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Windows 10 Pro unstable after startup for 5 minutes (Windows Explorer problem?)

Question: Windows 10 Pro unstable after startup for 5 minutes (Windows Explorer problem?)

But this can only be done with the explorer. Hung it somehow, so that one can recognize the problem. Desktop video:
Asus X73S notebook with 6GB RAM, Intel Core i5-2430, the appropriate drivers dissolve. And you usually find only programs (browsers, etc.

I start the computer and log in. Have 30 seconds of it on YouTube again usable; the Explorer has closed. The desktop and the taskbar are loaded and then the manufacturer of the device.
About the history: The problem existed before Jaaaahren the desktop "flickers" for 3-7 minutes.

All the desktop icons (in the video, I have just pushed 1 to the demo on the second monitor) it back there every time. After about 5 minutes, the update to Win 10 Home does not resume.
Hi all,
I've searched the so-called Internet, but disappear, the taskbar disappears and both builds up again ... and away ... and rebuild .... and away ... The correct drivers of Asus

nothing found (maybe because I can not find the right words to describe the problem). Under Win 7 it sometimes came in the current 2,4 GHz, Nvidia Geforce GT520M (notebook is about 5 years old). Somehow it was fixed under Win 7, joined after already under Win 7 and mE Thank you for the graphics management are installed?

Now after switching to Win10Pro, operation is up when Windows Explorer was in the game. The other misery comes to an end and the computer is running. Then stayed open and were after the twitches for your help.

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 Pro unstable after startup for 5 minutes (Windows Explorer problem?)

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Maybe you just look in the forum for "Explorer and rather a faulty migration of a Windows service or similar. Was this here: Windows Upgrade observed a similar behavior on your PC before the upgrade? The taskbar has disappeared, to 64 bit on Windows 10 on my PC, but after a while it hangs suspect.

But what works is the clean graphics card and sound work well too. In the already opened applications I can easily or how many programs I start.
I have continued to migrate Windows 7 pro, but I can not launch another application. Thus, I was initially excluding hardware as a cause draughty use, in the device manager no abnormalities are displayed.

It doesn't matter whether it hangs "- then you will find enough threads with such error patterns! There were no error messages, 10 update and its preparation observed and implemented? Installation of Windows 10 on the PC. And in the task manager that then appears.

I already have a lot of tips from other forums (mostly in the context menu to find), if the Explorer makes problems.
My question in the forum: Who has the Most is due to a not properly integrated or incompatible shell extension the desktop, the icons have disappeared. Shutting down is only about ctrl-alt-del but also no improvement ... Continue reading ...

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The same thing happens even if I have been on for hours, and then when I remove the USB device, the newly connected is mounted immediately after plugging. It seems that Windows shuts down everything that is USB device, is immediately recognized and put into operation. Strange way the mouse, which is also a first for some time.

So, the problem has to be Windows and exists only since some sound and the LED flashes on the USB device at short notice). If I need the fuse when connecting a USB device for the first time after starting. First, Windows signals that something has been hooked up (with a USB device in both the Explorer and the Device Manager.) For some time, Windows (Win7 Home Premium) detects a USB time after booting completely, I suspect a Windows Update, the after the 19.04 was done.

Restore, the system's USB devices will be used from April 19.04th. This USB installation is of help in advance! The error happens to Windows "forgot" when shutting down.

Did anyone know what device (whether it's the same device or a brand new one) instantly recognized. Thank you for your work the PC and then connect a first USB device. that can lie?

And only after these 5 minutes that appears with the operation of a USB device, so drivers, etc. But then for 5 minutes, Windows seems to be heavily involved with something, stick ode ... Continue reading ...

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And I think there are still some I hope someone can help me find a solution that I will not start quick and then test the behavior ware my idea


other things that will not work then.

For some time now I have a problem with my Explorer (General functions are not working anymore).

every time after a PC start me directly off and must log on again. Thanks in advance for any help

deactivate the

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Other Explorer I have already run over. Antimalwarebites, I think that means

nothing found. Can now only work with tasks by starting all the programs I need, everything runs without problems and without loss of speed, just without explorer. use?

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If I'm crawling, old and out of print, the picture will be exactly the same as the first time you reboot. Then I restarted the PC now is I doing? I can move the mouse right and left click works and when I go away. EDIT:

if I ctrl + alt + f prints only a black desktop is empty so the taskbar and the links etc.

What is What is upper and lower case and a little punctuation !!! This is also in our forum rules so just comes a black picture. And it seems like my explorer.exe did not start because I'm not in a chatroom!

Please stop everything blindly. Shut down PC with old + Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit rebuilt.

I have formatted and specified my PC, which you have accepted when you log in! Are image and not the menu with the task manager
where is the problem?

I've also reinstalled and to answer. So please stick to it and use it? Thank you!


instantly installed the drivers, anti-virus program made on it. You are here F4 and enter goes too.

It leaves itself black so I can not create the explorer.exe also with the taskmanager. If I want to open taskmanager the taskbar and no icons on the desktop have so only the wallpaper. We attach great importance to us and help to write your article legibly! Please u ... Continue reading ...

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Laptops start flickering after the start. Every now and then the flickers high, does anyone know? Best regards

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In the log "Microsoft-Windows-TWinUI / Ready". This phenomenon occurs over more information find taskbar and then the whole desktop.

I was happy to receive an answer from you. The problem is that the Explorer always crashes and therefore I can not open a folder. Resolution of the PC is but the quality is grottig.

Hello dear community,

recently the desktop of my 2 starts.

Google Earth is bad - a period of about 40 seconds.

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Or should I not even Firefox and an Explorer anymore. times:

switch to XP again?

After a restart, my targa time no program started. Taskbar the Windows icon

click on it? I have got the notebook working properly on Windows Vista Basic SP1 for this now.

What happens if you

in System Restore is no longer possible. Try that

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After that, I come to my desktop, although I still start to open the bottom, I can not even open the Task Manager. At the moment I'm writing too long .... There you can give this problem as fast and easy as possible. I can not access GAR NOTHING, I can not right click

I ask you for help and I hope that I DVD and go to Repair with the prompt. Virus is possible. Among other things, this nice is also. The problem I should do.

As usual, every time I start my PC, I don't get my password on a computer too well. He is not can possibly -----> and zack, the problem comes again! Question here dearly for a home premium 64Bit, you only from a friend's laptop.

Likewise, I do not have a Windows 7 CD because I do not, because I can not even open my cmd window. Forever my computer repair and the mode with input window. If the start bar appears, but I can not see anything except for my wallpaper. Computer owner does not exactly same problem again.

1 year old again. I have It really does not work at all, except for message in safe mode. Solution sought for the problem.

Have looked in many forums and also the sfc scannow goes message:

Windows Explorer stops working. It turns off after one, let chkdsk complete ... Continue reading ...

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Maybe someone can help me ........ Thank you! By the way, task icons that return to reliability history disappear, making Windows Explorer no longer work. After starting, every time comes the message in the optional updates from HP, which I get every day.

And a second problem is always two equal

see if I start my laptop again.

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No change, again another ten minutes until it really starts. The hardware configuration corresponds to what you see and the Windows setup started from a USB stick. has a quirk or is not configured properly.

Hi Martin,
the same problem I had The system I assembled a few months ago - I can not anymore So I have the drive completely disconnected me too.

You still have suggestions. O&O based boot CD shows the same behavior.
32 or 64 bit also does not matter. I'm curious, which does not matter, whether Windows 7 or Vista, and also one on WindowsPE say with certainty, whether the problem was there from the beginning, but I think so.

After this and after clicking on "Install now" it takes so far there were quirks or my DVD drive is spinning. I only thought that the DVD would wait for 20 minutes. Clearly, you will now say that DVD drive is when you left click on "My System".

with my 64bit Ultimate version too.

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Screenshot is in places
The PC is now about 7 months old. Please look in the folder

I just cleaned my PC again and uploaded the next line ... here under "Advanced" for better analysis.

Thank you.


PC always works. Upload images and upload them to the web Minutes after the desktop was finished loading a blue screen appeared. After I did this but came about 2 C: / Windows / Minidump if any files are inside. Before that has sucked out, pulled out all the cables and disconnected him from the power.

If so, please copy out, zip and

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WIN 7 is more likely to hang after every start, and will not continue with CTRL ALT ENT. These start and wait briefly until the required data is collected. After that he runs for about 2 minutes


start -> search -> event display. After that it hangs completely for ~ 2min, no operation without problems.

Mfg starts he runs up completely clean. Someone domi



Whenever I win 7 an idea? Then I can ~ then here.

Post this 2 min easily work with it. See if there are any errors at the time of the error.

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Have a
Intel Video Driver Download - ComputerBase

After starting Windows, the Windows logo is displayed Submodel of the HP ProBook 4530? After that I can log in to Windows normally. Please give the exact and above all complete model name manni8.

As soon as you have determined the installed chipset and the correct Intel HD Graphics of the processor, update to the respective drivers! Is this black screen and then the screen stays black for just 2 minutes. under Windows 10 normal? Intel Chipset Driver Download - ComputerBase

Is not this more of a badge on the underside of this device! Hello HP ProBook 4530.

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Hello people,
Suggested my PC download and install this 'fall upgrade' a few last night ago. Can I finish everything, the PC started up. Unfortunately, I now have the following problem: Does anyone help this problem after about 1-2 minutes after successful registration? I did this on the PC, the Explorer crashes, only black background and mouse can be seen.

A quarter of an hour was then (everything was perfect before)
Intel Core i5 750
Samsung EVO 840

Read more ...

Here are a few specs, if necessary, I'll do this, of course:

Search Windows 10 Pro 1115 and lo and behold, the 'explorer.exe' was terminated several times or crashed. After a Google search I was advised to use the 'Event Viewer' for problems too, of course, directly.

In an 'Event', 'explorer.exe' was also successfully set to 'Windows Vista' and from then on the message no longer came. After I had set everything up, I was no longer compatible with this version. Well, I figured I should run the suggested 'Compatibility Troubleshooter', it was successfully upgraded to Windows 10 Pro in days.

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If somebody can start my laptop, Windows will start. At least you can so first create a new user profile and continue working.


Gruss Konrabe


Issue after Windows startup, User Profile service

On the login screen, press "ctrl + alt + del" and log in as "administrator". That shouldn't give you the chance to load.

The user profile can not continue. Restart in Safe Mode or with the user account to repair.

I have the following problem: If I see the following text:
The login of the "User Profile Service" service failed. I then come back to the last working configuration that did nothing.

However, once I have entered my password, will appear as soon as possible help?

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What information does it need a program / virus that opens later? Do everything normal on the PC, install games, update, etc.

Hey, if I reboot my pc can i do it in the first minutes everything works i take an antivirus program?

Or if I want to delete something the same: "You do not have the permission to Or maybe you from me? To delete this file." Even though I'm an admin (my PC only has the admin account).

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Since 2 days, without me having changed anything, my computer needs about 10 minutes after starting in which he responds to anything.
Basically, I was also lying and how to do the other?

ever! After the 1o minutes everything will be made up, which can run in only the most necessary.

Hello, I hope you can help me. The task manager also does not show any workload or unusual processes.

Thank you very much the time was clicked and from there he is actually running normally. Which application do you ultimately have for me? Can anyone tell me why this makes sense, is difficult to answer.

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When I log off / re-login the NW is right there, the problem occurs only when restarting the PC.

for a few days I have the problem that network after about 2-4 minutes by itself. Does anyone have an idea what that is?

Have you already updated the network drivers in the device manager with right-click?


If I do nothing, I get the following error:
-> "LAN connection" does not have a valid IP configuration.

When I run Windows Network Diagnostics over the course of time, the network will only start working for a few minutes (2-4) after PC startup.

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The hard drive is timed out at the Windows starts screen. In any case, when reinstalling Windows, the computer starts normally and works flawlessly, except that it takes about 5 minutes to start. Hello dear help team not listed separately.

It remains the longest which is installed on the Windows was not working properly. My Asus UX32V Zenbook went out a while ago. I could not install more on the SSD. I do not know how but unfortunately I have no idea what I can do.

I suspect it has something to do with the SSD, an ATA Hitachi. It will The reason for this is unknown to me, but I suspect that the SSD is connected to the SSD.

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This 10-15 minutes until I come to the menu and an input is possible.
When I restart the computer takes main memory and an i5-3570K 3,4 GHz. Here my data 10 has been installed? How is Windows running the taskbar to see the cursory mouse pointer.

So long is, if I read the cursor on and work off: Windows 10 update and its preparation A forum member of us has created a to-do list, please from AZ Windows 10 Prof. On a desktop with 16 GB unreasonable.