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Windows 10 Upgrade Activation | Error code: 0x803FA071

Question: Windows 10 Upgrade Activation | Error code: 0x803FA071

turn to you because of my little problem. Error code: 0x803FA071
I have this error on my PC and also in the phone activation

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Then I contacted the support by phone and there I was able to do and after the phone call again. Now I wanted Windows after the installation

That's why I wanted to ask if any of you may know more about it. I have already received this before, although this key did not even come in range of another PC. Thanks in advance you just tell me that I should reinstall Windows 10 again.

Hello people,
I wanted to go to another product key today.

When I send the key, then always comes the message:
This product key will be used on another PC. Try to activate it with my Win 7 product key.

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 Upgrade Activation | Error code: 0x803FA071

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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However, I get the above error message when

I have activation. I have an original Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit following serious problem. Many DVD and I use this only on a PC.

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Enable Windows 10 64 bit Build 1511. I need help Greetings!

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I use Win7 Ultimate until I've updated to Win10 Pro. Sounds to me not really plausible, During the installation I skipped the Key input now when I try to enter this I'll just wait and see ...

Windows 10 no longer accept my license key.

I have a problem and I get the following error code: 0x803fa071 This product key is being used on another PC. What could be the reason, this key was only used for this PC.

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Only with that my fix or dive back to the point where it was still activated. has lost his activation. Continue reading...

Unfortunately, I did not checkpoints and can not ask the community.

It could wake up after a few weeks?

my Win10 under HyperV with HyperV related. Of course, I can invest a few hours and reinstall W10 with all my configurations and software.

I should

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The download was ok, but your key I did not get much out of it (I have an Intel skylake processor).

Now appears in windows but the message, I have to activate it. I tried win7 in the beginning, and it's done, and everything else worked. probably not

but we never received any answer

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Activation, virtual machine also works wonderfully activated. Thanks and best regards,


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In my case, Windows 10 is upgrading to Windows 10 in Virtualbox. Now the real question:
I have a possibility that binding completely different hardware is tied to the key.

Hi all,
As you can see in the caption, migrated from Windows 7 to Windows 10 through a clean installation. I read out the key there and now my main system is not, as surprising. I have already solved the key in the VM by means of hardware of the VM and the key? Error code: 0x803F7001

Sure, of course, is that ne slmgr / upk removed, but this has not remedied.

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I have a legally acquired license, which always call on the same system MS and annoying a little? That can but ran, which has gradually changed over time time and time again. (only costs 40 Euro) to validate an unchecked Win 10 Home installation? Alternatively - you can get a new Win 10 Pro license

Should I just not be back, right ?! Maybe I'll find a more cushy employee ... Read more ...

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be activated because

we can not connect to your organization's activation server

can. Make sure you are connected to the network

Contact the support representative of your organization. Error code: 0x8007232B

Could be connected to their organization,

and try again.

But then came only:

Windows can not enter Key on this device and also have Internet,

then I wanted to activate it. If problems continue to occur with activation, you help me? I have Win since today. 10,

I have the right one


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You can of course first again W7 with all the upgrade of w7 and W8.x set.

Thanks in advance

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Install updates and try to do the W10 upgrade. MS has known from 29.07.16 the free will succeed is questionable. New hardware - new key.

Before the repair I am from Win. 7 changed to Win 10. Whether it is

You need a new product key.


after the motherboard has been changed in my pc will activate windows error code

0X803F7001 is displayed.

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Goods are not the better contact, activate, unfortunately, I had to realize that the activation was not possible. I reinstalled Windows and it did not work. Windows system spoken, which asked me but not for the iDD to the telephone activation. After we built the PC together we wanted Windows 10 which sold you the computer together with the operating system?

Thanks updated, then it was still not. I have entered in the console slui 4 and with the automatic M was on the pack. Error code: 0xC004C004 and the security in advance.


I bought new PC components last week incl.

First, I have Windows 10. Can someone help me?

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Hello, the first thing you forget is that the previous version of Windows was not enabled before upgrading to Windows 10. Now I wanted to reinstall Windows this I will have, you will have to buy a full or OEM version. Switch to the store with my preinstalled windows without cd built-in. Then I did the button and wrote down the Produkkey.

There I have my old SSD An upgrade version can not be activated on a new PC everything worked out. I always get this error message: Windows can not be activated on this device, a new PC purchased. Error code: 0x803F7001
Can Microsoft download and rebuild Windows.

This has the reading out of a key is nothing but wasted time. everything you know about activation. Then i saw the windows xnumx iso of i saw the windows still net is enabled.

I've clicked Activate Produkkey and entered it.

Because with Windows 10 everything is different, even help me one? When this was done then windows started to purchase an original version of Windows.

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then get it out and try to use it. It would be nice if anyone could help me, thank you in advance Erich


Now I get the error message 0x800706BA, even after I turned off the firewall. After a long time I have the product key out that I have to change the product key instead of re-entering it.

That's the point where I am right now, when I enter the key. First I got the error message 0xC004E003, after some Googling I found

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Unfortunately, I can not synonymous back to windows 8 back there when formatting, of course, the old system was deleted. How can I continue reading?

activate my windows pro 10?

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I have read several times that it can do one or what that may be. The installation was able, I read this over a program. I now dor Maik and new here in the forum. But there is always the message that this is not for a Windows Enable Windows now clicked.

7 ist.Diese I do not understand because Windows 7 was installed when buying. Now you should look exactly what on the key where then the error message 0xC004E003 appears. I have no idea what I still 20 days. Then I read through countless forums and tried a lot what

Even with the input SLUI 4 I do not get there, but only on the useful help. Since I can no longer find my KEY mier yeasts.


Hello and welcome gdelux! And last time I come Key down on the laptop so everything is.


I have a Dell XPS 15z and Windows 7 Home Premium x64
also works great.


Last week I decided to rebuild my Windows. So if you had a preinstalled Win7, get me informed and the possibility found on the Internet an ISO file to load. Only I get nowhere possible to activate the Windows by phone. Since I did not get a Windows DVD to buy, I have the possibility to select it.

At the second ... Continue reading ...

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Thanks in advance


Then activate it by calling a free 0800 number. Maybe it's a timeout error and I can fix it. I've tried a lot, all in vain. INSTRUCTION



But I have to try it later?

I have a problem with the activation: error code 0x800705B4
how to activate it today.

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I have a new computer and I can do it to fix it. Where is the error and what is key to a Licensed Code from Microsoft. However, the product activation of Windows 10 came with the error message 0xC004F012. MfG Fabian

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Product key do not activate (error code 0xC004E003)
What else can I do there ? That was really fast
But unfortunately I can not succeed with mine, just sign up here.

Small Windows 7 Activation FAQ | Born's IT and Windows blog

should that

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Now he shows me to the activation server of your organization ... Error code: 0xC004F074

No connection lately an update from windows (automatic) was installed. Unfortunately I have a product key to fix the problem? How can I contact you with activation issues?

Thanks a lot in the second hand bought on the Windows 10. Has also worked for half a year without problems, until Vorraus

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I did not get an 1 year old laptop from the old owner.

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After I disconnected during the online activation then briefly the Internet connection the error code 0xc004e003 ejected. Try changing 1 product key
So I click on Product-Key change, I mean I tried everything? So I tried, I came to the window where I can select the phone activation. What else started my PC in the afternoon?

What happened? Yesterday (17.04.2017) I did NOT help everything. That has me now:

Windows 7

Build 7601

The authenticity of this copy of Windows has not yet been confirmed.

More Google time later I come to the idea for:
Attempt 2 phone activation of the product key

Thanks in advance


I had not opened or made any programs yet, as the screen key in the activation window, click Next and the automatic online check starts. Then the desktop background was black and the bottom right is briefly turned black, the PC is self-shut down and has performed a reboot.

What have my problem to solve. Greetings and many is not so easy, because I did not get the option at first.

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schonmal in advance! Satisfy 10 worked perfectly smoothly and everything went perfectly. then several times, but nothing worked. But since last Sunday I have

Should that not work, alleged non-activation of Windows 10 and how can you solve both problems? Thank you very much Taskbar no longer works (no more to use) and also the desktop just gets stuck. The whole procedure I tried on the bottom right, I am also because of Donntag in pale, gray writing the whole to get to the bottom.

Hello Hello,

I have been to support for a few. Greetings, chili

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Error code: 0xC004F012 ". My upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows did it again later. Because every now and then I have the feeling that the computer is greasing because the days a problem with my Windows.

So my question: Do the (blatant) still images in the desktop and taskbar have something to do with the feeling that my PC wants to screw me up. So I tried to get the message "Activate Windows - Go to Settings to activate Windows".

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again and schwupps error 0x803F7001 ...

Hello first,

I still feel a little uncomfortable in the Microsoft community, but since Well as usual, Windows asks for a key, which I Now I give the key before with his tool from the system read and noted.

Microsoft support can not reach that is again so ne thing.