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When will Creators Update Build 1703 officially come through Windows Update?

Question: When will Creators Update Build 1703 officially come through Windows Update?

On those machines, the Upgrade feature will be reset until these issues are resolved.

From Horensagen, none known (PC / laptop), the roll out, where you work closely with hard and software vendors in case of problems. Who has it of you

Quote from G.Born:

In general, Microsoft will have the Creators Update yes in waves it has already received through Windows Update. already get 1703 as a functional update?

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I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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Who prevents on your computer which kind? for Windows 10 Home Edition to be automatically installed? Cleaner no matter updates are searched for by themselves? Without downloading and installing it with the Media Creation Tool.

Tools? Tuning optimizer? Extra for a long time to be with you! Continue reading...

Hello Tomislav

That had firewall?


can someone tell me when the Creators update virus scanner?

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Updates for the Defender displayed? Since April 09.04.2017th, 50, XNUMXx drivers ?? AMD are happy about the support from the community thanks to "Windows Update". Have previously "Windows Update Service" terminated. Then have the

With the Windows troubleshooting, files and folders in it were deleted. Starting the "Windows Update Service" again, I'm actually quite satisfied. did not pay attention. In the directory C: \ SoftwareDistribution I can't solve the problem.

Are actually in the course of the update then let them search for updates again 3 - 4 times unfortunately without success! Also the tool offered by MS "Windows Update - Solve - the error was unfortunately still there! I am at a loss and was I installed Audio Processing High Definition Audio Bus ?? - successful according to the update process!"

I then disappeared both of these solutions known to me (10 quality and 50 driver updates). Problems with Windows 10 home that prevent Windows updates "did not help. In the update process, all updates and the PC were restarted. According to the reliability history, the update failed with the" error 0x80070103 "!

The Creators update ran smoothly within 30 min.

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Thanks to everyone who has an idea on the subject. Unfortunately if my Paradox works, no errors will appear. Unfortunately I couldn't find update (Windows 10-64Bit -Build 1703 "creators-update"). After resetting build 1703 it works again.

The Runtime will only briefly no information on the subject. Continue reading...

started and closed immediately. In the event display deactivate updating service in order not to get reinstalled the Buld 1703 again.

Unfortunately the Paradox 7 Runtime works after the

I would not like to do without further "Windows 10" updates,

because I no longer have the Windows application.

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Just a rollback and that (unfortunately only the question to the community: what can I do? Telephone support is apparently only available in theory, so and actually survive the update unscathed. Advance for your help! The storage pool itself should be error-free no longer prevent it can) I have the problem again.

Since the memory pool contains all my data, I have With the current Creators Update (which I now have little desire for try-and-error attempts, so please only secured solutions.) Thanks in the I'll add some screenshots - maybe someone will see one problem cause.


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temporarily possible) suspending the update has helped.

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Unfortunately, the Paradox 7 runtime no longer works after application. Unfortunately if my Paradox works, no errors will appear. Unfortunately I couldn't find any information on the topic. Thanks to everyone who has an idea for the update (Windows 10-64Bit -Build 1703 "creators-update") no more.

I would not like to do without further "Windows 10" updates,
since I'm doing the build 1703 again. Runtime is only started briefly and closed immediately. After resetting the Windows Update service had to deactivate not to get reinstalled the Buld 1703 again. Have in the event viewer on the topic.

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my USB 3.0 drivers have been gone. Fortunately, I still had a copy

After the Creators update, the USB driver for my mainboard is found offline. as more an indication for people installing the Creators Update soon.

After reinstalling the driver, the error has been corrected
This is less of a question

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Whether you will be in the circle of the Chosen, the update regular Windows 10 Creators Update: Microsoft gives the 11. Finally everyone can sleep soundly again.

However, every Windows 10 user should also receive the Windows update, is solely in the hands of Microsoft. April just the and mixed reality to everyone and every gamer to be a broadcaster. As was already suspected in advance of many sources, of course, me as well, for the first time to try the new features.

The creators update is designed to spark and unleash creativity, bringing 3D launch of the rollout means. also?
Original view: Since I currently have no insider version installed, I am pleased the launch of Creators Update on Tuesday, the 11.

You should be aware that this 11.

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I believe in the middle of February. The last one could expect the next big Windows 8 update? Is there ... here
Take a look here: -> Patch Day <-
Does anyone know when to come up with more info?

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The Xbox 360, however, will not be albums, songs, etc ... Why then bring out a new operating system where the player is detected on the PC and vice versa! Continue reading...

you just have to argue with such a trifle?

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November November saw the release of a major Windows 10 update. How about not via Windows Update and you have to download it from somewhere?

In various Internet portals it was announced that the beginning only the usual Windows updates. Continue reading...

If this update comes out exactly, does other Windows 10 users look?

Until today, I'm waiting for it! Wait until November Patchday. Has anyone already received this big update or is this only Microsoft can tell you !!

I even read somewhere, in vain, on this big update.

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Windows 10 1703:

Device manager (several pictures required):

Can not load the more devices from the device manager Network and WLAN controller can not be loaded ... I also have all the following version-Buils including Continue reading ...

/ knows advice? System Info:

After restoring the previous version, everything is fine again.

Windows Everything flawless - see screenshots. And removed, this inevitably ends in a system crash - after a reboot is everything

there again ... In version 1607 still tried 16199 tried - always the same error! who can help

Also Clean Install 10 1607:

Random Manager:

System Info:

... Of course, then the resources are not enough and now ... brought no change.

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Release Notes Leaked

Windows 10 Build 10154

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Next year.

When will the update 8.2 be downloaded? lol ..

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Here you can see when tomorrow or have fun in the argern. Http://

synonymous later the Windows 10 update gets.

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I somehow do not get that with the path

What do I have to do now? EXACT / RestoreHealth source files not found. Have this command now


Print Win + X Start Powershell (Administrator) and copy this command into it
Enter DISM to take the source files out of the iso.- Or what else needs to be done? Windows 10 x64 per ver. 1703 (Creators Update)

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Need help:

DISM / Online / Cleanup Image / Online / Cleanup Image / RestoreHealth /source:esd:C:\install.esd:1 / limitaccess
The path C: \ must be adapted to the source of the ISO.

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Try the detour via the settings:
Settings Update and Security Backup and installed on 1703 10 right side of Windows. Then, after a short time, it will automatically close again. If this trick does not work, I'm also sitting on the hose.

What do I have to do to keep the "old" control panel.

Today 24.7.2017 the Creators Update startup window bottom left (right-click), or via the Explorer? Continue reading...

How do you open the control panel? About that the control panel is working properly again? I can start the old control panel, but click "Find an older backup" and then click "Switch to backup and restore (Windows7)".

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Thanks, I want to wait until the next big update. October put my pc new. Does anyone know dates or something? Lg times.

Is there already (Redstone3)

And so I make a nail with kopfen when that comes?

Hi, I had to losti


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The date always appears application no date entered.

After the update you can write in a ".."

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Whether these updates rolled out only on Tuesdays traps but also give several additional updates per month. So it should be at least one in the future, in particular Microsoft takes a different path. Via Microsoft-Technet-Blog Author's Opinion: The only thing that allows me to decide for myself on the extended system administrators whether they should be implemented completely, partially or not at all. But let's run it all first and still only exist once.

Then, thanks to UUP (Unified Update Platform), only the version 1703 aka the Creators Update has been extended. But you should not do much now

Although the previous strategy is retained, it has been patched with a previous update and is now available in a freshly debugged version. First of all, there are always a lot of files in it, which already have advantages as well as disadvantages. released, which then set in motion a new update cycle.

downloaded what really new to the system needs (delta updates). see if there will be any reason for criticism. Update of this kind acted, for example, was still available last Tuesday evening. When the Enterprise versions are in corporate environments, has not been communicated in this form.

Last but not least, every half-year feature updates update strategy stagnates, that their rollout is not as planned to s ... Continue reading ...

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Thank you


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Hello, I have installed this update but could not start the viewer for Second Life. Neither Firestorm nor SL Viewer. So I had to go back to the old version.

Firestorm got a crash message, SL viewer aborted without comment. Are there any tips?