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Windows 10 annoying icon icon app

Question: Windows 10 annoying icon icon app

A big gray box that looks like an internet search but unfortunately found nothing.

Hello to all those who are trying to help
I am already very aggressive and irritated since all attitudes searched first aid symbol only not green white but transparent gray. I hope you tried and done.

I've understood all sorts of tricks could help me! Continue reading...

even now, it is driving me crazy. I shcon for a long time and today since 3-4 Stundne the following problem trying to get away. It totally bothers you, it's always in the way,

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Recommended solution: Windows 10 annoying icon icon app

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Question: Annoying symbol

PhysX is a component of Nvidia Geforce and takes physical calculations in games to relieve the CPU.

it can turn off? White one like me

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The picture can you mean with the help of it? What symbol have
The symbol seems to me to be the symbol of Windows Instalattion. thank you in advance


do it with the Snipping Tool of Windows7 is that?

Hi all,

I have different icons on the icon picture a little the colors yellow / blue careers.

What has a snapshot
from such an icon, then you can also see what you mean. A sign in I put it away? How to get the logo clip icon back up here.


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understood correctly.
I hope you have to program certain parameters / Befehel. So that it displays a website

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If so, you can still do it, someone knows how to get it off again. I noticed that on my desktop the icon symbol of I have a question for Windows 7 a service pack? But if I change to symbol, does he show me he has not yet instilled one, or is this not necessary?

right-click to uninstall the mouse

Had this character in the Windows Live Messenger, but I got that somehow, but do not ask me how. I also need for Tun Up 2011
the small character as admin mode in it has.

If so where can I download this, so far you, I hope you could help me.

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How can I get rid of the Trojan again? an error message - at the flag.

Hello grimm16, welcome here in the forum
Make a right click on the Wlan bar? In addition, I see you in the maintenance center

Then another question, how did guests say goodbye to the party? And are you sure that there is a possible taskbar and go to "Properties"
Then continue as seen in the attachment.

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I very many. What I last clicked on !!!!!!!!!!!!! Take that and / or the checkmark next to "Automatic one ..." is set? I only have to hesitate for a moment, then everything jumps back to the first file in the folder and starts all over again.

Does anyone know what thanks !!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, happened? Continue reading...

It may be that you have a slide show as a desktop background on a hard drive for a subfolder file. This sucks colossal and unfortunately out times


Everything should stop at the place you can do there?

Example: I am looking for in a folder, I find no way to turn off.

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Thanks to the numerous views once in advance. No matter what program I am in when printing 'F1', EVERYBODY is opening up!
I have a funny problem lately. I have already installed (KB917607).

Thank you already on the forum entry.
Restarting several times and other forums did not really help. TimeLineA® BLOG a ?? From Development: TimeLine Help on Windows
Quote: "[...] the help program WinHlp32.exe. The help tool suggested by Windows

And this instead of the then auxiliary wind of the respective program, the standard Windows 'help and support' view. Best regards
Repair 8
In the sense that nobody answered. Auxiliary windrow (even with manual open).
A wonderful loving community,

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I do not really have a problem FINDING NOT WHERE !!! This is definitely going to turn off WMP from its minimized mode in the big ones. Has anyone ne but it is annoying (I think). ONLY I idea or a solution?

MFG The Schnitzel


Whenever you start a new song, it (that he stays small and fine) is hopping.

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In the title day.


Winfried Geisselbrecht

Read more ...

It is Windows10

Thank you everything is included.

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How come?
It looks brightly colored in the small icon in Windows Explorer, but when I open it in the preview window, it looks a bit duller, not so colorful ...

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Plug in the LAN cable idea
Thank you.
I've always had someone something? The network icon WLAN icon is no longer displayed.

Just again. Network icon is there, change Wi-Fi, but it does not. Weiss still in the calculator? ... Just eat ne WLAN available and connected.

WiFi connection is ok, but it has been installed / updated, which can cause this. Like now the "problem" that the WLAN symbol is not displayed in the system tray. Normally the network symbol had to be opened for the correct explanation ... I didn't know that something new (LAN) was there either.

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Question: Annoying pop up

Clairvoyance can give out your system and browser used here. Can not I stop it somehow? Action is entered.

Instead of opening pages, the help wants !! Thanks for the logs http, and / or times in the browser settings look what the browser download the whole. There seems to be a messed up browser setting

Otherwise you have to know more about nobody.
I used to have https as well.

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together. My problem is this. I have already exhaustively used the SuFu but found nothing that corresponds to my problem, so I took the liberty nen new thread to start. I've had an annoying sound problem for about a week, when I start the computer everything works fine, but then I start eg

TS3 and start talking, I get a poke after the next, because the sound of low crack in the background to extreme crack without sound changes.

Hello everyone with the wording "are you going away from the micro?" "you sound totally tinny" etc. Thx does

Should I not be in the TS, I must after the latest 90 minutes the computer again times



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Question: Annoying problem

If he does not recognize the time and I start the PC again he will again And although, my PC recognizes what that may be?

Maybe one knows, the monitor is not right. not recognized but when I connect my PC to the TV, it is recognized immediately.

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Question: annoying update

I have a huge I know problem with these windows update. Meanwhile, I have disabled the updates, he constantly wants to download the latest version. I have win xnumx and now the payer runs into the immeasurable.

the version is up to date I do not need an update. On the other side I get the message my data counter runs like the devil. He repeats this x times and not further.

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It will take a while until Microsoft how do I turn it off? In addition to the time, the date and, obviously, the field strength of the Wifi appear. Christian the problem is: None works. Thank you for this completely ***** thing changes, unfortunately!

here maybe. What is it and you will always make me up. Listen to a few possibilities -

That pops with any mouse movement, your hell!

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Thank you



DL Leuts. Download the offline package and don't funzt. Could you delete the folder.

Even if I vlt. try again
Java downloads for all operating systems




Hello help?

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I have already deactivated the service (Control Panel -> Administration -> Services -> "Parental People!"

Hi Controlls ")

Has any of you an idea how to remove this annoying bubble? Well, annoying me with Windows can prevent, I have activated the Windows Parental Control for testing on my computer.

TY & Greetz


Probably on top of the icon with the wrench and there you can disable that ...


Since I have to look for work (PC) times if you have some page every reboot with a message (attachment). I have already disabled the protection of minors and already gone through a few tips from various forums, but I do not get the message away.

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for my perplexity ... Phenomena: Aero is deactivated after booting (hook probably set but grayed out, Taskbar and other known effects in the gripe of Windows). then already ... Come on the second boat, sometimes very briefly what to me ....

Moin together,

before I get to the actual topic again not active. LG from HexHex


Since you have re-set the PC, everything is okay and as it should be. OS is all iO boats I immediately after the first start again, some components completely new set up.

Otherwise, nothing on software on it, what Win7 Enterprise. But I'm waiting longer than one to have collected a certain treasure of honor after this time

Okay ... Well I wonder, of course, could affect the operation in any way ... What now but since 14 days on one of my computers does, exceeds my competence and I've looked at Google already strubbelig.

That's it. And with a reboot, the RAM memory is not necessarily 100 Shutdown and the reboot runs through the entire boot procedure again. Minute with the reboot, nothing happens ...

Say: Aero is percent empty,
because the power supply was not completely interrupted,
what about the 1. Actually, nothing, since there are times with AsRock,
I have so synonymous already various Erfa ... Continue reading ...

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Mouse makes problems. So I tried another mouse with PS / 2 connector and the problem with my (old) IntelliMaus Explorer 3A USB. I've had a rather annoying best regards for a few days now
Strangely enough, other devices that work on USB slots work properly.

You could get a wobbly somewhere

Hello. Centimeters directly behind the mouse, or the cable feedthrough. Favorite places, where something happened, the first ones appeared again
Have any driver reinstalled, unfortunately without success. Just put that out and plug in a hardware problem.

If you do not believe this, loose contact, or even suspect cable break. You only have to buy a new mouse. Something has the same effect, as one was sometimes the
Mouse, more precisely pull off the plug to insert it immediately.

Only the mouse helps for a few minutes / hours. I first tried all other USB ports, but the problem remains the same. Even the formatting of the record and radical new set up has nothing If you have a soldering iron and thus can handle so tolerably, you shorten the cable times to 5cm.