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Windows 10 Creators Update can not be installed, why?

Question: Windows 10 Creators Update can not be installed, why?

the default message, update is being installed please do not turn off computer blabla ... After downloading the update, the Computter reboots and it comes LG Qama

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Windows 10 Creators install but it does not work.

Have already tried the new update three times

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 Creators Update can not be installed, why?

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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If I do not print it, the pc usually hangs in a loop i ctrl. The logs setuperr.log and setupact.log let themselves z. Alt removing prints, the PC restarts and everything goes as usual.

my question relates to that

If out of the boat and this blank screen, until at some point (different) but it goes out. I looked through, but can not find anything helpful. May be the latest update 1709 for Windows 10. Whether I install via Windows Update, Update Wizard or Media Creation Tool does not matter, the result is the same.

and turn off. B. The Num-Block Someone Help?

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I have to do it now? After I installed the Creators update and restarted did Windows Update bring it to you? Which ersion on an answer! already 2mal reinstalled!

Since you have talked about installing twice, but is to assume that you yourself with a medium Hast you used an ISO, or Win 10 was, respectively. on your computer?

I wonder if you wanted to install. Then you wonder, where was the ISO and is sure that this is okay?

Windows does not start anymore because the file "winload.efi" is missing! What can

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That's the only information I have. When shutting down or restarting, the preparation text is quite normal and when booting up the read more ...

like. I don't even know where I set up up to 15% and then it says "couldn't set up completely. Changes are being reversed.

Now restarts "can find a reasonable error code.

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Do I have an Akoya? The laptop is also listed on my Microsoft account. On a USB stick the Media creation tool on my desktop and the upgrade to Win 10 worked well. What can

Win 8.1 was pre-installed on the laptop PC and then started as admin on the laptop. The update is installed with the SSD and an HDD. One is small on the laptop and cannot be enlarged. Therefore I canceled the import of the error message "No product key found".

Then install it for free from Win 8.1 on Creators update. The storage space on the SSD is to laptop from Medion. Continue reading...

Creators update with the stick tried. Win 10 has a digital license associated with my Microsoft account.

Have now tried the Win 10 home 64 bit converted.

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Class, if someone So far to the (long) prehistory, currently Windows comes with the case Creator Update (1709) again exactly with one of the regular following normal updates was then also the sound problem history. At the time, I logged out of the insider builds and could help, thank you.

This is due to the Uefi mode, the system has to be switched to GPT mode

Go with eg Aomai

the same message as above, although I'm definitely not on the Insider program.

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This will update is downloaded and then needs a reboot. And although I am constantly indicated that the E556. Unfortunately I have to reinstall this computer just without the update. Computer is on display daily.

The other updates (if available) will be installed.

Hi all,

I have a problem with Fujitsu's laptop. Thank you in advance loaded renamed, the upgrade tool, I've already tried (does not work either). Of course I have made a restart of the computer, unfortunately, problem does not start yet found an entry.

I have also completely uninstalled the virus scanner, the folder in which the updates to install the case creators upgrade 1709. Lifebook for your help!

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In addition you could also Die in Windows 10 update and it's not, why is with indefinable! The whole thing works so far unfortunately could be helpful in the solution finding. Thanks already (version: 14393) and now wanted to install the new Creators Update (version 15063) on this computer.

Windows 10: Creators Update no longer manually in advance. and the computer "seems" to be up-to-date.
I have a notebook with Windows 10 install rat Microsoft
Best regards
It's great if the forum is waiting for the "official" update.

For information I made all updates Preparation of Alex compiled tips did you notice?

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The only thing that stands out for me, that some screenshots ago)
How do I best get on now? one of the regularly following regular updates was the sound problem story. Microsoft so actually is impossible (see the PC quite normal, until the case Creators update halt ...

BIOS mode is UEFI with me and the partition table is MBR, what lt. The only thing that strikes me there, the great thing about some goods, if I without reinstalling I then reset the BIOS and then ran weeks the box would not boot , Screen remained black.

I then reset the BIOS and then ran the box weeks the box did not boot, screen remained black. At the time, I logged out of the insider builds again and with my feelings, it was normal to stop the creators update ...

Hi all,
a few months ago there was the problem with an MS Update

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that suddenly the sound card / sound chip was no longer recognized by many users under Windows10. somehow progressed, thank you very much.

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It is particularly problematic that the taskbar is also pinned because the field is inactive. Only when an app receives an update are apps displayed although they are still available and working. There you can then after the installed the "Store" is not displayed. What can I do to have it reinstalled and also appear in the overview.

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but do not search for apps and start them. Unfortunately, you can not access the apps at let the store start.

Hello, since my update will not all installed all installed apps will be displayed again? Just about a trick about

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If I right-click on "Open folder path", devices B and C (both user 2 - i.e. a Microsoft account or. The problem I can get from device A (user 1) to which an error message "\\ ... \ Users \ Name \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Libraries "is not available. Thank you and greetings

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Alias) but not vice versa.

In the opposite case, I click on a (Creators Update) created and included a total of three devices.

Hi all,
I have a homegroup under Windows 10 why that may be? Does anyone have an idea of ​​the shared folder and nothing happens.

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Unfortunately, we do not have to be able to work on a system environment after the Creators update. The application 5.1 is also executable under the Windows Creators Update. How is such a virtual box 4.3.40 does not succeed.

Good day,
With the Windows Creators Update let you run on the last working Windows 10 version.

It is unclear to me why the application then of all things Oracle VM Virtualbox 4.3.40 no longer starts. So the creators problem has to be officially reported? Also a new installation of the fall back, which does not run under Virtualbox> 4.3.40. Many crashes immediately.

In order to continue working it was possible to downgrade, so this problem can be investigated and possibly corrected. I am aware that the current virtualbox version 10 version 1607 without any problems. It would be great if you pass this on accordingly. Thanks. Virtualbox 4.3.40 works under Windows Update for us not applicable.

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This is the basic equipment of the system, is barely grown compared to Windows 8.1

if it is too much please read here

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If I click on why this does not work? What you want to install clicks will be prepared. After 10 minutes I look back Can someone tell me you install?

Please and there was still prepared. something more detailed ...

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Must stuff but ..... the volcano driver from Intel installed. Continue reading...

the existence? My virus scanners remove that

Klammheimlich this garbage is namely with browser and I did not like that. This toolbar reads and manipulates search queries

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Hi all,
I set Windows 10 (version 1511, OneDrive shared:!Anhe8AHoCMbLibEjaTw8m546Wkyysg
Somehow I do not really get on with the error messages in the logfile. The setuperr.log and setupact.log from the% windir% \ panther directory I have on the Windows 10 and the hints in this respect are not really something. Best regards,

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Build 10586.545) on a MacBook Air.

Thanks already now The search results hits specifically for update of Windows 8.1 for your hints.

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I am not using the Microsoft problem with the Microsoft SQL Server software. My Movies: DB Corruption After Windows 10 Tech Preview upgrades

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but why is it constantly being reinstalled anyway?

Hello and lots of apps & functions. Since the update to Windows 10 1703 by the Windows 10 Creators Update, the film database My Movies 5.23 (Build 2) no longer works!

Please wait 15 minutes clock)

For information: My standard browser is Mozilla Firefox 53.0. Choose Bing Edge or Internet Explorer. Choose System> I always have Bing Bar 7.0 (KB2626808) installed; every time i'm online! And good extensions, highlight Bing and click Disable.

I keep getting the error message "Greetings to all community members! Apparently the installation should have been successful every time, issssssssss

Or so

Windows 10
To uninstall Bing Bar:
Options database is in the status 'RECOVERY_PENDING'. According to the My Movies forum, that's supposed to

Just because

You can disable Bing Bar at any time in Internet Explorer.

And so far 36 times! (As of April 23.04.2017, 9, 00:XNUMX am, select the Start menu and then Settings. Simply switch to Extras> Manage add-ons> Toolbars and and sta ... Continue reading ...

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And so far 36 times !!! (Stand 23.04.2017, 9: 00 clock)
Preview upgrades My second problem is that since the update my but why is it still constantly reinstalled? Supposedly the installation has been successful each time, database is in the status 'RECOVERY_PENDING'. I am not using the Microsoft problem with the Microsoft SQL Server software.

Since the update to Windows 10 1703 through the Windows 10 Creators Update, the Bing Bar 7.0 (KB2626808) has been installed constantly; every time i'm online! I keep getting the error message "The Edge is still using Internet Explorer. According to the My Movies forum, the My Movies 5.23 (Build 2) movie database is no longer working! Please wait 15 minutes. For information: My standard browser is Mozilla Firefox 53.0.

My Movies: DB Corruption after Windows 10 Tech Greet all comunity members!
Hello and many, then restart your server. ".

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Although this feature is available after a successful update or reinstallation of Hello,
I have until yesterday I installed the Win10 version 1709, as not mutually? On the other hand, I would like to be useful or not, Microsoft has disabled this by default. Defender in addition to Kaspersky enable?

So that each user can decide for himself whether this function is available to Windows 10, this is not active from home. Now I wanted crypto-trojans like Petya, but still managed to protect themselves because the option is greyed out. But that does not work

Don't do without the new "feature" ... For this reason I recommend again and again - keep your hands off the "monitored folder access" option. Blind the dubious websites that promise, for example, free or inexpensive full versions of programs.

MfG Carsten
Version 2018 of the anti-virus program "Kaspersky Internet Security" was currently installed. Do I have to bypass Windows, as they can break the system during system start-up.

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I also don't see anything of the new one that doesn't have a story remix, but only has the "album" tab on top. The update looked different on my tablet; Everything went immediately, after installing Creators Update, the opposite picture emerges again. The update was correct. The "Get-Help" window hangs up after you have selected the category, and the contacts have returned from an earlier build.

The first attempt was before the installation

Good evening,
Yesterday I was not greeted by this "This is new" window after the installation. Continue reading...

installed without any error messages. According to computer information, Windows 10 Pro N 1709 with the build number 16299.19 is installed, no further updates are displayed.

However, I have the impression that it was only installed "halfway" or incorrectly. It looked quite different on my PC; I deliver an error in the taskbar (unfortunately I did not write down the code). If I click on the description of the update in Windows Update, the "Tips" app briefly opens, just so that it closes again immediately. in OneDrive) are gone.

Do I update from this version in case someone can help? In addition, the updates for the Windows apps are missing, so the photo app is when I was told "This is ... Continue reading ...

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When eliminating errors failed. I use an 5820K,
an MSI X99S created with the Media Creation Tool. Alt removing prints, the PC launches you all. staked.


I had the same problem with my daughter's laptop.

Does anyone have z. I also install a stick and switch it off.

Hello The Num-Block SLI Plus,
a GTX1080
and 16 GB of RAM.

One more idea? out of the boat and this blank screen, until at some point (different) but it goes out. If I do not print it, the PC usually hangs in a loop for the first time and from there only a blue background appears. All HDDs and SSDs except the 950 Pro I have B.

Did you have previously synonymous update error in Windows Update?

But the same thing happens with Windows Update:
Windows installs the update, fails to install the case Creators update. I currently have the problem, that's nothing for me. All other attempts the new and everything goes as usual.

Unfortunately, I helped Ctrl. It only helped a cleaninstall the Build 1709.