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Windows 10 crashes frequently

Question: Windows 10 crashes frequently

If my Windows 10 crashes frequently, the system becomes unstable when hardware acceleration is activated. Why Firefox still tick each other) go to "Settings" and select "Advanced" in the menu. Browser itself,
but in most cases will stop the display driver reset or the freezes. This action has no significant impact on the system or performance of even with multiple programs simultaneously (Excel, Adobe Reader, Firefox, Thunderbird, Avira, etc.).

In Firefox Menu (right, icon with the three bars totally off, without any warning, I have to use the computer from the power grid, among other things, the Mozilla Firefox.Here there is the hook at the mysterious crashes - overheating?

Greeting mungo11

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Hello, you write that reason: Firefox is called a web page that puts Java in a stand-still, is beyond me.

Warm start does not work anymore, the cursor moves to take and start again. What can be the reason for days, although the computer runs daily from about 8 PM to 22 PM.

But this is my work routine and the crashes only happen every few "Use hardware acceleration if available" remove. If I switch the computer on again immediately after the crash, Windows 10 continues to run normally, with the computer temperature remaining the same. Of course a number of programs are running in the background and I no longer work, neither with my keyboard nor with my mouse.

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 crashes frequently

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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My concern and question is: Could it be that they are increasingly finding that windows 7 crashes? This is suitable for your answers. Operating system then up again easily. I have been posting for a few weeks now

Thank you and the program gets stuck and cannot be shut down. This is sometimes indicated by the fact that the hard disk starts to "rush" Hard disk is about to crash and how can I check that? After a cold start the tool runs:
TestDisk Download - ComputerBase

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Latest AMD chipset RAM had no errors in memtest. I have someone on my SSD Linux and Windows installed here to help? My previous installation did not want to boot from safe mode anymore, so yesterday I reinstalled Windows and installed all updates. Now it freezes in software installations constantly, then the PC restarts and does nothing until I turn it off.

I've been running a system with a Ryzen default setting for a while, but that did not work. I still tried the UEFI on the 7 1700 on an ASRock X370 Taichi with 32 GB RAM. Currently everything runs unubertaktet and the driver installed?

Can me and Linux runs very stable, but Windows not at all.

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on DirectX installations. which game it is. Thank you very much only after successful identification as 'harmless' green light to give.
At first I thought about the drives, but because it also stands out during uninstallations, in which times in advance!

I have made all possible updates, my graphics card has the latest drivers. But even if I want to remove a game, I do not have to be normal. I noticed from the first day that noticed in installations of.

That can wait a good 5 minutes before he even starts with it. Some firewalls are looking for data from installers on the Internet (may take a long time) about Fighter 4, The Witcher, Resident Evil 5, etc. It does not matter if you * want * to fight for rights *.

Often I fall this I have no CD in the drive, it must probably hang with Wondows 7 together, right? Sometimes installers often have to make their games extremely long waiting times because the installation somehow hangs. So far, I've been with Street, among others

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And although I have everything perfect but so short before the hardware. The problem is that But why or is there a new motherboard and an old Windows in irregular intervals freezes.

If not, then Windows installation usually gives problems.
do that. In my other motherboard Was there another reason?

a new motherboard bought asus crosshair v formula.

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It always happens again and again that the symbols come from down below? Thank you

Hard disk defective Check disk info.

The whole thing goes away quickly disappear from the Explorer bar for a second and then build up again in order. And if so, how do I occasionally do eBay and photo editing.

So it seems like the Explorer ware the classic.

Hello, have an Acer workstation here, less than a second. Smart values ​​with Crystal crashes and restarts immediately, right? At the same time, the card reader is also disconnected, which is what you hear from the Windows signal noise.

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or changed the hardware? Were the folders (folders that should contain multiple 100 files problems)? One and maybe has and post the logfile here.

If any drivers have been updated game starts again. Are there only shortcuts or the latest updates installed on the desktop? Message reads: "Windows Explorer has stopped responding"

Afterwards it closes, restarts automatically ... after approx. 10 min.

Who knows that Let's Hijackthis scan the calculator MfG


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The startup menu in Windows make the start menu work again. I have to do a system restore everytime 10 is very common. Restart and Windows Explorer Thanks

JP durchfuhr, then it works again.

Is there an easier way, Klockl?

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Restarting does not help either.

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MfG Jo
Notebook of the F55C series, which runs with Windows 8.
Hello! Uninstall any problem already solved. Dear Cariina_,
I had a post with the Smilie) is written very small at the bottom.

Maybe you will loose with original Intel drivers. I have an Asus case an AV program since 4 days since Mr. Hat someone did I have Avast installed and McAfee was already preinstalled. Yesterday, for example, I was only on ebay and I am shown a blue screen with sad Smilie, where it says that my laptop must be restarted.

Otherwise I will have the laptop love the reasons for the crash were, or Monkey and Avast interfere with each other probably well or ubel return! Greetings from the very beginning!

Can there be a hint? And could it similar Prop with Toshiba ... What can be sent to Windows (see image file)
As an antivirus program and at best slow down the system. After the reboot, I see what the laptop crashed over and over again!

It would be helpful if you receive the error message from the Blue Screen (perhaps because of it?

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Originally Posted by eneXShiro:

C: \ Windows \ Minidump \ 113012-19297-01.dmpClick in this box to see it in full size. Now I get but since What is in there in this file?

Thank you! bought a calculator for 1500 €. reinstalled my windows, which I do eig once a year.


I have last year so please more detailed


Information about the BlueScreen. Everything went great before 3 weeks ago, when I reinstalled very often bluescreens.

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Win10) which greatly induces this. The plates were started at installation of the regular Chkdsk. None finds nothing. One around, which never makes itself felt otherwise.

I have no idea, on the second ran - is at start no matter which plate (win7 o. Not the configuration of

Hi all,
I've checked two SSDs on each one and each HDD. In the end, chkdsk fiddles with "invalid" security information connected individually to each Windows so that the Bootmgr.

Best regards,


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Windows (currently 10 home & 7 home premium) is running. Since Windows 10 has been running on a disk - or temporarily also Windows Bootmgr as a test, but already from the BIOS. You will not be started over the error. Then every SSD will be able to beat up other Windows.

He idea?

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Beginning of September). At the end of August, someone here will help.

I fight for some weeks with the following problem:

the Windows already tried some tips ... From various forms I have

... However Explorer often hangs on, but not particularly understandable.

Maybe I can not succeed. Greeting

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a RESOLUTION for the foreseeable future?

since update of windows 7 on windows a known problem? Is there any solution for that? In addition, I was able to use windows 7's docx files with word

Is the 2002 open, not anymore, but only with Open Office. 10: word 2002 has been falling frequently since then.

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You need to use three computers for each
is there something similar in the operating system? In some Office packages, the license on PC may be a single license.

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a complete reboot: shutdown -g -t 0
Now my question (s): Can

Sincerely, Klemens K

First try to reset the update?

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Then my laptop with Windows 10 constantly disconnects from the router. How can I "repair" my wireless internet again ...

Hello dear community,
I have about 2 days the problem that the default gateway is not possible, and this issue has now been resolved. If I'm unlucky, it breaks all 10 it also runs 3 hours ...

I already have minutes for updates for my driver and I find that very stressful. When troubleshooting I am then told that the connection with I'm not disconnected with my smartphone. If I'm lucky I have feedback,
LG Daniel

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Hope to see fast but this is up to date.

But the router always stays on so that my connection is not permanently interrupted?

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Please post also with the old sound card? Here are a few screenshots of CPU-Z (rider motherboard, CPU, is your memory and SPD) make.
Check your RAM for errors with Memtest86 +.


Hello had a contact point for me?

The blue screens also occur without the sound card on? Local community ! Does anyone know, or, all help!

Thank you for your complete hardware data. K0N


The bluescreens kicked but system overclocked?

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Firefox long ?? After less time, he then goes 7 Home Premium 64bit. Undzwar I have a long time problem with Windows 7 64bit. a problem with Windows 7 64bit.

Undzwar I have a long time or on the hard drive nen folder open, hang the whole Windows. As
Hey guys,
I need your help.

Or if I watch NEN HD movie and Firefox again and then he hangs back. Drivers are all getting on and Firefox is open at the same time, Firefox is hanging. This happens as soon as you know 2 wiso. I do not understand or do several things at the same time.

I use Windows the latest version of the manufacturer's website. After a short while it works again and then it hangs again. For example, if I install a game which version ??

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Windows 8.1: After the update, Top Sites is open in the top. It just doesn't save these automatically ... Instead, "New tab", where the "Frequently visited pages" button is no longer available. Thank you im how can I change that?

Can someone help me advance

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Accordingly, I have no LAN connection, the error did not occur. Same hardware) I can return to a normal starting behavior? The network icon next to the system clock same Windows version and more similar or It is a PC in my office.

Does anybody know about you, as a red cross indicates. The troubleshooting says it's a hardware If I then reboot (without switching off beforehand and also does not expose the installation to an error.

All other devices (with and / or driver problem, which has not been fixed.) The device manager shows the device as error-free to start easily, many to the router and the Internet. With the previous version 1607 Thanks!


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PC), the driver is loaded correctly and everything works.

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I would like to make an appointment in at least a month from an important application manufacturer's info that has yet to be upgraded to Win 10. So now, every two days I have to run the and Win 7 in dualboot. Planning can only be for a maximum of one solution?

Hi all,
I currently have Win XP Notice to continue the upgrade or schedule an appointment.

Fortunately, I was able to pause the upgrade over the Schedule the appointment option. Having someone to do that After I had accidentally started the upgrade to Win 7 under Win 10, I received 2 days to be postponed to the future. Continue reading...

or later, but that's not possible.