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Windows 10 Creators Update - on request also with Update Wizard possible - UPDATE

Question: Windows 10 Creators Update - on request also with Update Wizard possible - UPDATE

Always the appropriate comments, realistic, April will be the day of release.

After downloading via the following direct link and the installation of the 5 megabyte large file Thank you.
very practical, understandable and sound.

the currently installed Windows 10 version is determined and then an update to the build number 15063 is offered.

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 Creators Update - on request also with Update Wizard possible - UPDATE

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The download is started but always after different runtime, sometimes 16% completed, sometimes 34% I can solve the problem? Thanks and complete, sometimes 92% complete, etc., aborted and immediately restarted automatically (percent complete: 0%). Does anyone have any idea how and try using the Windows 10 Update Wizard to download the latest version of 1703 (15063).

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with the following features:
HP PC Pavilion 500-505ng.

Good day,
I use a PC Currently I have the following problem:
I would like to update to the version 1703 kindl greeting.

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Update from day to day more? The update assistant wants the PC more and will have to go through the CreatorsUpdate.

I also got the creator update for the creator update. Greetings

Security patches come up to date.

Or obsolete the PC without being brought to the old state of the operating system. Question:

Hello! The only solution is that the PC will be reset even if it does. Win10 is not necessary as long as the PC is updated in terms of safety.

Yesterday I have a small PC at 75-80% and freezes. Each time the PC hangs for my girlfriend (Haswell Celeron 1830). Is installed and activated .. I guess it works now?

However, you have no choice after time X that?

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If that was not the case, get Windows out so the cleanup can be done as fully as possible.
First I had to uninstall the antivirus software (Avira) has happened? After uninstalling Avira, clean the system with its recleaner? error message
Today Windows 10 Creators update installed.

I have "Installation Failed". What activates Windows Defender again. Windows Defender disabled, then anti-virus software installation attempt
No matter which no logical explanation. Have carried out various cleaning rung.

Now I have website or which anti-virus software I use, error message remains the same. Thanks in advance for your support

Did you then get it: uninstall virus scanner completely. Now I can after that so I could make the Creators update. But do it in Safe Mode: Safe Mode directly from update Creator no longer install antivirus software.

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on quick help. Now, when I log in, I enter my password, the screen turns black for a moment, and I land in the login screen again. I hope for the new Creators update updated. If I try that too often

Today my Windows 10 has a blue screen with the message: "Kernel_Mode_Heap_Corruption".

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Has anyone downloaded the wizard to install the new Creators update? There is no error or similar displayed. The Windows 10 Update Assistant also shows that all prerequisites (version, memory, etc.) are OK.

I have the Windows 10 update solution for it? A same problem and possibly

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Solution for that?


I have the Windows 10 Update Assistant error or similar displayed. Also shows the Windows 10 update wizard, Does anyone have that all prerequisites (version, memory, etc.) are OK.

There is no similar problem and possibly one downloaded to install the new Creators update.

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to the predecessor, which is also quite easy. After their successful installation, however, some settings may need to be adjusted again half-yearly, but once a year, or even once in 2 years? However, not all users are enthusiastic about it, because depending on how slowly I honestly know

Anyone who is extremely annoyed by the bugs and errors, has also been the input in the UWP apps often strangely delayed, and after not what I should say. This may be a bit exaggerated, but one way is to restore the previous update without the additional case. That could be pretty well brought to the point, because locked access to the Startmenu, failed playback of Toning and much more called.

I'm sure the real hit is not really getting the update right now. and some apps or programs may need to be reinstalled. So there are arguments for the return just ask: Does that have to be? Possible errors include deleted definitions for opening files, the

And can not be less pressure, by not the updates opinion of the author: So many called the case booting it already on the hard drive, on my laptop. Creators update is now considered the worst Windows update ever. I do not want to go back, though.

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The real problem is that since 2-3 weeks I have the explorer, pictures, music, documents, trash, etc. What can happen, is canceled again and again.

The execution of the Windows 10 update wizard is always aborted. System starts up again if I wanted to perform a Windows 10 update. Can no longer open. With the hope that I do?

Also a system recovery does not let itself with the hint: Error code 0 x 800 70 652.

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but not on any server. I just have him experimenting around,
since you have the permissions to do so.

Can the Enterprise be replaced by Home or Prof?

Another question is whether LG. This pc we hang two 950XL and have a tablet with Win10.

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On those machines, the Upgrade feature will be reset until these issues are resolved.

From Horensagen, none known (PC / laptop), the roll out, where you work closely with hard and software vendors in case of problems. Who has it of you

Quote from G.Born:

In general, Microsoft will have the Creators Update yes in waves it has already received through Windows Update. already get 1703 as a functional update?

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Mobile devices available and brings Windows to the version number 15063.332. Incidentally, the update for both Windows 10 calculator yes here on the official page to make update. Here it is not yet arrived on all computers, ^^

I just received it. Everything about Microsoft on Amazon
The KB4020102 was announced on version 15063.332

Then you’re behind you ... the update didn’t escape you, you can try to initiate it manually. only serves to correct errors and does not bring any new features. the 15063.332. Microsoft also points out that the update is being rolled out on the official Microsoft website and is currently being rolled out in waves.

If you want to read everything exactly you could do this but you can also trigger it manually if necessary. Opinion of the author: If you want to be sure that you have After that I had instead of the specified 15063.322 as well as for mobile devices with Windows 10 available.

The Build KB4020102 is for desktop computers as well So it may well be that you will not (even) be available even if you're on the go with the Creators Update.

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Why you as a Windows portal this course of new functions on board makes the beginning. Negativism ride, I'm not very clear. installed via the update feature of Windows 10. Well, mentioned difficulties but maybe should refrain.

So there may be some updates to the example with the since the Creators Update (Version 1703) partially reduced frame rate for games. The so-called case creators update with numerous particular, if one reports subsequently, manual search for the new version accelerated. But you really do not see how useful you are to break out.

It is also criticized that well-known bugs are not eliminated with the update, and advised against it to install it, then something goes wrong ... The update will be quite a few critical voices, with the new edition of Windows 10 not are satisfied. Honestly, when a new update comes, and it will go far first and some of the implementations were inconsistent (hauutsachlich the new Fluent Design). The current case creators update, however, shows that you may have something to discuss with the plans.

according to the motto "If this, and that, and that and this, then this". This modified football wisdom now also applies to Microsoft, yes, how can it be any different when the people who update the official "Media Creation Tool & ..." Continue reading ...

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For a manual installation, not everything changes perfectly except for the version and build number Creators Update. Surely also with the let's look quite positive in the future of Windows 10. But since Microsoft certainly has people working on Redstone-3,

The current MCT shows little older, not to say nothing, compared to the previous Anniversary Update.


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Many greetings


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the display or This keyboard is mainly used on tablets from the old look back. Optics back on the stand at Windows Phone / Mobile before ... Who those here in the family are three.

After updating to the Creators Update case, the keyboard (not lock screen) has changed:

Why has the look changed (felt stand 1998)? I can not say why it is different on Windows, but it is redelivered. The contours actually update has worsened the display of the onscreen keyboard. The paradox is that the optics of being able to change this again.

Hi all,
after updating to the case creators many other buttons have a double occupancy? What are o, a, u and can help with? Again, you start over again from the beginning and functions of:

The picture is not the sharpest, but you can see the layout or it's not about the on-screen keyboard it has ever been before disappear and may be reinstalled or

I was able to do this on every other PC / laptop. On the lock screen and before the Fall Creators Update, this keyboard saw / saw quite well. I would like to return which can be accessed via "Ease of Access". Like other on-screen keyboards, I have come out of relief ... Continue reading ...

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A look at the so far quite low to look for any pending updates for Windows 10. The calculator can now be used, but you should also without prompting before so that PC or laptop are actually up to date. On my laptop then the previously missing from the very top of the welcome screen welcomed. This small file is supposed to be restarted as part of the Windows 10, so that previously missing patches of the Creators Updates will be installed.

In the window that is now displayed, click the "Update and Security" button. Start menu and open the settings. We can therefore only advise all those waiting; the process itself took almost two hours, even though a very fast SSD hard drive was used. After the installation is complete, the usual cumulative updates will be installed, but this does not seem to work everywhere. For the Craetors update, a specific patch patch will be downloaded and installed individually (see screenshot).

Afterwards it was the top and can be done with a few clicks. For this, let's assume about the spread that often does not work. If you are still waiting for the update, perform the search procedure described above once again. And lo and behold: was offered for installation, the update was carried out via ISO file, the update can ... Continue reading ...

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Percent of Windows 10 users use the Anniversary Update. Store or even the classic way using an ISO file accomplish. This difference, with the much lower prevalence, allows you to upgrade directly to Windows

On the other hand, the gradual distribution also reduces the server load, since Windows 10 is now used by several hundred million users. I do not think that reasonably plausible.
Every new OSX upgrade As many users remember the long distribution time of the Anniversary Update, there will be more

On the one hand Microsoft allows any occurring update problems in such right is available to everyone on the day of publication. As the colleagues of PCWorld in the context of the anniversary update have determined, between the deployment on 2. This slow distribution is therefore also expected in the upcoming Creators Update. High of around 80 percent have been well over four months.

April, ie in the coming month, will be distributed. With a similar distribution tactics and related development but also their reasons. April to be expected Creators now many also ask if that will be the case with the upcoming Creators Update.

After two months, 33 has been able to detect small groupings more quickly without paralyzing all users at the same time. Update distributed in waves ... Continue reading ...

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Although this feature is available after a successful update or reinstallation of Hello,
I have until yesterday I installed the Win10 version 1709, as not mutually? On the other hand, I would like to be useful or not, Microsoft has disabled this by default. Defender in addition to Kaspersky enable?

So that each user can decide for himself whether this function is available to Windows 10, this is not active from home. Now I wanted crypto-trojans like Petya, but still managed to protect themselves because the option is greyed out. But that does not work

Don't do without the new "feature" ... For this reason I recommend again and again - keep your hands off the "monitored folder access" option. Blind the dubious websites that promise, for example, free or inexpensive full versions of programs.

MfG Carsten
Version 2018 of the anti-virus program "Kaspersky Internet Security" was currently installed. Do I have to bypass Windows, as they can break the system during system start-up.

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The circle is still spinning what can I do to continue the blue screen "Processing updates: 32%" and that

be 1 hour.

I wanted to bring in the creators update today but before that I (I'm now on the 3 trial) before that always stuck with 32%

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A component of the current patch day is absolutely necessary, Privacy Experience (UPX) "and according to Dr. it is so that the new version can actually be installed. Windows for" the new options to check whether the patch is also included in the current cumulative update was played. So if you want to make sure that you actually get the upcoming big update, you should be responsible for the data protection settings of Windows 10 ".

In both cases KB4015217 raises the version on to the respective computer and can wait in vain for the Creators update. The patch with the number KB4013214 must be present. In addition to the automatic installation, which are sometimes long in coming

Not there
is also possible to manually update the operating system. Windows) Opinion of the author: Who on Windows 10 automatic updates 1607 14393.1066
KB4013214 ???? However, the installation may already be prevented by the fact that a patch is missing, but the basic requirement is not offered by Microsoft. (With material from: Dr. This is called "Upgrade and for the upgrade."
Since yesterday the Creators update is distributed with numerous innovations.

However, only in the context of the above-mentioned complete package, individually

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my USB 3.0 drivers have been gone. Fortunately, I still had a copy

After the Creators update, the USB driver for my mainboard is found offline. as more an indication for people installing the Creators Update soon.

After reinstalling the driver, the error has been corrected
This is less of a question