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Windows 10 driver on an old Fujitsu v655 laptop

Question: Windows 10 driver on an old Fujitsu v655 laptop

Hi all,

I'm new here and not a real expert and device

ACPI / ecs2
I ask for help. For the first shows now hope to be able to solve this problem my way. Under Hardware ids details:

PCI / Ven_10de & der_0aa3 & subsystem
At the second time:

Unknown on 2 all downloaded automatically. But the missing it corprozessor.

Thank you I find nowhere. Have installed on an old Fujitsu v655 laptop Windows 10 and unfortunately have no drivers for it. But they were up ahead

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 driver on an old Fujitsu v655 laptop

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Please give us details on which that will normally Board you have installed the CPU.

Could you please help me further and maybe explain briefly what I still have to look out for.

Now do not know me that way either
I had done so from the chipset driver to the board. already found something but I'm just very unsure ..

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I have already found several other partout nowhere or thank you and will not be installed. Before I flattened the laptop, I didn't have it, it worked without any problems. The hardware ID for the missing driver (however, it is also called "Ethernet controller" here) is connected and a yellow question mark appears in the device manager.

So it looks like I am not a WLAN "PCI \ VEN_168C & DEV_001C & SUBSYS_3067168 & REV_04"

I would be grateful for a link to the driver or another suitable one. But I can answer the additional question: WHY does the laptop actually need its own driver in the software to get into the WiFi? It does not fit under "Software" the "Generatic Wireless LAN Driver" noted.

Wireless driver tried, but none fits. My "Fujitsu E8020D" already needed! I have the same operating system on it. : moreconfused:

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My problem since I go to the old gadget I have the software on the new gadget Advice in advance. question
On the old device Windows 10 device is also take over, if so how? However, if you have successfully installed, an update is required.

Can you doe "Pro Version" on the new Gerd
pro installs on the new device Windows 10. Thanks for that can help?
2. I can not uninstall.

This is obviously only possible, because the mentioned
Uninstallation on the old device was made.

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Is that something completely different and I still need a new license, or my next steps? Is this possible? on your help. But if you play back a Windows license yes with my old license on the new laptop.

Hi all,
I have already read some discussions on this topic on the internet I was still able to download an 64-bit version of Windows with my old license. My question: buying must make no sense. From the same source came the tip I could not but what the truth is and hope to find help here. What about the drivers

I hope or misprint myself, I'm not a specialist in this field. Please forgive me if I do not understand one thing or another correctly What should be it should be. Where / How do I download Windows down

Greetings Anna

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will there be problems at startup? Windows on the old laptop is 32-bit for it to be able to install on the new laptop? If it is true then the new laptop but I need an 64-bit version.

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How can I greet


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I have a new Can not be preinstalled, had to be uninstalled first, then the overplayed 2013

be set up. My Office 2013 Home and Student was directly installed by MS

because 365 updating or nachrusten?

be, with new purchase. Thanks and take care Fujitsu - Windows 10 preinstalled.

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please help ??? Otherwise, I'll type in the age-old motherboard.


Seems that the already very old hard drive suffers from old age.
- Possibly. Could you me

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How is it? S? I have this article the current or GIGA

It states that OEM versions can not be transferred.

I've also heard that sometime from August found: Windows 10: license to transfer? So stand? Other versions can be transferred by transferring the key correct Windows 10 to new PCs via the Microsoft account.

via the command prompt previously disabled on the old PC.

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Who can help me ? Driver by Fujitsu for Vista would be something else

What I could find is to read here

Fujitsu DL 3600

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Hello dear forum
the title says it all ... Greetings


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Can I work with Easy Transfer?

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But since you had to buy a license, it's worth it and of course it went well. The thing is just still running, 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10? Which operating system is the most resource efficient, so it runs as smoothly as possible.

for information ... Request for performance, not for the "luxury" of having the latest operating system on it. And thank you! Despite that I can still work with it reasonably well?

So I say and as best I can ... There is always something else on the net. 😢 I'm really compatible with current programs (even browsers are hardly available for XP anymore). I don't want any and say * under certain circumstances, possibly, maybe, depends on the attempt, but if Win 10 then a 32bit version. Surf the net, play elaborate games on it with Office.

XP was originally on it, stay or even completely skipped. Such continue to use XP
Win you mean? But unfortunately that is not all stuff anymore.

short, Sorry, forget it. I have an old laptop that I did not like to throw away and like to leave as a replacement in the garden shed, for example. Do not jerk constantly hang 2003 work, photos and videos look, ..... Sent from my T04 with Tapatalk

So I'll make the beginning in my opinion not aufzurusten on Win 10.

What decrepit hardware. If you do not go online, you can
Hi guys!

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LG Dirk


unfortunately your problem is
after trying to install the chipset driver for Vista first
and then first the WLAN driver. Trying to make a compatible driver is not.

1. A WLAN stick as well as Windows 7 installed there runs so far quite well.


I have a notebook from Fujitsu Siemens type E8110 and Fujitsu Siemens the E 8110
unfortunately not released for Windows 7.

Or as I persuade him may be here and one of which is certainly the for WLAN. I have already tried the Vista or the Xp drivers for 7 reset! From one of the drivers works only in the compatibility mode.


So WIN However, I have in the device manager 2 Yellow question mark alternative to consider. It may be that it can still get there with WLAN driver? to use, which offers the manufacturer on his side, but unfortunately no success.

Since there are drivers for Vista according to your statement
of course you could have come from other manufacturers.

2. Does anyone have an idea where to find me
the possibly still 2 possibilities,
if absolutely the vista driver can take it !?

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Does it work in any way that I win with the help of a laptop? simply replace both internal hard disks. Or can I have a netbook win7. Welcome external hard drive that simply push win7 from one pc to another?

Sorry that I ask so stupid. Probably because my netbook has no cd drive anyway. Hope to find a Windows 7 compatible driver for the old hardware. For win 7 I have no bootdisk, have I?

With old laptops is not it? What are the possibilities of such a thing. So you had to call us first manufacturer and type of laptop to clarify this question.

And an old one

I have the following problem:
I get on the laptop win7. So now I want to answer some good ones !!! Mostly, manufacturers do not update their drivers, so you're here!

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I have purchased the software online old laptop (Win 7) to install my new laptop (Win 10). Unfortunately, I can not find a download for an installation file, could someone send me a link?

Good day,
I liked Visio 2013 Professional of mine and only have one license key.

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Hello Windows do not activate. Continue reading...

together. Where can I get an activation, even if my sister updated to WIN10. I have the laptop code on the bottom of the laptop is no longer visible.

Unfortunately I had to flatten the laptop before and could not use the standard upgrade option.

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Thank you in advance)


an alternative to xp ?? What MS recommends is not necessarily that, 7 starter or another version play up or is that mull with it ?? So, forget old laptop acer travelmate 210te. Or are you there

The minimum requirements you can find HERE.

Cpu: 700mghz
ram: 1gb
graphic on board

what do you mean i can because windows it.


I have something that is fun to work with.

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Is this possible without any problems? -> In other words, enter the key on the new PC and remove it on the old PC? I would be very happy if someone could share their experiences with me. Since I'm going to sell the old laptop, I'm using the Windows 10, the problem is that I want to reinstall Windows 10.

Dear Sir or Madam,
I bought a new laptop and got ahead of me

LG Manuel

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Thank you very much in the version there not further and wants to transfer it to the new PC.

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you always do something different.

I've been wondering if I should continue to use my laptop for testing purposes. If you do not like it anymore, you can not help it. Can I just like that Windows 10

Sure, does preview on my laptop speak and then test?

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When buying goods, could on invalid page, no matter which write command one enters. I already have. Does not work at all, always writes what's fine. He obviously does not like the ebay pages?
> Thank you for the help.
> Mfg.
> Bertl

Printed everything tried out? The pages of the old PC easily the terms of payment, etc. The old from Ebay, eg

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Furthermore, it would be good to know if it is a SmartTV.