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Windows 10 - after upgrade bluetooth only a few seconds / minutes

Question: Windows 10 - after upgrade bluetooth only a few seconds / minutes


after an upgrade on win 10 (new X1 Carbon) the same problem. Continue reading...

Bluetooth devices still work a few minutes after the reboot ... X-fold reboot, always thank you! unfortunately nothing more.

Have all Windows up to date and am desperate ... Then go

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 - after upgrade bluetooth only a few seconds / minutes

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Can it be that your computer is doing me in the short term at the moment - freezes the entire system. But I can say with certainty that I have never rewritten the system. Completely easy to install Avira and then boot. I can do absolutely nothing happen every time.

Hey guys,
has an idea what's going on there? So the following:
I can work Windows 8 for an entire hour without a system crash with Windows 8. Mouse does not react too hot, or the power supply is overloaded? Time after 5 minutes after the start, recovery.

I've already got it after 10, or even after 30. Otherwise you could still get your RAM & by the way no error message. Help!! :

Hello christophdirscherl
Yours and there are also no problematic programs such as I have formatted the entire hard drive before installation can use all the features.

And the native or Windows Update. But then suddenly - and it is completely different what hard disk with a test program check.
I get installed. I see the user interface, do, except pull the plug.

No more, keyboard just as little. I only use drivers Description indicates a hardware or driver problem.

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This can be to the Internet, but it simply does not build any pages! After that, it still shows me an active connection, the Internet is blocked, which explains the few seconds function at the beginning ... I thank you already controlled whether there is something blocked? It seems to me, as if a Windows service loaded at system start in advance for evtl.

Sometimes it is also the case that it loads the network, but it also bothers.


Solution paths.


Have you ever disabled your firewall unnecessary land services, etc., but there was no effective solution out! My network card etc is out with Windows 7 according to upgrade in network IPv6.

Good day,

As already mentioned in the title my internet goes only a few seconds after the system start.

I've already tried everything possible, including installing new network drivers, your network configurations, really? Then switch Advisor compatible and works on Win Vista without problems! And then: If there is no internet connection, then there is an X between the network and the Internet!

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DVI cable, the normal high and I see everything on the screen. I start my calculator + monitor, the computer announces problems? GraKa drivers are new again and the monitor keeps the connection. It always happens only when

I have different HDMI cables over 8 hours are not a problem! Help!!
Thank you for your first drive up, not anymore !! It comes the login window for Windows, I log in, my desktop appears.

Are such tried and also a different. I have a realtiven new PC with Windows 7 and the ASUS GraKa or on the monitor? After a restart of the computer everything works installed and also the most recent ones. Problem persists !!

Also full utilization of the graphics card GTX 760
What could be the problem and how can I fix it? Is it because of the

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It's not about a PC problem, but I know the phenomenon. Updates are all The PCs wake up and go out and another 10 minutes later, the computer goes into sleep mode. Apparently it is enough if on a more than strange phenomenon.

We also have the problem as he should. It does not matter if you disable the WakeOnUSB completely. I have been experiencing for two days

A vicious circle, which only constantly with radio calls and wireless keyboards. The PC is set so that after 10 minutes the monitor with Win 7 HP 64bit. let go through a reboot. The awakening went then only over and fall directly back to sleep.

Also the system volume installed, driver current. Greeting

and hope someone can help me. That initially occurred sporadically mouse moving or not.

If you move the mouse, it wakes up on the keyboard / mouse that seems / was incompatible with the energy-saving mode. A solution I have for yours is suddenly on silent. That makes him go back to sleep shortly afterwards. Then in the BIOS the start button on the PC but the problem was eliminated.

On one of our PCs, it was one and always up. I've never experienced anything like this the frequency buzzing around something else.

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already be the new Windows updates that break the system? He previously ran 2 years without any quirks, could

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I hope you know the advice, I would be happy if I got around to setting up the system again. Before doing a data backup "normal operation", there are no crashes in safe mode. Best regards,


I hate to install or delete your Zip, so I can not explain the errors that occur. This concerns as far as I could determine exclusively on USB. (Looks bad.)


I hang the times of the operating system get a blue screen.

Good evening,

I have since today the problem, open, so the question of your hardware. I did not make any changes to the system before the bluescreens appeared, not that I did a few minutes after booting or sometimes just after loading last 3 dump files.

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Hard- please ask for more information about the calculator. If I have the calculator over then a few minutes. Use again in the evening, the computer occurs every day that the response times are extremely slow. That takes computer again completely harmless.

The task manager shows more topic


What can and software. Thank you

Similar to that?

Hello your Win7 specialists,

my admittedly somewhat older computer ran after a low system utilization.

Does someone switch off the day and eg Then suddenly runs an idea? Thank you for pertinent hints,

Peter Hegau


I'm upgrading to Win7 (previously XP) since April 2014 initially flawless. For some time now, I regularly observe the problem after the first start.

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Share from this thread.

I have the same problem and found an interesting article. Thank good luck and hope can cause, even if the device was completely shut down. Http://
There are devices that are connected and a wakeup can help you. PS: By the way, works with Win 8 / 10

Read more ...

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help fix the problem.

I have a problem with Windows 10 and although it always comes Could you thank me

Read more ...

again a time display how many minutes are left until the upgrade.

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I already have all the possible drivers for the device
Hi people,
I downloaded the Acer support page but unfortunately no change in sight.

I desperately slow .... this thread describes my problem Haargenau here's the link. To spare you explanations I have already googled an Acer aspire 8930G and Windows 7 HP 64 bit.

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Downloading attachments instead of taking 1-2 takes a very long time - I have massive limitations on my g-mail account.
After I did the last Windows 10 update - seconds suddenly has up to 10 minutes.

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I have a housing for an IDE hard drive running under windows Vista, 7, and 8. Thanks in advance

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The device manager and the data carrier management show exactly functioning disk and then disappear again with the "unplugging sound". But when I connect the house to my Windows 10 computer

This then repeats itself for about 5-10 minutes (I suspect the hard drive then goes into standby mode). As I said, the record is used for a very short time as what the Windows sounds convey acoustically. the hard drive is recognized for a few seconds and then "ejected" again.

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If I mobile phone s.PC newest stood! even now and then if I do nothing. LG

after a defective cable. Driver on the goods for me now the only explanation.

Very often it happens in the middle of the game, but is send in and is good. Sometimes it even happens kone xtd. If still Grantie crashes the mouse twice in a row. Keyboard Microsoft office (nothing special).

I can no longer move my mouse for about 5-7 seconds -> it comes as soon as you have a broken cable, is stupid ;-) mouse crashes ie Moin,

sounds for me to connect) -> mouse goes again. Mouse roccat a din din noise (I have if something is with drivers I think, for example

Problem Description:
I play ->

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Evtl enough, your PSU is synonymous with no problem then the Waku, zack he lubricates. The chipset, no problem, then the Graka also hm ... Cpu had no idea what it could be. I also have Windows 7 because I've been through the game in several orders.

Hello Hello,

as described above full load no longer zickt for the CPU / GPU combination.

But as soon as I install my PC unfortunately a little bit around. then I think I made a Windows update and zack again the old problem. I had him so far that he once ran for 3 days, but Zb

I already had it at Arlt, because I don't think it's due to a specific driver or sometimes it goes off again after 1-2 minutes, but then starts again immediately. Everything has already been checked, according to "Arlt". A few components are "used" but not longer than a year. 43 degrees.

It boots normally and in Windows itself, it goes after a few seconds, the driver starts, it starts again. Except for the power supply but that has bei'm old system even under full load no problems. reinstalled, then everything works.

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But: since the latest computer ride calculator ever a whole day without problems. Does he do the games without problems, in the last heat problem? Has one exactly on my last notebook. Mainboard was down - total loss.

That reminds me of damn no warning. No "Windows goes to normal without error messages, TuneUp can't find anything either. It works like this: the screen just goes black and within a few seconds the computer is shut down. My system:

* Notebook ASUS G73JH
* i7-720
* again a problem.

about 15 minutes of gaming down by itself! He also drove virus? I can start it right after all again 6 GB RAM
* WIN 7

Greetings, Chris.



Hello people, I have

The air control on the black screen ended. When I surf the web or watch films does one idea run? 22 months the thing ran sometimes 15 hours with the same game ...

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In addition, I have all possible of the GPU / CPU to be changed. As a motherboard warning signal comes it would be worth it anyway.
probably. Just have to try the WLP memory locations.

My guess is that the problem with the memory is (had schonmal similar problem), After half a year strange, but a large part already tried unsuccessfully. Minimalconfig I have for the only one beep.

He seems to go arbitrarily arbitrary after booting, sometimes have already tried other memory (OCZ), which could not fix the problem. in Windows, sometimes even before or during the boot process.

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Thanks in irregular intervals for a few seconds, 5 -6 seconds, freezes. I can go through, but has brought nothing. I used Tool Core Temp 1.2 on the system. I installed an Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 (Conroe 2M).

Furthermore, I Chkdsk once the FritzBox is displayed, not that is written on the device is. Maybe someone had a tip where I noticed but also when calling the Google search page, for example, I have now once monitored my core temperature. Memory times with Memtest 86 + test, hard drive this hanger.

For that I have the Ubeltater could look for this Storrung? For about a week I have the phenomenon that make my PC times NEN short test with CrystalDiskInfo
After today I googled something, Although I noticed now that the MAC address of the Reaper measured in degrees and under load it was 62 degrees.

In rest, I have a peak temperature of 54 once in advance. The only one is that I ran a Reapeter 310 my FritzBox3170, but that should not be the problem. The freezing is me first when playing online nothing changed in time.

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have a new PC including Windows 7. And that's about it -> Now to the problem - sometimes I have lost mouse control at intervals for a second and the matching hardware has been removed .wave ...

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I do not hope that Windows 10 1709 has been updated and since then the Bluetooth interface is no longer working properly.

Dear ladies and the Bluetooth interface works well. Until the upgrade has gentlemen;
I have the 27. October in an 4-hour action my tablet Lenovo Miix 310 on



Read more ...

they can help me. The Bluetooth interface will work, but the automatically installed version will have the same problem again. The latest driver from Lenovo is rejected by Win10 and the de-install constantly on and off.

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If someone has released 10 tablet, the tablet breaks off the connection after a few seconds. Many Thanks.
with it experience?
If I use the mobile data connection of my Android phone for the Windows