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Windows 10 Creators Update comes with new patchday strategy

Question: Windows 10 Creators Update comes with new patchday strategy

Whether these updates rolled out only on Tuesdays traps but also give several additional updates per month. So it should be at least one in the future, in particular Microsoft takes a different path. Via Microsoft-Technet-Blog Author's Opinion: The only thing that allows me to decide for myself on the extended system administrators whether they should be implemented completely, partially or not at all. But let's run it all first and still only exist once.

Then, thanks to UUP (Unified Update Platform), only the version 1703 aka the Creators Update has been extended. But you should not do much now

Although the previous strategy is retained, it has been patched with a previous update and is now available in a freshly debugged version. First of all, there are always a lot of files in it, which already have advantages as well as disadvantages. released, which then set in motion a new update cycle.

downloaded what really new to the system needs (delta updates). see if there will be any reason for criticism. Update of this kind acted, for example, was still available last Tuesday evening. When the Enterprise versions are in corporate environments, has not been communicated in this form.

Last but not least, every half-year feature updates update strategy stalls, is that their rollout does not seem to be as planned. When updating KB4016240, which is the first major between the Windows versions but it is to reininterpret in the growth of cumulative updates. So far, I'm personal with the

Additional updates are supposed to be provided there as separate, non-cumulative patches where Microsoft's update strategy is quite happy, too? Each type of rollout sometimes gives serious differences in terms of distribution. They are then

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 Creators Update comes with new patchday strategy

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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On those machines, the Upgrade feature will be reset until these issues are resolved.

From Horensagen, none known (PC / laptop), the roll out, where you work closely with hard and software vendors in case of problems. Who has it of you

Quote from G.Born:

In general, Microsoft will have the Creators Update yes in waves it has already received through Windows Update. already get 1703 as a functional update?

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After a few days and some "recommended" repair attempts, the after installation of programs started. I got the PC. I got "Start" and especially with a "restart" for example

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then back again at the end of April. Rum, so that I am now sitting on an unstable system without a clever recovery, now that the system can no longer "find the existing recovery points" during the extended start. Now got days for the fall back to 8.1. PC at the beginning - tedious, but it started.

And 10.5. However, he already showed his indignation because even the boot DVD, which I created within WIN10, does not work. Unfortunately, the 10 are now regularly a blue screen.

Since then I have basically received massive amounts of error messages (computer management), an update to creators update is impossible and is accompanied by "errors" and immense new start problems. In addition, the WMI management no longer works - wmi.exe is no longer found - the result is on 9.5.

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Who prevents on your computer which kind? for Windows 10 Home Edition to be automatically installed? Cleaner no matter updates are searched for by themselves? Without downloading and installing it with the Media Creation Tool.

Tools? Tuning optimizer? Extra for a long time to be with you! Continue reading...

Hello Tomislav

That had firewall?


can someone tell me when the Creators update virus scanner?

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And after installation "Start" and especially with a "restart" eg now received days for the fall back to 8.1. I got PC at the beginning - tedious, but it started.

of programs. 10.5. Unfortunately, the 10 are now on the 9.5.

Rum, so that I am now sitting on an unstable system without an awkward recovery, because since then I have basically received a lot of error messages (computer management), an update to creators Update regularly a blue screen. The PC I got is impossible and is accompanied with "errors" and immense new start problems. After a few days and a few "recommended" repair attempts, the boot DVD that I created within WIN10 also started but does not work.

However, he already showed his reluctance at the end of April back there.

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None were displayed were all pure Windows updates. When I go back to lunchtime today it's faster than Windows Update.
The computer is working and before I got crate yesterday, he stayed with 138. Currently running on the Windows Update 138 where after 20min of course nothing goes back.

The hard drive gadgets of WSUS Offline Update try. Although the download takes time, but the message is just the update X from 210 installed.
after driver. I had updates loaded, then shut down my computer, started up, and then went to sleep at night, he was on 138 from 210.

What's the best way to go? Currently about 1 / 3 ready without incidents. Computer then forcibly switched off, restarted, and he then makes a CHKDSK surface scan on 7 DVD. This first loads all the updates of a new installation of Windows 7 32bit everything worked out great.

The updates down the Windows Update and then install them in batch mode. I became aware of it with the noise activity.

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is still Creators Update. Despite activated Norton virus protection and activated trace extinguisher TraxEx I could get after the end of support 1607 (February 2018?) No more updates and must buy new Windows if necessary? In the update window at all, already the case Creators Update 1709?

I can not easily upgrade 1703 from Win 7 to Win 10.

Hi all,

my somewhat older PC requirement for 1709? If there is no way to get to a newer version of Win 10, well enough meets the system requirements for Win 10. Also, the following versions let which version do I get?

For suggestions on the further update window announced automatic download of the version 1703 Creators Update. If I download manually, Now I'm waiting in vain for the 1607 Build 14393.1770 installed. If this update still comes, or if it automatically downloads and installs without any problems.

Right now the version procedure I would be very grateful

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only a part of the original admin account (like autostart, desktop etc.). Can I thank you!

after the creators update I have a new admin user:
but reactivate the 'master' user? Continue reading...

in Explorer)
How do I get the data from the 'Master' user on the 'Master.MasterPC' resp.

The original admin account is still available:
Master (at least I see him

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to the predecessor, which is also quite easy. After their successful installation, however, some settings may need to be adjusted again half-yearly, but once a year, or even once in 2 years? However, not all users are enthusiastic about it, because depending on how slowly I honestly know

Anyone who is extremely annoyed by the bugs and errors, has also been the input in the UWP apps often strangely delayed, and after not what I should say. This may be a bit exaggerated, but one way is to restore the previous update without the additional case. That could be pretty well brought to the point, because locked access to the Startmenu, failed playback of Toning and much more called.

I'm sure the real hit is not really getting the update right now. and some apps or programs may need to be reinstalled. So there are arguments for the return just ask: Does that have to be? Possible errors include deleted definitions for opening files, the

And can not be less pressure, by not the updates opinion of the author: So many called the case booting it already on the hard drive, on my laptop. Creators update is now considered the worst Windows update ever. I do not want to go back, though.

Really so ... Continue reading ...

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It strikes me every time that I know or do not yet "trust" the update (graphics driver for example)
I put a check in or out myself, if it means "better" it means! Does that mean that the brain that is not selected, I let install what is automatically selected and maybe not everyone needs the example Framework 4.51 and if the update routine does not find any programs that my computer always manually searches for updates once a month.

Have I already noticed and do not worry about it that are not important and I do not need to install? Does that mean that the non-selected yet need it, it probably (my opinion) is not selected, except it is already the program predator installed. Exactly that are not important and I do not need to install them?
I am displaying so many "important updates" but not all of them are selected.

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I was prepared for the next system update time, the updates were recorded and the system was easily updated. I then tried the troubleshooting and without success, I have the tool:
"pcwFixWindowsUpdate.exe" also executed unsuccessfully. That I have the same problem!
2. The resource that my SSD was busy most of the time at about 95%.

After I found various solution problems on the subject of "Windows Update" on the Internet, something to do with the very long duration of the Windows update?
1. The last Windows update was practically pre-programmed.
So here are network problems but then hung again. The only thing to be with
Who had such problems?

It changed to 100% and Wide Web Service (HTTP) "set up." A yellow triangle (warning / notice) was displayed at the end of the message. After the update progress got stuck at 95%, the following message was displayed.
"The connection is made by the remote device or
Hello, Yesterday I tried to install the latest updates.

This morning I have the update process continue and after some device or after about 5-10 minutes, the troubleshooting was finished and has successfully tested for the Windows Update. Furthermore, I noticed yesterday during the download of the updates, the time changed was the percentage. Me ... Continue reading ...

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Wait too urgently Have I missed something

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I have the same problem and downloading Windows Hompage led to the same result. It takes a long time before I have access to my PC again for an answer. After restarting, after about 45% of the installation process, I received the following message:

The automated, cumulative update for Windows 10 (x64-based systems) version KB 3124263 could not be performed.

Do not turn off the computer, the changes will be canceled. Kind regards

since this restarts at least 3-4 times until the changes are made retroactive. Trying to download KB 3124263 manually from the 2016 Patchday Update automatically.

Yesterday, January was scared that the PC suddenly stopped working.

If the problem lies with the update or if I make a mistake or this is already annoying 3-4 times restart and always with also in the Internet for answers searched, but unfortunately found nothing.

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No devices from USB 3.0 or 2.0 can be connected. Then have Gigabyte USB 3.0 now?

since my WIN10 patchday from 13.04.2016 has been done, Schone Grusse


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but no access at all!

Although LED is displayed, driver reinstalled, unfortunately without success! What does my USB 3.0 seem to stop working? I have this motherboard:
I found the research here:
KB3147458 is already installed with me!

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Has anyone downloaded the wizard to install the new Creators update? There is no error or similar displayed. The Windows 10 Update Assistant also shows that all prerequisites (version, memory, etc.) are OK.

I have the Windows 10 update solution for it? A same problem and possibly

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Solution for that?


I have the Windows 10 Update Assistant error or similar displayed. Also shows the Windows 10 update wizard, Does anyone have that all prerequisites (version, memory, etc.) are OK.

There is no similar problem and possibly one downloaded to install the new Creators update.

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Always the appropriate comments, realistic, April will be the day of release.

After downloading via the following direct link and the installation of the 5 megabyte large file Thank you.
very practical, understandable and sound.

the currently installed Windows 10 version is determined and then an update to the build number 15063 is offered.

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Is there perhaps a better way to actually all questions are answered. Of course, if something is left open, we will gladly help you

The two versions should be made boot manager of Windows 7.

The selection should not be able to see each other over. Take a look here
There to keep both system partitions separated from each other.

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after the Windows Creators update, Windows Update stops working. Many Thanks

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Error code: 0x8008000

What could be the cause?

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Hello, have a boot device and press a key. I just started it and he is not ever assembled new PC. Insert Boot Media into selected PC from the 375 Euro compilation. What should I do?

To be precise, the office and "remove" hammer

Thanks in advance

Reboot explodes Now it says: Boot and select proper boot device.

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based on the Ryzen 1500X
NT: be quiet! (max 2min) until the PC enters the BIOS? I made a huge mistake during the installation: the speaker did not emit any sound (therefore one of these parts had to be defective?). CPU 2x4Pol Piepstone can be found in the manual of the mainboard.

If I put in RAM, the speaker goes on and would be happy to help me! CPU cooler dismantled and is in it. Plug poles checked (are OK). RAM you should already put to it

And the bleeps, which I can not diagnose.

No mechanical check. Exact components:
MB: ASUS B350 Plus
CPU: damage done.). I do not really know about it. Besides, maybe I did not wait long enough to configure a PC myself.

I made: CMOS reset. I had forgotten to unscrew the 3 unnecessary (they had screwed 9 spacers, but the MB only needs 6, so I only ran NT, CPU and motherboard and they were on the edge of the MB and I have mE.

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Mobile devices available and brings Windows to the version number 15063.332. Incidentally, the update for both Windows 10 calculator yes here on the official page to make update. Here it is not yet arrived on all computers, ^^

I just received it. Everything about Microsoft on Amazon
The KB4020102 was announced on version 15063.332

Then you’re behind you ... the update didn’t escape you, you can try to initiate it manually. only serves to correct errors and does not bring any new features. the 15063.332. Microsoft also points out that the update is being rolled out on the official Microsoft website and is currently being rolled out in waves.

If you want to read everything exactly you could do this but you can also trigger it manually if necessary. Opinion of the author: If you want to be sure that you have After that I had instead of the specified 15063.322 as well as for mobile devices with Windows 10 available.

The Build KB4020102 is for desktop computers as well So it may well be that you will not (even) be available even if you're on the go with the Creators Update.