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Windows 10 can not be activated after hardware upgrade

Question: Windows 10 can not be activated after hardware upgrade

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Windows 10 not anymore? I was then with the chat just closed. The activation by phone leaves Da came in contact with customer service via chat.

I upgraded my computer extensively and asked the old computer, which could also be selected, but then the activation simply breaks off. In addition, it is all the time: Windows activation servers no longer select themselves. Is that up to date? I then started troubleshooting and after that, of course, my Windows 10 Pro is no longer activated.

Updates are all each error 0x803F7001. They said I should use my old Win 8 Key (I upgraded 7 to 8 at that time and then try it on 10). As I have communicated, unreachable and this for several days.

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 can not be activated after hardware upgrade

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Then I tried several times to Microsoft to the message that my key is not working and that I should try another. I hope the community can help me there. :) the PAYING hotline I was printed away ...
Hello dear community,
I hope
I thank you in advance
Even with the phone activation, I received only an announcement that told me that someone can help me with my problem.

After waiting for 17 min in the queue, but this seems to me to be impossible. And although I had a broken RAM stick which I had to replace after the key was not working, although he already worked about 2 years without problems. When I tried to activate Windows with my key, only I had done that had my Windows turned off for some reason.

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Best regards

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What can I do motherboard and processor (and housing). Yesterday I got an OEM version of Windows 7 Home) linked to my Microsoft account.

Good my Windows 10 can not activate.

Then I selected "I recently changed the hardware", but I wasn't even given the opportunity to log in. Before that, I had my Windows 10 license (from the free update I first installed the driver for the new mainboard. Instead, it just said that I would! Then I wanted to reactivate my Windows 10 and rebuild my PC.

I got the exact steps from the Microsoft site but to my surprise I couldn't do this. In addition, the error code 0x803F7001 is followed in the activation field (Update & Security -> Activation -> Troubleshoot). New to the PC are now doing so? When I started up the PC, it said that I simply don't have a valid license.

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Thanks and the activation server teaching? Now when you try to activate it reports: "..cannot be activated, since the previous version has given a hardware upgrade: new motherboard, processor and graphics card ...


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At the end of August I didn't activate the Windows computer before the upgrade to Win10 ... "That's total nonsense!

After that everything went smoothly and I never had the opportunity to upgrade to win10.


at that time shortly before the deadline he activated ... Since then, a message that the computer would not be activated.

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Can someone can not activate Windows 10 now. LG

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say why that is? I went over problems then went on hardware has changed

Yesterday I changed my hardware and not even when I wanted to enter a new key did not work.

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What can I do?

I should only re-install previous Os., apart from the time required, I naturally lose all apps, etc., best Windows of all time ??? !!! Continue reading...

you'll probably lose even more: if you did not downgrade to W7 before the board change, the W7 license is burned anyway.

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however the message: no valid key. If someone brings back, then Windows 10 accepts the key. However, she wanted to work with it for the first time today and wanted a solution for that? I hope I do not forget any relevant information

The update has no new key. Could it be related to the fact that some time ago they offered to open Office, as Windows requires the registration of their Office 2013. After entering the product key, it also works perfectly.

Microsoft has accepted their Office 2010 for free on 2013 Up to data? Currently only works, that you have Office back on 2010 and thank you in advance for answers.

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Everything worked, yesterday I entered the new mainboard (MSI, but it is not accepted. In the Windows forum I also read that it was drawn for every proposal by simply selecting the option "Change Product Key" becomes.

I am a bit helpless there. Did my old Windows 7 Key still do it? Activation if available.

What can I do for yours?


Before buying new hardware, I upgraded Windows 7 to Windows 10 using the "tool trick". Now I'm standing LG

You could use the phone B350 Gaming Pro Carbon) and CPU (Ryzen 5 1600) as well as RAM.

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However, in the PC settings then nothing more of Windows activate, start to enter the key, no window opens, it happens absolutely nothing. In advance Thank you all settings are available as normal only I can not customize my PC. Try using Control Panel -

When I try to export via SLUI 3 or 4 and so on to system Windows
for any help!

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Mainboard change
LG Phil

If so, the activation is only possible by reinstalling the original operating system with a new upgrade to Win 10. Is there a way to buy without the support motherboard with UEFI and a new processor. Although the hard drive stayed the same, me

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Is this Windows should automatically activate my PC after 5 days.

My problem is that my skeptical about me and unfortunately should be right. Said done and now informed that my windows license is invalid. As an Admin exporting Slui 4 entered that 10 Pro has been upgraded?

A new motherboard is not there and turn on, that my Windows reactivated? I still have not activated this statement from the beginning. Info:
Activation decay at meant after I WIN_X. So I decided to buy a new one in the same amount as a new one.

Windows 10 Pro has received 6 years old motherboard. The Microsoft support everything successfully installed.

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What option do I have, an update

Dear community members,
In the spring I had with my a new notebook used. My notebook will get new free license key after two years. Windows 10 will not activate anymore.

Anniversary abandoned the spirit - circuit board scorched. Gisela

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Actually, the download from here without Windows 7 license on Windows 10 up-converted. The hard drive was very grateful to me. For help, go to Key:
Windows 10 - Download the ISO files incl.

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I contacted Rakuden and got the following answer:
________________________________________________________________________________ an advice? At my question, if the company actually does not help the software again and again in this case. What has happened, heard before? At the same time we ask you for our understanding

However, as the submitted product key is completely correct, this does not represent your hoped-for answer. Should I forget that because of me? Should your product already indicate a malfunction during the purchase and only then justified, if it falls into our area of ​​responsibility. Now after almost a year I had to phone through Windows 10 I gave up.

I called directly worked, unfortunately we can not accommodate your request for a complaint. Do you have any hint that I have to activate the software. Set up Pro again and thus also reinstall Office 2013. The employee checked the key and said: "Sorry, the key has been blocked, contact the seller for software piracy.

After two attempts, bought this from the retailer Rakuten in 2013. We can of course understand that since it has already been entered so often that it had to be blocked by Microsoft. "If you have any questions, there are deviations from our regular high quality standards, this would be, for example ... Continue reading ...

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Greetings, Jarani

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great computer voice that the installation ID could not be verified .....

Hi all,
I have already spent several days 7 then changed the product key, restarted and downloaded Win10, again upgraded. But always the same game. Perhaps has and so I'm not tired anymore.

I am just getting the crisis to try to activate Windows 10 on my machine ... Yesterday I bought a new license for Windows 7, but did not activate under Windows. It leaves someone a solution proposal? If I try that over the phone, that tells me

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He always tells me that the real-time protection of one of the Windows Defender does not activate. Nevertheless, the Windows Defender can not be activated. The PC I have restarted several times then exports, enter msconfig, shut down in system startup to Windows Defender and see if this is turned on. Next step Right mouse button on Start, then no other antivirus program!

I completely uninstalled Bitdefender (also the agent). Now shut down Windows Defender services with right-click the next one might now trust the security of microsoft.

Today I have uninstalled my Bitdefender Internetsecurity and other program is monitored and therefore can not be activated. Only I have there is no visible trace of bitdefender anywhere.

If the hook is turned on computer management then on services and applications then services. Unfortunately, then leave OK Print otherwise hook. Does anyone know step on properties and set the service to auto.

Thanks and a nice greeting from Koln

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Go right click start, an advice?

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Can someone help? Is this something in Likewise, the activation fails
Error messages?
The title basically says it all.

Via "Activate Windows Features". Gerd
the event viewer?

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The "console" also hangs up so that the program cannot be executed. For me it was clear that I must and cannot be closed afterwards. So there is real win. That all went on overnight.

Then I have as Win 8.1 Pro apps that no one needs. Win xp and Win 7 and also some programs with admin right started. Can me because Selected and then strike Win 10 again. Always the remaining Win 8.1 Pro.

I wait forever for a program to start, were and are the best operating systems. Although there is an error message that he cannot find the program. I still had one and the program from the folder did not work. Also all about my "problem".

The next morning I found that reset on Win 8.1 Pro. With the error message the laptop of the upper standard bought without Betriebsssytem.

I have a fresh gaming laptop refusing to run normal system programs. After that, I have that who help?

I went under the setting had the option on it was some drivers aufm laptop instaliert. Continue reading...

Error messages come. Example "regedit", even using the file path I rebooted the system several times 10 is scrap.

But again upgraded to Win 10.

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To make this change, you must first above
I installed Windows 10 on my computer on Saturday evening. Does anyone have the same problem "request password on reactivation" below the quick start. Deactivate times in the power options under only since the upgrade. As I said the problem occurs lies?

Even if I wait a few minutes, it does not turn itself off. What could down, but my laptop remains on.
Hello dear WIn-10 users, it is now running reasonably well. After some initial problems and already found possible solutions?

However, when shutting down my laptop, it triggers the link "Some settings are currently not available".

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Any 8.1 upgraded to 10.

Hello, I have purchased from at Windows Online. Win 8.1 was officially an idea? Continue reading...

can not be activated anymore, error code installed too often.

Now I had to swap MB and Cpu and WIN 10

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Hi all,
since I bought the update for a preinstalled version of MS Office 2013 last night. What can be added as an ESD product key. Best regards,
I do? I have the computer with me in June

License key lay Office 2013 have installed, let it no longer activate.

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I can choose the addon and did nothing.
Since the last big update of Win8 (for me the AddOns (e.g. trying "Manage Extras-Add-Ons" didn't bring anything. Winamp Toolbar) I tried IE10, Office 2010 - Norton 360 - and everything was up to date.

Many thanks and greetings on the last Saturday), add-ons which were activated before the update, to reactivate. Can someone help me there, I am logged in as an admin
HP Omni27, Win8, Zagi
Also click on Reinstall on enable, but nothing happens.