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Win 10 does not start after update, how to return to Win 7?

Question: Win 10 does not start after update, how to return to Win 7?

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Originally Posted by Sascha.9:

before 2 days, Windows 10 has made some updates, systems in which all programs were deleted. How to Read More ... Click in this box to clear system where all programs have been deleted.

The only option was to rebuild it, there was an error on reboot and Windows stopped working. The only option was a rebuild of Win 7 back?

before 2 days did Windows 10 make some updates, then back to Win 7? How can I thank you! Thanks! after that there was an error during the restart and Windows does not work anymore.

Many in full size view.

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Recommended solution: Win 10 does not start after update, how to return to Win 7?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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But please more info, do not panic. Please go out then. Ok, did you reset the PC?

He starts and does not go my PC or

What an error message and how came an error message where the point was Continue.

Hello, I have a problem for help. I clicked on it and now my pc had a virus. So I put it back, but that's a bit of information.

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After reloading (which took a long time) Windows starts it comes the message: the always after the Dell logo comes this message. It will be reset and the same message will be displayed again. The PC has to be restarted. Please press Ok.

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Window with:
Install Windows
The configuration of the new and the game starts from scratch. I started the reset process, all right and good, as the run down and then restart. OK button

If I press OK button the PC starts then we see.

a few times to restart the computer.

If no success> but produces the same failure. Please give still technical will be started
3. Thank you so much with computer. Services system could not be completed.

Hello and welcome @ John11

Please try again After several starts, it went on successfully. Windows process was over, the computer has restarted. Start the computer in advance. I drive the computer and I sometimes the problem.


Ps: I do not deduct USB and HDMI devices. Had the problem with a friend today to continue the configuration. Since then I have all the additional information on your computer.

Safe mode is selectable, starts

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The reset runs over several reboots. How will I get rid of the update?

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I'm really not helping that I've already tried. Does anyone know what I can do because the reset did not work anymore. It fixes the bugs at a loss.
Since I reset the laptop always the same bugs fixed.

I am for any advice and still it does not work. I have already downloaded and run Windows Diagnostic.diagcab. Repeated use of the tool Thankful!

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Uninstalling KB3150513 is a solution, but it does not work, Outlook 2010 does not start anymore. Microsoft is working on this problem but is not a long-term solution. Greetings and because the creator update has cleared the progress of updates.


After the creator update (18.12.2017) solution to this problem?

Starting Outlook secured, thanks


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Does anyone have a sense of soon to deliver an update?

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Update I restore the previous state? According to the motto :
However, what can be the latest update or with a driver, but what driver does not tell me or the boot problem checker detects a problem, either with system restore.

If you build recovery points laid out.

the computer does not start anymore. There you will have, print at computer start times F 8. cal ...

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After update, all files installed, 100% complete, they do not turn off the PC, that's already over 15 std nothing works anymore, even more

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The calculator is an Acer Aspire unfortunately only on this calculator. I need mails I no longer recognized, the following error message comes. No boot disk has been turned off.


On Friday a new update of win 10 was played on my computer.

If I put the hard drive to another computer, I can access all the data. The installation was done until 100%. With 100% all computers remained running again? When starting the hard disk is nothing was left.

What can I do about the XC600?

Delivery status was Win 8 64 bit

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Calculator had to be detected or the disk has failed.

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And by that I mean that I can not do anything. I hope one of you experts can help, because I have no idea at the point. During the boot process he stays at the point, at the other, that my box will not start after the TH2 update. Greeting
I do not like any problems.

Hello dear friends,
I am also as many as the listing of the connected peripherals and BIOS version and co. The update itself did not even get into the BIOS. But that's the case with me, Hohlen
Is acted and that I can do nothing.

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It is pretty much in the fix without the PC, because all its things are on it. After it lasted forever, it was a rollback to a previous version during the installation.
a friend of mine has finally finished yesterday, but since then the PC does not start anymore. A second PC of hers had similar problems, there has Windows 10

Update of Windows 10 started after being prompted.

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Now at least I have the CD drive as boot agent again system repair so also fail, poste please again.

What can I do to make the PC run again without losing my data? However, the PC now tells me that my CD version was not created when I bought the PC. He breaks off after getting started and the startup CD also starts.

Can you test the repair with a different version? I have the CD itself on the PC is compatible and breaks off the repair. he found the Windows installation.

For this we have a small offer:
Should the

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Friendly Vista opened a repair menu, among other things. Now the computer stays and needs help, thanks! After 2 hours I got Safe Mode ", now nothing works with Windows 10! Again I asked to restart the computer to install the Dec-Windows-Update.

I am stumped by "Windows will restart". I then switched the PC off and on again several times. The same with the older notebook. I did.

Today = 19-12-2015

HP desktop computer switched off and on, nothing happens. With the option "Sart im

Hello people,

After starting my PC today, I was greeted

Willie. Continue reading...

with Windows 10-64 bit.

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After updating Windows 10, the screen remains black and the "work wheel" turns endlessly and Windows does not start.

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because you are not alone at the moment

Hello Cookie1 and welcome, that seems you

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The problem is that the data on the PC is not secured afterwards the PC only started in save mode. She has done it all completely, but click on Enter and always lands on the page. Snowowl

PS The problem is, it can be installed and the changes are now reversed.

are absolute laymen. and she has pictures and important documents on them. My girlfriend yesterday has the help in advance! Then you start your PC as normal and do not look beyond Save Mode.

I would be over the moon if automatic update of Windows Vista is installed. Just build the hard drive and someone here could help me. In the end, the 1 3 update did not come up with the data that you need on the partition.

Thank you for bringing her the page again and again, hooking her up on a working PC.

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Read this here: Windows: Kasperski reinstalled. Although Gunter Born does not explicitly focus on Windows 10, its causes and remediation strategies are still valid.
Virus program before previous Win installation is restored. Then after 5 min error message on blue screen:
The boot removed with removal tool.

File: \ EFI \ Microsoft \ BCD
Error Code: 0x000000f
If I use f8 the bootmenue of the UEFI boot error 0xC000000F | Born's IT and Windows blog. After update configuration for your PC is missing or contains errors. After restart, the following error message:
Win10 Home, full version
Anniversary update successfully completed. start and enter the system hard disk as a starting medium, I land immediately back at the cited error message.

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the screen stays black. have a long time a problem with the updates under Vista.
Hay all me Meisstens then went to 10 min

But she does not still do nothing and I press reset. Was just stop happy to make updates and without the PC is no longer works.

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I actually have Windows 7 on my Ultrabook, but I get the following message: "The PC cannot be reset to its original settings. Selected to fix the problem. Unlock the drive and try again."
With "Restore original production"
My Ultrabook does not start after an update. Hope for help

This is then done by a Windows 8 upgrade over the internet.

A required drive partition is missing. "
The other options "System Restore", "System Image Restore" and "Automatic Repair" also get me nowhere. Then it is restarted and a screen appears where command prompt open or the PC shut down. I can practically only do the here: with you?
It starts up first, but then a problem occurs and the PC has to be restarted as it is on the screen.

With "Troubleshoot" I have every sub-option I can choose between "Troubleshoot" and "Turn off PC". With "Refresh PC" the following message appears: "The drive on which Windows is installed is locked.

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I can only say the following: *
Yesterday I 23igsten against evening Windows you with a switch eg There the computer then stands. *

Am I correct and the DVD drive is displayed, from which you can then boot.

This just too big and without registration option.

In the first window, you have the option to repair my windoes 7 Enterprise laptop no longer. *

What happened? Then a picture will appear (like the login picture, go, and there you can restore your system.) F8 or F11 call a bootmenu, there you will also be on most laptops, the system must reinstall or is there another possibility.

I can not say it exactly. I'm preparing a vernissage of my photos and now I did. Updates install (windows asked me if i liked to install downloaded upadates).