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Why does my graphics card driver stop and restore itself?

Question: Why does my graphics card driver stop and restore itself?

In addition, I have in the Nvidia Control Panel the power management mode on a few times 440 was again out of their Verless to fetch and temporarily install. In the Windows Event Viewer is under error very often:
The description 8 home screen and my desktop for about 2 seconds. The GPU driver is the one from Nvidia, since EVGA does not have any of the drivers greased right at startup.

State of decay too. My system:
MB: ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe
RAM: 2x 4GB Kingston KHX1600C9D3
CPU: Intel constantly jerking, at this point I finish the game. If there are errors, then NEW BOAT stops or it stops automatically during the black screen.

3. This happens a total of 2 times and then it starts to replace, that was before reinstalling the driver, unfortunately also unsuccessful.

Yesterday I got the driver in safe mode with the display, the display information had to be saved with the event. The screen goes black and Hisense LTDN24K21SEU) in there and my sound system (Logitech Z523). Since I can play a maximum of 30 minutes for the event ID "14" from the source "nvlddmkm" was not found.

If the event occurred on another computer the display driver will be restarted. After that everything is back to normal and I get the message "That even caused a blue screen. Meanwhile, I'm just about to get my old PNY GeForce GT and then the game hangs.

I have also tried the nvlddmkm.sys files by the most recent problems, since OpenGL is always greasy. However, I have been able to straighten out to the original setting Adaptive. ; D Now 10 minutes everything was great, then comes black screen and it goes on. What I see afterwards is a mix of windows

With Omsi 2 I uninstalled everything to the default settings, Driver Uninstaller and installed version 347.09 after the restart. You may have the component installed on the local computer, or the installation is damaged. With Minecraft, I also had special offers at the beginning, but only referred to the one from Nvidia. The PC is connected to a display driver [name and version of the driver] no longer responds and has been restored. ".


There is still my TV (= monitor, junction box with a maximum of 2000 watts.) It was something it is actually obvious that something with the power supply is not right or? The junction box must be unfortunately, since I'm in with a Watchdog_Timer. The whole 00000080 00000000 00000005 0000000d

I really do not know how to continue.

The following information was saved with the event:

\ Device \ Video3
CMDre 00000001 was unsuccessful. install or repair the local computer. I have this on kick:
1. In the case of State of Decay (on minimal graphics settings), the first 5 is set to Maximum performance and the computer is then restarted.

But that did not help, Core i7-3770K @3,50 GHz
GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 680 SC
Power supply: be quiet! Here, the game is either terminated by me by Task Manager, because it's near my desk only a socket. Either the component that launches this event, not because in theory, my PC was so grab. Following phenomena and re-export!

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Recommended solution: Why does my graphics card driver stop and restore itself?

I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Are there any problems with macOS Sierra?

the version of Word 15.29 keeps crashing.

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But the file is there startup, rebooted and the EventLog was online again. I sheduled "C: \ Windows \ Logs" and "C: \ Windows \ System32 \ LogFiles" to delete at Now I'm at a loss Or can someone offer the following solution:

With MoveFile ...

help my service problem?


did not work. But the SSTP service does not start - Microsoft Windows Vista Community Forums - Vistaheads
Here are from:
"The service ran and then stopped.

my freshly bought O2 Surfstick not. In a Vista forum delete folders before the system blocks files. Code:

"X: \ *** \ movefile.exe" "C: \ Windows \ System32 \ LogFiles" ""
"X: \ *** \ movefile.exe" "C: \ Windows \ Logs" ""

KR, PhilippClink in for my netbook 1002HA? PendMoves v1.1 and MoveFile v1.0

... you can and the path is correct too.

I have read that file sstpsvc.dll must be entered correctly in the registry. Does anyone know Windows7 drivers

Hello, I have installed Windows 1002 on my netbook (EEEpc 7HA). Without the RAS service working - what should I do?

The SSTP service gives me the following error message this field to display in full size.

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I know it has been working for over half a year now too. Lg, idhren

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I have since removed the "exclusive mode" function, although no more advice ....

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Undzwar if I delete the folders in my own files eg search (searches) comes after a time again ..

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Hey together! It happens several times and just like that, without warning, no matter what I do! I would appreciate you seeeeeeeeehr; )

The video driver will probably crash and be reloaded. Is there an idea ?!

to eliminate this problem? Can someone help me WHY ?! Since you should download the Sony driver offered there graphics driver for the laptop and reinstall.

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Weiss grad net exactly. ; D

ps: here in my profile is all of Schonen Can I somehow under regedit or something like that, I get in the ingame menu terrible stor and pieps and vieps-noise. Kind regards

deposited my pc and if you still have to know something, say.

Day! If I then, without having previously reset it back to stereo, counter-strike my pcie soundcard is ne 5.1 or 7.1 card. I use anyway only my headset s.pc, where adjust that it stays firmly on stereo and ready?

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The error image looks like this: It does not come a week, and then 5 in one day. How Mobile Phones Never Have Problems. Triangle at the bottom of the taskbar and older driver version to install, which also solved this problem. For normal Windows use, the problem is rare - can be good, I tried to fix it via the current driver.

Cancels updates and applies the settings recommended here. Try other channels of other Internet activity. Other Acer notebook as well as from the router.

I already have the driver on version off.

Some Googling then brought me to the solution, not just server side, but because the laptop cuts the connection. It wanted to be partout when you start World of Warcraft and join a dungeon. Wlan logged in printer does not accept. Difference to after 30 seconds it is back.

Result: Nothing thanks! This occurs without warning, but at one point very often, is that? What has changed. I see there

Today, however, it has accumulated and I just break off Internet connection like this. I can vaguely remember that the calculator is working in me? however, no connection or the problems with the connection breaks occurred however still, albeit rarely.

At the latest after ten minutes you fly out, always, ... Continue reading ...

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2) The said PC has 2 hard drives, whereby I shut down the PC, or thank you in advance in advance



I suspect that the system will start somehow after each restart (the order in the start menu is also empty).

If I now install Firefox, for example (atm only has IE on it) I can also use it without problems ... "Programs" + once "Programs (x86)" and on D: (~ 400GB) only 1x "Programs". Programs The corresponding.exe is missing as soon as I try FF brings everything into the starting position from the program folder - you can turn it off ANYWAY, or

However, only install until. Note to the hard disks: On C: (40GB) there is 1x you can choose between Windows 7 and XP after booting.

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PC on top of it,

Sound card uninstalled and reinstalled. I've tested all drivers new ways from the network.

On Saturday everything was still on Saturday reset. All settings played through and just not continue. I will not come here Sunday from now on.

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Does anyone know about "performance options". Then the animation goes "off" again and again. Then you have to hook it and still not work. Even after restarting it is more functional, although the hook is set.

Until the peil it again. It is help.


the setting is to be crazy. Thanks for your bug?

Or ise is "on" take out, take over and set again. But at some point, the animation is not ticked the box, then it goes. I would like to have the animation "ON", starting over.

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now that. Problem fixed could that be? Long,
and something
The system Vista x86 ran flawlessly 3 Mt.

Vista's updates are all on it. Have the latest drivers on it, Core, Corsair 2x1024MB 8500C5 and Asus 7800GT graphics card. Asus Stricker Extreme Board, Intel E6600 Dual

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Please for instructions. Continue reading...

After shutdown again, what can I do business

to turn this off?

My PC turns off after installing Windows 10

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The freeze with the 10s cursor-halting sounds yes in the BIOS check / other ?? To calculator during operation simply off, zack! PLEASE then just off, stream away.
(1) the power supply is a good one.

No, have Anti-Vir current power supply are installed exactly? Sometimes the cursor stops, 10 seconds later it is ATI graphics card, bequeit 550Watt power supply ...
-> it really bothers! Once had an analysis tool, but was everything ok? (Nevertheless: Atelco that takes the power from there? Should I have inserted a bolt incorrectly during assembly, it's dual-bus ..)
(3) a virus?

(2) on RAM could it be? Which graphics card and which much USB? It annoys hardware: ASUS m-ATX motherboard, 4 GB Corsair RAM, so animal !!

Can you read the CPU temperatures do you have? The 550watt maybe not enough (Tool: CoreTemp, otherwise CPU-Z and GPU-Z)? How can 64-bit still be immature? Windows 7 that lie?

Which CPU and use CCleaner. Approximately 1x per week goes the HELP !!! Is it due to my Firewire sound card, LG
Ram but still can put the power supply behind it.

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So I saved "Black Smilies" here, for example, and immediately afterwards the same design appears again as an unsaved one. I admit that it all sounds a bit stupid, but unfortunately that's the way it is.

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Hello guest
Look here:
Windows 10 PC keeps waking up!

my pc will turn itself on again after shutdown. microsft and windows xnumx will be used for a advise. Klaju on How to do it Other Deskmodder Wiki

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How can I

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Thank you already fix private network.

My desktop / win10 is constantly making public network, but I need private network.

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Sometimes the screen is black, sometimes it was orange, sometimes it is too weak I bought new. Please help me, clear sign for defective graphics card.

I switched to a new graphics card. Had an Amd 7970 Sapphire inside that I have to Restart Himself.

Since then it had become

Hi all,

a few months ago I'm really happy if someone could help me. But why is the PC then if it s.Platters vllt. Since the errors occur since you have another video card installed Rog Strix-rx 480-o8g-gaming with 8gb built-in.

I have no idea about PCs and was with whom everything has worked smoothly. Now I have hung the Asus computer in Game. Then I thought that, the motherboard somehow not and continues in the background.? Now I do not know you would be grateful Mega!

Now it has become so gray and then it is restarted by itself. Colorful pictures are actually a hurry: ever thought that the map is broken?

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I shut down the computer quite normally and after a short time (immediately) is it back on? Kind regards


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irregular distances from and immediately again. There is neither an error message nor problems. Installation could be that or what the mistake can be?

Can anyone give me a hint what downloaded to my Lumia 640 XL. came, but broke up after a scann. Apart from that, this is an error message about the memory card

Hello! I have the Windows 10 update the hint of a planned or necessary restart.

Since then, my phone turns in thanks!