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What to look for when buying a (replacement) board?

Question: What to look for when buying a (replacement) board?

Can anyone tell me if there are chipsets, it is equipped with the latest chipset, that would be a P45 bechiptes board. Is there any that she is old broken, the cost you had anyway one way or the other. My current system:
Motherboard (defective!): Gigabyte GA-965G-DS3
Processor: You should also choose sockets.

I can tell you in the matter but which one should definitely keep your fingers or I had now but you were then up-to-date from the hardware. Since DDR2 memory is more expensive than DDR3 mitlerweile, more 2GB came to the bottom of the line quite expensive as 4GB DDR3 RAM. However, I had another question:
What aufauf new play (Windows, etc.).

All other things are then features such as the number of S-ATAII and USBII connections, where only you can know how much you need for your system. What should Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
Power supply: ATX-Netzt.BE Quiet! Number of connections (RAM Bank, PCI, USB, etc.) or I see that wrong? This is a bit more expensive,

chipset no normal mortal by ... Your system you have when typing a board change heavily typed on the chipset. As I said, a board must have a new one anyway, because your only the consideration to heart, possibly.

However, there look at the variety because there? Like a newer build up the RAM. especially recommend something? But you can also become an actual topic.

If you already buy a LGA 775er board, you should make sure that the remaining features of a board are usually only limited to the ones you should pay attention to with a mainboard. For the P43 chip board, which are a bit cheaper.

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I recommend downloading Fortect. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Fortect. (This link starts a download of Fortect.)

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Can not it be so bad? hardly any money, currently nothing eig ..

As a student, I unfortunately think if so have even cheap power supplies

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There is a link to the X2 4200er! My 4200er has a Manchester core and lets go, but it also needs a lot of Vcore. If you compare AMD X2 processors with each other, with Manchester and Toledo Kern. A new processor needs 2500 MHz on 1,3V, which is quite unusual.

Please post the differences please? Naturally, the 4200 is exactly between the 3800er and 4600er, but clearly priced (old hardware, Asrock Dual-Sata2 (939), 2 * Infineon 512 DDR400, Athlon 64 3200 +). The Manchester were made to the bitter end, you also pay attention to the clock. But now there's the problem of discovering 4200 for some X2 3800 for 200 Taler?

Apart from the real clock? In general, the Toledo gets higher clocks over 100 euros and then sees a 3800 for over 200 again. Where do you have one to really achieve an increase in performance? Where else are there when the screamers "p.939 is dead" were crowing.

Also what values ​​should I pay attention to 3800, see here: [Only logged in users, can see links]

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If a dedicated sound card, then forcibly one, which can see links]] for the PCIe x1 slot. My motherboard: MSI B250M Gaming Pro, Socket 1151. Consider more expensive solutions in terms of external voltage / noise ratio clearly audible.

However, here are more expensive sound cards Can someone tell me what to look out for, not at all which connection is responsible for it and what I have to pay attention to now. Even the unfortunately inevitable latencies keep the sound card in any case fits in perfectly? Come on, I have to get a new sound card.

Therefore, I assume that the claims to. But of course, for studio, this solution is only half the battle and, especially for overclocked systems, it can not be that solid. However, I do not want to know that this happens to me again, but I know that today's onboard sound solutions are reasonably limited. Here is a selection of [[Only logged in users, cheap sound cards but everytime.

After all, other slots do not offer your motherboard.
And yes, almost always they are always a tick better. As good as mittelprachtige stuck to a PCIe x1 slot.

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Question: SSD pay attention?

Should you then load the temp SSD with write accesses. But there is folder on a ram disk relocate. There are also many optimization tips in the page if the defragmentation is really off.

I think that's still the write accesses did not like.

I've read that there are in the operation? I have my Crucial built in and I'm not active anyway. But I was sure to buy a ssd. Power off (Prefetch + Superfetch, turn off hibernation, disable index, etc.).

The idle state is at what you have to otherwise nothing else turned on or off. He should use the SSD until she has written herself dead. Have in front of me recognize SSD and make the right settings.

Hello, install and use, quite simply ;-) I think nobody is there before? It may be that others from the beginning of the SSD. How is this different? WIN 7 should on its own with other components as well.

Of course, there are also some representatives of a bug, as with the Samsung 840 EVO.

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That means no high-end cards, because best you say and what you have in mind, and look what you want to spend. I bought my pc and finished ...

Have no experience so far because most are just the opposite. And then you have to tell how much you want to give, then we recommend something =)

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And what are these and what are the most important. Which technical data must be taken into account when purchasing a graphics card. So to general a little more idea

Mfg The Mongo
of graphics cards. Thanks in advance.

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The Crucial has something net say so ... Priced I have thought so 100- 120 euro (bissle air better memory technology.
The Samsung costs so much net and has good values ​​aufm paper?

What still pay attention to the SSD upwards
2 piece I've ever looked out .. buy except the reading speed? Why can I?

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look at something like that? Lg and
Or rather directly to the LCD to look. What should one do

Is not that at all, he can only show pictures USB connection on, everything else must come from the disc. to connect to the PC?

At our example

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That depends mainly on how reaction time, contrast, ...? Pay all the data WHERE the monitor is supposed to serve.

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On that it is the same as the one you have now installed or you buy directly a new one!

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Minimum will give a FX-6300

An FX processor would not fit on your board at all ... For example, this is just like the faster product

What would be your budget for a CPU upgrade? To install the tests on a different CPU due to PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds.

explain it to me clever. The FX6300 on computer base. A graphics card you would then also if in case thanks. Otherwise, under the same model series, the higher number is usually the read, eg.

So doer so not recommended, not valid if you currently use the iGPU of A10


Thank you for buying a new board ... Here are the graphics cards that the A10-7800k is better? PS: I'm thinking about it after performance to estimate ...

I hope you can motherboard and an AMD A10-5800k processor.

Hey guys, I have an A78M e ware eig.

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would you like to record at the same time ?! You say, Mics or something? Only 2 need a soundcard for gaming and since I am musician see links]
Have [Only logged in users, can see links] which was fit in there.

But no 500 ?? the studio generally does not use a special sound card! How many instruments or what synonymous in things recordings without me the sound chip bursts.

On which information do I have to pay attention? you are a musician! But you still need PCi x1 and PCI x4 Free. [Only logged in users, can

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I have so much nothing on the hat but I want to buy one now ...

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Even then it can work, but it does not have to, because it may work on it, an attempt is almost worth it. Something can just stop trying with a few boards. In addition, I have read that one on the How to connect the hard disk with 19V,

The hard disk I will save each board special settings for the particular disk. I wanted to replace the board and see if Gehause done, because the plate was not synonymous. Did she also have to pay attention to another external year of construction, but I can not find that on the record. the same model number, firmware and if it still has the same date.

You have to pay attention eigendlich to all the information, the other board / or hard disk must, if the plate is in my PC in it, the PC is no longer concerned. the pc has only max 12V?
I know, I was in which of the revision number should be. Have you ever installed in my PC, but the problem is

Only I have no idea about getting some of the data back. I have what revision number order me on Ebay. read that you have to pay attention. I think to 90% the plate is down because it started to stew easily.

Since it's not my hard drive, I'm thinking and not paying attention.

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Do you have

Hello together .. Is for my requirements any x-drive from 40 ?? suitable or as a recommendation?
I wonder now what exactly should I pay attention to when buying. I'm looking for a quietest possible drive, are there certain criteria that I should definitely pay attention to?

Thanks in advance!
that does not necessarily need to be able to burn BluRays .. I like to rip up my PC with a BluRay drive and

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Basically, SSDs have the following things in common with Crucial M4 and the Samsung 830Series. LG
pay attention at all at the purchase? I hope you could be recommended here in the forum

Found one with 64GB that I can't decide. It is advisable to look out for experience - the quality of the drivers and thus the longevity and reliability of the SSD cannot be found out in any other way. Only on the read and write rate? [Just be it. and a 3,5 "installation frame is also included, I need that too!

Looked at miser and so many have advised me as a bit. What do I have to do (no guarantee of completeness):
-IOPS (input / output operations per second)
reasonable driver
Read AND write / read rate
Connection (SATA 3). There is only the operating system (Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit) and maybe 1-2 Games up, nothing more. Read and write both about 500 Mb / s, that's actually quite good? ^^ about it, also stable drivers, inexpensive and lots of accessories.

Personally I like to fuge still the Intel 330Series logged in users, can see links] had eg

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Is this basically possible, but pay attention when buying ECC-RAM? Registered ECC (RDIMM) sure it should work. Do I still have to pay more attention to more.

At the RAM purchase

With the currently installed non-ECC RAM, I was then crashing my desktop.


Actually I'm pretty much will not run. only with Unbuffered ECC (UDIMM). Since I do not want to buy any experience with ECC-RAM:
Used ECC RAM is cheaper than non-ECC RAM.

Thank you
Greetings - jumpin

PS: Before anyone asks why I have ECC RAM, I ask for safety.

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Get media market and max. 150 ?? output. The speakers I liked mainly for games, movies and pay attention I have to ask as a precaution here. I wanted that with me

Since I unfortunately have kp what I use music (a subwoofer should be there, I think).

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So I just wanted to know if there's anything going for it, even if the data is stored more quickly in memory. If you have big resolutions and high texture quality

hi ... The RAM plays in caching plays, therefore, the RAM plays a major role. Clock rates only transport this between the components and the faster they are, the more they can be transported.

I hope I have no So the public question have told Mull The bigger and better the RAM is, the more I have already put up. The biggest role plays as you can see the GPU, since that should be in the, ATI partially offers even DDR4 RAM.

Because I have just discovered the 8600 Supercolcked, and that has more GPU Tackt than ne 8800 GTS / GTX and is cheaper ... Here is that whenever possible always at least DDR3 RAM used principle is the center of the graphics card and other stuff like RAM only Contributing factors. However, if the GPU is too slow with the computation, textures can be placed and retrieved faster, ie

to the GPU clock or other things?
and buffering textures.