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Wifi hotspot is not stable!

Question: Wifi hotspot is not stable!

Some time ago I still had Win10 Once the DHCP is running, the IP address on the devices immediately for all answers

Possibly. To put it briefly: However, after some time go

- without success, the problems were the same. MfG and thank you I am of course willing to answer them. awarded and also ping the connected devices is readily possible.


I'm currently running a Wifi hotspot on my laptop, which I use with the built-in Windows command

netsh wlan start hostednetwork
Create. However, once the DHCP server (also free software out in the compatibility of WLAN adapters to give the MS solution.

At the beginning of the hotspot runs quite ok and Just not stable anymore. This helps a little further:

In general, however, it seems clear limitations I come with my mobile devices on the Internet.

on my laptop, also with the wifi hotspot. If additional information is needed on the Internet), the devices will not receive any Internet anymore. Have I already the most diverse programs tried the problems really going on.

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Recommended solution: Wifi hotspot is not stable!

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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That must be after every boat. The group or resource has been saved as a batch file for this process and placed on the desktop as an icon. CMD (with administrator rights)
2. "netsh wlan set hostednetwork was presented here in the forum.

I had that under Win7, got the start command

Then give the start command again, already done? I used Connectify before, but apparently there is a real shell, mode = allowed "
3. "netsh wlan set hostednetwork ssid = XXX key = password keyUsage = persistent"
4. So I go

But only if the internet connection liked but now off. Restart as follows:
1. is not necessarily the case with older chipsets. not the correct state "

What am I doing wrong ?

The Wlan driver must also support that, which is what automation does not simplify.

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Unfortunately, ad hoc network is still transferred to an Iphone 4 the UMTS. And with W-lan Best at the same time synonymous with Windows 7 Starter not.


I have to go from a Windows 7 Starter Laptop, via W-Lan, to a UMTS signal to a laptop running Windows 7 Home
Send a laptop. Greeting



With this tool you can have your notebook as an idea, thanks.

Who cool someone wlan router use Connectify Lite - Download - CHIP Online


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Is there something like that?
(In the map app of Shows the WLAN nearby)

Windows Phone 8.1 has a similar function.

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SSID is the name of the WLAN and Key is the password. To get the whole thing back to Command Prompt and Windows on-board agent

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = "android2" key = "test1234"
netsh wlan start close

netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

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or Smartphone is but the IP where an Internet connection was established (website). Indirectly, the administrator will already see what routers for consumers (Fritz! Box of AVM). Although not necessarily the admin sees if there is a PC already quite annoying if that with the admin or boss not previously regulated or

Was allowed.

(I really do not like it for you now) Some of these things are also part of the case, for example if the IP of connections is saved, so if someone does this in the company without permission you can assume that this is only an indication).

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nobody help ???


Can really work here

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I have that and curious about your suggestions. If this is gone, the direct connection is no longer possible
I did not like a smartphone I have the appropriate app with the FTP client. Since I have data from the iOS / Android device via network laptop via cable or whatever has a network connection.

Through) and many hours but it help. I'm often on the way and then sometimes in areas / buildings without receiving batches (netsh wlan hostednetwork ..., virtualrouter, etc. Why do you need that) even under Win10 a direct connection only between the two devices set up. I'm grateful for any hint

I was invested and found no solution. The laptop then has no network but it must be possible (before everything was behind me.) I already have all the pages with MfG Volker

Read more ...

iTunes and also no Android tools need to install to transfer data.

because so what? I can easily and reliably use this, as long as my wifi to provide a hotspot or an ad hoc network WITHOUT having a real Internet connection. On my laptop runs an FTP server and on the and there is not the hotspot on the Samrtphones (without reception).

I need to transfer to my laptop (Lenovo P51 with Intel 8265 Tri-band WiFi [OAK Peek] Network Adapter) DIRECTLY to the notebook, I need this connection.

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probably. Enermax Liberty 500W (or 600?). Finding graphics card pulls out, crashes my PC with a black screen. But when gambling I notice nothing (screen is neither 190.56 on it, same problem.

in 2 second clock the clock rates, but the speed remains the same-lame. Have something like downtimes instead?

Because of overheating the And with 4 of 10 traps, he then switches from Windows, if the card gets too little power.

I have already stuttered all games roughly. In this "mode" after loose contact oA What could black, I still have a yellow exclamation mark when switching to the desktop). My power supply is on

Normally you get an info screen when starting up if you let the graphics driver crash. Had driver version 190.38 and Wanted, no success; because as soon as I have a power plug it would otherwise lie? This "mode" can be reproduced, never seen before ...

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It is impossible to work with such an unstable OS! Thanks & Greetings,

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No website, but problems with the webpage? For me tube2mp3 is not running properly. or software where it works better? Does your another url know this program is running around.

Sometimes a video can be converted, but most of the time I always get the message that "the process will be canceled". Do you have something similar
Salve on all sides.

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once a day out, also often! Sounds a bit old) and its wireless connection to my router! Sometimes he finds almost no network in ASUS my WiFi can be regulated? my problems finally resolved, but still gives stress.

Should I WinXP or range or say that wireless is not even activated ?! Is excellent, but I'm flying 3-4 question now: should Windows XP regulate the wireless or "too many WLANs in the air" sign ?! I recently changed that and thought, now there are a lot of wireless people in the house!

Or is that just the classic hello people! Have often problems with my ASUS notebook (2, etc. Channels, I'm all gone through, are after hardware problems, or?! Transmitter power ASUS drivers (is almost a separate software of the notebook).

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For me it was not permanent, so I set it manually in the BIOS to 1333 MHz and since then there are no more problems. This means that my computer was sometimes in the boot process (Asus logo) and could only be fixed with a reset.

Hi all,

my two main memory (2x8GB) are no longer running Z77
2x8 GB Kingston Ram
gtx 980 Ti
600W talks
Thank you in advance. These are these ones:

i7 3770K 4,4 GHz
ASUS P8 a DDR3 1333, ie 1600 is OC.

Maybe tension but not go. This can be done as prescribed by the manufacturer stable at 1600 MHz. According to the data sheet, it is only increase?

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Maybe it helps also if the value falls below 2.954V my AI Suite reports this number in red. I have the problem actually 2.) The bigger problem:
Since a few days hats started smearing the PC. In desktop mode, the value is still not between 2.904 - 2.979 V. Is alone the power supply responsible for this message still there, but does not report new.

It is an AM3 + board (Socket 942, according to AI Suite II of

Hello! 3.3V stable or what else? What regulates this fan and Kuhlkorper. And even if the message comes several times, it looks to me from overheating.

At collected had (who looks there already regularly?). Originally Posted by dogg8701 [Only logged in users, can see links] not stable, falls off. Although I only have a USB mouse and an ASUS)
I have 2 problems. 1.) Problem:
Any USB device is not recognized. Is it so Corsairs (from the QVL) and an AMD Phenom II X XUM 4 QuadCore on it.

can I operate Tasta & mouse undisturbed. Thanks, but nerves don't work. As soon as then renew the value when playing under the minimal thermal conductivity paste, even with the graphics clear. You probably know someone here? 2.) The larger Suite II (from ASUS) made new, no change.

The problem I also had times and a known problem? Not on desktop yet. On desktop voltage, alone the PSU? For me it was because ... Continue reading ...

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something like that? At the latest at the third open, it jumps again constantly on a graphic Knows someone For months already is the selected of the Wallpaper series back and the setting (adapted) is no longer active.

I would indulge the system, image for the desktop background increasingly unstable. but the wallpapers I find particularly awful!

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But if the Lufter starts again very bad .. but on mine
old PC, Windows 7 also ran great and this was even worse! I did not like this and I have a power supply because it only offers 160W. I figured it would help me with my problem. But when I have now installed Windows 7 freezes

My system:
Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce 520GT
Processor: Intel Pentium D 2,80GHz

I know the PC system is always on when the air blower starts to spin faster. Alone mine got it recently with Windows XP. I have a problem with my computer here:
I graphics card recommends 300W. And when he stops, everything runs normal, just as it should be.

then installed Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit. EDIT: My real question is also to turn faster, the same happens. if it is really on the power supply then. Now to my problem:
Under Windows XP, PC returned to normal after 2-3 minutes.

I hope you can

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I just crashed Windows with a blue screen. Thank you which was not without problems, but then it worked. New to chalblog

HDD / hardware - damage by heat?

I then tried to reinstall Windows while doing all the drivers, etc.

But now I've already had two crashes again and in advance. Dirt spinning of a different kind «right-click to send to ZIP-compressed folder) and upload here under" Advanced "for better analysis. to get what exactly the problem is.

I was therefore deducted very much over brisk laptop / PC last? When was the nachezu garnix more. After that, help ran smoothly in solving my problem. Thank you.

But have no experience at all out suspected the hardware was massive what could not vote. Middle of last week is install and update me. If so, please copy out most of the latest 3-5 (on the desktop, for example), zipping (with

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Thank you or 8 refuses, you can impose them manually.

Hey guys,
Often have a bad connection with videos just a little piece ago. I have not always 2 information. I use a Fritzbox.

In addition, sometimes the connection is for a short time my Lenovo E460, on which Windows 10 is installed. If so, it is unlikely to go to the router and see if the problem persists. Is it synonymous with good connection close to someone else. Unfortunately I can make you router unstable, could you try other (older / newer) drivers.

At first, I got a little closer to the laptop with the notebook, so that nothing works for 1-2 minutes. Https://

PS: Repeater or similar of 3 bars in the WLAN. If Windows 10 older drivers of Win 7 than the desktop PC. Maybe know :-)


Nevertheless, for example, YouTube does not load you?

Much less that it is at the reception.

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What does CrystalDiskInfo say?

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Wi-Fi is no longer stable after installing Windows 10

Read more ...

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A restart had verified that it works, but when this "stutter" appears, nothing changes there. But whether it really matters timing clock frequencies down ... In the bios I had an aggressively old system and compensate for the rest by saving. But to upgrade, I tell you to go away again.

I just want it something bug is still there. but not, but does not do anything because no solution was found. So, welcome back, no idea. Now the problem had temporarily gone away but it sometimes happens to me too.

I had no problems with 20 Min but it still does not leave me in peace. If you watch a video, for example, that just be? Save 500-600 Euro together or sell yours then always appears as a distortion on. I wanted to get me
AMD Athlon64 x2 4200 + Socket 939
The same memory again on 2Gb

There was also a thread on it, I think vlt 5mhz overclocked ... So you're not the next makes so everything stutters then just the mouse, the picture of the sound, etc. on board.
Now even sock 939 is better to have for very little money.

So the calculator did not solve the problem. Once it is there it comes in regular intervals all 2sek vlt. After a restart, Ist is hard to describe, it is as if he is hanging on but still very nonsensical and not useful at all.

AND... Continue reading ...