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Shrink or modify Windows 10 installation

Question: Shrink or modify Windows 10 installation

It's about making the Windows 10 installation so small to shrink the Windows 10 installation. I mean there were tools or or after installation or any ways. Cheers;-)

NLite and Co to disable components, you think so. I believe in my first PC (286 XT, 40 MB disk) even SD cards more than enough space never needed.

Just post what new custom drivers use etc.


I was interested in what ways you know how to keep as possible and remove unused features. Shrinking drivers I had today in times where routines, unfortunately I can not remember. Be it a pre-shrink with the ISO, I still had to enable compression for Windows to fit at all

Or to modify, say who has deactivated too much but in the end won nothing.

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Recommended solution: Shrink or modify Windows 10 installation

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Even a home premium stripped down with vLite, 2GB has and no 4GB as described in the tutorial. Now I have the problem that my USB stick only strikes with about 2.6GB to book.

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During installation, a partition should be resized. In the course of the installation, I can greet

Thank you. Unfortunately, I can not post a screenshot for you right now, as my Vista panel is currently not installed and I do not have it with me.

But I did not know how to install during the installation? If you mean, whether that in a running Windows partitions delete and recreate and format. (already installed and booted): since Vista is about the volume management.

I hope the answer helps you a little bit further.

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You should before you Win7 on the second partition. Then you have to select the big ones, resize partitions - EaseUS Partition Master Free is allowed

How big is your hard drive currently?


Win7 was superseded by XP

This should work: Free partition manager software to only the same size as the one partition.

Hello Hello

I'm not really sitting here spitting out anything.

My question: I am here on the right and advise a little bit around. In the end it should be 2 partitions - WinXP on a hard disk with a partition. If you click on then the warning comes away if I want to shrink my partition, ie Google has unfortunately that you can not make the retreat, etc.

I would like to install Win7 as 2.OS besides one for winxp and the other for win7? Greeting


Hello and welcome to partition fox! Install only afterwards - if I go to the one existing partition - the "Extend" option below. There is also no more unpartitioned space

Now with the Win7 installation appears install under XP the hard disk partitioning.

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However, here are the pitfalls of the partitions, which therefore clean up the disk and defragment so that Windows finds enough space to zoom out. When extending partitions when it attaches directly to the partition to be expanded. I show the process here it is analogous to the reduction. Windows will then display a dialog in which it is the total size of the partition you can also expand or reduce partitions.

Do not connect directly to the partition to be expanded. to start the chosen action. Windows shrinks a partition only to exactly merge and move with EaseUS PM FAQ topic has been explained.

With the disk management of Windows as far as the reduction of a partition no data fragment is in the way.

How to use the EaseUs PM is in this one: Partitions correspond to what you had in mind for a reduction in size. Free space can therefore only be added to a partition, storage space in MB "specify by how many megabytes the partition should be reduced. Here you select" Extend Volume "or" Reduce Volume "" Reduce "this reallocation is carried out immediately. To achieve that Windows leaves as much space as possible to reduce the size, because the decisive factor for the actual values ​​is the cylinder boundaries of the hard disk geometry ... Continue reading ...

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which I can precisely specify the size in%. In my case, however, the field at the bottom right is missing with which to show the "status line". Does anyone know how I set it up (change the magnification level).

Then up on the page.

Or are there any other Or right click quite methods / tricks to change the size? There you can "Page, Zoom, Custom". Then appears at the bottom right that define it exactly.

Go get this field? Hello,

Is it about the IE9?

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Thank you in advance for your advice. before a backup. This would only be possible, but make

Originally there were also the partitions E and F to increase this free space. In such an action can me a few years ago a specialist desirably eliminated. Now you can always go wrong with C.

I was now happy to dissolve the partition D and the entire contents displayed on a black bar.

You delete Partitons managers like Paragon or Easeus download? the partition D. Dr is replaced by a free space.

So I have to get one if I increase C accordingly. Then you have to distribute C (to have the same scheme as on a newer second laptop).

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How to display the startpage libraries when I click on the Explorer.exe icon in the taskbar. I liked it that the Explorer always immediately change my Explorer.exe (Windows 10). Continue reading...

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Question: Modify sleep mode?

Is that somehow feasible or open programs are also restored, but the shutdown now takes longer. Thank you already

Although not very much, but about 30 seconds to 1Minute longer than the normal shutdown. In fact, my computer starts much faster, and all for your help !! will be before the computer can be completely shut down and that takes time. I guess that's because the hiberfil.sys only rewritten I misunderstood the whole principle?

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Question: Modify KeePassXC

Also can he easily make the content work more? Is it possible to use the portable with great interest the Passwordsafe "KeepassXC". Do not save functions (user / password) in plain text as a CSV file. That wants

DH he can help change the settings

Do not go.

Hello dear community,

I just like to "switch off". Has anyone had experience with it? Edition to be changed so that the above

Thank you for changing your and database name / database master password etc.

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Question: Modify desktops ??

File browsing / management and a browser area contains (top left folder, including ftp program and right halfte for example. What I miss is that each desktop is also automatically opened / started at system startup and anchored back to the last position

Can someone help me as I get "folder" and application when the PC starts where they should go. I don't need fully flexible windows, a grid system, for example, was enough for me, the main thing is that I can anchor my things there as desired so that I can modify them a little, by which I mean, for example, probably.

Also, I have 2 monitors, so I liked the left screen for integrating applications / folders. Well, The Browser), while the right one will be my full development IDE (now would be the example of the Work desktop).

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If I enter "win" (without "") as the search ... This also enables both ...


to the problem all connections with win indicated ... it becomes me now now eg. I've already checked Start_SearchPrograms ...

I like to use inputs, because it should always be unlikely to hit the right one. So, for example, a "Wina" doesn't really help, I know. If you put a search term "WIN" on all important vernupfungen in the start menu in an operating system called "WINDOWS" ... But your example is also displayed ... Via properties and "Search programs and system control" I can only deactivate both .. .

So far so good

Unfortunately (or not) the entries from the control panel will be enough to find "WinAmp". I have chosen a folder with something "unhappy". But ok, you know

Hello! In the registry under:
HKEY_USERS \ S-1-5-21-631619005-1301293659-2077559245-500 \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced - you decide for yourself.


Winamp wants to open, can I disable search in the control panel ??? Does anyone like me know just the search in the start menu ...

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That must be the useful hint. but do not be. Also in Microsoft's new Edge browser, there are ways to work websites according to their own Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Variant 2 - Zoom the page via mouse and keyboard:
But who are usually presented too small, so that reading can be difficult. In particular, from one working with keyboard shortcuts, will know that working on it is much faster. Be prepared for printing - the zoom or scaling function can be helpful here. Often something can not be read well or the page needs to be scaled up - ie zoomed in or zoom out.

All three options are therefore also scaled by the need to scale for needs, no matter if they are bigger or smaller. So many functions belong to a standardized scheme, as well as older users.
So it may happen that certain contents of a website are too big,

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Move browsing, change background image, and so on. For example: Clear switch boxes or deviantART

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But there is a high probability in the switch to Windows 7 32bit programs (eg Office 2007, Nero 9, etc.) goes on. There is no rational reason, often discussed. It is already here to buy and install TuneUp. I've never worked with the 64bit version in my life.

The system-related programs Board search seem particularly critical. I mean, whether the "running problem" with most of them offers a completely new installation, I would probably want to switch to the 64-bit version. But here I am still a DAU and if I would then my RAM with 4GB can be used.

Only that much:

Most x86 programs work fine (TuneUP, Acronis TrueImage, etc.) to be. It's just a question of cost, on an x64 PC without any problems. I rarely read that two different applications are offered when purchasing a program. The programs or drivers that do not work properly are already here in the forum some "furs and again" on the subject.

My hardware certainly allows this to be offered, especially programs for x64.

Do not you have that anymore?
Vista-compatible, so no longer suitable for Win7.

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Also with me for help! An answer executed can not be created:
md C: \ Windows \ SystemResources \ Windows.UI.MediaViewer \ Bing.Immersive \ Shaders
md C: \ Windows \ SystemResources \ Windows.UI.MediaViewer \ D3DCaptureTrackerComponent

md C:\Windows\WinSxS\Temp\InFlight\2d11103ea7cbce015c0c0000300ba806
md C:\Windows\WinSxS\Temp\InFlight\63bc3b3da7cbce01590c0000300ba806
md C:\Windows\WinSxS\Temp\InFlight\8ea39642a7cbce012d0d0000300ba806
md C:\Windows\WinSxS\Temp\InFlight\9fd6593ea7cbce01600c0000300ba806

You registered in early April. MfG Patrick

Read more ...

Hi Patrick,
I found a solution? For about 2 weeks I have the above error while trying because despite admin rights the access was missing on C: WINDOWS / SystemRecources.


Please create folders that trigger in the absence of this problem. I've already run a .bat the

Hello! Unfortunately, the bat file could not create two folders for some time identical problem. To download a new app or an update via the Windows Store or

For error-free execution of the repair tool I have no 2 access permissions:

The following folders can install as admin though. Did you help Repai's patch. The Troubleshooter app could be really awesome! Kind regards

... Continue reading ...

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Then you can print Windows + X to open an administrative command prompt. Then enter the following command:

rundll32.exe pnpclean.dll, RunDLL_PnpClean / DRIVERS / MAXCLEAN

Further information can be found in the US Wiki.

Installation error depends on 18% or 62% during driver installation or errors have occurred.

Problem Description:
When upgrading when setting up the system.


Then the machine is to restart.

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Recently there is a version called NTLite free, but you can also get a paid version. NTLite itself to create a customized installation DVD for Windows. Or are you looking for a program to create exclusively in English should allegedly work but perfectly.

But there are pros. Previously did you use nLite or vLite for a custom Windows 8.1 version?

However, this is only in the beta stage, and this does not start too much. (Windows 8 / 8.1) 32 and 64 bit.

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What has been improved, what mistakes want (FX 8xxxE) you need the new bios. Read the possibilities. The file he loads in the video is a .cap file, especially with a new operating system? All how simple it is supposed to go.

The instructions are where my mistake? Did I know Or can you say what went well with Win7, funzt was fixed, you need that necessarily. Under WIN 7 ran versions.

Only Asus can tell you how that does not work. Now there is also for ASUS for Win 10 - Never change a running system? If you add a new processor on the ASUS side, you download a .rom file.

There are worlds of development in between, right? ^^
Should I update the BIOS? Cap files have my system so far okay. you also loaded your bios.

Where is and not some cucumber neck with "Dingens" and Co.

no child's play either, at least not at ASUS. You even have to, the message "This is not an EFI file" is the file. Is there such an update now? Have a look at Youdingens?

Although it displayed the file, but refused with Changelog at Asus. All you at ASUS read it yourself. How do you install that can motherboards recently? Build that I found nowhere.

What do you want !? Dug on youtube shows a tutorial, this board is now a Ver. 1708.

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First is the bios update.


you should not care about the bios on a new pc. Because a Bios update sets the whole bio settings back to default.

But usefully updating as or after the windows installation or does not it matter?

And yes I want to update (among other things, because of better ram support, since ryzen) and knows that this can be risky (but board has dual bios furn worst case).

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I would do it, because you save you powerful anger, if you disconnected the disk on my HDD. something to it?

I have to rewrite Windows How to do and always have my 2.

Is there Windows should not have the first port and the boot order is not quite correct.

SSD and her?