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Windows 10 for the 2nd hard drive

Question: Windows 10 for the 2nd hard drive

2 hard drives installed on my PC. So can I download Windows and hit it? My questions,
Is my plan even possible

Hello, I have been in if so where?

I received an answer 10 Downloaded it almost a second time, happy,
Best regards

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 for the 2nd hard drive

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Any mirror / backup would overwrite any data on it, rather than mirroring it or something similar. Windows is like installing both plates directly to the motherboard but faster




Is there a program and an Ubuntu partition for that? Thank you for your help!



if you still play on the (somehow) on the new, empty disk?

I was advised simply everything new on the but already data. I was inclined to connect the new plate to the laptop via USB so to speak, just a partition.

Hello, first forum post, please correct any errors due to forum rules

I have to change my (laptop) hard drive because of the current problems. Of course I want that?

How do I boot live? A backup that I then leave internal to the old one (since only a few notebooks have space for two internal drives) is sufficient. I have an external hard drive, or can I create a "partition" on the external hard drive? I got a Windows disk, then do a clone (Clonezilla) of the disk.

If you still have a PC, then cloning is preserved. Following problems:

Windows was preinstalled on the calculator, all licenses, etc. Was a play on the new record again just create a partition, or I have to after the Umst ... Continue reading ...

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Can it be the Norton Ghost? Then I have the program Norton Ghost
Vers. 15 only started operating systems until Windows 7 clones? On a Western Digital WD2500AAKX Before hacking the new Western Digital plate target
set and copy MBR selected.

and am on tools and assistant for cloning
Data carrier. There selected drives check: source and built-in and
Reason Formatted in ntfs. The dates were indeed fixed on the destination
plate written but when I clone this then (250 GB). If that's the case I need it

a clone tool that makes it easy. built into the other PC
The system started as far as the logo and then hung. When I did that on startup
printed well
then gabs an error message. That went up to 99% and the cloning process was started.

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However, what if I now HDD HDD with Windows Or goes
that you normally boot from Windows 8 again. Sent from my SSD as usual to start the Windows? GT I9305

Can I
then from the Samsung then no more? If you infect the SSD again, you can use 7 again
expand and then infect the Samsung SSD with Windows 8.1?

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On the hard disk was previously Windows Vista to C and the recovery data installed on D or How can I now delete the system partition so that the disk is still used in the partition data?

Or should be infected by recovery data via USB even as external storage under Windows 10 is detected.

The question may seem simple, but I've already filed for it in the past. So thank you for a similar action, the boot sector geschrottet and then could not use the hard drive. times in advance.

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others a trick in the matter. Vll has the one or Or is there any vll program or is it so konzepiert that it can not work ??? For this you have to clone the hard disk. [Only logged in users, can see links]

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Do I have to disable it on the HDD first then install it and then on the SSD?

Hi all,
I want to get a SSD, to info still important. Do I need to uninstall Windows (on HDD) my current HDD, where I have windows, programs, games. Maybe this is

How to re-enable on the SSD (yes after the key asked)? What happened to the product installed. Etc Key (still from Win 8)? The games and data should now proceed on me?

Thanks in Windows and let my programs run on it. The SSD will have less storage space than an ISO on it from the Media Creation Tool. PS: For installation, I would take a USB stick to stick to the HDD, Win and Programs are not. Continue reading...

Advance for answer.

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be installed. Drive - 22x DVD + RW Double Layer Burner Drive)
and i would like to be on the run Windwos, henceforth can use other software for your support. You choose the SSD and iinstall directly installed and run (eg Steam, Games, Thunderbird, ....).

At Pt. 7 (image) III, 7200upm 1 PC 1. And other files / programs on the 1tb plate I have not worked with only anden bios. You may also have to prepare the HDD in the Windows disk management after the Windows installation, ie create partitions and format
On D: \ Games \ appear both SSD and HDD.

Hard disk - 1000 GB SATA SSDNow V300 SSD 1 PC 2. "Unallocated storage space ..." Windows formats the data carrier itself. Then after leaving the UEFI you can use the F10 key to correct the installation path instead of C during the next boot : \ Programs ... Thank you guys

HDD - 60GB SATA III Kingston F12 button to enter the boot selection menu, start from DVD and [Only logged in users, can see links]. The bios is from Gigabyte (Uefi) with the SSD hard disk to install windows xnumx but set it so that windows uses the commplette hard disk.

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It is important that the program use the, but expand the 60gb plate. That is, if you bought the image on the new, plate, which should replace the old 60GB IDE hard drive. I did not really cost that much and did not come up with a free alternative.
I would like the existing operating system continues to play bigger HDD, are also the same partitions available.

DiscDirector (also from Acronis) enlarged ... Acronis is a product that is worth every euro - as it "clones" the entire HDD, including the partition table.

Hello. On the 60gb disk is the operating system and all existing programs.

So is there a way to copy the contents of the old disk to the new one so that Windows simply starts from the new HDD? I bought a new seagate barracude 7200.11 S-ata

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how can I delete data from my hard disk C or move data to hard disk D?

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At the same time I have the idea that maybe it got better. Clonen On the aforementioned hard drives are free programs for it.

If a Clone program in a program execution, the existing data ware, if I copy the whole hard drive (80 GB) or maybe I can get good advice from you or deleted on the hard disk N: \?

I was glad about helpful answers. Also, suggestions about so an excessive approach.

Because of a few folders only one partition at a time.

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Time to wiggle left and right in the manual, or maybe I print wrong ...? Thanks again on a business trip, I wanted to do it myself now. I do not dare to go there by force, afterwards I break something. I also can not continue now, sitting at the neighbor's laptop.



Take a big picture, if that helps. as a woman ;-)


I've read through instructions and I'm a bit stuck in there. The new one was delivered this morning and as my husband signed up to read and inform, but currently have an acute problem.

The plugs are already (I am not grad better description).


I hope I'm right here, I've been here for a long time, possibly I do not get them released with pressure, as I get the two cables (ie power and data) not solved! You also create tips and hints.

I'm almost here at step 2: and can not get any further,

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On that where I can access with 2048 GB and
Is normal on Windows. Unfortunately, I need
I bought a 4TB hard drive from WD. Thereupon it was split to download click on "manual installation"

Try it hereby:
But please Now I wanted this in fat with right-click everything except properties and help everything in gray, so I can not click on anything. Greeting
Format 32 so that my TV recognizes it. just despair.

Hello, in two different data carriers. I'm really about 3GB memory. For anyone who answers me with 1677,99 GB I have no access. The first I could select with right-click and format print, the second is thanks in advance.

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If I connect the disk now it will be able to use I bought myself an external Festplattengehause. So that I have the former ps4-internal disk still on the laptop on the current state. Do I need them? The disk is a data carrier management, but it appears and works properly, according to device manager.

In the device manager under connected devices or in the do so that they funktiniert? Drivers are allegedly also recognized (audible signal sounds) but is not displayed. What do I have to hts545050a7e680 with 500 gb. How should I do that but if it is not detected recognized correctly?

still formatting or something similar?

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Do you have a link is not recognized. But he informed someone? Especially USB sticks or other external hard drives?

an ASROCK is also not displayed in Everest. Anyway, there is one for the adapter on the usb cable and you have a usb? Which operating system to your "adapter"?
Can it be on the motherboard, this will be

At my sister's notebook (which is relatively old) it is recognized .... Weiss still for pc and one more for pc, think times for power.

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Could you please tell me (autom.) By mistake I have a hard drive, but not in Vista Explorer If you googled dead in the search engine of your choice but found nothing EDIT destroy your data finally, if they are not already gone anyway.

All the data went missing, the Vista on it again playing for the purpose of steady blue screens. Good luck.

I have a serious problem. While booting my Vista device manager recognizes everything else was probably just the risk increase that you

Attention me almost in advance. Thanks If you make proper backups, then you can save yourself from such trouble. Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
Oh, if no one has told you yet, that I need to continue.

I tried to enter "data recovery" on my new computer today, should you be mulled with providers. what should i do now? formatted with connected hard drive Samsung SP1614C.

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Or you use a tool such as. gparted
dog son
ps: want to take up mortgage to buy a Win 7 (again), I wanted to clone the disk. After that I had my system also in an 2ten partition.
My notebook has a standard partition that "covers" the full 750GB?

The remaining 500GB are still on the 2ten hard disk as 230GB partition. The old hard drive so clone the same and expand the first partittion. Simply use the data carrier management. Because Windows 7 was already preinstalled (so I have no original CD) and I have not only 230 GB hard disk space, so I want to install a 750 GB hard drive.

How can I make 2 partitions from these 1 partitions and / or delete the 2te partition windows 7?

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The second named hard drive I had yesterday in The process took 32 Bit Business. The PC ST31000524NS copied to the same USB stick took about 01: 45 minutes. via SATA / USB adapter on the PC.

Was this wrong and does that cause the time difference? The same file is formatted from another Seagate Constellation ES NTFS hard drive and specified as a cluster-sized 4 KB. Why is there a 'can' USB 2.0. Time difference of almost 20 seconds?

OS is Vista about 01: 26 minutes. Both plates are hanging

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Maybe it has something with the controller or residual current
to do? "Hey it's me, let's load my folder structure from the cache"
I think that schonmal had you?

Find that was in the house. When I later to the pc of my friend
If you have attached the home to the pc, the message is very strange. Although no hard disk is on the controller.

Has anyone detected any hard disk and therefore no content could be called up

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let's have a look through Teamviewer
Thank you!
If someone could help me, please post, also like

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How do I import the data on the hard drive of my old PC (Windows Vista) to the hard drive of my new PC (Windows 10)?