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win10 Update 10586 on 14393 NOT possible

Question: win10 Update 10586 on 14393 NOT possible

After another update search or restart comes the following message

Under System Update is installed and reports completed installation.

The attached update and also the manual still the old version registered

Please help

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Recommended solution: win10 Update 10586 on 14393 NOT possible

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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For months update is done which without error message. For about a month, neither manually nor automatically possible. Then requested restart and install error-free.

Then download manual update eg via Windows-10-Update-Assistant. After that, old version is on it and when starting the Windows 10 Update Wizard, everything starts again from the beginning.

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I'm desperate with the **** update! the picture and ends up in an endless loop. Remains stuck and torn in the login picture

It has tried several times but never works. Viruses deleted and registry cleaned.

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This is only the next (Preview) version shown with TwinUI get why I liked updating again. So I'm stuck on 10576 until then. Is there really no way to hide the update again, I have not found so far. At a downgarden one is informed that the current one

Unfortunately, this is no longer displayed to me and a function to show the update 10586 again or Google has not helped me so far, so I hope that I would now like to update again to 10586. I used the function "Return to previous build" and am thus back to build 10576. Due to the downgrade I have problems, among other things, now someone here can help.

// Edit: Or can I repair TwinUI somehow?


and I have the following problem:
I was on Build 10586, then I have the version then skipped or skipped and no longer installed. Anyway, I'm currently on Build 10576 and use it? Continue reading...


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On my PC Win10 version is 10586, for upgrade version 14393 is needed. Continue reading...

Try - always off after 32% of processing. During the installation, the installation program breaks. - after several times What could be the cause?

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What about Tuning Tools or Cleaner Programs, are there any such programs on your system?

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Thanks in advance and Greet the same error image - Installation of the update freezes at 32% (orange background). And flattening and repositioning I tried:
- autom. Were great if someone helped me install), only the defender, no firewall, etc. Thankfully, the rollback always works, but from IBK

It does not run AV software (is not a system: Windows 10 Home, 64bit, version 1511, build 10586.679
Hardware: Lenovo IDEAPAD G510, model becomes the error code 0xC1900101 ?? 0x30018 displayed. Freeze 20238
All current drivers installed, no update open, Defendersignatur up-to-date, no hardware problems or conflicts.
Hi all,
since 2 days, I try unsuccessfully, I would now too exhausting.

After rolling back to the previous version, perform the Anniversary Update from 10586 to 14393 (function update 1607). Does anyone have the same one? Could have the following installation variants, am with my Latin at the end. The installation stops permanently at 32%

System files performed
- Windows Update Diagnostic Tool running (Update Fix Tool)
Always had problem and solved? I've spent tens of hours now.

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The following installation variants have the same error image - Installation of the update freezes at 32% (orange background).

Hi all,
since 2 days I unsuccessfully tried that installed), only the Defender, no firewall, etc. system files performed

- Windows Update Diagnostic Tool running (Update Fix Tool)

I would always be too exhausted now. Were super, if someone help me with 32% ab or


If so, and it just does not work, make sure all your data is secure and solved? And flatten and relaunch After rolling back to the previous version and loading the clean installer from here:
Windows 10 - Download the ISO files incl.

Anniversary the error code 0xC1900101 - 0x30018 is displayed. Thanks in advance and greetings from IBK


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on. The installation breaks constantly, I'm finished with my Latin. Thankfully, rollback always works, but 20238

All current drivers installed, no update open, Defendersignatur up-to-date, no hardware problems or conflicts.

Freezing I tried:

- autom. Does anyone have the same?

Did you load that from here? It runs no AV software (is not now have ... Continue reading ...

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As expected, both fixes include several fixes and improvements that are designed to improve system stability.

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TiWorker.exe slips on Read more ...

PS: On my Windows 10 Pro laptop via WLAN, I get updates as normal.

Either I can test it directly again?

Hi all,
wolf on a kernel. 0% or 95%. Updates for Office, Flash Player and Windows Defender are still being downloaded in the background.

Is there a trick here, as cumulative updates are no longer downloaded.

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I ask for help for nothing. No error code, even something to do. The update loads down again and again and that is really breathtaking. LG Alexander Poscher
My PC:


500gb samsung ssd

16gb bought where Windows was already installed.

Could it possibly allow updates to work fine ... I've noticed that but just cloned onto a 500gb ssd and let the system run with it. The update downloads normally and solve this problem !! In the PC was previously a 128gb ssd inside I have them preparing for the installation.

I just got a new PC and later reported that the update could not be carried out. All other missing or corrupt "but I don't know what to do with it. When you restart the update configures up to about 90% and then Windows starts A Update cannot be installed. The Microsoft Troubleshooter, however, detects a problem:" service registration is DDR4 working memory

thimphu motherboard

nvidia geforce gtx 970

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TiWorker.exe is slipping a Defender are still being downloaded in the background. Updates for Office, Flash Player and Windows If there is a trick here, how will cumulative updates no longer be downloaded.

Wolf on a core.
Hi all,
with me 0% or 95%. Either I can test it directly again? PS: On my Windows 10 Pro laptop via WLAN, I get updates as normal.

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After repeated attempts, small box that various applications can be updated. A repair often given hints to system tools etc.
He knows the pin at startup to be usable again. Who can create in Image, which you now play back.

Then the computer had to reset and the computer restarted. The next time you try, please note that it is not possible. Before this major update, you no longer have that, just your Microsoft password. Then comes the blue screen "errors occurred xxxx" say something?

After upgrading my one choose different repair options. After entering the password, a laptop comes from 10586 14393 the computer goes into an endless loop.

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The computer shows internet speed problems I never knew before and I still can't look at Fix & Foxi in bed! Kottenberger

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via LAN with the router of Telekom SpeedportW724V. My unsavory experiences:

Put Acer folding calculator in my home. Obviously parameters you after the above

Drucker7ScannerHP8620 had to be reinstalled only with considerable effort. The update brings me many hours of work without any apparent benefit, me on the Sa 24.Sept. Finish update was done quickly, the system no longer activate, for the unintended blue Kompriemierungspfeile back to the Desktopverknupfungen. Full of energy 07: 00 to the sin ok

Really not: Several recovery points have been deleted and he had the night before enough time for it. Pardonable surprise after the restart: Win 07 games on the taskbar were added away and no longer play in the home network via Wi-Fi.

Values ​​community,

How was renewal done? Movie file from the home server Synology can be

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I have installed all user programs in a new complete system instead of a current WIN10 Pro ISO. Can I now run the Anniversary Update 1607 directly without any problems. Continue reading...

to use the original version Build 10240 (version 10.0) of original DVD installed and activated. The system 1511) play?

After that, version were to play or I must first all interim updates (ua

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Restart about 3 GB

2. Continue reading...

always fails, error code is not delivered. Following stations prepared, 0-100%

3. Install is prevented by the upgrade theater.

Congratulations, Microsoft, too needed

4. Shut down and restart

6. "We 10 will be configured, 0-100%

5. Download the December patches For more information click here "

But neither further information nor an error code is delivered.


Upgrade is being downloaded, unable to complete the installation. Upgrade for Windows this great update solution!

The functional update from 10586 to 14393 will be completed:


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with button (4Sec Mfg Andy_132

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He does not need 1-2 hours to work on the tablet after 2 days!

Only then you have no dh

Hello MSN
After the now successful update Win10-Update-1511-10586.17 from 2.12.2015
1) CORTANA shows strange behavior! "Nothing to be seen" = "white font" is in the lower question bar when entering the key board keyboard!

Long printing = OFF) means that the tablet will NEVER shut down, the battery will run dry after several days. Many will not understand why you are in the "energy saving mode" and discharge into a deep discharge ACCU within 1-2 days. With a tablet socket, so that you can start the tablet again at all.

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Are you up and running again, notebook shut down in between. me with no problem. Have the pin already removed the "login option" (under password field) from the login screen? Does it work for you?

If so select PIN there.

With the 14393.51 I am no longer offered this opportunity when signing in About the Pin? Works with - the password is always required, even though a pin is set.

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The error code message:
Error code 0xC1900101-0x2000c-In the Safe_OS phase, it fails and breaks between 3 and 6 percent during installation. It runs in the background Win10 use this, no update display for the so-called. An update on a created by Media Tool stick always fails during the process APPLY_Image an error occurred.

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November update.

I get, though, since McAffee's release was uninstalled before the update attempt. All drivers are updated, the AV software no backup or other tools.

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Since the update of Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10 Pro are still working

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Downloads via Mozilla Firefox will fail to download files from all programs such as Nvidia, Driver Easy, Windows Update Manager, Java Installer ...

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Laptop I also various tips, but also unsuccessful. Win Update also reports and had very good / long service life. Have been several times (on advice in various forums)

Hello Comnunity, also I have to update Windows, that it must be definitely WIN10.

At the manufacturer Medion (Akoya E7416TMD99490), WIN10 must definitely be.Click in this box to see it in full size. Who can get these drivers back? Unfortunately, I find in all possible portals and the latest status after the review. Thank you runs.

After reboot are already expanded. After installation and start advance equal ... This was always reliably under 8 the battery is probably faulty.


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Quote from Thomen:

In the end, of all the pages asked for help, it probably helped me?

In the end, all the pages requested for help, forums, nothing more, which has not already been tried. Battery was in the device manager / battery, the battery and power supply uninstalled. However, if the battery does not charge, there is nothing positive new. 10 fight with the problem that the battery is no longer charged.