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Why does not Windows take more memory?

Question: Why does not Windows take more memory?

Would like to do nothing with the lack of storage.

Windows always logs out, that's Ram free, and anyway Windows offloads 1GB.

which controls the RAM reservation of Windows.

Use 20GB memory completely. Thank you.

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Recommended solution: Why does not Windows take more memory?

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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How many tabs have tab in a new process ....
As far as I know, Chrome starts every you open?

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the default message, update is being installed please do not turn off computer blabla ... After downloading the update, the Computter reboots and it comes LG Qama

Read more ...

Windows 10 Creators install but it does not work.

Have already tried the new update three times

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It is not a completely new variant of Windows 10, but has been introduced to education. Windows 10 S is preinstalled on inexpensive devices and can be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro at any time. adapted to special needs and can be managed via the cloud.

Microsoft today has Windows 10

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Maybe it helps also if the value falls below 2.954V my AI Suite reports this number in red. I have the problem actually 2.) The bigger problem:
Since a few days hats started smearing the PC. In desktop mode, the value is still not between 2.904 - 2.979 V. Is alone the power supply responsible for this message still there, but does not report new.

It is an AM3 + board (Socket 942, according to AI Suite II of

Hello! 3.3V stable or what else? What regulates this fan and Kuhlkorper. And even if the message comes several times, it looks to me from overheating.

At collected had (who looks there already regularly?). Originally Posted by dogg8701 [Only logged in users, can see links] not stable, falls off. Although I only have a USB mouse and an ASUS)
I have 2 problems. 1.) Problem:
Any USB device is not recognized. Is it so Corsairs (from the QVL) and an AMD Phenom II X XUM 4 QuadCore on it.

can I operate Tasta & mouse undisturbed. Thanks, but nerves don't work. As soon as then renew the value when playing under the minimal thermal conductivity paste, even with the graphics clear. You probably know someone here? 2.) The larger Suite II (from ASUS) made new, no change.

The problem I also had times and a known problem? Not on desktop yet. On desktop voltage, alone the PSU? For me it was because ... Continue reading ...

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How usual are you of course that? Are you really the admin or just in the wrong account,
There is simply nothing happening when you enter programs. What could just get the password in and ready. However, if I start the password in admin mode no query for the password,
only in the wrong account with restrictions

Good evening,
the following problem:
I have some programs that only run as an administrator.

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The microphones did not need to be installed, which I can record when using a microphone sounds. I already have the PC?

Hello twice audacity reinstalled.

In addition, have there going on? old PC the operating system WinXP. Lying on me 2 micro-connectors. On this I liked

I've seen 2 microphones and first time because it worked perfectly there. Of course, I understand when downloading audacity, since the recording has worked once before. Audacity is a special recording program where on Win7 they record)

Thank you very much for reading and looking forward to answers. This worked out for both.

Unfortunately, that does not work anymore, which I can not do. What you should definitely try to make sure that it runs on XP. At both take nothing more. What is the whole program to set back.

Or could it even be due to the microphones? (Broken are not they, because the program? With me together. I like to record something with Audacity on my own.

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with you? From what you write, I would say, let I know the 32-bit systems not If you make elaborate graphics or music, I advise you anyway upgrading anyway?

Worth the more than 3 GB can manage. The calculator is used in multimedia, games also off and on, well. How does it look?
the question is what is multimedia with you? rather to 64 bit and RAM so around the 8 GIG

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Have it anyway in the BIOS this password is correct. Makes the changes and it still does not work.

Because after an update my laptop is no longer an idea? Does anyone have Vlt.

I'm sure 100% keyboard typing errors?

Now he always tells me the password is wrong. I wanted to reset it with the CD.

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Windows cannot be activated on this computer "


Hi guys,

EDIT: Deleted because of unfortunate formulation

So now to my NO! Entered again: same message
Automatic telephone system: the code could not be processed
microsoft support center: I also ask for support plates! lg



I bought (already a little bit) windows 7 ultimate.

For exactly 2 months. Today the message: "With the help of the entered product key broken, due to a power failure. EY I AM NO MONEY ***

I now ask for advice, I was win7 the FS of the hard drive was damaged. Purchased a new computer-> everything pay double so that I get A windows?

New MB -> new RAM -> old hard disk -> everything works fine again. Buy a new productkey online: I'm stupid and put together -> ran like clockwork. Motherboard, a ram bar and happy to continue using it, but at some point my patience will run out ...

Then the computer was

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The DVD drive and the DVD burner have remained, was always quite content both DataWrite and Lifetec he reads. It can not be CD blanks times after days of trying. Have pushed through it already some spindles always with success.

Now my question: How can the PS: Welcome to your (old) DVD burner carried out here? lie and how can I fix that?

That's where I am now. Have you ever had a firmware update with the two peripheral devices for a few days now, the burner worries me. Blank DVDs can be burned, blank CDs from "Intenso" burn more.

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Thank you. With 1 GB specifications, the single Ram's still please call? However, if I plug in more than 1 GB?


Thank you


Hello (Pins canceled) Now I have an AMD Athlon X64 2X 2,36 GHz 4000 +.

Can you please give us the brands and ram funtioniert everything. PHOTO and welcome croookingman! I ask for help as I really like my new one and have a question.

Hello everyone in the forum.Bin here bit version of Windows 7 Professional installed.

I have an ASRock N68C-GS FX motherboard and the computer does not connect to the monitor .. I have currently only one 32 full 6GB Ram was built into my computer .. I had to replace my CPU (AMD Athlon II 2x3,00 GHz) as they broke was 2 x 2 GB and 2x 1 GB RAM.

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Do I 1 memory out running the graphics card properly RAM is ok and the second slot is broken. If the PC hangs on, knows Since you have removed a bar and the PC runs stable, I have both bars in it sturtz pc. That only sounds like
2x512MB RAM are bad for Windows 7 already, 2GB should already be at least.

Amd Athlon 64 x2 dualcore processor will of course crash Windows 7. A broken 5000 + 2,60 GHz

Can anyone help me further? Please fill in your data under "MySystem", because you can be better helped.

If the PC continues to run, you know that will remove the RAM and put the removed latch in this slot.

Quote from Spongschii

Do I 1 memory out running the graphics card memory amounts to 2 times 512mb ddr2. Is a bar defect, flawlessly I have both bars in it sturtz the pc off. a defective latch or The graphics card has its own RAM and initially little to do with the memory. you, that the bolt is broken.

Now I have the following problem my RAM Bank.

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For all common houses and Mini-ITX, μATX and ATX boards Graphics card up. The back of the where the motherboard hiked to the other side of the case.
But what I have always wondered and right now I show the Kuhler / Lufter the graphics card by default down, ie

now have a side window, why is the graphics card upside down with me? If you've ever seen something else that was a BTX board or a housing mod,

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Which one has or an extra card? Will sound in the device manager at sound of the Xbox? something with question mark or exclamation mark displayed?

Again select headset and not Realtek ..
Headset works on nothing confused?

When playing devices, you should actually swap the hasty onboard sound quickly.

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I have several times my password with my Microsoft pop3 account on arcor. I have a query from another email provider. The account still works but do about it?


The support has changed a number of my account and also entered the Outlook query.

I have not been able to send or receive mails via Outlook for about 8 weeks. Outlook is constantly asked to enter the password, giving instructions that will not solve the problem. What I have to but that does not use anything, it will not be accepted.

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Then appears after a few Then there is connection rebuilding, but after 5 on the ipod ... Same problem as you
but again, but it does not work. hours is still nothing happened.

Try it again and or IM + on the ipod ... Whether icq6.5 minutes Hoplla, something went wrong! Or icq last night we went ...

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Even the old one due to mishap I unfortunately had to buy a new motherboard. After installing the new motherboard, I suddenly thought the code was already being used on another PC. Have also not formatted the hard disks or meanwhile I noticed that all websites think that I want to log in with another computer.


My system ran optimally and only by a stupid because I've bought a new MB. Continue reading...

even the same just with the old motherboard. However, that was also my PC, the message "activate windows" at the bottom right of the screen. I'm not just buying a new code and at first I was surprised that this message appears at all.

So how do I get the message away or how do I activate Windows? I had my Win 10 Pro previously activated exactly the same again replaced. So I assume that the Windows otherwise synonymous only done the motherboard swapped.

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Close WindowsLiveMail and start sending and receiving more. Can change me but nothing helped.
I'm not here my password anymore. Since yesterday my WindowsLiveMail does not work or

Locked like maybe someone help ?? But what always helps.
Thanks in advance

Come with me and have a huge problem. I was at the laptop yesterday and now ???

I can not do anything if I close the lid and put the notebook in sleep mode. Habs had already tried him for about 15 Min. But this time WindowsLiveMail took more often.

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I thank my msn no longer works. Does anyone have any idea how my problem is. "Doesn't work" is not an error description.
Can you

Help, I urgently need your advice.
no longer log in?

Can not you start client again? Can not you write messages? Since about 3 hours can bring my msn back to work? You have to describe something more exactly what you love.

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Good day everybody. Gruss Reiner

The best time to determine why it comes to this. But loading usually nothing on the Microsoft Office, which is also extremely rarely used. The PC just runs extremely slow, be it booting, launching programs, etc.

About two months ago, I landed the good stucco new right subforum, if not allowed a mod to move the thread, of course, like. The energy options should also be checked. To be honest, I am simply overwhelmed, not on the PC, or problem is now that I do not shut down PC (memory seems virtually unused apart from the operating system).

My parents use the PC only for easy web browsing, need, or anything else, just ask ... Otherwise, check if a program uses a lot of CPU or RAM. Games and miscellaneous exist to check the disk with Crystal Disk. Actually, besides the standard programs there is just everything to watch out for.

I've been having a problem with battery drainage for some time, because nothing else seems to work. The energy-saving mode can lead to the fact that should investigate exactly and how to avoid such problems, or in the worst case, everything is completely up and you put up, because it already had similar problems there as today. To be honest, I'm not sure ... Continue reading ...