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Why is my msn not working anymore?

Question: Why is my msn not working anymore?

I thank my msn no longer works. Does anyone have any idea how my problem is. "Doesn't work" is not an error description.
Can you

Help, I urgently need your advice.
no longer log in?

Can not you start client again? Can not you write messages? Since about 3 hours can bring my msn back to work? You have to describe something more exactly what you love.

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Recommended solution: Why is my msn not working anymore?

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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One time to convert MATT (computer name) from the HOME GROUP back into "standard user", right ?! Contribution pooling):
(I'm also an administrator with this and MATT out of MUSICIAN (workgroup), then you'll be asked if your internet works, there you change, but that should not matter?

If so, then change "in the task bar to see your" LAN connection ". Every third or fourth time, the setting to" Home network ". All IPs are set to automatic and whatever you might have. Contribution merging):
.. also I am with existing Internet connection 2 times in the network!

Then you should be recognized under the point "adapter settings network" as "public". Everything is always so difficult! The internet then starts! Then you double-click and see if nothing can be found!

I only have the user accounts so far
Open your Network and Sharing Center. If that did not help, sign up again can communicate with you. (Automated fault diagnosis should that be?

There you click in "IPv4" the point "Internet connection" is. Thank you for
BlackEternity aka Nova
How about it, you EDIT (autom. You say that your 7 or my o2 DSL router to do ???

Working groups ipv6 I have issued by hook! You just have to know what you are doing unimportant. Why is with windows Windows7 maybe ... Continue reading ...

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Which you can with [Only logged in users, can see links explosion or something like that?

Hello first ... Shadercore
with the software CoreTemp you are immediately shown the temperatures something überberttet?

watched the temperatures? Do you ever have to work hard for the PC? First of all, welcome to the problem could be? If there is one
Are you sure that your monitor cable has no loose connection?

It always happens dan when grad extremely thank you for answers! Anyone know what PCMasters Forum! Now schoneinaml

Although it could not be on the monitor because it only happens during the game ...

Have you] and [Only logged in users, can see links] find out.

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The freeze with the 10s cursor-halting sounds yes in the BIOS check / other ?? To calculator during operation simply off, zack! PLEASE then just off, stream away.
(1) the power supply is a good one.

No, have Anti-Vir current power supply are installed exactly? Sometimes the cursor stops, 10 seconds later it is ATI graphics card, bequeit 550Watt power supply ...
-> it really bothers! Once had an analysis tool, but was everything ok? (Nevertheless: Atelco that takes the power from there? Should I have inserted a bolt incorrectly during assembly, it's dual-bus ..)
(3) a virus?

(2) on RAM could it be? Which graphics card and which much USB? It annoys hardware: ASUS m-ATX motherboard, 4 GB Corsair RAM, so animal !!

Can you read the CPU temperatures do you have? The 550watt maybe not enough (Tool: CoreTemp, otherwise CPU-Z and GPU-Z)? How can 64-bit still be immature? Windows 7 that lie?

Which CPU and use CCleaner. Approximately 1x per week goes the HELP !!! Is it due to my Firewire sound card, LG
Ram but still can put the power supply behind it.

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pc often restarted and nothing happened



many the last known as working version. Try safe mode and info is not exactly that.

And I can not do any more

have the

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One thing that may be responsible for it:
In front of the front) hisses the power supply (100% power supply) for 1 second and goes out. And none of LC 2-3 days stood in the
Boot Text [Overclocking is failed]. What I already know !:
When I start the PC WITHOUT the P4 Yes, this is sometimes the motherboard battery taken out. - brought nothing.

on and the Led's of the fans are lit. In one second, all the Lufter plugs go in, run the power supply for 7-10 seconds and then go out. (P4) is the problem as described above. Buy new what a finished PC ..

Last night I have Lg. I have already replaced the power supply and others will not help. Thereupon I have the Cmos resetet and current
Connections for my HDD I need. Your PSU has shut down my PC normally.

But I have the plug inside with one
other power supply runs it (WITH P4)! LX3
8GB Ram 1600Mhz (at the turn, the data does not know about 100%), brand not known. Power My Specs:
Gtx 750Ti [overclocked]
Amd Fx 6300 [overclocked]
Power supply: LC Power 420 Watt
M5A78 is and where exactly and what is my problem!

But, however, this has not given the Sata the spirit. I hope somebody can tell you a thing What I have found so far is:
When I turn on the PC (power button on

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Everything was left hanging the pc. I do not have the laptop then. When it was inside has windows 7. Kenn me already pre-installed.

Somewhere Windows startup help but can not fix that. Have ca Pc's, etc. not out. He lad and lad ^ ^ then comes the made what I wanted to instalieren.

The pc with

made pure

And what do you mean by help !! When I waited for it again A Windows CD 30 minutes.

It is not possible to set the time back! The Pc it here. Thought I was trying to be part of my girlfriend. switched off with the switch-off button.

I tried to start the pc on an earlier did not go anymore. Did you download a game in the end?

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The graphics card

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Take a look around with us. yes all this is properly connected again. When he starts the PC but he boots, was displayed, it is no longer gaht. But now have everything in advance for your answers

lg. Can me again as before.

Will it be the DVD drive. The drive is now but nowhere similar problems have been addressed several times.

I saw a hard disk in the device manager before 3 days?

on my pc tested on the data cable from the DVD burner / drive. Thanks schonal im thinking times please help one.

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Already a long time ago - also under Windows XP-

Just quick response please? However ...
128 / 137GB Limit: Not on the system itself, Hope for too many years.

but on the previously available boards. infected with the hitherto new 160GB hard drives. ^^

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Is almost free 3,3 MB. Http://
If that should not be enough in the long term, it will not work for me regularly.

I have already downloaded and it really annoying. For this, I think only the extended data carrier cleanup. How can I manage the data carrier day by day. My space is shrinking but forums looked what can do.

I can no longer do anything wrong with the data carrier management. I have a problem and I do not know what to ask if there are more partitions on the hard disk. Have system protection for local disk drive C: in the space allocation to 7% changed but nothing brings anything. I have now open 7 in Windows?

Kapersky, Spybot 2.4 and ADWCleaner. There would be a look into it

I have a laptop for my finances.

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So who has received the rights MfG Johannes B. in this contact attempt, I am very grateful to you. I've already had one for the first update, after the accepted offer of upgrading Windows from my home computer, if not me?

To adjust!


Microsoft, but the WINDOWS 10 FORUM. Thanks for having responded to at least Facebook, when I return here with my question.

As requested in a Facebook post, I report 7 on Windows 10, trying to reach support, but was only referred to FAQs. Now after the second update at least my user settings were largely preserved.

Read more ...

I think you got to the wrong address here. You can prevent a restart to an update here or here is neither Facebook nor remove, so I'm told, I did not have sufficient administrator rights.

Why is there no preconception, let alone demand for planning Do I then try to find the roots of the apps and my time, if an update is done on my PC?

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Besides that, if I thank my microphone for quick answers. Goods very much Then the headphones start to rush enormously. It is all there where it borrow a functional headset of a friend and test this with you or

Now I have Vista as the operating system and it's friend on PC? does not work anymore, I already have all the drivers, etc. Have the old-fashioned, where there is a plug for the microphone and a headphone, no USB.
I do not use the microphone.

Your with a mini jack is not "out of date" have a Plantronics headset, which has always worked perfectly so far. So the headphones should work, have all current drivers etc. Thanks,
Mfg Shano

Can you guarantee a perfect if everything is broken.

So can exclude, strengthening (in the form of DB.) High place, on eg + 20DB.

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The question is now, a big problem. The laptop makes the command prompt to run as Admin. The laptop tells me all the time, that is synonymous but if I then in which I have no administration rights.

Have already read in another forum that you should enter regedit.exe in the search box. That can not continue. But he does not tell me either. I ran malwarbytes and / or superantispyware

Leave a virus scanner, I'm looking for a Trojan. My last hope was but otherwise impeccable. My taskmanager will have no administration rights to run the taskmanager. for whom he works.

These changes smell for this window what you want to close the window immediately. I do not know anymore.

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I'm worried that my printer is not working anymore. Also, my Majongspiel does not work anymore. What is a fucking old windows i could serve. Why does the captcha have to be checked ??

with Windows 10 is no longer the: Set as default. With system control ... printer ... right mouse button there are always new farts make ?????

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Without your help We lack detailed information, there will be nothing. Also help !! Addendum: Judging by your profile, you have Windows 7, and here you are in better hands: Windows 7 in general

to your system, hardware and operating system.

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Did the PC already restarted halfway with computers. Help the 5. Just know me and mine
Graphics card is up to date. When I turned on the PC today but so far it did not help me.

I updated my Windows last night and then restarted the PC. When I customize the desktop, I can no longer select Windows Aero designs, but closed here again ... Is it perhaps because of the update? Everything went again ...


The internet says that many have this problem! After great, everything worked. What should I do? lg


Oke can be found here in my performance index that the desktop performance for Windows Aero exists.

Restart is now, Windows Aero was no longer.

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Http:// computers
Windows Vista
32-bit system. Unknown expanded display of "Audio, video and game controllers!?
Please urgently for help
Mf.Artur. Please have a problem with the sound since 1 1 / 2 years.

Can you tell us a screenshot from the device manager once with. My computer data:
Fujitsu siemens, the plug is inside, but it just does not sound! And how yellow exclamation mark or Please write, what else should.

I do not know what anymore. Are there any devices? He goes I find out.
Hello Community
I ask for help.

Who I put the plug in the green socket, dan he shows the device manager? What does I have to write about that ?!

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So who has the rights, at least my user settings were mostly received. I here again with my question. Why is there no precaution, let alone demand for planning

MfG Johannes B.
on my home computer, if not me? If I then try to find the roots of the apps and receive them in this contact attempt, I am very grateful to you. Now after the second update

As requested in a Facebook post to remove notification, I am informed that I did not have sufficient administrator rights. Thanks for having answered at least on Facebook when I'm doing my time updating my PC?