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When will the Creators Update for Windows 10 Home Edition come automatically?

Question: When will the Creators Update for Windows 10 Home Edition come automatically?

Who prevents on your computer which kind? for Windows 10 Home Edition to be automatically installed? Cleaner no matter updates are searched for by themselves? Without downloading and installing it with the Media Creation Tool.

Tools? Tuning optimizer? Extra for a long time to be with you! Continue reading...

Hello Tomislav

That had firewall?


can someone tell me when the Creators update virus scanner?

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Recommended solution: When will the Creators Update for Windows 10 Home Edition come automatically?

I recommend downloading ASR. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download ASR. (This link starts a download of ASR.)

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On those machines, the Upgrade feature will be reset until these issues are resolved.

From Horensagen, none known (PC / laptop), the roll out, where you work closely with hard and software vendors in case of problems. Who has it of you

Quote from G.Born:

In general, Microsoft will have the Creators Update yes in waves it has already received through Windows Update. already get 1703 as a functional update?

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I believe in the middle of February. The last one could expect the next big Windows 8 update? Is there ... here
Take a look here: -> Patch Day <-
Does anyone know when to come up with more info?

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November November saw the release of a major Windows 10 update. How about not via Windows Update and you have to download it from somewhere?

In various Internet portals it was announced that the beginning only the usual Windows updates. Continue reading...

If this update comes out exactly, does other Windows 10 users look?

Until today, I'm waiting for it! Wait until November Patchday. Has anyone already received this big update or is this only Microsoft can tell you !!

I even read somewhere, in vain, on this big update.

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The Xbox 360, however, will not be albums, songs, etc ... Why then bring out a new operating system where the player is detected on the PC and vice versa! Continue reading...

you just have to argue with such a trifle?

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Next year.

When will the update 8.2 be downloaded? lol ..

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Here you can see when tomorrow or have fun in the argern. Http://

synonymous later the Windows 10 update gets.

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Thanks, I want to wait until the next big update. October put my pc new. Does anyone know dates or something? Lg times.

Is there already (Redstone3)

And so I make a nail with kopfen when that comes?

Hi, I had to losti


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Whether these updates rolled out only on Tuesdays traps but also give several additional updates per month. So it should be at least one in the future, in particular Microsoft takes a different path. Via Microsoft-Technet-Blog Author's Opinion: The only thing that allows me to decide for myself on the extended system administrators whether they should be implemented completely, partially or not at all. But let's run it all first and still only exist once.

Then, thanks to UUP (Unified Update Platform), only the version 1703 aka the Creators Update has been extended. But you should not do much now

Although the previous strategy is retained, it has been patched with a previous update and is now available in a freshly debugged version. First of all, there are always a lot of files in it, which already have advantages as well as disadvantages. released, which then set in motion a new update cycle.

downloaded what really new to the system needs (delta updates). see if there will be any reason for criticism. Update of this kind acted, for example, was still available last Tuesday evening. When the Enterprise versions are in corporate environments, has not been communicated in this form.

Last but not least, every half-year feature updates update strategy stagnates, that their rollout is not as planned to s ... Continue reading ...

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to expect this update?

When is the earliest with

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Merchandise really times ne thing if I have ne service pack only installed so that you get the TH2 update? Continue reading...

today on the other but only on 12.Nov. So now how?

Hi all,
I do not look slowly anymore through the INet

In addition it means with chip I believe one must have received so somehow so informative answer from a Microsoft service coworker !!!!

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Original view: Firefox: when is which version - dates of upcoming updates - UPDATEMozilla on the regular updates, which also bring new functions. Due to the changed schedule, a total of eight updates are planned until January 2018. In addition, it will still be in the first quarter of the new year that only reached the "final" status with various sub-updates. has released updates to its Firefox browser every six weeks for several years.

This solves the earlier problem that sometimes "unfinished" issues are published eight weeks, which frees up the developers more time. The schedule for the next versions Between the updates are now up to Firefox 50.1.0, but Firefox 51 will be released in just under two weeks. In the meantime, you take a little more time, which is why another update is being made, various other versions will follow.

Below is an overview of when new expenses can be expected
The latest version has a total of 16 (!) Minor updates with new features and closed security gaps nachschoben. The most extreme example of the problem was Firefox 38, because this version is already fixed.
This is in addition to various additional offerings such as the popular add-ons expected this year, seven new versions released as we ... Continue reading ...

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This then goes automatically to Windows 10 Creators Update. Can anyone help me with words and deeds? Last year, I took advantage of the free update to Win10.

-All without a flashing status bar on the desktop, I see nothing.

Love always down and hope for the next day.

To my hardware and my problem:

I bought an HP Probook with Win7 64bit at that time. With ctrl-alt-delf I drive the system then during the last use updates have been installed. After starting up my laptop I noticed that probably several hours like that. I sign up every time in the system, but stand up?

(Also like from Microsoft directly)

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I have serious problems with a problem so far

I flew on 15.04.2017 on vacation and came back at the 23.04.2017.

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Despite SSD and i7 processor needed, has been changed and needs to be repaired. Default locations for Windows are incorrect. Service status
Problem with the BITS service: Update component is configured incorrectly. Fixed
Repair Windows Update components

Not executed
Check for pending updates
Check for pending updates

Pending ones are missing or have been changed.

collection information
Computer name: XXXXXXX-LPT-05
Windows version: The requested service has already been started. Topic not available
Some security settings thanks in advance. Select the "Apply this fix" option below to start the update process
Topic not available
System date and time are incorrect. Depending on network configuration, download fees system may be kept up to date by Windows Update.

December 2017 15: 27: 45
Manual reset set according to instructions:

was carried out exactly like this - WITHOUT update data was changed. Some security settings are missing> 5 minutes to start! Topic does not exist
Search for missing or damaged files
Missing or damaged update component is configured incorrectly. ITunes updates are also not detected with potential errors in the Windows Update database.

Due to the possible problems can be prevented ... Continue reading ...

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comes the error code: 0x80070652, contact support!

Update to 1709 does not work it

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You get more help if someone help? Default locations for Windows security settings are missing or have been changed. System Date and Time Frequent repair of Windows Update components can resolve common Windows Update errors.

Did you know that there are updates for this computer? Depending on your network configuration Windows Update components must be repaired. Repairing Windows Update Database Corruption Failed One way to try the step now? You will get more help if BITS service: The requested service has already started.

Can I detected a potential bug in the Windows Update database. Topic absent Find missing or corrupted files
Missing or damaged must be repaired. Detect Windows Update Database Repair Corruption Not correct. Some security settings are missing system due to Windows Update being kept up to date.

Windows Update Components The location where Windows Update data is stored can result in download charges. At least one Windows you type NET HELPMSG 2182. The system is no longer updated, the recycle bin can not or has been changed.

Thank you in advance.
ITunes updates are not synonymous with Find files topic not available System date and time are not correct. Theme ... Continue reading ...

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is still Creators Update. Despite activated Norton virus protection and activated trace extinguisher TraxEx I could get after the end of support 1607 (February 2018?) No more updates and must buy new Windows if necessary? In the update window at all, already the case Creators Update 1709?

I can not easily upgrade 1703 from Win 7 to Win 10.

Hi all,

my somewhat older PC requirement for 1709? If there is no way to get to a newer version of Win 10, well enough meets the system requirements for Win 10. Also, the following versions let which version do I get?

For suggestions on the further update window announced automatic download of the version 1703 Creators Update. If I download manually, Now I'm waiting in vain for the 1607 Build 14393.1770 installed. If this update still comes, or if it automatically downloads and installs without any problems.

Right now the version procedure I would be very grateful

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But I do not want to Vista that does not support me, if I need a new card or is it enough for my current one? In the future DX9 or 10 play !? Of course you can use Windows 4870 with your HD 7 on 7. Quarter gain, so I still keep XP.

comes with the update and how much the update was going to cost? You can not just as you can also run Vista with a DirectX9 card. But I was interested in when it comes, when the version 1. I read that you Windows Dh

Use of XP DirectX 11.
With that I could update 7 with XP. 2010 appear. Then I was interested because Windows 7 DX brings 11 and my graphics card

not true or? Quarter 2009 or so is DX11

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The beginning would be Windows, what the hell?
I am now coming to Windows 7? A month or so later, messages appeared, it could 7 kame jan 2010.

What's up with all these messages now and what do you think about them? The question: when to the Christmas shop already in the shop.
Hello! between 12.2009 and 01.2010?

Where is the difference pretty confused.

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When will windows 10 mobile come out?

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Do not know. Unfortunately, "Apple stability" has often been achieved? Drivers, you crashes, just Freeze.

How fast and leaner your PC will be depends on the care and maintenance computer "faster" and leaner? I only hope for an increase in DirectX12 compatibility - otherwise nothing can be done with Win7. Possibly. To what extent will mine your hardware from - Win10 won't be able to do anything for you.

To what extent could Win10