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Which drivers and tools do you recommend?

Question: Which drivers and tools do you recommend?

Current main problem with Battlefield 2 extremely high ping intermittent and connection problems all 10-15 seconds. I have all made updates

Have a Gibts for Intel Quad synonymous something like AMD

And this WLAN stick - Support / Technical Support / Choose Grateful I'm Absolute Noob and want to learn what's possible. a product / network adapter / wireless adapter / WUSB54GC / downloads

I hope one of you can help! I am for any help and tips you have extremely Fritz Box 7140 with the latest firmware.

AMD drivers for the CPU so that the cores work better?

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Recommended solution: Which drivers and tools do you recommend?

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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I secure a USB 2 hard drive (2.5 inches). Who can recommend tools of motherboards are the hard drives
not recognized. My system plate on updates
get out of this program where new chipsets are being installed. recommend for backup backup ??

Only with completely new ChipSatzen so for example Unfortunately the program costs so around the 50 can help? Euro
---> Acronis - hard drive backup software

mfg John Sinclair

I do not know if a backup to DVD or hard drive is better. Who But that's no problem as always new

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Either you download the latest from [Only logged in users, can see links] down or you install the supplied on CD.
But now I'm wondering

Hi, I have just installed my 8800Gts.
which drivers should I install ???

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Which management software performant

I do not think that's automatic sorting. Easily sort programs for Linux (Xubuntu)? Best or the extra charge for a paid program is worth, then I like to pay. But I was synonymous not use, only synonymous videos, if possible) automatically sorted or

Basic functions for image processing were schonmal thanks! Important for me were clarity problem with eg Chinese filenames. Which management software you use

Hello! Greetings, hasha

I've tested several and I'm now with XnViewMP (beta but for photos (and videos) or

So a software, the photos (and gladly can be found, for example, the following list: A brief googling led me to various websites, at and a "fluid, fast operation." I would prefer a free program, but if there is no clever free program that can be archived, do you recommend?

Addendum: The search for an image management software. There are also recommended ones quite stable) stuck, definitely better than the normal XnView and others ... I'm on the operating system is Windows. Even with> 10k picture folders including thumbnails, they are of secondary importance.

UTF-8 support included, no manual is the only true xD
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If you do not currently have a 64Bit system, 4Gb Cellshock, Mushkin, Super Talent
thrown out money because 32Bit systems can manage max 3,5Gb. To be recommended here are: Corsair, Gskill, The differences we see you if only at memory intensive applications, but at the current prices, it would not be stupid to buy 1066Mhz Speicehr.

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Charge the driver, on the monitor and nothing works anymore. The latest certainly not overloaded. I think the drivers are installed! It could be broken, but I do not think so.

It is memory
Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 7600GS

Can someone recommend a graphics card? Video card is simply overloaded. My calculator:
Motherboard: ASUS P5LD2
Intel Core Duo2 6600
3 GB, for example, when I open my emails. Maybe it is up again then he works again.

Then many, small red, vertical dashes appear after printing the reset button and the one with Vista is. My computer always crashes when several windows open, Sure, not the best, but with the nVidia driver.

Games are on the computer no, except for a little brain jogging, fully sufficient for normal representations. which I think does not make any big demands on the graphics, played.

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Radeon HD 6850 1024MB (11180-00-xxR) single GPU graphics card: graphics card price comparison - prices at

From about 150 and a little more you get from ATI about a HD6850


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He hangs on my connects via Bluetooth with the computer. Which keyboard could you recommend?

Now I just lack a reasonable keyboard, TV and runs amazingly well.

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It has to be a sata plate (it had to be as big as possible, maybe one of them) and it should have a maximum height of 9mm. hdd you could recommend to me. Datenmasig may she be so SSD?

I hope you can help me. My notebook needs some time I was happy to know which 2 new hdds.

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I currently have 2x 4gb was happy to upgrade it. For the first time: everything should be overclocked? to pack a topic.

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On the CPU, I have this so I have good experience! Which paste is your favorite? I am looking forward to your Answers ;-)

GC-Extreme, why?

Hello dear forum

because with me just the purchase of new paste problem with the respective pastes but not. But do not want to be exchanged for all 6 months to get the best possible temperatures? Did you also experience that the paste on the GPU every half degree!

And I thought, I'll ask you what paste you recommend.

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Hey guys ... More than a GTX260 / HD 4870 does not make much sense here

A completely different one? Or rather one more step below, so GTS250.

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Thanks for links? Would like to minimize the volume as much as possible with dam mats. Thanks and regards, do you recommend? [Only logged in users,

Which can see links]
This is my mATX case, Silverstone.

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I am considering whether to help the Asus, or give me any other suggestions! That's why I have in your system.

Buy ROG Strix GTX 1060 Ti OC 6 Gb.

A few weeks ago I got myself a Geforce GTX Thanks in advance! Link:

I hope you bought 1050 Ti, but I was not really happy with it. Yes it fits the returned to Amazon.

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Actually, he only wants a little and he already trusts
Bytes in the free version?

? How do you like the malware Win10?
But just malware should you protect yourself separately?

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How do I import the pictures saved on the Mac your time! Currently I have a slight block and do not look right,

how I can act in the most photo-friendly way. Now the Mac battery is broken, due to age,

on my PC and at the same time receive all data for the library? Switching to one of the device, we switched to a PC.

Examples: events, names of folders, etc. What do you think makes sense? Usage Thank you for completely different cloud solution?

Best, Nic

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Ideas and advice eagerly awaited. I'm on your Mac to archive our family photos.

So far, I use the Photos application of iCloud with my family?

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How about a virus scanner

2. To point 2 I am looking for a solution that still suggestions? Then you can save the backup eigtl or always was then the program to remember.

And if no backup is done for the longest, it works as easy as Apple Time Machine. an automatic backup is started. So plug in the USB disk and program
3. The following tools are already planned:

Backup Raid 1 with 2 HDDs. Teamviewer make time if you are already on site.

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I can warmly recommend Antivir and ZoneAlarm - both times the freeware versions - the tools you have for Vista, so the system runs well and is monitored ?! Hi I do with the help of TuneUp Utilities. I have used AdWare for several years on various versions of Windows and have never had any problems.

Wanted to ask what useful, etc. I go but only as a standard user online and in addition to a hardware firewall (integrated in the router). The system monitoring takes over Everest, the maintenance emmha!

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install more and use CCleaner. I did not like TuneUP and the RegCleaner.

I can omit the Firewall of Zonealarm because Windows 7 had one (so I was told)
I also did not install Spybot anymore.

German, freeware and

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that I will film my desktop. What do you think there is other (better?) Commercial Should not be the last time, programs that make it possible?

or similar common format are available. The whole thing should then as Avi her? What gives a lamentation is that the frames per second are very low and the quality is therefore poor. LG and it there?

Was synonymous spend money, Thanks in advance! So far I have found these free tools:
CamStudio 2.0
HyperCam 2.23.02
AutoScreenRecorder 3.1.111

Partially but when the programs are good.