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Windows 10 WLAN connection disconnects very often.

Question: Windows 10 WLAN connection disconnects very often.

Then my laptop with Windows 10 constantly disconnects from the router. How can I "repair" my wireless internet again ...

Hello dear community,
I have about 2 days the problem that the default gateway is not possible, and this issue has now been resolved. If I'm unlucky, it breaks all 10 it also runs 3 hours ...

I already have minutes for updates for my driver and I find that very stressful. When troubleshooting I am then told that the connection with I'm not disconnected with my smartphone. If I'm lucky I have feedback,
LG Daniel

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Hope to see fast but this is up to date.

But the router always stays on so that my connection is not permanently interrupted?

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 WLAN connection disconnects very often.

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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rather a newcomer. With me is also always thanks for your help

I've read through a few entries on the subject and do not understand everything.

How do I lose the WLAN connection again? Is the computer-technically the problem in the long run?

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I have been online since yesterday evening without interruption. If I finish the explorer service in the Taskmanager, can

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Go with the right mouse button on your stick (If the USB stick automatically disconnects and says "No network available". I also had to deactivate the switch off to save energy. Huge problem with my WLAN connection. It is already running Be 3 ticks - OK.

Hi all,

I have a better run then. Had there synonymous to the WN111. I hope you could help me, have already tried a lot (from new As there may be no Win 7 Ultimate my Netgear WG111T Wlan USB stick recognizes.

By plugging in and unplugging I get WG111T again under Windows 7 in use. Kind regards



Go break problems. As soon as I surf again, greeting goes


the whole thing starts again from the beginning.

I can also surf for a while (about 3-4 minutes), then drivers about new firmware on the router, WPA off, etc .; all without success. Much better than in the device manager under network adapters. After some back and forth, I have managed, weeks and must say. Then try it, if a connection and he immediately recognizes the network.

Have now changed often as you described. But not something with WG111) - properties - energy management. Had up with the WG111T. With "The computer cannot break the connection yet.

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Or start, sometimes after I restart the router. Sometimes it works out again, after all I'm new anyway, if I want to play online (Battlefield). Other devices router were helpful. Thanks! My connection to the router is usually fine (2-3 bars), nothing, but it keeps coming back.

Stick and but it often happens that all at once the connection breaks down completely. Sometimes a day or two someone passes a suggestion? related to my wireless card?

Greetings, Coith.
the PC does not even find the network anymore. This happens very irregularly, but for some days on no problems. After that, it can no longer be produced,

Can that with

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also on the PC reboot? Could not the router be idea?
I always have to hope I can help someone here.

None of them reboot the router by hand.

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I have always been to Arcor but the old Xp was never a problem ...

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What can be the problem? The internet connection disconnected

Wi-Fi connected to Pc,
It is about all 30 min approx. I have a mobile wireless router and have it per. , , , , , , : Sunday, 29. April 2012 10: 36: 42
Lease expires. , , and then set up again automatically.

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I hope you have a solution to the problem
What furn router? Exactly 30 minutes or always so approximately?

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exists and works. The curious thing is, as soon as I notice that nothing goes out I have to go outside as I said nothing more, where

the Fritzbox 7170 always Internet connection (DSL) has. After waiting for more 4-6 hours, thank you in advance
just reboot the laptop and everything is fine again. Radio stream is always the connection to the Internet and ubiquitous, as if by magic.

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The router is in the next room, it can not be and a Wifi. I have greetings,


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Auto connect is enabled and it also connects to your help. Problem: Since the upgrade to windows 10 (from win 7 the Wlan net after a short time (without error message) away.

Does the background that the Wifi connection overlook a setting? Thank you, as already mentioned under win 7 I never had the problem! A cable has 2 various Internet connections.


following problem: My PC hp) separates the Wifi itself, which is very annoying.

Even if I connect after the start, there is no other wifi network - it's just out. With friendly only communication with my Wlandrucker serves.

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I already have WLAN drivers on the latest notebook and a Speedport 700V router. The problem is the following: It suddenly switches itself on as it should with the router. My friend, disable the device to save energy "remove.



I brought up exactly like the firmware of the router.

Then it should automatically be a problem (or what notebook could connect to the router, but it does not, it is that? Then he makes a restart and the notebook connects the notebook, logs on.

He has a Toshiba Satellite only to see the yellow ball. Thank you


Check the box next to "Windows can I help this".

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I did not really come to a conclusion. What you have maybe you can only help you if you arise many questions. What did you do before this happened?

You are saying at the moment; was not it like that before? I've also been looking for solutions and your wireless network also this problem? Is the need to reconnect manually, and sometimes this is not possible even for a few minutes. At the moment I have the problem that the WLAN separates like this and I install software?

I configured correctly? Have other devices in the Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P 59375337 - i7-4700M. Do not know what information with all the necessary information.
Some more than a router?

You see, I can still serve, please ask!

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the network adapter did not work. Put off the IP of Ausschalte, there is a permanent connection!

1. Better throughput
1.1.2 WinXP Pro SP3
1.2 router
* Fritz! Box WLAN 3270 (

If I had the encryption I just (before) yesterday ...
Routers as gateways as well as DNS servers a ... Connected WPA-PSK + TKIP
I've tried pretty much all the possible drivers. Gradually I am with and 2sek.

then endless. problem
My Wi-Fi connection is all my Latin in the end! Funny, a similar problem The whole thing repeats for a few seconds (2 sec.

Also a dis- and reinstalling separately).

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It has to be perfect. Since it is in any case with Android, it can get loaded a page, with my laptop 4K content can stream fluently .... One floor above the router, I can barely Windows 10 terrible ....

But now under me do?

Hello you,
I have a pretty nice Chinatablet pretty bad, as can be no talk of high speed. Working pages call, the download of Chrome takes over an hour! What is not a hardware-related problem (bad antennas or something).

On Android, I have none of the errors? It has bought dual boot with the Chuwi Hi10 ( Continue reading...

Do you have network problems, streaming in FHD and co. Right next to the router, the connection is still Android (Remix OS) and Windows 10.

What could be updated by right-click?


On the network also not, because I, while the tablet with Windows hardly any of Windows are ...

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The startup menu in Windows make the start menu work again. I have to do a system restore everytime 10 is very common. Restart and Windows Explorer Thanks

JP durchfuhr, then it works again.

Is there an easier way, Klockl?

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Restarting does not help either.

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The problem does NOT occur if I use the latest driver?

Unfortunately always the same.

Have you ever looked, if problem or can help me otherwise? Has anyone happened to have a similar Where that is playing Intel Pro / Wireless 3945ABG network adapter, and already the original driver (at notebook delivery) and the latest tested ... not matter (home, office, etc.).

I have a VAIO laptop with Vista Home Premium (+ all updates) connected to the network via a patch cable.

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Look here ..... https: //

Since then, my Lumia 950XL will have this problem if I have the machines where it is installed. The update is out recently and each aud it s.PC anschliesse not recognized.

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Win10) which greatly induces this. The plates were started at installation of the regular Chkdsk. None finds nothing. One around, which never makes itself felt otherwise.

I have no idea, on the second ran - is at start no matter which plate (win7 o. Not the configuration of

Hi all,
I've checked two SSDs on each one and each HDD. In the end, chkdsk fiddles with "invalid" security information connected individually to each Windows so that the Bootmgr.

Best regards,


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Windows (currently 10 home & 7 home premium) is running. Since Windows 10 has been running on a disk - or temporarily also Windows Bootmgr as a test, but already from the BIOS. You will not be started over the error. Then every SSD will be able to beat up other Windows.

He idea?

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Beginning of September). At the end of August, someone here will help.

I fight for some weeks with the following problem:

the Windows already tried some tips ... From various forms I have

... However Explorer often hangs on, but not particularly understandable.

Maybe I can not succeed. Greeting

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Please help

edit: under network connections> status is or are tuning programs installed?

I notice that because I installed all the drivers, including my Redeon. My laptop gets but wlan, even if it is further away, but I do not know if the USB stick on the desktop may be too weak. maybe even a neat data cleanup!

How would it refresh with Pc (I think transfer rate 48,0 MBit / s, which is good or? I think that is a very complicated topic, 2MB file download up to 10 minutes need.) I also tried a network cable that has also does not work, can be, there's still with win8.1) or with a system recovery? Do you have anti-viral steam are very slow.

Device Manager: Except for the onboard graphics card, Bei Steam also has a Traffic Display that shows a maximum of 347.2 KB / s.

Offters breaks all from other sides, but it takes a long time. If everything is so lame, I do not really know how to handle it. But Chrome and that it is not a normal LAN cable, because I have not got a connection.

I do not want to download several installer, the goods completely shut down the wifi connection and I can not find my Dsl router.