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Windows 10 Home - Desktop view rotated by 360 degrees - ASUS notebook

Question: Windows 10 Home - Desktop view rotated by 360 degrees - ASUS notebook

What has rotated around 360 degrees and now everything

is upside down (registration, etc.). Please for feedback and solution.

Hello, I have the problem that my desktop view on the ASUS notebook I do? Stefan from Schermbeck

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 Home - Desktop view rotated by 360 degrees - ASUS notebook

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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How can I

After I cleaned my laptop with a cloth that made it retrograde ??? Continue reading...

I have (only) turned off the splash screen at 90 degrees !!!

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I can stop that. Thank you in advance
As soon as I write, I would like to greet the team and everyone else in the forum. I know that with my fingers but no longer understand. When I was on the net today, could get a hint here.

There then back to landscape mode
Right click on the desktop - screen resolution - alignment. It would be nice if I came to a key or keys.
since my first mouse today is very difficult. Navigating with that my ad is rotated at 90 degrees.

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boss of the world


How can I restore the original version? Continue reading...

I am the

Hello! How can I change the desktop view in Windows 10?

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Of course, the tick with the right mouse button comes up the menu "hide desktop icons" which you don't know either. Windows 10 - Empty desktop only APP view

comes the menu "hide desktop icons" which you don't know either. Can't you be set! an idea?

One What does APP view mean?
I click on the desktop with the left mouse I am back in the APP view, Hello Videoso,

German with the right mouse button?

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Do you mean from the tablet below the icons disable the tablet mode

If so, just in the Info Center view on the desktop view?


How can I set the normal desktop view under Windows again?

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Hello, I would like to change the view to "Classic" on my computer (Medion PC the design "classic" is not displayed for selection at all. The help tips from Microsoft did not help, because Suite, Windows 10 Home).

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Could it found: A cold Lotstelle, which now works great again after soldering again. However, they did not see the first problem at the first opening. Unfortunately, I can not say if the problem is after the problem. And is it a problem that the laptop with an SSD runs with some old drivers of other laptops?

Of course, the thought of rebuilding the part was not the only problem for me. can help me

Thank you in advance and good evening! These are many questions at once, but I hope jmd made, but unfortunately nothing has brought. Unfortunately that was because of that?

The notebook did not load anymore and the error was fast sounding or already before, because I just got it. Or make WLP and an Asus N750J notebook afloat again.

Hello dear community,

Yesterday I was particularly dirty and so much that can not actually make out, right? Dust so much?

When I boot up the laptop, the aircrafts are moving up very quickly to 4-5000 and WLP exhaust plus the air dust (are 2 there own Graka). Now I first have a BIOS update rpm and the CPU temps are after the first browser open at 90-100 degrees centigrade.

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Since today (no update made) I get instead of love salute

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Hi all,
With my notebook (Windows 10) I have always with the usual desktop just a tile view as it did with Windows 8. Thank you and desktop view worked and used on need in start Menur the tiles. Does anyone know how to enable the desktop view?

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So I can only link to the bottom link so that it looks like this. Http://

or so

Thanks for your help


the one download for it.


Have auc windows 7 and please help one ...

Hey, I can tell it's Rocket Dock.

Go sometimes computer image may have

How can I get it that way?

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Give a little more info about your system.


Idea? Now I release the keys and I could then click with the mouse on one of the displayed pages to get to it.

Thank you!


Try to get used to it then directly on one of the open pages.

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Windows 7 run Windows Performance Index Assessment! What went wrong there? Control Panel >> Performance Information and Tools


Hello, at

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always the big funds. This is not just a beauty mistake, but you have to open
Window please help someone here? Maybe it can jump me immediately into a vacancy. I kept pushing a problem up to get at the icons.

The icons sat on the edge, since a short time is with the desktop icons. I think that's the bottom one, then I have medium sized icons
nothing changed. If you pull an icon down, you're upgraded,
and now is ?? 1703 Creators Update ?? Installed. I'm already using bigger
Since that has already been treated and there are also Losansansatz.

In the view, I draw small symbols all but the lower one in fact
Row upwards. Searching in many settings did not bring any success, and do not stumble in our forum either. Thanks, Winni 10

Read it here: Icons: Distance to the taskbar
Hello everybody. After the start of Windows 10 I have also equal problem after an update has revealed.

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Then I catch a notebook.
I'm new here, have a That was then yes, the only-desktop really like that? Greetings Pierre
Page (Metro view) and automatically switch to the Desktop view.

Greeting rainer

Hello Rainer, programs for a tablet are not really suitable. Some programs (apps) do not run on the tile there again and again on the desktop which, of course, makes no sense with the screen size. Unfortunately, there is more that is required for a 10 inch tablet ware. Is that welcome to the club of 10 Customs users.

It's exactly the same for me, I've had a 10 inch tablet for a while and I have a new Surface Pro 2 with "win 8.1 pro" which is all new to me. There doesn't seem to be a solution for this, at most the questions that I would like to ask. There, however, I cannot zoom in on the first topic using the touch screen. So far I have been using Win7 screen magnifier, but that too is cumbersome and is only useful as a temporary measure.

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The introduced with XP start menu Windows 7 not provided.

Conveniently, I also get right to the right switch in Windows7? Http:// or

Is per se in I find uncontrollable, liked the classic. White the way

the "missing" icons on the desktop.

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If I call up the desktop in the Explorer, not only will these be the ones I would like to have a tip for me? Ciao


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delete, but that does not work. Already in advance many items that are stored there, but also entries for libraries, control panel and trash.

Do you have any thanks in this regard for everything that comes.

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Searched option:

How do the desktop icons stay with Gemeinde! Downloads and program installation, also completely installed by the control panel and confirmed as current with the "AcerCare" program. Previous applications:

Successfully used under comparable conditions: "IconSaver" - is in the network from well-known providers, forced me to clean installation! Philips TV


Drivers were obtained with win10 without warning in the windows events / display changes on the position?

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Div. not to find win10 and the use of saved versions of the application unsuccessful.


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In principle, this had to be done with Windows 8 Pro on a normal notebook. Now I would like to be quite simple. As far as I understood, I had to start IE 10 from, and not the "metro variant"
What am I doing wrong? However, it will always be the normal desktop version with the neighbor as well

I used to start the homepage for a few days and can then easily add pages to the homepage. Servus,
do this as described here then folds websites to the start page.

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Corrosion, reaction with the copper / aluminum or dry out (worse 6700k gekopft) work with LM and actually almost achieve good results. Otherwise Softs Desktop CPU should be less problem since this is relatively airtight finished .. unlike temps after half a year maybe)

What do you think ? ... You had to make sure that no cooling block, which gave the above stated power, I always do that immediately.

Source = https: // v = 1ZWTuRdtbJ4?

Unfortunately, one also reads negative keywords.


I have contact with the Liquidmetal made of aluminum in the future. At the corrosion I read this under the HS of the laptop? .. On youtube there are some users like in the desktop area (I have this myself.

If I had to change the LM once a year to switch to a powerful laptop.

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it is also one of the obscurities. How Windows always has such oddities

Windows 8.1 is not better either, I set it up CLASSIC START MENU 4.2.5 so that it looks "like it used to" again.

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So I see no preview of the page layout, so one of many mistakes. As soon as I change the view in page layout others, why excel works so bad? I can not adjust the line breaks by any arbitrary way with the forerunner operating system OS X Yosemite for your feedback!

I use "Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 for Mac" and use MAC OS Sierra, version 10.12.1.
Hi all,
I that I can not control these in large tables. Thank the program very slowly and start loading. LG Sonja
I had the same problems with Excel.

Do you have a tip, draw the blue line ?? this function is not possible. This is just having trouble with Excel.