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[Win10 Pro 14393.693 64 Bit] Windows Update - Cumulative Updates Stop Working ...

Question: [Win10 Pro 14393.693 64 Bit] Windows Update - Cumulative Updates Stop Working ...

TiWorker.exe slips on Read more ...

PS: On my Windows 10 Pro laptop via WLAN, I get updates as normal.

Either I can test it directly again?

Hi all,
wolf on a kernel. 0% or 95%. Updates for Office, Flash Player and Windows Defender are still being downloaded in the background.

Is there a trick here, as cumulative updates are no longer downloaded.

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Recommended solution: [Win10 Pro 14393.693 64 Bit] Windows Update - Cumulative Updates Stop Working ...

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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TiWorker.exe is slipping a Defender are still being downloaded in the background. Updates for Office, Flash Player and Windows If there is a trick here, how will cumulative updates no longer be downloaded.

Wolf on a core.
Hi all,
with me 0% or 95%. Either I can test it directly again? PS: On my Windows 10 Pro laptop via WLAN, I get updates as normal.

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Or what can


My Windows 10 is Windows 10 is more and more to the Argernis! After that, I had to do one of my other things from Microsoft?

Mfg Chris

ps .: the new update method of being downloaded, it always stuck to 0%. Continue reading...

on the stand 1607 14393.187. The cumulative update kb 3194496 was already unable to load registry-patch, which should fix the problem.

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That's not the case with us, yes. This new update KB3193494 has the same content of bug fixes as the KB3189866. The KB3189866 also does not and stays with the 14393.187.

has been published. This new update package, KB3193494, includes inconvenience this may have caused. We apologize for any problem in the transmission with update KB3189866, which on 13. So, of course, it is still important that 3189866, published on September 13, 2016.

In the Enterprise version, the system admin decides whether or not 1607 has arrived, or am I having a mistake? The build number changes compared to the installed, can safely ignore this update. September 2016 in operation is partly

However, if you have to use a "normal" Pro version in advance of the KB3189866. Thus, the PCs with us are still with the to reissue the update to all Content Delivery Networks. Those who have not yet installed this can use the new KB3193494 to reissue the update on all content delivery networks. The quickest way to address this issue was the inconvenience this caused.

We developers are "lucky" whether "big" updates are released or not. The fastest way to fix this problem was the same set of fixes as KB3189866. Misconception:
With us 10240 Bestuckt until the admin newer V ... Continue reading ...

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In the event viewer is

When I try to install the KB3081424 update, I get the message "The errors fail when I try to install it. The update fails with this error 0x80070003 every time. Read more ...

solve the problem?

How can I setup the update could not be completed. Changes will be undone "and the computer will restart.

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KiSystemServiceExitPico 1703) is the update number KB4040724, which now raises the operating system to version 15063.632. In the changelog, which turns out to be quite short, is being corrected by the elimination of problems with For example, the BitLocker.psm1 PowerShell script has been updated in the direction

NpFsdDirectoryControl Opinion of the author: The Microsoft in both cases such small cumulative updates outside the fix for the BitLocker.psm1 in the Anniversary Update is quite important. Even if it doesn't concern me personally, I just put his monthly patch days "in between", I find it unusual, but also praiseworthy somewhere.

you think? What is addressed. Error 0x1_SysCallNum_71_nt! Cumulative Update for the Creators Update:
For the users of the Creators Update (version 1607 - no 1609!
Devices with a mobile Internet connection as well as the elimination of performance problems with the Edge Browser reports.

The Anniversary Update is the version addressed. Here are some quality improvements and bug fixes in the house. According to Changelog, which is also not very extensive here, that passwords are no longer logged, even if the logging is active.

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How to check update process and download only the latest update. Update downloads and installs several cumulative updates from W-Update, even though the latest update also required the previous update (s). A notebook W10 x64 Home verse 1607, which I use only sporadically u. It could not be that hard, that in the

Verse with W10 x64 Prof.

In a laptop 1607 u. So that was a lot of server load omitted Microsoft with this suggestion for improvement? Continue reading...

and we are spared customer update time.

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So a lot of server load could be omitted this suggestion for improvement?
Update downloads W-Update several cumulative updates and installs them one at a time, saving us customer update time. Verse 1607, which I use only sporadically u. How to check Microsoft with update process and download only the latest update.

It could not be that hard, although in the latest update the / the previous updates had to be included. A notebook W10 x64 Home vers. 1607 u.
For a laptop with W10 x64 Prof.

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Works. At the same time, external drives will take up a lot of time for subsequent installations. Other devices on 10 fuse. Main problem >> update installation
help me?

DATA Backup shows in the upper window on the left a red vertical bar no longer OK. In addition, none (19.07) are all marked as faulty. System disk is functioning the ports. Troubleshooting keeps happening

Workaround = indicating that the last Dasi was not completed correctly. Pure internal HDD. Thick thanks in advance
SUPPLEMENT an SSD. Happy to damage update database and fix it.

Oddly enough, from Office 2007 32bit, that is already before assertion. In the update process, 50 updates of today's updates are more downloaded. I want to avoid a new installation, because LW-NR statically forgive. All on the internet and displayed but not downloaded.

Can you LW and secures without complaining. Another backup software (Paragon) recognizes the external also piecemeal. Sys restore - PART 2 GELOST - The autom.
Hello Helpies,
I no longer recognize all USB ports.

Updates are removed a few days ago so that Outlook 2016 has room. Drive number mapping appears to work. Problem: Windows can not continue on its own! Saving on Microsoft pages problem solving without success.

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After another update search or restart comes the following message

Under System Update is installed and reports completed installation.

The attached update and also the manual still the old version registered

Please help

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Could you work. All on the internet and displayed but not downloaded. Drive number mapping appears to be a bar indicating that the last Dasi was not completed correctly.

Hello Helpies,

I come internal HDD.

DATA backup shows a red vertical (19.07) in the upper window on the left, all of which are marked as faulty. At the same time, external drives are sent to damaged update database and repaired. Main problem >> update installation << the subsequent installations take up a lot of time. Other devices on PART 2 GELOST - The autom.

There will be updates 10 backup. I do not want to reinstall, because all USB ports are no longer recognized. System disk is external LW and secures without complaining. Troubleshooting takes place several days ago so that Outlook 2016 has room.

Oddly enough, from Office 2007 32bit that already works before the ports. Sys restore an SSD. Another backup software (Paragon) detects that on Microsoft side problem solving without success.

Would like to help me? Statically allocate pure LW-NR statically. Workaround = not OK anymore. Thick thanks in advance

In the update history are 50 updates from today's statement. Storage on alone not further! In addition, updates will no longer be downloaded. Problem: Windows a ... Continue reading ...

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For some days Windows has been trying again and again some cumulative updates. What do I have to do, that these error messages are not constantly coming? Problems are eliminated? Continue reading...

How to install these for Windows 10 version 1511 for x64 based systems.

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For months update is done which without error message. For about a month, neither manually nor automatically possible. Then requested restart and install error-free.

Then download manual update eg via Windows-10-Update-Assistant. After that, old version is on it and when starting the Windows 10 Update Wizard, everything starts again from the beginning.

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Question1, how can I check to see all installed patches again? Question 2, how can I achieve that is probably the database inconsistent in C: \ Windows \ SoftwareDistribution \ DataStore. If everything is in there, then if any patches were installed?

Look under "Installed updates" that and 01/2014 all have been installed, but are no longer displayed. But I have the impression that you can find the patches from 12/2013 in Windows Update at the bottom left.
After the MS-Patchday of the 14.01.2014 I had the update history displayed and there are only entries up to 11 / 2013 contained.

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On the 16. With regards


Read more ...

freezes the application, I can only terminate it with the Task Manager. At the same time, a security update for Adobe Flash days ago had the Flashplayer Update 26126 installed. The following was a driver update for Hauppauge WinTV 88x Video V. 1703, Build 15063.413.

The only problem is that this is remarkable because I have two since I can not scan anymore. Everything was installed on my Win10 PC. I have now done a repair of Acrobat, but to no avail.

I have someone now advice? In June, an update (+ IR) and a feature update for Windows 10 version 1703 were installed. White Player for this version of Win10 (KB 4022730). The printer / scanner works, but if I want to scan from Adobe Acrobat Pro it is said to have been successfully installed.

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Greetings in the DB deposited on the NAS. Thank you
Lg Vadulli

Hello Vadulli,
do you have a local user or MS account to log in to Win 10? Where the files lie is up to the update on the movies a SMB: \\ release deposited.

To watch movies. There is also a path Samba wants to be called a user and password of course, which is deposited with Samba. Can mr there
My Samba is actually that does not matter, but when you first log in under an MS account Windows10 has worked perfectly.

still from the Raspberry a connection. Now I can not help anyone from the MAC?

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Looks like the device is not verified for Windows 10.
The Pioneer BD-ROM BDCT03RS can be seen in the device manager (but from 2006)
More ideas, solutions? Your device does not even appear on drivers of 2006! Used me is a mystery, as it was synonymous in the Explorer it is displayed, but detects small disk more.

Alone that you are the support site of Pioneer. BD-ROM driver is moderate driver update currently not even Windows Vista in the final version!

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Select the Windows Start button

2. For all subsequent cumulative updates, most recently click with the right mouse button KB3093266, the installation does not work anymore. the update installation.

Enter successive commands in the command prompt and confirm each with [Enter]:

net stop wuauerv

net stop bits

rd / s / q% windir% \ SoftwareDistribution

net start wuauserv

net start bits

5. Please proceed as follows, greeting

was installed as the last Cumulative Update on the 31.08.2015 KB3081448.

On one of my three notebooks with Windows 10 to fix the problem:


Confirm the prompt (administrator)

3. Then repeat User Account Control with "Yes"


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Read more ...

Drives not recognized (not listed in the device manager.)
What should I do...?

Update from 1511 to 1607 (Build 14393.693) will be the two DVD's

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After about 58-60% the installation is aborted and then the same happens for Windows 10 for x64-based systems ", (KB3081424, KB3081436, KB3081438)! After about 58-60% the installation is aborted and the result is that the installation could not be carried out! as a result that the installation could not be carried out!

I'm slowly but surely angry, because every "cumulative update"

Read more ... Click in this field to see it in full size.


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One relates to the previous version, the second 15063.138 is current, the corresponding patch is marked with the number KB4015583. The following update was also available yesterday: "Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool Update from last year, which can be identified by the build number 1607. The changes are limited. Since the Creators Update is distributed over a longer period of time, Microsoft released two consolidated updates for the current operating system.

Original view: Windows 10: Patchday brings two cumulative updates This month, there is only an update of different time zones. Author's Opinion: This month, there are two security updates for 10, the Creators Update, with many new features ready for installation. Also, an update this time was not wrong. Is something new knew published, with the various security gaps are closed.

For this is the patch KB4015217 ready, other programs - summarized, also also various security gaps are closed. Therefore, there is also a cumulative update for the so-called Anniversary which raises the operating system to the version 14393.1083. Here is the overview
Since yesterday stands for Windows are of course currently only a few computers up to date. For this build with the internal number 1703 is then verse ... Continue reading ...