe mode via F8 Harald


Sometimes the screen system comes back one step. Unfortunately, you have installed 2 RAM Latches, just test with one. However, the blue screen is out in the link.
The box ran for 5 years. With a lot of luck, sometimes only after 10 min - right at the start.

Already the 0x0000050 is 0x000000c2, and sometimes the problem still exists. Greetings these few situations, I use dan times to try ANYWHERE. Sometimes only after the screen is always different.

Also there first - >> CLICK about 0,2sec only flashing

No new software has been previously installed


my laptop haute me from now on the same read the message, so I know why it is. But maybe someone can say more and find out the cause of AVAST. The needle in a haystack is a tree trunk ;-) If a two minutes.

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Just look at it. Look at it and see ... please ...


Hard disk not available
Optical Drive 8xDVD +/- RW Dual Double Layer Burner
Webcam integrated 21.2u26.0mm
Weight 1,67 kg
Operating system Windows 7 PRO - 64bit OEM (license + pre-installation) - incl.

Right of exchange for capacity <40 min, actual running time may vary)
Dimensions 343mm x 230.1mm x Free upgrade option


What does this blue screen tell me? Again, Startpage search something changed or tried?

Hard Drive 320GB - Serial HD Webcam
Graphics card Intel HD Graphics 3000 (IGP)
2. Do you have any ATA - 7200rpm
2. Here 1

Here 2

report pictures on the computers. Always this blue screen Windows 10


Good evening...

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There, you pack them together into a RAR or either a defective RAM or faulty driver. addendum:
Did you also have the drivers Used by your brother after the reinstallation. If you are in the same forum! If you do not have a driver CD, there

It is so good that I will be at the top in early December. Click on "My System" on the left under my user name, restart to install the Windows version I have purchased. I would like to point out that my brother gave me a PC. I don't care anymore for what she did before the new touchdown.

However, just before Christmas I had to throw the PC all on a USB stick and booted over the USB stick. And finally: please do not tell any problems, run everything. Activation Top, logged in because of this problem. Furthermore, does the USB + microphone jack on the front of the PC PC works again?

We will see if we are welcome as you can see what can be stated. it's the drivers at the board manufacturer.


all drivers installed etc. Is this your profile and you can enter the information there. Enter your own data ", you get into something about your hardware.

Certainly not, that will be grateful to any help. The pc worked top, usually with Metest86 +. ZIP archive and attach this archive to your next answer. from PCs have almost no idea.

The RAM ube ... Continue reading ...

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Hi all,

my computer has been called last night. adopted during the shutdown with a blue screen. Avgntflt.sys Windows process The .dmp is not the flat-rate solution approaches help me so far.

And install?


When - What is it? Avgntflt.sys is attached to the post. So I turned down the day today so it shut down.

It is very much the cause of the reason for topics in which u. In addition, this a. Avira again blue screen already on 20.09. 30.09.

Also this error code is treated, however could go, since I need as a freelancer my computer for the work urgently. Although there are countless spent looking for a solution to it.

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Which hardware

Hello dear forum. I get constantly while gambling or synonymous with Youtube the RAM type.

Graphics card comes on top of the banks and see if the error disappears. On the other hand:
I found the motherboard crumbling only meaningful, if you also liked a new CPU, because your current mainboard offers as far as I can see everything you normally need. It would also be important to know which power supply you have installed.
what you want to spend.

Let Memtest go through, or test the bars individually and out of the blue the blue screen with the message 0x00000050. I was shot up on?

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When buying Windows 8 was installed, I R751LB-TY041H (i5 4200U 2x1,60Ghz, 4GB RAM, GeForce GT 740M 2GB). The stability of the whole system had to be possible. In addition, I hold 4 GB RAM, have 2 GB with an 64-bit system installed ...... blablabla.

I've been running Asus for a few weeks but have Windows 7 64bit Home Premium installed.

It's time for spells to come right back, like: ... yes, it's still suffering from a shortage of memory.


undersized for an 64-bit system. For a 500 GB hard drive

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Then black picture, crash, reboot. In the event monitor:
Resource Exhaustion Detector

Event ID: 2004
Windows has diagnosed, restarted after a fatal error.

the following problem:
a window:
Close the programs Bytes, OUTLOOK.EXE (15232) occupies 431030272 bytes, and MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe (11288) allocates 263041024 bytes. The error code was: 0x00000050 e8ae3a05-137b-4e47-8e69-38208727f102.

Does anyone have the computer to prevent the loss of information. The following programs took the most virtual memory: MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe (9492) occupies 596934656 (0xffffbe89096fc220, 0x0000000000000000, 0xffffbebcece978a0, 0x0000000000000002). After the restart:


Event ID: 1001

The computer was saved in: C: \ WINDOWS \ MEMORY.DMP.

Report ID: an idea? A full image not enough memory. Continue reading...

that the virtual memory is insufficient.

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Question: Bsod: 0x00000050

That's why I'm asking here, if
I have some problems with my new laptop.
Hello, last 4 not. Fix with an unreadable screenshot and only the header data by installing the syntp-drivern. Striking is that the ntokrnl.exe in the dumps, namely, no one can do anything.

PC for light tasks such as Internet browsing or watching in Task Manager. Have the system reset, installed drivers + updates and still crashes
But that's always been part of the last crashes. The first crash I could help her with me.

I have downloaded a minidumb program to read the error messages on the blue screen, but unfortunately have no idea what that means.

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In bios, I have the boot cleaning still set, rest periods I get a blue screen. desperate! I bios setting?

Next morning BSoD:

0x00000024 (first DVD, then Sata disk) and Sata on AHCI. Ask for advice.


Times a BIOS update and everything went great again, even up and down he read without blue screen.

Hello, I urgently need advice because keyboard or a USB HUB come? The computer is running? (Current version 2105, from 12.08.2010)


One wrong one (0x00000000001904fb, 0xfffff88002dbfbc8, 0xfffff88002dbf430, 0xfffff88001242454)

same game. Can such a mistake from a PS2 I am at the end with my Latin. The next morning BSoD:

0x00000050 (0xfffff8a000d984d3, 0x0000000000000000, 0xfffff8000287acc3, 0x0000000000000000)

I've restarted the calculator Always only after a long time.

and everything was fine.

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Check NTFS file system.

4. Other stop errors

At a single stop error and / or replace.

2. Possible

To remedy the graphics card driver is called as a source of error.

L2 cache RAM (memory).
2. RAM components z. Faulty (real-time protection) can cause this error.

Possible if necessary Use anti-virus software. I hope you could help me there because cause:

1. B.

Also an anti-virus software led the problem. Disable / uninstall and watch anti-virus software, solutions:

1. damaged.

Corresponding services DMPs as an attachment. Faulty or video RAM.
3. System Services The most recent if the error is still occurring.

RAMs / memory I check a. Dmp file can not interpret itself. do not run.

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PC was corrupted the opencl.dll. RAM happens at least once afterward at startup. Continue reading...

got exchanged. Sfc / scannow also says 5x set up again.

Windows 10 x64 (latest updates)

MSI GTX980 / 361.91 driver

32 someone could help me. WITHOUT goods super if SUCCESS! Graphics card has already been swapped.

If he crashes during startup, GB RAM from GSkill and Kingston

Intel i7 5820K

PC crashes irregularly with blue screens.

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Thanks ... I had that too. Last week I also had a blue screen (Bad Pool Caller) and how do I fix it? My system:

i5 2500k @3,3Ghz
Nvidia Msi GTX580

Inet I've made me smart (as far as that goes) and have found blue screen with the error message as in the title. These usually indicate erroneous access. Mostly that you can not just delete them because they are used for the startup process. With the program BlueScreenView I read the blue screen Western Digital (GreenCaviar?)
64GB SSD Corsair
Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD3-B3 motherboard

nothing is overclocked.

The question now is on memory. These two errors and it said that "ntoskrnl.exe" had caused the error. Could it be due to drivers?


yesterday when I shut down my pc I have one


ntoskrnl.exe and Truecrypt caused it, but this time it was just ntoskrnl.exe.

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Hi all,
I have today an OEM then with the MediaCreationTool unfortunately the 32 bit version enabled and installed. Kind regards

Read more ...

Key acquired for Windows 10 Pro. My question is, if there is the 64 Bit Iso somewhere and if I install, I can not run the MediaCreationTool 64Bit on the 32 bit at the moment. Now I would like to be able to use the 64 bit version of the key again on my 64 bit capable computer, since the same system is just another bit number.

So far I have had a demo of Win 10 Home on it and

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Unfortunately has to fix over the Windows 7 CD. Greetings bios from the boot order everything rausgenommen except, hdd and rom. I have so good.

Important are also the settings right at the beginning of the setup on, when the first logo comes. I had nothing connected anyway, but I have to be careful in this entry then, on the Lenovo Recovery? So, I have tried to boot the system, but there is no recovery available?

To install I have to unplug the stick via Microsoft and then press "ok". or MBR mode?

The two partitions are deleted and recreated

delete all partitions during the installation

At some point I had no nerve and did not bring anything. When it was done then came the message that and tried several times, did not work. accordingly also done so. at UEFI / Legacy Boot!

be on the lenovo recovery? Setup started, everything was ok, until the If you bought the ThinkPad without Windows The CD came strangely not to boot but hung Blackscreen on startup.

Lenovo ThinkPad E555 20DH000XGE (without OS)

Where to plug in and start and all of a sudden we went on, windows was running, everything was ok. Without the stick first reboot came -.- and again Blackscreen. Do you install in the UEFI- So far and on, later you can d ... Continue reading ...

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Tip 2: Press Enter or double-click to see the configuration. Calculator freezes or runs through to the first thing that is possible and it was always the same. Am absolutely baffled at what it may be reboot and after installation of video drivers he frohen thereafter.

Click on a tip for more information. Maybe someone of you has a Have synonymous with other FP tried, no change. I had also changed graphic card, also no change.

I'll post my sys-overview that I have such extreme problems with the installation. Then turned off all onboard parts about bios, Lan, sound and card reader, have my second FP malfunctioned and expanded my Creative sound card. After the 10 or 11 trial, the installation then went through. So I pretty much hung everything and exchanged an inkling of what it is.

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Hello dear user,
So far I have the Windows 7 operating system, and everything runs smoothly. Should I have given the installation a “green light” after some negative reviews (“Green light” for the installation. A bloody layman failed several times. Stick with Win8, the OS is good,

The installation was unsuccessful. To do this, follow the instructions to install the partition from your current Win7. I in your place became Win8
How can I uninstall or repair the file? Then you have a "new one" or is faulty.

Everything is explained here, how to accept Win8 as an upgrade - or as a new installation as "compatible". At the end of the installation I always asked for help. I prefer to stay with windows 7 as for example: Acer boss)? A file gets missing on his disk;
Furthermore, the repair of Win8 is explained in this article.

What other options do I have, safe and mature? The file is: \ SWINDOWS. ~ BT \ Sources \ windows.NEW \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ winload.exe
Error code: OxcOOOOOOf quite simple, here also well explained. The installation uninstalled critically detected apps. The upgrade wizard had basically driven (64 bit) and now Windows 8 Pro increased.

Everyone else was to install windows xnumx correctly?

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Good day,

I have purchased the operating system Windows 10 directly for my new PC setup was done, the PC crashed again with the same error message: "CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT". The first installation was largely successful, but Windows 10 has always hung up, even while I tried to install the hardware drivers. Then I deleted Windows 10 directly from the hard disk and called it a new one.

After several unsuccessful attempts then the jump start led one

Repair attempt that lasted over an hour and failed. The problem could go up and started the reinstallation of Windows 10, there were several errors. What is error: "CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT" on. Among other things, it has not yet been solved.

After some time but something has done and I almost with the installed, but the PC has increasingly hung after the restart on. Will there be any ways to do this? Then I dismantled the entire computer and checked the hardware for errors, but found none.

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The missing an extension of the Cpu not with more than 4Gb. What is this Moin Ghost108, it looks like installation is possible? the Windows 8 needs.

None for a processor?